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  1. Why are you happy today?

    We had the same problem with our ivy suffering frost damage. I cut it all down and surprised it has taken so long to recover. Just starting to see some growth.
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thank you John.
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    Despite having my own heart broken so many times in my life, it feels so much worse that my daughter’s heart is now broken after her first love of 6 years has suddenly left her. And, she’s far from home, now alone. 
  4. My German husband generally doesn't like my style of cooking although he's very polite about it and he cooks for us often. Having said that, his German cooking is all very much limited in variety. I know that German cuisine often gets a bashing though I do remember that my German Oma used to cook some amazing meals. Sadly, due to my mothers disinterest in cooking, none of Oma's recipes have passed down the generations.     I'd love to surprise my husband with something German that I've cooked without the recipe coming from his mother .  Does anyone have any great recipes to share? Or, give me a clue of meal names that I can google.     Many thanks
  5. Transfering Uk pensions into 1 fund.

    I have the same situation. One small fund (I’ve another small fund too) recently matured and I was told that I can take the 25% tax free whenever I want and just leave the rest. I either take all of the rest and pay the relevant tax, or transfer the remaining fund that allows ‘draw down’. No idea what tax would apply to that. I’ve still to look into the options.  
  6. Permit for modifying garden

    I too would say that your plan to lay a small area of slabs should be ok without permission. Unless, you are removing a well developed tree maybe? Could be worth generally checking with your Gemeinde if there are any regulations regarding the removal of any greenery. I believe that new stone gardens are not allowed in some areas though a few slabs are probably fine.
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

  8. What made you smile today?

    Wally looks happy with his floating couch…...
  9. If I recall correctly, @BethAnnBitt had a similarly difficult situation regarding health insurance that was resolved.  Maybe Beth Ann can give you some advice? 
  10. Cool stuff worth sharing

    @dstanners, second film trailer…    
  11. Cool stuff worth sharing

    I’m sure that some treasures have been found though kept out of the news.  Wasn’t there a big collection of art found a few years ago in a flat in Germany after an elderly chap died?   South China sea diving for treasure would have been amazing. Never mind, my daughter is my biggest treasure.   Have you watched the Nicholas Cage, National Treasure films? Definitely good to watch if you like Indiana Jones.    
  12. Cool stuff worth sharing

    ‘Hunt for lost artwork and priceless artefacts from legendary Amber Room begins as divers crack open cargo boxes on sunken Nazi warship’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9961899/Hunt-lost-artwork-artefacts-legendary-Amber-Room-begins-sunken-Nazi-warship.html   I’m always fascinated by treasure hunters.  Sadly I missed out on a potential treasure hunt dive off the coast of Singapore as I was pregnant. I wonder what really happened with the Nazi gold train hunt? 
  13. Landlord died

    I was wondering if all utilities are unavailable due to them being switched off at the mains in the property….by the police maybe as opposed to being disconnected by the supplier due to non payment? To address these issues quickly, the Gemeinde should be able to advise which company/companies are the main supplier/s (Grundversorgung?) Contact with the supplier/s may be able to get the supply reinstated albeit probably on the basic tariff to start with. Given the circumstances, I’d ask if it were appropriate to suspend/reduce rent payments until resolved. 
  14. Landlord died

