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  1. Well, here in Munich it was already 10-12 degrees for several days in a row during the day. My 2-room apartment is Altbau (1905). I had a shirt on and pullover. I work in home-office. It was chilly. I air my apartment 2x per day 20-30 minutes. I never had mould issues. BTW- 25 degrees would be far too hot for me being from the North 😀.
  2. Was reading in the newspaper that 62% of Germans didn’t yet put their heating on. I put it on last Thursday. 
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Tina Turner - Simply The Best:
  4. In Turkey, the inflation was 80% in August, but the Turkish Central Bank Erdogan lowered the prime rate 1% to 12%. Makes sense 😆.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Ah, I go to the pharmacy less than 5 times per year and there is one opposite my apartment. I buy very little. I’m not that German 😀.
  6. I've just posted a silly photo

  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Went to the pharmacy and paid only €1,68 for 20 tablets of Paracetamol. Wow, I never paid this little in Germany.
  8. Anyone else not receiving post in Berlin?

    You can file an official complaint at the Verbraucherservice Post. The Bundesnetzagentur will do the follow-up.
  9. How integrated are you?

    Goethe Institute?
  10. Bank of England 10-day warning over old £20 and £50 paper notes

    Don’t know, but first we get a special edition:
  11. My current reputation on this site

    Know your classics: Arrow in the Eye
  12. Queen Elizabeth

    Watching part of the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. That’s a long sit. They invited every bishop and reverend of the country having a speech it seems. In between psalms. George and Charlotte also present. 
  13. The current weather in Munich

    10 degrees during opening of Oktoberfest. Thankfully, alcohol keeps you warm 🍺.
  14. The English Teacher's Corner

    and B for Britney and J for Justin 👻?
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Retirement home in Taiwan hires stripper for it’s male elderly residents (link contains video, age recommendation 80+):