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  1. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    Hmm, some EU governments rejected certain batches from China last year since they didn't meet the quality requirements, so perhaps they got on the private market instead. Wouldn't surprise me with all these online cowboys.
  2. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Well, a guy forgot his password to his digital wallet and has two more guesses left (out of 10) before his looses access to 7,002 bitcoins. $220 million. Ouch!!!
  3. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    My local DM sells a pack with 2 FFP2 masks for €5,95. No larger quantities, so I prefer Rossmann for in-store purchases.
  4. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    In Munich, I didn't hear about such shouting. At Rossmann the cashier kept the masks under her desk: one package per person.
  5. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

    If the shit hits the fan, I can always wear my dad's mask .
  6. Parking Issue

    Not entirely true since, of course, you have the Garagenverordnung:   You can't e.g. use it to store garden furniture, old couch, etc.
  7. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Did you put the champagne in the fridge already 👯?
  8. My employer leases laptops for ca. €20 per month. After 3-4 years  we return it. Insurance is included in the leasecontract. Is yours leased or purchased?   Did she pass the probation period :)? In my office we go to DEFCON 1 if it brakes down.
  9. Coronavirus

    Did you check all the linen? We found two money envelopes my mum put there as a safe place.
  10. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    I just found out that following public holidays fall in the weekend: 1st of May, 15th of August, 3rd of October, 25th and 26th December plus 1st of January. 6 extra days gone. Boom.
  11. Accident of auto in parking place

    Basically, your insurance company got conned.
  12. Accident of auto in parking place

    €4000 for a cratch on a bumper? Was it a Ferrari 👻?
  13. Dutch Govt resigns

    Yes, it was the right thing to do. In two months there are new elections anyway. Many families have huge debts, mostly families with foreign names were targeted.They will receive a first compensation of €30K each.    I think it was pretty cool that our prime minister went on his bike to the palast. No big car with driver,  no body guards.Where do you see that on the planet?
  14. Neighbors complaining during Ruhezeit

    Call Chuck Norris +1-800- CHUCK.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Forget about the teabags. I'm only concerned about baked beans, but apparently it doesn't have a special HS code category. Odd. It should have 🤔.