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  1. I was told that the company name on the meter is the Grundversorger. Ours are Engega and Eon. When my daughter moved to another Bundesland for uni, she didn’t have access to the meters. I just rang the local gemeine to ask and was given 2 possible Grundversorger. The address identified which it was even without meter number. 
  2. @karin_brenig, it seems like a new feature to compare the Grundversorgung to all other offers. Fair though as it’s less. Our energy suppliers told me that new contracts are far more expensive than increases for existing customers. Maybe there’s a maximum increase term in existing contracts? Last October, our gas supplier couldn’t accept any new gas supply contracts. Pre-war.  Our new monthly gas price from existing supplier is 137€ (100%+ kWh increase on previous year). Grundversorgung price 221€. Cheapest Check24 price 326€. .    I can only add that from us having to change electricity supplier in October 2021, online prices are far higher (own websites and comparison websites) than calling directly. For electricity, calling directly cost 40% less than their own website and the comparison websites. Comparison websites apparently take a large commission. Worth the waiting time to call direct.   Our electricity Grundversorger gave us a price slightly less than we had paid before.   Pricing seems to be purposefully confusing. Especially when needing to calculate standing charges together with Kwh rates and gas cubic metre conversion to kWh.  
  3. Good point. I’m quite sure our energy suppliers said we had to pay a monthly amount rather than by bill. Whenever we get the annual bill and they determine the ongoing monthly pre-payments, I change this online and reduce by 10%. That’s the maximum reduction allowed.  We usually only had to pay very little as back payment. Sometimes we get a refund. 
  4. What made you smile today?

    Perfect partner…  
  5. I understood it to mean that without a meter reading before 1st October, then they will just estimate at time of price increase. Undoubtedly this is most likely to be beneficial to them though could work the other way!    I don’t know if this is a general thing though from people I’ve spoken to, none have been advised by their energy supplier to increase the monthly payments in-line with the price increases.  Maybe they can only make these changes with annual bills? We always keep our payments at a bare minimum….better in our pocket than theirs. But, nasty bills with high back payment will catch up.  
  6. Just a reminder for anyone who’s gas or electricity price increases 1st October. Wish I’d thought of this a few months ago when our gas price increased 🙄.   ‘Submit a meter reading NOW, Britons are warned: Households should record their energy usage before rates rise on Saturday to avoid being overcharged – and not leave it to the last minute in case phone lines and websites crash’ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11259861/Submit-meter-reading-Britons-warned-Households-record-usage-rates-rise.html#comments
  7. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    @GaryC, thanks so much for your comments. I just emailed asking for if not insurance policy details then their own T&Cs for this additional ‘service’. As I now pay 8.5%, an additional 3% is just over a 35% extra. All plus VAT. This all seems quite questionable without proper terms. I can’t help thinking that if I refuse this extra service, the normal service will decline. New agent probably necessary soonest. 
  8. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    Document referred to.  I couldn’t add to my post.    
  9. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    This seems to be very odd. When I pressed the agent for underwriter and policy details, this is their response that they got from the insurer:-   I have attached a document you can provide the landlord. They will not have an insurance T&C’s and they will not be taking out an insurance policy, instead it’s a service provided by xxxLETTING AGENTxxx. In my opinion, this is better as you have an invested interested in your relationship with the landlord.   We pay claims a month in arrears, however as discussed, we have just launched ‘same day payments’  for the first month only. This means qualifying criteria, we’ll be able to make a  payment on the same day for claims received before mid-day.
  10. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    I’ve got until 1st October to decide on this legal insurance offered by the managing agent. In light of the recent financial changes, I’m now wondering if it could be a good idea after all. My current tenancy runs until May next year. Whilst the tenants seem to be high earners,, who knows? The couple moved to the area due to their jobs though they own and let a property elsewhere. Lots of ‘what ifs’. Maybe their mortgage costs become astronomical etc etc. Rejecting insurance always feels like tempting fate! Does anyone else feel like this could now be a good idea after all?
  11. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Thought you were just shouting an insult with caps! I lead a sheltered life 
  12. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Hope it wasn’t offensive after all. 
  13. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I don’t think that the porcine reference to Italy or Italians is appropriate in civilised conversation.
  14. Therapy for teenager recomendations?

    Sorry to hear that your daughter is having such difficulties. Is she at school here?
  15. Has Kwasi just destroyed the UK economy?

    I read this mini budget dark humour comment….’saw a homeless bloke on the street so I drove around and found the biggest poshest house and stuck a tenner in their letterbox. It’s going to trickle down to the poorest surely?!’   The budget is bizarre.