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  1. Oh, it was so quick I missed it Thanks for the very kind offer, but she is still waiting for some document that will be here by 14 May.
  2. She would like to go ASAP as she has a potential job offer over there. We have also found some taxi services that take pets, but they cost about a hundred pounds. She's not as keen on the ferries, I think she just wants to make it less stressful for the dog and the tunnel is a good bit quicker.
  3. Hi, I have a nice young Ukrainian woman here in Dresden with her pet spaniel, and she's found herself a sponsor near Cambridge. She wants to travel from 14 May on, when the dog's pet passport has come through, and would ideally have just got the train, but apparently you can't take your dog on Eurostar, and the ferries don't make it very easy for foot passengers either (if they even sail). There are taxis doing the crossing with pets but it costs about 225 GBP. I don't suppose anyone is planning on crossing with a car at Calais/Dunkirk or even Hook of Holland around that time and would have space for her and the dog? Even just the crossing would be great.
  4. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    I'd never seen the crunchy one before and travelled out of my way to get some - well worth it, thanks for the tip Might go and get some more ...
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    I've actually found it amazing how even tiny children can still read expressions when your face is largely covered by a mask I frequently smile at babies in pushchairs with my mask on, and they can clearly work out what I'm doing as they smile back. Possibly helped by the crows feet around my eyes but babies are masters of communication.
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    I don't look at videos, is this the doctored box in the link?
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    " A report of a suspected ADR to the Yellow Card scheme does not necessarily mean that it was caused by the vaccine, only that the reporter has a suspicion it may have been"
  8. 3G in Restaurants?

    They reduce the number of hospitalisations, slash the number of severe cases and considerably reduce long hospital stays, yes. But they don't "prevent hospitalisation", in that some people still have to go to hospital -  the hospitalisation figures quoted are fully explicable without the need to come up with any theories about cover-ups or things not being as presented in the mainstream media.
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    Who said that vaccines prevented hospitalisation, Mr Bear? Can you provide a quote? Unfortunately, a reduction in the hospitalisation rate compared to the number of infections is the best humanity has come up with so far. Better than nothing, obviously. (Your graph shows only the number of hospitalisations, not the number of infections for comparison, of course.)   And yes, I do believe that a slight increase in myocarditis is normally found in a population after millions of people have been vaccinated. Thanks for repeating that point. As I added, an increase in myocarditis is also found in a population after millions of people have been infected. I was interested in this information as my family has a history of heart issues. So I looked out very carefully for the data before getting the vaccination. The comparative risks of getting the vaccination and getting infected were very well presented in all the media, so I felt very comfortable about making my choice to get vaccinated. Life is full of risks, but you don't actually have to court danger, right?
  10. 3G in Restaurants?

    The guy from the quote seems to have made more money selling his videos about Bavarian Freemasonry symbols and codes in the Bible that only he understands, than Boris Johnson has earned being PM. But he's the one accusing others of manipulating the people. Remarkable.
  11. 3G in Restaurants?

    COVID-19 infection more likely than vaccines to cause rare cardiovascular complications Also worth noting. These side effects have been reported since 2020. That's why some of the vaccines were not immediately accepted for use. They waited to see how the figures compared for the side effects of an infection, and the side effects of the vaccine. This has been widely reported since the start.
  12. 3G in Restaurants?

      Again ... the government says it is not a coincidence.   " It is now recognised that COVID-19 infection can lead to myocarditis or pericarditis and in one retrospective study, 5% of patients developed new onset myocarditis and 1.5% pericarditis within a 6 month period following COVID-19 infection"   Honestly starting to wonder whether you're trying to spread misinformation that's for or against vaccinations! Or maybe you're just saying the opposite to the UK government?
  13. 3G in Restaurants? Latest statistics/studies as of 17 March.     "There is no pattern from the reports to suggest that any of the COVID-19 vaccines used in the UK, or any reactions to these vaccines, increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirths, congenital anomalies or birth complications."   "The MHRA has been closely monitoring and assessing reports of suspected Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) received following administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. Following the most recent review of the available data the evidence of a possible association has strengthened [...] Guillain-Barré Syndrome is inflammation of the nerves and can lead to numbness, weakness and pain, usually in the feet, hands and limbs and can spread to the chest and face. This syndrome has been associated with viral infections such as the flu."   so: no spikes reported in miscarriages etc. And they are looking into the connection with G-B; not claiming that it's a coincidence.   Does the fact that the misinformation in the above posts (and link to the paid clickbait site) is being left up mean that the Local Europe GmbH is a pro-Querdenker site?          
  14. Mobbing by employers in Germany

    For €40 a year you can also join the Arbeitnehmerhilfe and get some legal advice, if you do not already have legal backing:
  15. Mobbing by employers in Germany

    Is there a Beratungsstelle für Mobbingopfer nearby? A letter from your doctor that you are suffering from Mobbing will get you ALG immediately on resigning, but you can back it up with a visit to a Mobbing expert. I have seen someone do this with the doctor's letter alone, though.