    I would suggest that you contact a Mietverein and your local council (Gemeinde) for advice.  I’m sure other TT members can offer advice regarding contract termination etc.  All the best.
  15. Hi   I hope that you can help...We are looking at the possibility of moving to the Taunus area and feel that we firstly need to find a suitable Gymnasium for our daughter. She is 10 years old and has been learning German quite well since May at our local Grundschule. Her current teacher and headmistress have both suggested that given her previous high level UK education standard, they would recommend a Gymnasium despite her lack of German fluency.   I have found a list of all Gymnasiums from the Hessen website and have trawled through all of the individual school websites. I've also found a few references on TT to some of the Taunus schools. Her teachers suggest we find a school that isn't enormous. They also explained that some Gymnasiums have very big class sizes and kids just don't get the attention they need. They are simply dragged through the system and have to leave if they don't make it. Unfortunately, we cannot afford private school. I had looked into the Phorms school in Steinbach but from other TT posts, I would not really feel so confident. There are references to poor teaching and some schools closing down.   Please can anyone recommend a good Gymnasium that would be supportive of our daughter's German learning curve. Has anyone had similar experiences in the area? I'm definitely self-combusting with anxiety!   Many thanks in anticipation
  16. I wouldn't have thought it was so difficult to buy a one handled serving tray.  My step father has recently had to start using a walking stick and can't manage to carry normal trays. I've googled myself into a stupor and can only manage to find an odd one on Amazon with the handle only on one side though the sides aren't high enough to avoid slipping.  There are also wicker varieties though not stable enough from the reviews.  I found this one (approx 50cm X 33cm) in the uk which seems perfect though they won't ship to Germany. It's only £9.99 and I offered to pay excess postage etc but no, not possible.  Any ideas on more search criteria I could try? Seems that the price from specialist disabled shops is astronomical.  Wouldn't mind one myself too.  Thanks in advance for any tips.  
  17. Oh no, never crumbs anywhere!  My daughter and I started this habit way back when we lived in the UK when it was just the two of us.  Our upstairs was much warmer than downstairs so cosy breakfasts became the norm on cold days. We’d always have breakfast at least 2 hours before we had to leave the house for school.  Never a rushed morning. My German husband thinks it’s proper weird though can understand why we still like our old habits.
  18. Ah, bless your mother. My husband doesn’t understand why I just don’t have tea downstairs.  Tea and often breakfast in bed are just old habits I wouldn’t like to change. 
  19. Just in case this might help anyone else….Sadly my step father passed away before I found a tray for him. I realised that I too needed one especially as my daughter regularly nags me about how much I carry up and down stairs. After I broke my toe the other day, my hobbling called for a quick solution. Voila…don’t laugh, it’s a cat carrier I’ve never used. Lid was detachable. Non slip bottom, sealed about 10cm around the bottom of the sides, super sturdy, easily washable. Not a drop spilled. Perfect! 
  20. My property has been insured by Barclays for many years. Latterly, this includes landlord insurance. Barclays have now told me they won’t renew as I’m not a UK resident. Googling shows all sorts though I’d really appreciate a recommendation.  Many thanks in advance.   
  21. I got my insurance from Churchill in the end.  A bit more coverage than my old policy for the same price.  I tried Direct Line though it was quite a lot more expensive.
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thanks so much 
  23. Why are you unhappy today?

    @Metall, @RedMidge and Mr Metall. Thank you, wise words…..
  24. Why are you unhappy today?

    My mother and I have been estranged for a few years now. We always had an unpleasant relationship that ended with her dramatic disclosure of alleged terrible incidents in our past. The only contact we had during estrangement was me always sending her a Christmas card and birthday card.  She sometimes did the same.  Always hurts me a little when she doesn’t bother….used to be just the smallest reminder that she still thinks of me at least a bit.  No card this year. I feel sad though very grateful for my wonderful daughter, husband, soon to be son in law and my friends.  
  25. How to value a house for purchase?

    I agree with all of the above. If you think the house is really for you and you have good knowledge of potential repair costs, don’t lose out. We bought our house 10 years ago when there was hardly anything for sale. Likely even less choice these days.  The house was perfect for us, great location, only 5 years old etc.  You could ask how flexible the price is.  We did and were told the price absolutely isn’t negotiable.  Ok, we bought it.  It was a fair price and we’ve since been told that we’d just gotten ahead of several neighbours that would have bought it.  If you are in anyway unsure of any structural/repair issues, definitely get a Gutachter (surveyor) to check.  We paid around 500€ for a Gutachter to check another older house we were interested in before we found ours.  Money well spent as it saved us from a potential disaster.   Just to add, on immoscout24.de, there is a house price calculator. It used to cost something though I don’t  know if it still does.  It was only about 20€ . Not all too accurate though can give you a guide.    Good luck