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  1. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    I never have problems with the quote system, but I'm part of Gen X and you are part of the famous Baby-Boomers, ie. very old 😀.
  2. Berlin ranks among top global cities

    I'm part of Generation X, but in my company we merely speak about Generation Y or millennials.
  3. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    @arun kumar a: OK. So, you applied for Infineon :).   You don't negotiate for a specific contract like AT ("außer Tarif"/non-tariff). Your salary will determine whether you're AT or not. In the past it was easier to become an AT-employee than nowadays. I think from €85K onwards you are in the AT range with IG Metall. It also means you can't take overtime as time in lieu, travel time is not compensated as well, nor do you get holiday money ("Urlaubsgeld"). Yearly tariff salary increases you're not entitled to automatically as well. It's very unlikely with your profile that you are seen as AT. 5 years experience is not much, others have 10 or 15. First, you have to proof yourself within the company. To become an AT-employee, you have to go the extra mile: doing more tasks and projects than expected, come early, leave late and this for 2-3 years minimum. You need to present yourself to the management.  
  4. Side job/Flexible work

    I KNOW WHAT THE PRODUCT IS!!   It's a concealed carry handbag, cross-body and shoulder style to keep a small firearm secure.   
  5. Son refuses to go home to the US for summer vacation

    In the A-Team, B.A. Baracus also didn't want to go on a plane, so they used pills in his food or drinks :).
  6. Son refuses to go home to the US for summer vacation

    The police will and can not do a thing, also because nothing happened yet. 
  7. Only in America...

    I think that Egypt and Saudi-Arabia should do an extra month of Ramadan :). I have been in the region a few times, but they use too much sugar, especially with desserts.   The Dutch have one of the healthiest eating habits in Europe: we fry everything, so that kills off any bacteria, germs and vitamins, haha. Portuguese eat plenty of fish. 
  8. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    "Me Tarzan, you Jane."
  9. Only in America...

    If you leave out the tiny islands with tiny populations, it's in the top 3 of the world.
  10. Looking for apartment for 2 adults, longterm

    I don't think that you will be successful this way. Landlords want to meet you in person and you will be first in your trial period for 6 months. Anything can happen in this period. Two dogs is a hurdle as well.   You can also come by yourself and rent an apartment  or room via airbnb or MrLodge. Then, once in Munich, you can look for accommodation for your wife and dogs. It's better to be on-site and you can do viewings and organize the required paperwork. Your wife and dogs can come later once you secured appropriate accommodation.
  11. Only in America...

    @lisa13: how could you forget Cajun food?
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Yes, but many are sh*t.
  13. Ruin a First Date in Four Words

    What's wrong with Abba? I have a CD with Abba's Greatest Hits :).
  14. How to prepare my German MIL for her first visit to the US

    Take her to the Schnitzel House in Fort Myers Beach.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Yesterday, old school New York maffia boss Sonny Franzese was released from prison at age 100!    He was sentenced in 1967.When the half-century sentence was announced, Franzese's estranged wife Cristina told the New York Daily News, "I'd be shocked if he doesn't live to 100. That man can do jail time standing on his head."   I guess she was right.   What flummoxes me is that he is still an active member of the maffia.