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  1. Vegan coming for dinner

    So the significant other 'volunteered' us to host a dinner party - normally no biggie, but this time one of the guests is gonna be a vegan. I'm a vegetarian (hubby & kids aren't, though), but I'm still at a loss what to serve as a main course as it's only now that I realize how dependent on animal products my cooking is - a spoonful of butter here, a few eggs there or a generous handful of cheese on top ...   Has anyone any creative ideas, what to serve as a vegan main course? Ideally something that can be somehow 'recycled' to avoid lot of extra cooking e.g. a vegan main that can be served with a fish/meat main as a side, or a stew/curry that can be made both in omnivore and vegan version ... ?   I wonder if there are any vegans reading this forum -- I wouldn't be surprised if there were, but after reading the 'Bacon' thread, they were just afraid to come out of the closet 8-)