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  1. How integrated are you?

    In Dresden at least, people usually stand by the side of the doors leaving a space. A couple of years ago I saw a British couple on a tram, standing opposite but not near the doors. When it stopped, they didn't make any signs of wanting to leave so everyone started getting on and they got all flustered trying to battle against the flow. If they'd looked like they were leaving they'd have had no trouble. Probably blamed it on The Germans and their lack of queuing ability.   I feel more integrated these days. It's just been 30 years Didn't have as much chance to go out and meet people when I was bringing up the kids; my then husband was a workaholic so I had to look after them alone until late at night. Now the kids are in their own places and I just have a live-out boyfriend with whom I speak only German (spoke English to ex-husband). Can go out and do more, so now meet up with other Germans and do different activities several times a week - and the boyfriend is very much into a work/life balance so we spend much more time together chatting. My German was already good but now I find I'm coming up with more complicated phrases, or saying stuff that's hard to translate into English.   Still meet up with an international group; some are old friends who've lived here decades and some are German so it doesn't feel much of a foreign bubble, though. During Covid it seems quite a few of them have made decisions to break up with their husbands etc. and/or go back to their native countries.   I didn't intend to stay here when I first came and wasn't too happy about the idea of staying here "forever" as that became a possibility. But nowadays I feel happier here so it's not such an issue.   Still can't stand 80% of German TV programmes, though 😂