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  1. its beer o'clock!

    Andrea-87 was crazy as hell with her Jimmy Shoes.
  2. What made you smile today?

    Lukas Poldolski played his last match against England (friendly, 1-0) and scored an amazing goal. Wow, what a farewell. Everybody likes Poldi.
  3. choosing bank account

    Back in the late 1980s the interest rate on my Dutch savings' account was 5.5%. I thought when I have 1 million Dutch guilders (€450,000) in the bank, I can retire and just live off the interest. Well, it didn't work out.
  4. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2016

    Ah, that would make sense like an overall category.
  5. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2016

    I see. Silly me.   I learned that "Straftat gegen die sexuelle Selbstbestimmung" (crime against sexual self-determination) is another wording for rape.
  6. Bavaria publishes crime statistics for 2016

      Decreasing? Did you see this graphic? It's going through the roof.  
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    The Netherlands is a co-founder of the EU and net payer and actually the biggest net payer per capita. The stand is that if the UK stops paying into the EU, then the EU needs to cut down costs and not try to retrieve that money elsewhere. We are not going to pay more.
  8. its beer o'clock!

    I don't have a Fazebug account, so I can't log in. Oh well, then I stick to FBG :).
  9. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Italian state TV also have game shows with lots of women wearing little fabric as assistants. I guess they don't have the problem of non-paying consumers like in Germany 😀. 
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Italian state TV cancels talkshow, because of sexism and racism:   The topic was about Eastern-European women and why Italian men prefer them over Italian women: - Eastern-European women are mums too, but have a perfect body after birth - Eastern-European women always dress sexy - Eastern-European women run the household which they were tought from a young age - Eastern-European women don't complain - Eastern-European women forgive unfaithfulness - Eastern-European women let their men take the decisions - Italian women wear baggy pyjamas   I think the baggy pyjamas did it.
  11. Relocation to Munich- To Do List and registration issue

    Another option:
  12. The current flu wave in Germany

     This is my 12th year in Germany and had two sick days for work only. That was 2 years ago during a severe flu wave in Germany. I don't take vaccinations unless Weißbier counts as one :).   In my first year in Germany my company doctor gave me a record 15 vaccinations for my world travels and this cocktail prevents me from getting anything is my theory. In winter I wash my hands more often.
  13. Bavaria on edge

    So you are saying that the Southern All Stars are the Genealogical Speakers Guild division 9? I just checked
  14. Erdogan calls Dutch as well as Germans 'Nazis'

    Dirk Kuyt, who now plays for Feyenoord Rotterdam and will probably become champion this year.
  15. Erdogan calls Dutch as well as Germans 'Nazis'

    Yes, the Turkish PM doesn't like our deep-fried snack food which kills all vitamines.   PS- Thanks to two goals from Dutch player Ryan Babel for Besiktas, Besiktas will go to the quarter finals of the Europe League.