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  1. Thank you both….I thought the general answer would be NO though worth knowing if anything had changed,
  2. Just a quick question to add….I have over 30 years of UK state pension contributions. If I die, do any of my contributions go to my German husband or child?
  3. German women and femininity

    I meant the mother, Jane Birkin. Pic further down the article of mother and daughter. Mother’s hair definitely coloured though very flattering.  I remember reading something about Jane Birkin‘s dog slobbering in her super expensive Hermes handbag. Price of the bags between $40,000 and $500,000! She was unconcerned. I guess if Hermes make bags in your name, you’ve probably got a few freebies
  4. German women and femininity

    Here’s a word for you John…never heard it used.   muliebrity /ˌmjuːlɪˈɛbrɪti/ noun LITERARY womanly qualities; womanliness.
  5. German women and femininity

    Awful situation indeed. Despite a positive outcome, my cousin endured months of stress that affected her whole family. The headteacher  also didn’t like that my cousin coached teenage girls on female empowerment. She was clearly better out of such a working environment.
  6. German women and femininity

    Definitely keep rocking long red hair! My cousin, a teacher, was recently hounded out of her job by a new head teacher. He generally felt that she didn’t look age appropriate and particularly her ‘blöde rote Haare‘. She is naturally red though her grey roots were coloured accordingly.  Thankfully, this awful situation turned into a blessing. She’s now changed her whole life and moved away from Germany…and, kept her lovely long red hair!
  7. Glad it’s better where you are. We’ve found it really odd…we say hello to people and most just ignore these days. I don’t think we appear weird or scary in any way..maybe we do!  We have a local Facebook group that used to be nice, friendly and helpful. That too took a turn for the worse.  
  8. I agree….don’t feel disheartened by going ‘home’. You tried Germany and it didn’t work out, especially over the last year of so many Corona issues. I’ve found that many people are even less sociable than before. When walking in the forest, people would always greet each other in passing. Now they don’t even do that….head down, avoid! The most they manage is to drop their masks on the forest floor.  I’m a  loon that picks the masks up with sticks and put them in a bin to avoid any animal being hurt. We’ve lived in our house for 10 years and still our neighbours avoid a cursory wave.    I’ve never found an area in Germany that’s much different.  Having said that, my daughter now lives in the Bodensee area and she thinks that people are much nicer in her young age group. The added benefit being life in beautiful surroundings. Very expensive though.   Yes, a canister of petrol would be good to take back to the UK….a few frozen turkeys too perhaps!   Good luck
  9. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    Before complaining elsewhere, have you asked them to correct the details or that they explain the stated information? Might just be a clerical error. 
  10. Poor Jonny, I was so upset when you lost him. I’m so glad that you gave Noyzi the chance of a good life. All the very best.
  11. Buying a house without realtor

    It’s definitely worth asking…not too awkward these days as asking can be worded very nicely in an email or by phone. I ask for a better deal every year for most of our standing contracts. Usually get at least 10% off. Last year, when the Corona financial pressures started for many people, for my UK insurance, the very nice lady asked me if it’s difficult me to pay. She insisted I said that it was and took 25% off the annual policy cost. Nice!   In this case, I’d suggest that the OP writes back and just say that he’d very much welcome a counter offer by x date. Best compare some of the finer points of a mortgage offer…ie overpayment allowance etc.
  12. Buying a house without realtor

    Sounds like he’s just disgruntled ‘Hmh’!  I can’t imagine any Makler Vertrag would suggest you must finance through them.   By asking you when you are signing the contract with the other finance company, he may be wanting time to get a better offer for you. Have you asked him is he can match or beat the offer?   We got a better finance offer than the one our Makler got us. He asked if he could look at the offer and agreed that it was indeed very good and that we should go for it. We did!  
  13. German women and femininity

    Just saw this article on Jane Birkin and how she’s aging gracefully and naturally.  I think her hair is a lovely length and colour…very flattering. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10054059/Charlotte-Gainsbourg-50-says-mother-Jane-Birkins-approach-ageing-inspiring.html?login
  14. Just found a complete service…..packaging boxes and delivery cost.  There’s a choice of DHL Express or UPS. I’ve never used UPS, are they generally good for reliability? I could use Hermes without the discount of a complete service though have never had good experience in the past in general. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. German women and femininity

