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  1. For millennials who don't know where the term spam email comes from:   Thanks Monty Python.
  2. Worry about being made redundant in near future

    You can check if your company has compulsory redundancies planned or not. In my company, for example, there are no so-called betriebsbedingte Kündigungen planned until the end of 2022. This is being negotiated during tariff agreements. This doesn't mean that they can't get rid off employees, but at least they get a golden handshake, ie. Abfindung.
  3. Did you contact your health insurance for a list? They are your FPOC: first point of contact.
  4. Finding a truly quiet apartment around Munich

    Remember that in a top floor apartment (Dachgeschoss) it can get very hot in summer.
  5. Finding a truly quiet apartment around Munich

    It's pretty quiet in the Alpes, chilly but quiet.
  6. Furnished 1-room flat in the center of Schwabing

    How can a small 30 m2 flat have €550 Nebenkosten?
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Hell no, they even don't know how to grow paprika: everything is imported from the Netherlands and France :).  
  8. What made you smile today?

    Facebook translates the name of the leader of China, Xi Jinping, as Mr. Shithole. Apparently, a "technical error".
  9. The OP is offline since 2nd of January, so better send her a PM by clicking on the profile and then on the envelope.
  10. Approximate formula for income tax calculation

    Put this in your spreadsheet (more than 1000 pages!) as a reference:    
  11. Why are you happy today?

    Well done. I did that a few weeks ago in office including an upgrade to Office365 and a format C (ouch). I had to reboot my laptop 4 times, because of new patches and updates. Then, I restored my data and had to install several programs as new. I was busy for almost one day. Thank God, our system admin helped me.
  12. On TT we put the event date in the title. In your text there is no date at all. If I click on your link, it says it starts at 2:30 pm, but you wrote 4:30 pm? Perhaps you can make some changes for clarification.
  13. The Vent - No Chat!

    These bloody electronic scooters are standing everywhere you walk in the Munich city center. People leave them anywhere they feel like, even in the middle of the pavement, also in pairs or threesomes. Some hot spots are overloaded with these obstacles and as a pedestrian you have to wiggle around them. One day I'm going to rent a big truck and at night I will load them in it and drive all the way to Moldavia where I will park them in the streets. Good luck with fetching them!!
  14. Union Membership

    I think you can only join a union if the union is involved with the company. Think of tariff agreements. For example, in the start-up industry where employees often face poor conditions or unfair treatments, there is no union involved and hence employees can't join. A legal insurance is then the best option.
  15. Does anyone have a BestSecret invite to share?

    Dear @Editor Bob, I'm a highly respected member of TT (e.g. I never used the F-word in more than 5,000+ posts, no personal attacks, no drunken posts, etc.) and I never asked you for any favours, but now I do. Please close this thread, because it's just plain silly that people only become a member to ask for an invite. You know I'm right. You can close the thread with following comment:"Dear BestSecret fans, please get a life, get some fresh air and catch some Pokemon."