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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Here, in Bavaria everything is closed too: Mariahimmelfahrt. I installed all Bavarian public holidays in Outlook, so I don't forget them. 
  2. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    I checked in Settings-Safari, but nothing about font size. I also tried zooming in, but it's then impossible to click at the same time as well. Somehow, however, after many attempts I managed to get in, but once I log out I'm sure I have the same issue. 
  3. International sports on German TV

    Another great day in the Crucible in Sheffield. Two semifinals of snooker. First, Wilson against McGill winning 17-16 with a fluke in a most dramatic last frame which took more than an hour. Then, the Rocket against Selby: 14-16 behind, then back to 16-16 and winning a dramatic last frame as well. Wow, just wow.   BTW- Bayer Munich demolished Barca 8:2 going for the triple.
  4. Minimum age for executor

    Hmm, some women make a living by selling theirs 😎.
  5. What are you cooking today?

    Yummy, and the frozen peas don't need to be defrosted beforehand. I learned that from Jamie Oliver where he prepares dishes with 5 ingredients only.
  6. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    I tried your suggestion, but it works for WhatsApp or Telegram, but not for Toytown since it's not an app. If I log on to, I also get a fairly large screen about cookies consuming my entire screen, but there I can just scroll down. Two days ago, I only got a screen about privacy when I logged in with my name on TT , but now it looks different and it appears immediately, even when you want to use it as Guest. Very annoying.
  7. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    I still have it since I'm not a big fan of large smart phones, which don't fit in your pocket easily. I have a IPhone 5S somewhere, slightly bigger. Normally, you should be able to scroll-down and click the Agree button, but now it just blocks the whole screen and you can't do anything, not very userfriendly.
  8. Toytown website improvements/suggestions

    I tried to login on Toytown this morning using my IPhone 4S, but I get a large screen about privacy (see screenshot). It fills the entire screen and I can't scroll down to click the blue button, also if I rotate my device, I can't do anything. Two days ago, this was not the case, so must be a new thingie. I'm using my laptop now, but this is no solution long run. Any ideas?
  9. Covid-19 Poll (UPDATE 9 Aug 2020: new poll questions)

    You can stop the poll, because the Russians did it:  
  10. Why are you happy today?

    I had a nice evening in the beergarden with colleagues and ex-colleagues. I organised it and everything went smooth. Some I hadn't seen for 2 years. Much space!
  11. The Best & Worst Things about Berlin

    You should ask @Lear:
  12. Do you have an identity card next to your cancelled passport or is that cancelled too? Last year, I flew from Madrid to Munich with Iberia and they wanted to see my passport or identity card although it was a flight within Schengen. Hotels want proof of identity as well, so your paperwork must be OK. Do you have a travel cancellation insurance in worst case? IMO, you take quite a risk with your planning.
  13. Why get Married?

    I recently saw an item on that topic. The average pension in Germany is around €1100, but the own part (Eigenanteil) in a care home has crossed the €2000 barrier on average. Now, the children have to chip in, but there is a plan that they don't have to do so anymore if their annual income is below €100,000.
  14. You should also involve your neighbours in this. Together you are strong.If you are a typical Berliner, who doesn't know your neighbours, then now is your chance. Is it already clear the owner wants to sell these condominiums or keep on renting for a much higher price?   Your building will turn into a construction site with a lot of noise and hassle. The owner might make you a financial offer if you don't accept the rent increase. Some owners apply dubious methods to get you out like cutting off the water for 2 days. Stuff like that. Many stories about that in the media. 
  15. It's called gentrification. The rent will be increased significantly. You should join the Mieterverein if you're not a member yet. Some owners use all kinds of methods to drive you out of your apartment. It's on German TV all the time, mainly Berlin.