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  1. What are you watching right now?

      I thought the new Netflix version of Lady Chatterley’s Lover very good. I don’t really remember the 90’s adaptation other than Mellor’s saying ‘Ay, ‘ad to ‘appen’!  Nice to see Joely Richardson had a part in the new version. Emma Corrin is an amazing actress. 
  2. Gas meter under the sink

    Topic sway….last time we were at a Christmas market, the Glühwein was equally awful. We then discovered the hot gin stand. Several variations. Gin and elderflower was my favourite …definitely no alcohol dissipation 😉
  3. I believe the original cabinet was like this….open backed in the appliance section.  
  4. I did mention this subject in the ‘unhappy’ thread this week and very grateful for all replies. I really do need some more specific advice if possible as I need to urgently address this matter tomorrow when the managing agent returns from holiday.    Unbeknown to me, the managing agent of my UK house, made the decision to replace a non working integrated microwave with a freestanding microwave placed in the former space. The cabinet was remodelled to accommodate. I’m not sure if the contractor is electrical qualified.    At first, my issue was that this reconfiguration looks absolutely awful. I then realised that the space around the freestanding microwave is inadequate. The microwave manual states ventilation space of 20cm all around and 30cm above. There can’t be more than 1-2cm space around and approx 10cm above.  I believe that combination microwaves that include convector oven and grill, require more ventilation than simple microwaves as they get much hotter. The vents are back of sides and rear as far as I can tell from Google.    In the meantime, I’ve asked that the tenant doesn’t use the microwave until a safe solution is found.   My second question is, now that the filler panel formerly over the microwave is now placed directly over the oven with a shelf directly on top, does the electric oven likely have any or enough ventilation? The shelf now directly over the oven must be fitted flush to the back panel or the microwave wouldn’t fit. I believe that the original appliance cabinet unit had no back behind the appliances to allow for ventilation and space for electrical cables and plugs. It looks like a  back panel has now been fitted to the microwave section.   I’m super conscious to ensure safety and that house insurance isn’t compromised. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Before and after. 
  5. Gas meter under the sink

    If I recall correctly, your house is fairly new. The gas meter too. Maybe new model gas meters don’t need such ventilation? Modern houses often don’t have a traditional dedicated room for boilers and meters. To be sure, contact the meter manufacturer and/or the gas supply company. Before cutting anything, just leave the door ajar until you know for sure. 
  6. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    As this isn’t supposed to be a chat thread, I’ll just mention as another vent,….We have neighbours that burn a lot more than wood in their open fireplaces and wood burners. Clouds of toxic fumes from chimneys. Another neighbour is on a witch hunt and mentioned that German rules state that only suitably dried wood of certain varieties are allowed to be burned. No colour printed paper etc etc. And, seemingly, the health risks from fumes indoors are worse than running a diesel engine in a lounge. At least our Gemeinde, don’t care about any complaints. 
  7. Things to ponder

    Ah, bless your granddaughter. My daughter is also Eurasian (German, Chinese/Malaysian). When she was in primary school in the UK, kids only noticed how petite she is rather than any colour and facial features difference. Now she’s 21 and we’re in Germany, she does get irritated that so many people immediately comment on how small she is and how young she looks. She recently politely responded to a middle aged woman ‘oh no, I never realised. Thank you for telling me!’ Her personality has grown to that of a giant!     When we visited an Hausarzt here, he immediately blurted out ‘obviously she’s adopted’. My daughter politely replied that she isn’t adopted and I’m definitely her mother.   The whole race row thing in the UK accusing an elderly lady of racism is just a storm in a teacup. People are naturally interested in others. Just some can be rude and condescending to anyone.  It’s no different to any of us non native German speakers being asked where we come from. Surely that’s not offensive?  I’ll never lose my British accent nor master German grammar. Quite a few Germans have said that they love to hear my accent though hate the accent of others. 
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

    It certainly does. Can’t believe an agent would do all of this without my knowledge. 
  9. Why are you unhappy today?

    The manuals state how much space around a freestanding microwave is necessary. 
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

    Hmm…you just made me think of another possible issue. The original oven and microwave were a set. The microwave unit has the front horizontal vents top and bottom. The shelf that the new microwave stands on was recently installed. So, where does the oven vent now?
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    It’s a freestanding mw now placed in the old integrated mw place. 1-2 cm space all around is too much less than the stipulated 20cm. The least problem would be the unit overheats and no longer functions. I’d have to pay again for replacement. Guarantee void. Worst case, it’s a fire risk. No insurance would pay for an inappropriately used appliance. 
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    I don’t think the house insurance would agree if anything happened. This type of mw get much hotter than a basic one…added grill etc. 
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Indeed! The agent just told me the tenant advised them that they are or will soon be away. Usually such advice is only necessary for longer term absence. At least the microwave won’t be used though I wonder if the heating will be left on as the UK is about to get much colder!
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    Further unhappy and flummoxed. Just had a thought that freestanding microwaves need a minimum space around them to avoid any risk. I checked the manual for this one and it needs 20cm space sides and back and 30cm top. If the microwave is only 30cm high then the top space is less. The sides, probably no more than 1-2 cm. I’ve asked the agent to ask the tenant not to use it or move it somewhere safer.🙄
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    Such a rollercoaster day. A vet came over late afternoon to probably put Gracie to sleep. She was previously in the care of our local major vet hospital. From a local small clinic, the vet and her assistant both felt that Gracie wasn’t anywhere near her end of days despite end stage kidney disease. After an hour of treatment, removing a bad tooth (no anaesthesia necessary), antibiotics and pain relief, Gracie is feeling amazingly well. Of course we’ve no guarantee of ongoing wellness. She’s a fighter and just didn’t want to leave us until she’s ready.