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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Especially, if the dog's name is Luke, haha.    No, I was thinking by car, e.g. a Fiat 500, definitely not a Mercedes or BMW. These are checked.  
  2. My current reputation on this site

    Thanks. You are not too far away from this score yourself :).
  3. My current reputation on this site

    Why 31?
  4. Perhaps he/she is from the Steiermark region like my colleague: you can't understand anything :).
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    OK. We are talking about ca. €75.000-80.000 in total. Forget about James Bond. He is old. You need Jason Bourne. One more run. You can hide more bank notes in your undies than you think 👻.
  6. Favourite picture of yourself?

    In worst case you can download the app HowToResizePicturesForDummies 👻. I use the Force myself.
  7. What to do when driving school is irresponsible?

    That's a bit naive, IMO.   Most people change driving school if they're dissatisfied, even if that means finding one in another (adjacent) town.    You paid more than €3000 already. So, how many lessons in total? 50-60? Good drivers take their first exam after ca. 30 lessons. If you continue with your current school, then you must say you want to practise more and more all the relevant maneouvres required at the exam.   You can complain at the Strassenverkehrsamt/Führerscheinstelle, but I doubt you can do this in English. 
  8. What to do when driving school is irresponsible?

    It has been a while that I followed driving lessons, but we practised parallel parking a lot since it's part of the exam. Didn't you bring this up before? After 5-6 lessons, I drove on the motorway for a short period and we repeated this. Releasing the handbrake on a hill and turning in 3 steps was also practised a lot since it was part of the exam. I think you should switch your driving school.
  9. Income tax while working for a foreign company

    Do you get paid directly from Spain or through a German branch? Who is issuing your payroll slip? Not clear from your post. 
  10. Jahrgang

    Baujahr is colloquial for the year a person is born in. Normally, it is used for e.g. buildings and cars, so objects. Jahrgang should be the correct term. It can also be used for the start at school depending on the context. Since I do wine tastings, it can also mean Erntejahr.   PS- I'm still not a native speaker :).
  11. German labor laws for sick days

    Personally, I would always see my GP first and ask if he can recommend a specific specialist if required. He once gave me the address of an ENT specialist he knows personally.  I prefer this over using the yellow pages or internet. He also recommended a neurologist and radiologist. For those specialists I needed a referral anyway. 
  12. Only in America...

    Yeah. I watched some episodes. Amazing. What normal people eat on a day, is just a snack for them. It's also not very helpful when family members bring fast food every single day.
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    Just watched the news where they showed bits of the debate between BoJo and Corbyn. BoJo said that with Brexit he will lower the VAT on tampons. Hmm, clever. He will get many female voters behind him :).
  14. I've just posted a silly photo

  15. The type of debt is not clear from the post. In the Netherlands you need to pay open traffic tickets or tax debt passed due date when you leave the country. It is something border agents check in their database when they swipe your passport. Basically, outstanding amounts/tickets/debt with governmental institutions only. It is registered in a central database.  Some people miss their flight or ferry to England if they can't pay at once. Germany is not that advanced (yet).