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  1. How integrated are you?

    In Dresden at least, people usually stand by the side of the doors leaving a space. A couple of years ago I saw a British couple on a tram, standing opposite but not near the doors. When it stopped, they didn't make any signs of wanting to leave so everyone started getting on and they got all flustered trying to battle against the flow. If they'd looked like they were leaving they'd have had no trouble. Probably blamed it on The Germans and their lack of queuing ability.   I feel more integrated these days. It's just been 30 years Didn't have as much chance to go out and meet people when I was bringing up the kids; my then husband was a workaholic so I had to look after them alone until late at night. Now the kids are in their own places and I just have a live-out boyfriend with whom I speak only German (spoke English to ex-husband). Can go out and do more, so now meet up with other Germans and do different activities several times a week - and the boyfriend is very much into a work/life balance so we spend much more time together chatting. My German was already good but now I find I'm coming up with more complicated phrases, or saying stuff that's hard to translate into English.   Still meet up with an international group; some are old friends who've lived here decades and some are German so it doesn't feel much of a foreign bubble, though. During Covid it seems quite a few of them have made decisions to break up with their husbands etc. and/or go back to their native countries.   I didn't intend to stay here when I first came and wasn't too happy about the idea of staying here "forever" as that became a possibility. But nowadays I feel happier here so it's not such an issue.   Still can't stand 80% of German TV programmes, though 😂
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

    If only a respected medical source had told us about the relationship between the vaccination and myocarditis.    
  3. Regulation on Dangerous Dogs

    If this is Munich then dogs are not allowed AT any playgrounds, and have to be on a leash NEAR all playgrounds: That page also has information about what happens when you report a violation. There's an online form for reporting cases. Has your partner had bad experiences with the police being uninterested before, or are they generally pessimistic by nature?!  
  4. Physiotherapy requests

    This doesn't say that you have to be in your underwear, though. It says that most people are treated in their underwear (maybe because that's what they find easiest!), and that comfortable sports gear is suitable if you're doing exercises. There's nothing saying that you have to wear underwear rather than sports shorts and a bra top, which are basically underwear with a different name.
  5. Physiotherapy requests

    What kind of physiotherapy will it be? Might you be in the water? Did they say you had to be naked, or that you needed to take off your normal/outer clothing? I'm getting massages and ultrasound for my Achilles tendon now and they didn't even care if I wore my normal clothes as long as my lower legs are accessible.
  6. Ossi or Wessi?

    The Wessis I know have all moved to the east, and had a similar experience to mine, getting to know the place as outsiders. I've had the full Ossi experience here, living in an eastern family that I'm very fond of, but I now have a west German partner and it's been really nice having someone with a more similar background after all these years.
  7. Ossi or Wessi?

    I haven't seen it yet; what do they think are the reasons why? Maybe partly a geographical difference, with most big business being in the west and most Ossis being in the east? That might explain why the difference, if there is one, is so persistent. And friend networks, obviously - most people in powerful positions are older, and so are their friends. They aren't going to suddenly get new friends from the east. My children (in their 20s) have grown up in the east but have a very mixed group of friends from the east and west. Things will change. If they introduce measures, they'd have to keep revising them every few years, as the issue will change in nature. I think it would be hard.
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    Exactly what Anna66 said. I have no issues with my unvaccinated friends at all, as they don't try to engage me in discussions about Russel Brand It was a bit annoying when we couldn't go out to the cinema etc. And I was a bit worried about giving them Covid! But we simply let one another be.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    I'd call that very common, as most unvaccinated people don't die of Covid. If you're one of the unfortunate others who die or suffer very badly, I'd feel very bad for you and your family, and sorry that social media has this awful side-effect of helping to spread incorrect information, fear of conspiracies and confusion.
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

      Ah, then it's the idea of being able to withstand a disease that is causing you confusion. I caught Covid, but I withstood it, which means that I didn't die (or indeed have any serious symptoms or after-effects). My body resisted the virus, meaning that it fought it off effectively. The opposite would be to succumb to the virus, meaning "To yield to the attacks of a disease, the effect of wounds, an operation, etc.; hence, to die." When using a dictionary, if you're not clear on the words in the definition, you can always look them up too, just to make sure you get the idea, though I realise that process could potentially go on forever
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

      The Origins of Inoculation, Arthur Boylston   ... "In 1714, a letter written by Emanuel Timonius at Constaninople was circulated around Europe and read to the Royal Society by John Woodward. [...]  …They that have this inoculation practised upon them are subject to very slight symptoms, some being scarce sensible they are ill or sick" [...] When this was published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society it triggered a reply from Cotton Mather, a minister in Boston, Massachusetts. [...] " Otherwise this Practice is so innocent, and so sure, that out of a hundred Persons inoculated not two die; whereas on the contrary, out of a hundred Persons that are infected with the Small-Pox the natural Way, there die commonly about thirty." Immunisation, says the OED, means making people immune to = resistant to = able to withstand a disease. It doesn't mean they won't get it. It didn't mean that in 1714, and it still doesn't mean that.  
  12. Augenartz, oder?

    (edit:) I do agree that the Augenarzt is the best first stop. But wherever her eyes are tested, you'll still have to go to a shop to get glasses. (Do not be tempted to get a cheap pair online without someone to measure the shape of her face, the fit of the glasses etc.) I've been buying glasses in Germany for 30 years, with tests from opticians and from the shops, and have never been sold unsuitable lenses in terms of the prescription. In fact, the last time I got glasses, the optician's prescription was too strong for me, and Apollo listened to my complaint, re-tested my eyes and fixed me up a new pair of glasses without charging me anything extra. What I would watch out for from the shops, however, is them trying to get you to get special non-reflecting coatings. Both my children are glasses wearers too, and I found that at that age, the coating would just get scratched and look awful. Until they are about minus 6, it's also not really worth getting extra thin lenses. If your daughter's only just getting short-sighted now, she's unlikely to ever get that bad.
  13. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    Further details available here
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Planes have better filters than trains, that's true. If you're sitting next to someone with Covid I'm not sure that would help, mind.   Are the rates that high in Munich? I thought they were lower than Saxony? Here in Dresden I still know lots of people who haven't had it at all. (I managed to pick it up on a crowded train, and met up with my boyfriend the day before I got a positive test, but he still hasn't had it. Some people are clearly more resistant!)   Still misrepresenting what the vaccines claimed to do, Jonny? Isn't the thrill of that wearing off a bit now that most people have lost interest?
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Most airline staff have already had Covid by now, if the number of flights cancelled due to staff shortages is anything to go by.