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  1. Where to buy British groceries in Berlin

    Thanks John, might take a look then if I have time.
  2. Your experiences with German bureaucracy

    I guess you'd have to select "I do not need any professional retraining or further training/education at the moment", even if "at the moment" is not appropriate. No opportunity to enter more than one nationality "Do your children live with you in Germany?" - No chance to say that they live in Germany, but not with me. " Inwieweit haben folgende Aspekte bei Ihrer Arbeitssuche Herausforderungen dargestellt?" - it is not clear if you want the respondent to click all the issues they faced, or if they should only click the issues which were challenging to them. For example, it is true that " In Deutschland wurden in meinem Sektor andere Qualifikationen erwartet als in meinem Herkunftsland". However, this was not a challenge for me - I was easily able to get the necessary qualifications with a little time and money - so I didn't click that.
  3. What made you laugh today?

  4. Where to buy British groceries in Berlin

    Does anyone know if Broken English on Körtestrasse (Kreuzberg?) is already closed, or when exactly it is closing? Will be in the area on 24/5 May. Or any other shops I could buy British food in that area / around Hallesches Tor / Südkreuz?
  5. Being the outsider in a village

    Sounds to me like they had just gone in the garden for whatever reason (bbq? talking about gardening?) when dogs started barking next door, and they heard someone on the other side of the fence rushing towards the neighbour's back door. They all looked over, and the door was wrenched open and the new neighbours stood there gawping at them for no apparent reason.
  6. When I moved into this flat, there was a little boy, maybe 5 years old upstairs who was incredibly noisy. Shrieking, stamping, running up and down. I work at home, so purchased a pair of those ear protectors people wear when drilling in the road or at music festivals. Just about blocked it out. Didn't complain, as I have a dog, and sometimes have to leave her in while I go out shopping - she must bark sometimes.   The family then moved out, and in moved a young, single man. Hooray? No. I'd got used to the little boy, and he used to sleep at night at least. This great idiot wakes me up building his furniture with his hammer and electric screwdriver at bloody 3 a.m. Dog or no dog, I was up there quoting from the Polizeiverordnung the next day.   Be careful what you wish for.
  7. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Mr Reif invited me along next week to become German Only handed in the documents on 17 January!
  8. Generally don't talk about what people are like in my country - fat, unable to speak anything but English, can't cook - when we are eating a meal I have just cooked, speaking in German and you are three times bigger than me.
  9. All the better if you don't have to rely on any favours from your ex! Were you deregistered during your time in Amman, though? Anything over 5 months and I believe you start again from 0 when it comes to racking up the years. Probably good to go and ask how it will work!
  10. (Assuming that you don't have any children - that would make a difference.)
  11. You'd have to lie openly to the person going through your paperwork with you. They will ask specifically why your husband lives abroad. The paperwork includes the statement that the above information is true, with your signature.   So you'd have to be prepared to blatantly lie to a person asking you questions and to put your signature under these lies. You'd have to trust your estranged husband not to tell on you, if you have a disagreement now or at any time in the future. Consider the effect that a revelation could have on your career, even abroad.   This man got a 1500€ fine for telling lies on his application. This man got de-naturalised.   Chances of getting a job soon? You won't get in early due to being well integrated if you don't have a job.
  12. What made you smile today?

    Funny, but not true! Was thoroughly debunked on "More or Less" radio programme, as total nonsense that started out 20 years ago in the US.
  13. I'd strongly recommend turning the tables and sending them a quote for your services, for them to agree to, along with your terms and conditions. This would be standard practice if you are a Freiberufler and not a freier Mitarbeiter.
  14. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    If that was simply a matter of language skills, would we be in this mess?
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    " besondere Integrationsleistungen " = "outstanding achievements towards integration"   Where is this quote from, robjyhnes?