    She certainly does look amazing! And seemingly, she’s always been true to herself.
  16. German women and femininity

    I just don’t know how short hair particularly suits older age…..maybe just suits the hairdresser so you have to visit every month or so.    I cut my own hair a bit every month or so and go to a hairdresser 1-2 times a year to fix any of my layer mistakes. I do love how a hairdresser blow dries…very voluminous and wavy for a day.  I never use any heat appliances, just dry naturally.   I hope your friend manages to stop her snipping hairdresser…or find another.
  17. German women and femininity

    Thank you Anna
  18. German women and femininity

    I didn’t know how best to describe hair length though I definitely don’t have a beard ! My mother, step mother and mother in law have all told me that I should have shorter hair at my age….more decent! Why though? 
  19. German women and femininity

    If you do decide to grow your hair, there’s the obvious pain, neither here nor there phase. Lots of taming products out there. Could be an interesting hag journey!  Not sure if correct though I heard that lightening the colour smoothes the hair shaft.  Certainly seems to work with my hair. Would be great to hear from any TT hairdressers?   Just found how to add a profile pic…after all these years! My hair is longer and a bit wilder these days…might go copper blonde one day if I get brave!
  20. German women and femininity

    I’d always had short hair though started to grow it in my forties. I was going through a cash dilemma so quit monthly cuts. My neighbour was really good at colouring so as they grey started, so did the blonde!  Now, my hair is chest length. I’m not concerned about what anyone thinks of my hair, I just like it for me.  Maybe some bizarre reaction to when my mum cut my really long hair as a little kid so I always looked like a gawky boy!  Remember those horrible home cutting gadgets from the 70’s? My hairdresser here always hopes I don’t want what she describes as a ‘menopause Bob’. I only go for an occasional trim and colour myself with professional products I buy online.     Aging blonde just needs a bit more taming so as not to look like a candy floss head! Same applies to long grey hair. Grey might need some subtle colour enhancements.  I’d probably keep mine grey though it’s just not grey enough.    @kiplette, definitely go with your inner hag 
  21. Why are you unhappy today?

    I’ve been mostly estranged from my mother since my early teens, even when I moved back to Germany and lived only 5km away from her.  Even more so since she told me a year or so ago that I resulted from my dad raping her, not the first time allegedly…making him a possible pedophile too. If true, probably explains her hostility towards me for as long as I can remember. She divulged lots more grotesqueness that I shan’t even repeat.  During my adulthood, I’ve realised that she’s a notorious liar so I’ve no idea what is true.     During the years of no contact, we have still sent each other basic birthday and Christmas card greetings.  In the last year, she’s sent nothing to me.    It hurt me today that she sent my mother in law a birthday card and phoned her in spite of them both disliking each other intensely since the 1960’s! Of course, my mother didn’t ask about my well being nor that of her only grandchild or my husband. My mother in law told me today that my my mother is in a poor state of health.  I’m just so sad about everything…..  
  22. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    I heard recently from a local debate amongst middle to elderly aged people that many thought that CDU/CSU would automatically be voted against by non German native persons as the party names include ‘Christian’. I wonder if there’s possibly any truth in that theory?
  23. Things to ponder

    Quite right. After my daughter’s recent long term relationship split, she asked me how I’d feel if her orientation changed. If she’s happy in a loving relationship, I’m happy too. 
  24. Things to ponder

    @optimista, if as you say, you aren’t able to talk to your daughter, I’d suggest that you certainly don’t tell any family members…especially those that aren’t close to either of you. It’s not really your news to share, at least not yet. My aunt and uncle reacted badly when their daughter told them of her relationship choice. In hindsight, they deeply regret their reaction that included telling all and sundry with lots of disapproval and lavender hanky sniffing! Their daughter is now happily married and all the family love her wife dearly. 
  25. Why are you happy today?

    We had the same problem with our ivy suffering frost damage. I cut it all down and surprised it has taken so long to recover. Just starting to see some growth.