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  1. Things to ponder

    So true. Even if this applies to parents...     I was curious about the reference to an 80 year Harvard study...Yet more to ponder https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2017/04/over-nearly-80-years-harvard-study-has-been-showing-how-to-live-a-healthy-and-happy-life/    
  2. Things to ponder

    My surgeon friend posted this. Sadly very true....  
  3. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Quote from http://edison.rutgers.edu/tesla.htm ....   'No finer engine of misinformation has ever exceeded the World Wide Web. It is here that thousands of false memes and rumors are planted daily and grow virally until they become, in the popular imagination, something like the truth. One need only to type the word "Edison" into any search engine to find a myriad of web sites, blogs, and assorted writings which declare that Edison, recognized in his own time as the greatest of inventors, stole all of his ideas and that the chief victim of his thievery was Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). There is even an online debate in progress that considers the proposition: "Nikola Tesla should be taught about in schools for his inventions instead of the people who stole his ideas like Marconi or Edison."'
  4. What made you smile today?

    The conservatives should use this for an election poster...    
  5. Not sure...I think the TV news report only referred to Masern.
  6. Good to know that measles vaccination is now compulsory from March next year.  
  7. I wanted to ask this on the 'questions afraid to ask in case you look stupid' thread though it's no longer accessible.   We're encouraged to buy new appliances that have the best energy efficiency rating i.e. A+ or more.  How does this work in reality?  For example, we need a new tumble dryer to replace our 17 year old vent/ablufttrockner.  This variety is old technology at C class energy  rating.  Saturn advised us that the Wärmepumpe dryer type is best with an energy efficiency of A+++.  Much more expensive to buy and according to many reviews, takes much longer to dry as do the condenser types.   We've also reliably heard that the new technology has limited longevity compared with the simpler older types.     How realistic are the energy efficiency ratings really?
  8. It’s the most dangerous pesticide you’ve never heard of, linked to cancer, brain damage, and nerve disorders -- and it’s everywhere. Chlorpyrifos is the chemical industry’s dirtiest secret, topping sales everywhere, but kept from the media spotlight. And it’s no surprise -- it traces back to nerve agents developed in a Nazi lab! Now it’s in our food, air and drinking water.  Right now we have an amazing chance to get it banned. Europe could be about to block its use, and key decisions are coming up in major markets like Brazil and the US. Let’s make sure we win the ban in Europe, and then unleash the power of our movement to push for bans everywhere! Sign now and share with everyone -- when this is huge, we’ll team up with chlorpyrifos victims to deliver our voices to regulators around the world:  Sign to ban chlorpyrifos!  Its defenders say chlorpyrifos is an effective pesticide -- but that’s because it’s derived from a class of chemicals developed to make nerve gas! This could be one of the most toxic chemicals we’ve ever put on our food. The effects it can have on the human body are devastating, triggering everything from lung cancer to Parkinson’s disease. And children can be badly affected, damaging their brain development and reducing their IQ. Now we have a chance to call time on chlorpyrifos use. With Europe close to a ban, we can take this over the line, then help launch a movement to take the fight to other major markets across the world -- starting with Brazil and big US states where key decisions are imminent. Sign now and share with everyone -- let's get this toxic chemical off our food and out of our children’s bodies ASAP:  Sign to ban chlorpyrifos!   https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/ban_chlorpyrifos_loc/?cDTUUob  
  9. Things to ponder

  10. Things to ponder

    Extra finger!
  11. Christmas tree delivery

    We decided to buy a bio Christmas tree this year. Lots of good reasons to do so as shown on google. I.e.  https://www.br.de/radio/bayern1/inhalt/experten-tipps/umweltkommissar/christbaum-weihnachtsbaum-bio-100.html   and   https://www.bund.net/mitmachen/bund-tipps/detail-tipps/tip/oeko-weihnachtsbaeume-fuer-weniger-gift-im-wohnzimmer/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqL20_6TX5QIVBYbVCh1b5QaxEAAYBCAAEgIlNPD_BwE   There are various online suppliers, the delivery being via DHL etc. Here's one website https://www.bio-weihnachtsbaum-versand.de/onlineshop-weihnachtsbaum. I'm sure that non bio trees can be bought online too though maybe not more than 2 metes high. We've since found that our local garden centers will be stocking regional grown bio Nordmann trees up to 2.5 meters so well just fetch one.  Most garden centers near us deliver anything for a reasonable fee.  Maybe ask in your area.    
  12. Just in case this helps anyone else...I was a bit confused as the job application had nothing at all to do with driving, nor a requirement to be able to drive. I rang the contact from the KBA.de website tel. 04613160.  A very helpful chap explained that the Auskunft is often necessary for job applications and does not cost anything to acquire.  Websites that ask for a fee are just 'lawyers fishing for easy money'.     All that's required is, completion of the online Formular plus submission of copies of requested documents...including Ausweis/passport.  The requested document will arrive by post around 14 days later...not available electronically.
  13. Even after all these years, I still...

    Another positive...we love and appreciate that we live so close to nature. Forests and meadows aren't far away for most of us in Germany.  Relatives visited us from the south of England recently. They were amazed to see such a wide variety of birds, insects and small mammals around our garden. They claimed that back home, they barely see even a fly let alone bees.  
  14. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    My daughter got her first smartphone when she started gymnasium 7 years ago.  In those days it wasn't a conscious choice of smartphone, just a family hand-me-down.  I know now that even in the 5th class, teachers expect kids to join class WhatsApp groups to share learning material, schedule changes etc.     Parents were expected to teach their kids all of the necessary precautions though the school now offers advice too.  My daughter always knew to never use her real name, date of birth or school/home location for any app, email or website login.  Caution too when posting photos.  In the early days, I told her that I can look at everything that she does online and might randomly check her messages etc. I'm sure there are such parental controls.  Worth googling how to teach kids proper safety measures.  I was schocked to hear recently that many senior users still believe that they should use the same password for everything!        
  15. Even after all these years, I still...

    Good point Lisa!  On a positive note then...even after all these years, we're all very happy to have moved to Germany and our lives are probably much better here than they would have been had we stayed in the UK