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  1. Amazon Deliveries from the UK

    I had an issue when I ordered from Amazon.co.uk in January this year.  The item was delivered and sometime later, I got a customs bill by post for almost 100% of the ordered goods value.  It was an Amazon market place seller.  After a lot of to and fro with amazon, they refunded the goods value though I paid the customs bill.  Since then, they seem to have resolved these issues.  Best to order from Amazon.de to be sure though. 
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    In this case, it was a delivery driver. He was absolutely devastated. Clearly his fault as he was fully on the wrong side of the road on impact.  At our supermarket, there are regular accidents involving seniors in the car park. I helped an elderly couple for a while. The husband was rapidly declining with Alzheimer’s.  It took the doctor more than a year to forbid him to drive again despite various tests, clock drawing etc months earlier. The wife said that her husband insisted on driving so she let him.  The poor man often couldn’t remember his way home and had to often be brought home by neighbours.  
  3. Why are you unhappy today?

    @Sannerl, I’m so sorry…how terrible for your father and your family.
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    Well, all I can say is that the incident could have been much worse. Our neighbour is super fit and hopefully won’t have any long lasting injuries. Had it been a child or a senior person, I’m not sure they would have survived.  Aren’t bike helmets mandatory? We hardly see any cyclists wearing helmets. I shudder when I think that our nearly 90 year old neighbour still cycles to the shops despite only having 20% vision. We regularly offer to shop for her though she always refuses. 
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    One of our neighbours suffered an awful bike accident outside our house. A courier delivery van cut a corner and hit the cyclist full on, crushing his leg and bike. His head injury was severe as he wasn’t wearing a helmet.  We called the police and ambulance. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to advise against moving the injured neighbour until the ambulance arrived, other neighbours insisted on moving him. There was no immediate danger had he stayed in place whilst first aid was administered. Same thing a while ago when another neighbour fell off a ladder. Is moving a casualty still not advisable in such circumstances?  Maybe our first aid knowledge is outdated? My husband said he’ll now heed my nagging about cutting the corners on our street and he’ll always wear a bike helmet when cycling! 
  6. What are you cooking today?

    Looks great! My mother didn’t cook much very often though she used to cook a great oxtail casserole.  I’m vegetarian now though have good memories.
  7. I’ve only so far had a problem with Barclays insurance.  Other UK insurers said that they don’t understand why Barclays are cancelling policies due to Brexit.  So far, my Barclays current account seems OK as I have several monthly UK transactions. Guess that’ll change sometime too.    Do you still have UK rental income? Have you had to change rent receiving bank?
  8. Energy price increase

    We knew that prices were increasing though didn’t think it would be so much. Just had notification of electricity tariff…64% increase! I wanted to check the supplier‘s other tariffs though on their website, it states that they currently don’t offer gas and electricity tariffs. Telephone lines also constantly engaged. ‚Aufgrund der aktuellen Entwicklung an den Energiemärkten bieten wir leider keine Gas- und Stromtarife an‘.   I’d read that in the UK, several energy companies have ceased trading.  Just out of interest, what would happen if that were the case here? Does supply revert back to the main supplier on an emergency tariff? 
  9. Energy price increase

    Just in case this helps anyone else…I found a much better price for electricity from Entega who are our gas main supplier. Their online tariff options weren’t all too good though phoning them got a much better offer. Offers change daily.  Arbeitspreis: 26,60 Cent/kWh Grundpreis: 120,00 Euro/Jahr Laufzeit: 12 Monate mit Preisgarantie * Sie erhalten eine Neukundenprämie über 126,05 Euro netto, 150,00 Euro brutto, ab einem Mindestverbrauch von 1.500 kWh/Jahr **. Prices include Mwst (VAT). There don’t appear to be any hidden catches.    Our electricity contract runs until June 2022 though there is a special cancellation clause enabling cancellation due to price adjustment during the contractual term. I believe this applies to all energy supply contracts. Normally, a new supplier can deal with the cancellation and transfer though in this case, we had to write a cancellation ourselves to the current supplier stating…..Sonderkündigungs recht etc.    I noticed on Verivox or check24 (can’t remember which) that they advise not to take 24 month contracts with particularly high new customer bonuses.  I’ve heard it may be best to select bigger energy supply companies as some smaller suppliers have ceased trading. In such a case, supply would revert to the main supplier though likely at a high ‘emergency price’ until an alternative contract can be found. 
  10. Cool stuff worth sharing

    Wonderful story….Biologist’s life saved by humpback wales.       
  11. Energy price increase

