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  1. Lufthansa Strike

      No, but I remember the collapse of Olympic Airways. I flew to Thessaloniki as a student back then. Free alcohol as much as you wanted!! Not sure if that caused the bankruptcy though :).    Ps- Just read on Wiki that all stated-owned airlines in Greece went bankrupt since the 1930s.
  2. Rentenversicherung refund question

    aka "die Heimat" :).
  3. Australians wanting to move, travel and work in Europe.

    Yes, the working holiday visa is the most viable option, but in Germany and the Netherlands the age limit is 30 for Australian citizens. In France, however, it's 35. In Munich some Irish/Australian pubs employ those people. Gaining meaningful employment is not the main goal since you just want to travel and experience Europe. In France you could pick grapes at a vineyard. This is similar what young Europeans do in Australia.
  4. Lufthansa Strike

    Who said life is fair? Look at Alitalia, for example. They don't make a profit for 20 (?) years now and still get government funding.   National airlines like Air France, KLM and Lufthansa are too important for the economy. Lufthansa employs more than 100,000 employees. KLM is the oldest commercial airline in the world (101 years) and there is lot of sentiment involved.   I'm sure that Merkel will contact her buddy Von der Leyen to work it out :).
  5. Why are you happy today?

    You no longer look like a caveman then 👻. In Spain, elderly people were allowed to go first to the hairdresser. Young people had to wait. The reasoning is that elderly people have more difficulty looking well after themselves.
  6. What are you cooking today?

    I don't believe you can open them easily. I watch Born Survivor with Bear Grylls :). Could you post a Youtube then? And what do you do with so many anyway?
  7. My current reputation on this site

    Just found another one:    
  8. What made you laugh today?

    I go for a walk right now :).
  9. My current reputation on this site

    It's not mine, haha. You just greened the member concerned and the number is gone. Now, we will wait for 6666. Oh no!
  10. My current reputation on this site

  11. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    They were inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can." 🤑  
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    John Tyler, 10th President of the United States, born in 1790 (!!) has still living grandchildren today. He had many children, but he got a son in 1853 (at age 63) who fathered a son in 1924 and another one in 1928 (at age 75). Both grandchildren of John Tyler still live today. Just wow.   This question was worth €125,000 on Germany's edition of "Who wants to become a millionnaire?"
  13. Why are you happy today?

    I'm happy that I passed a software certification exam during my first attempt. It was online where I had to activate my webcam and move it in 360 degrees view. Desk had to be clean. No other persons in the room allowed. No phone.  I studied hard for it during home office. Tonight I will have a Weißbier. 🍺.
  14. What made you laugh today?

    That's my joke.
  15. Coronavirus

    My tip of the day is to bring your own pen!