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  1. Boxes of giveaway items on the pavement

    I gave away my good old working TV that way. I just left it outside with the remote with a sign "Zum Mitnehmen- Funktioniert Perfekt" and was gone within 2 hours. I was happy not to bring it to waste disposal since it was quite heavy :).
  2. Dutch student in need for help (graduation assignment)

    Hoi Frits,   You could try and post it in following communities: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. You have to register first as a basic member and be accepted.    
  3. I can confirm that in the Netherlands the rule of thumb for unemployment benefits is 1 month per worked year. In the past you could get up to 5 years, which was then reduced to 3 years and now 2 years maximum. No luxury anymore.   Kindergeld or kinderbijslag in Dutch is €198,38 per quarter.
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Saudi-Arabia has been selected in the UN-commision for women's rights. Saudi-Arabia??   UN Watch:"It's like appointing a pyromaniac as head of a fire brigade."
  5. International sports on German TV

    Just watched world championships snooker on Eurosport: Marcu Fu beat Neil Robertson 13-11 in a nailbiting match. Eurosport covers snooker almost day and night. Great.
  6. Why are you happy today?

    Yes, but only for a brief stop-over since Wednesday it's 5 degrees with rain and Thursday 6 degrees with snow. It's the worst April since years.
  7. French general election 2017

    Just saw the German news:"In the first round, people vote with the heart and in the second round with the brain." Nice touch.
  8. Or use the Force :).   What also helps, is e.g. speaking it loud and if it doesn't sound good, then it usually isn't correct: die/der/das Auto. Das Auto sounds good to my ears, the rest doesn't. This requires training, however, which you will not achieve with just 16 months. It's more over the years.   Personally, I have more difficulty with foreign words which are accepted in the German language, e.g. E-Mail. Both die and das can be used.
  9. Options against misbehavior at public transport info center

    FTFY.   PS- I go to Mallorca often, but my part is mainly English.
  10. What made you smile today?

    Today, it's the official Tag des Bieres, so how shall I celebrate it :)?
  11. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

      Fixed that for you. A gym is a sweaty place 😊.
  12. Fixed + side Job - Am I in trouble with the Finanzamt?

    My monthly gross income in Germany was indeed higher than in the Netherlands and the Finanzamt never asked questions about 2005. I called the Dutch tax authorities back then and they sent me special forms to report my German income as well (only December). I received €500 back. It didn't occur to me to do a German tax return. 
  13. Fixed + side Job - Am I in trouble with the Finanzamt?

    Why should the OP do a tax declaration in Germany for 2015? For example, I started my job in Germany in December 2005 and did my tax declaration for that year in the Netherlands since I worked there for the bigger part of the year. I added my salary of December to my world income.
  14. How to find a girlfriend in Munich 2017

    Haven't you heard from rent-a-baby 🤗?
  15. Birth control pills for asylum seeker/refugee

    Well, I find it unbelievable how many children Syrian people put on the planet in the middle of a civil war. They have no future, no school or whatsoever. It's not like WWII where very few children were born. Less contraceptives around back then, but more common sense.