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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Just put the clock 30 minutes back before you go to sleep. Next problem please.
  2. It's LGBTTIQ. You forgot all about the transgenders, intersexuals and queer. You have to keep up you know 😄?
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    It's legal to fart in front of a German police officer:   Excerpt: A guy farted twice in front of a female police officer during a check and was fined €900,-. Court threw this out of the window.   This was not the fart:  
  4. I've just posted a silly photo

  5. Introduce yourself as if you actually were your weird username

    I'm Luke Skywalker and blew up the Death Star. Yippie. Now, I use the Force to open these bloody doors of the 1st generation U-Bahns in Munich.
  6. No, I believe they just had the legal insurance.
  7. My German cousin went to court against a hospital who didn't want to admit their mistake during birth of her daughter. She is handicapped. The legal battle took more than 10 years, but she won all rounds and she was awarded more than a million. They used the money to build a new house completely adapted to her daughter and they bought a new van for her transportation.   I don't know many of these stories. My German colleague is in court against his landlord, which is a Berufsgenossenschaft. His wife works there, haha.
  8. The current weather in Munich

    I can't believe that nobody made a post about the lovely Golden October we enjoy at the moment. On Sunday, Augustiner Beergarden was even open.
  9. Pregnant during probationary period and on a limited contract

    Not everybody works in the gastro industry.
  10. RIP Uncle Nick

    Very sad news indeed. He had a lot of original and witty posts. We had similar humor. I will miss him.
  11. Car toll for the German Autobahnen

    Ah, you mean both motorways from Porto to Lisbon and the one going through the Algarve 😃?   Portugal is known for having the deadliest roads in Europe (e.g. EN 125), but I don't know if it's the condition of the roads or the people who drive on it. 
  12. Locksmith charged us 500€

    I checked their website and what do you know? Located 2 minutes from my apartment. I stored the phone number on my phone just in case my other reliable locksmith doesn't pick up the phone.   I also liked following text: "Transparente Preise Wir distanzieren uns klar von den Maschen unseriöser Abzockbetriebe. Bei uns gibt es keine versteckten Kosten und Kleingedrucktes. Daher setzen wir auf Transparenz und günstige Festpreise um uns von den schwarzen Schafen unter den Notdiensten abzugrenzen."
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Panama for the first time ever to the World Cup. TV commentators go crazy:
  14. Fake Isarcards for sale- watch out!

    I have no picture of it. The main thing is that you should be wary at central station if strangers approach you for something, especially if money is involved. This applies actually to every central station in a major city. If you see a W and they try to sell it as a monthly ticket, this is an indicator that the ticket has been tampered with. The date range was changed from 01.09.2017- 07.09.2017 to 01.09.2017 - 30.09.2017. They must have used some kind of Tipp-Ex. The price was also changed from €34,80 to €126,30. If you examine it closely, you should be able to detect it, but the woman was lively and distracted him.
  15. Ah, you don't necessarily need to be relatives in Greece. €10-20 is fine as well 🤑. Costa gar nichts.