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  1. local GP surgeries not taking any new patients

    Phone your health insurer to ask. From what I’ve seen at our 2 local surgeries and heard from a friend who works at one, if people phone to enquire, they are told that no more patients are being accepted. But, those who just turn up at a surgery for the first time are generally just handed a registration form and can see a doctor during the Sprechstunde.
  2. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?

    The Netflix ‘Filthy Rich’ documentary mini series... disturbing and informative including Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement.        
  3. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    Maybe his Hausarzt and/or therapist can help at least for medical supplies and hopefully an idea where to get help. He must have the right to enter his own home. Probably expensive though he could get a locksmith? Maybe just check with the police.  
  4. Why are you happy today?

    We’re very happy today as our 5 year old cat is back on good form...even better than she has been for the last 3 years. At the start of June, she had a total crash and was near death. After spending a week in the animal hospital, she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and Hyperaldosteronism (very rare in a young cat and not curable though manageable). After much contradictory advice between vets including that there’s no hope, we’ve finally found a great balance of treatment that enhances her quality of life. At the moment, we just administer 1-2 subcutaneous infusions per week together with daily mineral  and vitamin supplements.  If anyone’s cat is suffering CKD, please PM me and I can forward details of a great cat CKD forum.   Where there’s life, there’s hope... Where there’s life and love, anything is possible.
  5. peloton: Anyone bought the bike?

    Is it similar to Echelon? A friend has one and loves it.... it’s a part of his extensive home gym.  He had a heart attack about 10 years ago age 40 and is now dedicated to health and fitness.     If money is no object, worth trying.  Could end up a very expensive clothes horse.  We like our Kettler bike...plenty of stats, settings and heart/BP monitor. Amazing how quickly stamina increases. 
  6. Movie recommendations

    I liked Hidden Figures too.  ‘Nice’ films we’ve watched recently...   The Greatest Showman Bohemian Rhapsody  One Chance (Paul Potts story starring James Corden) Eddy the Eagle   I’ll try and think of some more...sunny here again too!
  7. Heart attack at the age of 41

    Why is exercise tough? Time, motivation or physical ability?   After my husband’s heart attacks, he had none of the above though his cardio stressed the importance of exercise, weight loss to within a normal BMI range, quality sleep, healthy balanced diet, low-no alcohol, no smoking, drugs etc.   We bought an exercise bike that is ideal for any weather, time and intensity. Usually plenty available on eBay Kleinanzeigen...often hardly used.  If boring, place in front of TV! How’s your diet? My husband isn’t all too consistent with healthy eating though has improved a lot.  He liked the books and BBC series (on youtube, Doctor in the House) by Dr Rangan Chatterjee, British GP.   Since adopting more healthy habits, his last test results showed a vast improvement including liver function.      
  8. Movie recommendations

    Perfect for a stormy day like today   Enjoy!
  9. Movie recommendations

  10. Movie recommendations

    Loved this Netflix film...smiled and laughed all the way through. EUROVISION SONG CONTEST : The Story of Fire Saga.    
  11. What made you smile today?

    How lovely...    
  12. ebay-Kleinanzeigen.de is the best free ad equivalent ...search for ‘garage’ in Eimsbüttel - Hamburg. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-eimsbuettel/garage/k0l16446  
  13. Why are you happy today?

    During the whole Corona period, the Abitur kids, in our area at least, managed to finish all of their exams.  The end of their school years ended without much fanfare.     My daughter attended her akademischefeir, only 2 classes at a time with no parents allowed.  She, and we, were thrilled that she received a special prize and certificate for best foreign language results.  Full points throughout the Abitur Leistungs course and full points for the exam.  We’re so happy for you mini Em!
  14. The current weather in Frankfurt

    I overheard a couple of our local farmers saying we’re in for a major storm today.  This in a local newspaper too..   Achtung Gewitter: DWD warnt - hier besteht Lebensgefahr     https://www.op-online.de/wetter/wetter-hessen-dwd-offenbach-gewitter-warnung-gefahr-gebiete-zr-13537540.html   Stay Safe everyone...