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  1. Parents of babies let's meet in Karlsruhe

    I think ‘um’ means that during social restrictions, meeting in person isn’t possible yet.  Maybe you can make contacts online and meet in future when there are less restrictions.     All the best.
  2. Very much hope that @2B_orNot2B is well and just taking a long TT break.  
  3. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    This Netflix documentary explores that theory. Interesting and shocking. What the Health.   
  4. Tips for passing a practical driving test

    My daughter failed her first test too.  She too forgot some basics and was very distracted by having an apprentice tester in the car...the main tester was constantly talking to the apprentice.  However, a few more lessons and practice was all that was needed for her to pass the second test. Good luck next time...just don’t forget the basics. 
  5. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Just to add another dimension to the discussion...being a skinny child attracts just as much stigma as being overweight. The ‘just eat more’ message is just as effective as ‘just eat less’. I was severely underweight as a child and suffered much bullying until my mid twenties. From kids at school through to work colleagues.  My mother was highly criticized by all of her family and doctors. My metabolism changed naturally and now I’m a reasonably normal weight.   My daughter has the same issue.  Normal birth weight though her ongoing centile weight has always been way under minimum. My family and every doctor treated me like a negligent mother. Endless dieticians expected diaries of food intake.  One in the UK even threatened to report me to social services. Finally, our local elderly Hausarzt here took one look at my daughter and pronounced her just fine.  His own grandchild was the same type of mixed race...just petite and just fine.     Best for people to just not make assumptions and judgements about health and well-being issues that they know little or nothing about. 
  6. Slip joint washer

    Take the photos and/or the defective part with you. Also available on Amazon.de.  I don’t know the German description...maybe someone else here can confirm.  You’ll need the exact diameter measurement if ordering online. 
  7. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    I couldn’t edit my previous post...here’s one of the interesting Netflix documentary trailer.     Also, BBC documentary, Doctor in the House, Dr Rangan Chattergee. youtu.be/j9HPSP7QwPU   there's also a second series
  8. Sunday flummox...my husband just got a call from from the Gesundheitsamt to say that his recent corona test (3 weeks ago) is positive. Strange, as he has also had written confirmation that the test was negative.  The caller went away to double check and phoned back...oh, it might be negative then!  Better get rechecked to make sure.      Seems like the testing system isn’t working so well. This was just a current test, not an antibody test.  An antibody test would have been most useful for him as person working in a high risk area.
  9. Things to ponder

    Maybe your cat can claim for looking after you. 
  10. Has "fat is beautiful" gone too far?

    Overeating is definitely addictive as the typical types of food are so nutritiously low. Lack of nutrition education and food marketing certainly doesn’t help.  In all the years of my daughter‘s education both here and in the UK, nutrition was never in the curriculum. Apparently the same generally applies to the years of medical studies.  I have friends who just can’t cook or don’t have time to so they rely on convenience foods for their kids.  They were horrified when their kids were tested at school and deemed obese.     I was saddened a while back at the supermarket. I had a small selection of ‘healthy’ foods on the conveyor belt and behind me, a mum and her 3 kids piled on the typically unhealthy stuff. The mum looked at my shopping very sadly and told me how much she’d love to give her kids more healthy food though she just can’t afford to.  Something must be very wrong with the food industry.    There’s a great BBC series on YouTube, Doctor in the House with Dr Rangan Chattergee.  His principle is that food is medicine and that a healthy diet can cure/reverse several illnesses that are conventionally treated with medication and in turn, induce necessary weight loss.  Also, several good documentaries on Netflix along the same lines...ditch processed foods, learn about nutrition, learn to cook, feel better.   
  11. Smoke detectors

    Sounds correct.  A few years ago when we fitted our smoke detectors, each state had slightly different regulations so worth double checking with your local Gemeinde and/or fire station.  We were advised against using the type that are networked...ie smoke detected by one and all alarms sound simultaneously. Could be a danger if you cant tell where the smoke/fire is.  Also check if you need a carbon monoxide detector.
  12. Sincere condolences Spiderpig. 
  13. Interpretation of Boris Johnson‘s speech...    
  14. Coronavirus

    There must be many truths that will never be revealed to us mere morals though I am wondering if you are indeed clothed in a turquoise Icke like shell suit?
  15. What made you smile today?

    Ah... ‘A job for the old bill! Police officers escort family of geese along a main road‘     https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8267317/A-job-old-bill-Police-officers-escort-family-geese-main-road.html
  16. Why are you happy today?

    So lovely John 
  17. Piers Morgan sometimes sums matters up well...   ˋPresident Trump's batsh*t crazy coronavirus 'cure' theories are not just shockingly senseless and stupid - they're going to kill people´   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8253467/PIERS-MORGAN-President-Trumps-batsh-t-crazy-coronavirus-cure-theories-going-kill-people.html
  18. What made you laugh today?

    So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong...  
  19. Coronavirus

    This type is available at most Apotheke near us for around 10-15€ for 10. The advice is that they can be reused after putting  in the oven for 30 minutes at 70-90 degrees. Temperature advised varies between Apotheken. So far, works fine.   
  20. Coronavirus

    Only guessing...any area of the face is close to an orifice so any virus, bacteria etc could travel...sweat, air movement etc.   I read something today suggesting that even after CV, keeping social distance would be a good idea to minimize the transmission of any other common viruses etc.
  21. Anyone bought stuff from radkompakt.de or radempire.de?

    If you paid with PayPal or credit card then she should have buyer protection.  The supplier might react quicker if you email (in German) to say that you intend to take up the matter with the payment company. 
  22. Coronavirus

    Just to be double sure then....I’ll write an email to the advisor to confirm the facts that he told us by telephone and ask him to confirm back in writing.  Hope that will cover all eventualities