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  1. We had a cat tracker, not the same sort, and found that the detail wasn't fine enough to really work out exactly where the cat had been. I missed the defamatory comments about Jack Russels earlier See my profile pic and this image for proof that the dream can come true.
  2. Do you like living in Germany?

    Yes, "Dein Deutsch irritiert mich" is more like "Your German puzzles me". It could mean, for example, that you are American but your accent sounds more like that of a Dutch person, to them. Or e.g. you have a surprisingly large vocab considering that your grammar is only average. If they were irritated they'd say "Dein Deutsch nervt!"
  3. And yeah, I arrived in the East in 1992 and despite my admitted white privilege have been told Ausländer raus, had a delivery man tell me I must be the cleaning lady and not the person living in my flat, called a Schmarotzer because I didn't have a sign pinned to my chest saying I was employed, and told that I'm in Germany and should be speaking to my children in German. So I have no issue whatsoever about people without my white privilege complaining.
  4. Oh, I wasn't complaining that Renemp wanted a rant, just giving him some tips where he could go to avoid the more teacherly comments :)
  5. I'm in a choir too, also with lovely people. I think singing often just puts people in a good mood   Renemp, if you want to just have a good rant you might have noticed that this isn't quite the right place. A lot of us have been here for donkey's years and worked out how to behave so that people are more respectful, or have seen lots of facets of German society. Or just decided to focus on positives.   If you really want a nice old moan, get together with some more recent arrivals if possible, and do it IRL, as people are more likely to smile politely, nod along and comfort you in person, rather than trying to educate you  
  6. Sounds just like my experience with men. (That and the thing about buses.) You may need to accept that you will never find a Mr or Ms Perfect Apartment.
  7. I agree that the best solution is to move, now having a better idea of what to avoid.   In my case I didn't complain about the noisy child upstairs, having had children of my own and they did move out - hence my feeling that it's worth checking with them, if you're not that keen to move so quickly. They're likely to be pissed off with him, but if they are thinking of moving, they probably won't care if he knows. Of course if he finds the prospect of talking to annoyed people scary, then he might not want to.   Yes, and in my case a young, single man moved in instead, who doesn't run around but instead started hammering away in his flat at 4 a.m. on a regular basis. (I did complain about that, to him personally, and he seems to have stopped!)
  8. He's already been complaining about them to the landlord, I doubt that he would be ruining an otherwise happy relationship.
  9. I thought you meant an old building as in an Altbau (1900ish), but if you're in a "modern" 1970s building then yes, you've unfortunately chosen the noisiest type there is. I'm in the same type. Talking to the parents probably won't help as they can do nothing about it. Maybe ask them if they are planning to move out in the near future before you start looking for a new flat, though.