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  1. What language is CL? Country code is Chile.
  2. Why are you happy today?

    It's called a Hollywood. Another option is landing zone. Keep up 👻. Once I applied for a mini-job in a local wax salon. I didn't need the extra money, but I thought it would be interesting work. The shop owner said:"..., but but you're male??? Our customers are all female and want a woman to do the waxing." I replied that this is job discrimination based on gender and I can sue her for this.
  3. neighbour/construction work trespassing

    If Chuck Norris is not available, you could ask your landlord, Hausverwaltung or Mieterverein.
  4. Roommate wanted for 40m2 flat in Aubing - Munich

    2 options is better than 1 option 👻.
  5. Caricatures of TT usernames

    3rd - 83 - 4.51% - PandaMunich - Ms. Finanzamt4th - 58 - 3.15% - hooperski -  TT Joker   @hooperski: disappointing! Did you run out of bad jokes or what?  
  6. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    I top this with the movie 300. Persian war in 480 B.C. :).
  7. Best Reality Show Surprise Ever?

    Sure, the BBC exported formats like Top Gear and Blue Planet, but the Netherlands exported Big Brother:
  8. Bring “truffles” from Amsterdam by train

    Ah, just sounds like my IT big fantasy world.
  9. What made you smile today?

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he will be going to the World Cup and that a World Cup without him is no World Cup.
  10. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    Yes, I really liked the character. Donald played a much different role in The Eagle has Landed, but also very good.
  11. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    IMO, the best war movies ever were made in the 1960s and 1970s.    
  12. Bundesliga - Does anybody really care?

    When I posted it, it was 1-2 and the 2-2 was in the air.
  13. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    I also liked following movies: - The Longest Day (John Wayne) - Battle of Britain - The Guns of Navarone (Anthony Quinn) - The Great Escape (Steve McQueen) - Force 10 from Navarone - Kelly's Heroes (Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland) - The Eagle has Landed - Raid on Rommel - Where Eagles Dare (Clint Eastwood) - Midway (Henry Fonda, Charlton Heston)  
  14. Best WW2 movies ever made?

    I'm from Arnhem, so it has to be A Bridge Too Far with more stars than in any other movie:   Dirk Bogarde Sean Connery Edward Fox Elliott Gould Gene Hackman Anthony Hopkins Laurence Olivier Ryan O'Neal Robert Redford Maximilian Schell Liv Ullmann
  15. buying a car from private and paying bargeld

    In the Meditterranean you get a handshake 🤗.