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  1. Of gardening, neighbours and large trees

    You can tell her that you will cut it for her, but in return she can clean up the leaves in winter from her maple tree 👻.
  2. Bike stolen from my back yard

    Ice cold.   Tip of the day: If you don‘t use your bike during winter, it‘s better to store it in your basement compartment if you have any. Better prevention and better for your bike —> corrosion.
  3. Only in America

    I never heard of that law. Boy, all Wild West for my Dutch ears.   If I go to the US, I will wear my t-shirt „Please don‘t shoot me: I‘m a bloody tourist from Europe.“
  4. Only in America

    Do they also wear a t-shirt with the text „If you pull, pull fast!“ ?
  5. What are you cooking today?

    Serves 10 people, right 👻?
  6. Census 2022, surveys in person

    Well, during the last census of 2011 it turned out that Germany had 1.5 million less inhabitants than assumed. It proves that even German administration has pitfalls. It cost e.g. the city of Berlin €4,7 billion less budget for 2011-2021. All these foreigners who looked for adventure in Berlin never deregistered, I guess 👻.
  7. The Ukraine won like predicted with votes from the public, not by jury. Great Britain won by jury with Sam Ryder. It was many moons ago that Great Britain did great at ESC. Spain was super sexy and became 3rd. Germany did poor as usual and took the last spot.
  8. Norway- Give that Wolf a Banana. What title is that?
  9. relaunched

    Better a late thank you than none 👻.
  10. Odd news

    Are you selected for interview during the census which starts this Sunday?   Apparently, it‘s mandatory if you‘re selected.
  11. Shall I take Statins?

    Check your diet and eating habits. Do more exercise. Pretty standard.
  12. Only in America

    Poetic justice in South Carolina:
  13. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Ah, this is where you go wrong, my young Padawan 👻.
  14. Can I work as freelancer next to a fulltime job and how ?

    Patent trolls? Cool. Never heard of it. 
  15. I don‘t if you can read German, but after some period all your SCHUFA-data is deleted. This already happened in your case.