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  1. won't accept passport as ID...

    On my ICE train a German national sitting next to me was almost removed. He only had an EC card and credit card on him for identification. The train conductor insisted he must buy a new ticket which he refused. Discussions went on for more than 5 minutes. "Yes, you must buy a new ticket." "No." "Yes." "No." Etc. A police officer was on the train (standard procedure nowadays?) and verified his new address. It turned out that he didn't do the Ummeldung yet for two months. Ouch. Anyway, he was off the hook and got some warnings. The police officer would check the Ummeldung in 2 weeks.   I can say for sure that the Dutch ICE conductors are far more relaxed. Most of the times I don't need to show my BahnCard and/or ID.
  2. won't accept passport as ID...

    I buy tickets online as a guest w/o an username. I never had problems with that. Did you delete all your temporary files, cookies and cache memory? Change internet browser?
  3. Live in NL, work in DE

    €36K is an average income in NL. Holiday payments is not a bonus, but mandatory by law even for people who receive social welfare. Collective health insurance means that the company as a whole have an agreement and that usually implies discounts for the employees. Child support is €198 per quarter for your child. There is no Elterngeld. Petrol is expensive and it's difficult to find housing. You might qualify for social housing, but there are waiting lists. Hope this info helps you.
  4. The current weather in Munich

    Next week it will be freezing day and night for the whole week. Brrr.
  5. Live in NL, work in DE

    Basically, the OP is looking at 3-4 hours per day of commuting by car. In the late afternoon traffic around Arnhem towards the German border is becoming problematic. I wouldn't do that personally. It's then better to stay in e.g. in a cheap pension for 2-3 nights around Amsterdam and do home-office on Friday if that can be arranged.   BTW- I'm originally from Arnhem.
  6. It will save your body and soul.
  7. 3rd party liability once again - Yes, you need it

    At least he couldn't cause more damage on his bike 🚴🏻.
  8. The real estate market doesn't make sense to me.

    You can watch the London Eye, but not go for a spin. No, that will cost you €27,50. Ouch. Is the British museum still free of charge 😀?
  9. Worst jokes ever

    Q: "What is the similarity between a woman and a hurricane?"   A:"First it gets wet and intense, then you loose your house."
  10. Live in NL, work in DE

    How did you get to 1:09? From Arnhem to Amsterdam it's already 1 hour. Kleve has poor connections. Emmerich is better.
  11. Live in NL, work in DE

    Yes, you won't get in one hour from the German border to Amsterdam in morning traffic. It doesn't matter if you take the A1 via Amersfoort or A12 to Utrecht from Arnhem and then the A2 to Amsterdam. On your way back you have similar problems. The Netherlands has one of the highest traffic congestions (tiny country, millions of cars) in the world and it got worse the last two years because the economy is growing. If there is 2 inches of snow, the whole country is almost paralyzed.
  12. resultless job hunt

    18 seconds for an application? What do you check or read in this very brief time?
  13. Elbphilharmonie Opening

    Well, they had 10 years to plan the opening concert, so it must be good 🎶.
  14. Searching for Half Brother Born in Munich

    That's great news. German administration is the best!
  15. Searching for Half Brother Born in Munich

    I see. It's unlikely he took his father's name since your father was not married to Irmgard. You need to check the city archives and see how long she lived on that address and where she possibly moved. If you move to another town in Germany you need to register with that town, so you can track down a person, but 1963 is a long time ago and you don't know how often they moved and when he left the elderly home to start his own life. The surname is not very common so that is good.   I hope the Rathaus can be of help.