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  1. German right of way laws

    Hmm, according to this Indian traffic clip there is no right of way, but the right of who has the strongest balls :).  
  2. Why are you happy today?

    As some of you know my mother passed away in May and I moved in with my dad (84) in Holland to look after him since he can't live by himself. This week my brother came from Mallorca to fetch him and they are now in the plane. I was a bit worried about checking in the burial urn as hand luggage, but the documents were OK and also taking all the medicine supplies went fine since I provided a medicine passport. My dad will now live with my brother and his family and he has his own room completely fitted to his needs. His last remaining sibling lives nearby as well, so we have confidence it is the best solution for him. I will do the last bits in the house and return to Munich beginning of November where I have still 2 months left of my sabbatical.
  3. German right of way laws

    In other countries the biggest and strongest vehicles go first 👻.
  4. Does anyone have a BestSecret invite to share?

    It's the new mania after Pokemon I guess 👻.
  5. Parking slightly on sidewalk

    Like this?  
  6. Warning: Bad experiences booking with

    If you go on holiday each year on e.g. Mallorca, Tenerife or Crete, you get to know the hotels and local car rentals. You can get much better deals then versus portals. I know the entire reception crew of one particular hotel on Mallorca :).
  7. Well, two more months and then we start the thread "TT thread/ post of the year 2019" 🤗.
  8. No, because it's closed down :).
  9. Or an instruction video how to trim your bush:
  10. Where is Judge Judy when you need her 👻?
  11. The German virtue that comes to mind is "Ordnung muss sein!"
  12. The current weather in Munich

    So, didn't miss much. Last day of the Wiesn' as well.
  13. The current weather in Munich

    Friday it was raining the whole day in the Netherlands, today again. Outcome of hurricane Lorenzo which somehow made it to Europe. How's things in Munich?
  14. Funny observations from daily life situations

    Happened some time ago. A German woman went bezerk on a mother and small child, because they didn't park their bicycles in the bicycle stand round the corner, but instead they parked it near the shop entrance. It was 35 degrees outside and she was yelling at them and telling them they should park their bicycles in the stand. The mother went inside the shop, but when she came out again, the woman started shouting again. I was sitting opposite the shop having a coffee on a terrace. I told the waitress:"Ist wahrscheinlich die Hitze." (Must be the heat.)
  15. Bankrupt but picky

    I thought they mainly live off Kindergeld. With 5-6 children on average, we are talking €1000-1200 per month. For them like winning the lottery.   For this reason you will not see large families from e.g. Bulgaria or Romania in the Netherlands, because they would only receive ca. €200 per child per quarter and not per month like in Germany.