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  1. Shall I take Statins?

    @colincostello, have a look at this thread. Maybe @Gambatte can update?  
  2. Shall I take Statins?

    Hello Colin. It’s such a shame that doctors generally offer medication rather than advise on simple lifestyle changes. Rather than advise you where to Google for such advice that could lead you to much unsuitable advice, I suggest that you ask your Hausarzt for an Überweisung to a nutritionist. Many practices have their own advisors. All the best
  3. Just to add, I’m not looking for any type of such cure. I’m interested in hearing stories of spontaneous remission/cure and how life was afterwards.  What was medical opinion? What does the affected person believe the reason for the cure to be?
  4. I’m researching spontaneous remission/cure from a medically diagnosed chronic/terminal illness. I’d very much like to hear from anyone who has experienced this rare occurrence. By all means PM me. Many thanks in anticipation 
  5. garden lawns are bad

    Your garden looks so lovely. No flat green bit in the middle necessary.     We love our new found garden mini wilderness, so many more birds and insects around. All welcome, even the slightly scary ones! We once had a snake too. There I was early morning in my dressing gown dead heading some flowers and discovered a fairly large grass snake napping in a plant pot, intertwined with a climbing plant. After my initial terror having never seen a snake in the wild, it was fascinating to watch for a few hours. 
  6. garden lawns are bad

    Try Image Size App. Don't forget to reload the posting page before trying to add the photo if the previous one was too big.🙂
  7. garden lawns are bad

    Is red clover a problem? We haven’t had any so far.  I love that forget me nots spread so well. We’ve lots at the moment.  Mini clover is really great ground cover.  Leaving some areas to flower in rotation is great for insects. 
  8. garden lawns are bad

    Good point….maybe not viable then. I was just thinking of maybe a minimal level of earth and ground covering type flowering plants.  Maybe we’ll experiment with a small section towards the end near the drain. I wasn’t thinking of putting the earth on the metal, maybe some kind of container with drainage…..
  9. garden lawns are bad

    @scook17, since we let wildflowers prosper in our garden, we’ve learned that there are some varieties that are not native and should be removed before they become invasive. We had a problem before with a riverside type plant. I can’t recall what it’s called…thick stems, up to 4-5ft tall, pale pink flowers. Very pretty though the seeds explode everywhere. Thankfully the root system is very shallow and easy to remove. Others no so….knot weed destroyed my garden once in the UK.
  10. garden lawns are bad

    Not lawn related though does anyone have any suggestions for garage roof planting? We have a not much liked corrugated metal roofed garage with a slight incline towards a drain. Seems a lot of space that could be used for Insect loving plants. I’ve seen some systems online though they are very expensive.   
  11. garden lawns are bad

    Interesting article.   I grew up in the UK where the manicured lawn was thought to be essential in our neighbourhood. My father was away all week and spent all weekend tending to the garden. These were the days when no gardener gave any thought as to which chemicals were used.    Here, we only have a very small lawn which was lovely for my daughter and friends to play on. Even just big enough for a summer Intex pool. A few years ago, we decided to no longer attempt to make the lawn perfect. We sewed clover which is a really nice ground cover and doesn’t need as much water as grass.  Now we leave several islands to flower for insects. Our newly sewn daisies are popular too. We also don’t use a pool anymore to save water.    A few of our neighbours get their lawns completely replaced every 1-2 years! I’m glad though that many German councils have banned stone gardens. 
  12. Why are you happy today?

    I’m so happy for you.  I met my first love after many decades apart. After a chance reunion,  I soon moved to Germany nearly 11 years ago and we married. Our journey has been sometimes difficult, though when we laugh together every day, and we are each other’s best and most trusted friend, I know that we chose each other well.  I wish you both all the very best. 
  13. Thank you both. Yes, the toilet is not far away from the attic water tank on the floor below. Looks like the mains feed to the toilet is cut off as there’s a cut pipe just behind.   I’m just worried about ‘hammer to crack a nut’ approach to get the attic tank out and reconfigure completely. No problem doing that another time. There’s a newish combi boiler…..don’t know if that’s mains fed? The agent says that installation was clearly substandard (installation managed by former agent).  I wonder even if the Mira electric shower is fed from the attic tank or maybe just the toilet.    The tank ball cock repair or replacement sounds logical too.    For now, the agent has turned off the main water stop tap and closed the valve to the attic tank.  I guess eventually the tank will drain after several toilet flushes.    This is a new agent and I hope they will be much better than the last one.     Many thanks again.
  14. I know this isn’t Germany related though I’m here and feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall!  If anyone has any advice, I’d be very grateful as various plumbers have attended and not fixed the problem.   The issue started with upstairs toilet cistern filling very slowly. From a video my neighbour sent me, it looks like the rubber diaphragm is broken.  Water slowly drip refills into the cistern.   My neighbour tried to fix this though as there isn’t a water stop by the toilet, he tried to switch off the main stop tap. This was stuck and has been replaced by a plumber. The plumber never came back to fix the toilet. Another attended and didn’t do anything either.    After this, the roofline overflow started leaking. The managing agent firmly believed that the toilet must be mains fed and switched off the attic header tank. However, even when the water stop tap is off, the toilet still refills so to my logic, it must be attic tank fed.    The agent refers to poor workmanship when my combi boiler was fitted and recommends reconfiguration of everything. That’s no help when a new tenant is due to move in soon.   My question is, is it likely that the broken toilet cistern diaphragm that results in slow fill could cause the attic tank to overflow? And/or, is it likely that the replacement stop tap might cause this overflow? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  15. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    Dear German mother in law….just stop your renewed venom towards me. I’m not some kind of enigma.   For my health and emotional reasons, not to mention the stress that you cause your beloved son, I won’t play along with the family unity fakeness that you expect of me. Just don’t judge me by your own standards……you don’t know me at all because my emotional intelligence is a world away from yours.