    Just managed to get through to our supplier. The lady said she’d usually be able to offer a better tariff though at the moment, they can’t offer anything.  Just the electricity increase would be nearly 1000€  a year more. She said the gas price will increase soon too by about the same percentage. Definitely time to switch!
  12. Energy price increase

    We’re near to Frankfurt. We’ve been with the supplier for years and always found them to be cheapest as we were in an old tariff. This is just the normal annual price review. Not sure if many/any suppliers are offering fixed rates. 
  13. Energy price increase

    I just read that some suppliers, EON etc have stopped taking new customers.  I’ve looked at some of the comparison websites and there aren’t much better prices. Our new kWh price is 40,55c though the annual charge remains at 65€. Other suppliers have lower kWh prices though much higher annual charge. Probably best to stick to current supplier I guess. What I couldn’t figure out was how long the new price is fixed for, if at all? 
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I reckon that since the Facebook outage last week, their algorithms have gone haywire! I now get loads of ‘period pants’ ads every day….New fangled pants requiring no extra usual protection. The definition of ‘period pants’ used to mean the most unattractive and biggest ones in a lady’s collection! 
  15. How to repair a Rolladen

    Thank you all. Are there any brands of motor that are recommendable? The chap who came to have look and said he didn’t know much about such problems, suggested he could fix for around 500€. The window is about 2 metres wide though I think that price is really high?
  16. Please can anyone advise what is the best reliable way to send 4 complete wheels within Germany? Is it best to use a courier directly ie DHL, Hermes etc. Or, one of the websites that offer a full service including packaging etc.  Which of these companies is best/most reliable?   Many thanks in advance. 
  17. Just in case this helps anyone else. I ended up using a complete service…Felgen-Kartons.de. Really easy and cost effective.  I ordered online and received sturdy packing boxes the next day. Access to the online Paket management of the chosen courier was really  easy….print labels, arrange free collection by UPS (other couriers were an option). Delivered in less than 24 hours from collection.  The price was approx 70€ for 4 complete wheels. Certainly saved us from a very long drive to take the wheels to my daughter.  I’d certainly recommend.
  18. How to repair a Rolladen

    The chap that came to look at it reckoned no, it’s just the motor.  If we lift it half way, it carries on on its own.
  19. How to repair a Rolladen

    I’d really appreciate a bit of advice regarding fixing an electric rollladen. We’ve only managed to get one repairer to have a look at the problem. Unfortunately, he said he didn’t have experience of the kind of problem so I’d really appreciate any advice on whether the rollladen motor is likely to be repairable or does it need replacement. The motor still works though doesn’t have enough power to lift the rollladen. We have to manually lift it too.  The repair chap said the motor is probably too small for the window though there’s no problem with any others if that size….nor in any of the other same houses.   Is a motor fixable with this kind of fault? Many thanks in anticipation
  20. Her parents may well be deceased. If their names and town are known, maybe look at death announcements. These usually show the names of family members. If their daughter married her surname might be shown. 
  21. Dog sitter / doggy daycare search

    I don’t think that just a walk is enough for a home alone dog. My friend is a dog carer and used to be asked to just take dogs for a walk once a day. After a short time of doing this, it used to break her heart that she’d take a dog home after a walk and had to put it into a crate to spend the rest of the day alone and confined. I don’t understand the crate logic.  Now, my friend insists that dogs should come to her for half or a whole day. She usually has 2-4 dogs at any one time and they absolutely love each other’s company.
  22. What made you smile today?

  23. Dog sitter / doggy daycare search

    Ebay Kleinanzeigen is usually the best way to find dog carers.  Here’s a link to Offenburg plus 20km https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-tierbetreuung-training/offenburg/c133l9027r20   Search for Tierbetreuung. You can also place a free ad to search for carers.  To help with German, use deepl.com and you’ll get a very decent free translation. You could post here and I’m sure someone can check if the translation is good.   Join a local Facebook community group and ask for recommendations.   Ask your vet and maybe other vets nearby. They will be aware of dog carers.  I personally think it’s kinder for your dog if you can take him/her to a dog care place for a whole day. We have a place near us and the dogs just love going there.    google ‘hundetagesstätte offenburg’. Several kennels are listed….look at each to check if they offer day care.  This one does for example though check that dogs aren’t just kept in cages for most of the day. http://tierhotel-offenburg.de/html/hundetagesstatte.html Good luck. Awful to think of dogs being alone all day.   
  24. My sentiments entirely!