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  1. What made you smile today?

    Wonderful animals….
  2. Why are you happy today?

    I bought an Abitur ballgown for my daughter February 2020. There was a small flaw that the shop said they would repair.  When the Abitur ball got cancelled, we went to collect the dress for future use.  The flaw hadn’t been repaired and the dressmaker said that it wasn’t actually repairable.  I got a credit note.  A year later, credit note still not used so I nicely asked them for a refund given that the dress wasn’t repairable as was promised and I’d paid full price. My husband bet with me that I’d never get a refund!   Very happy today that I have indeed received a full refund, reference ‘Kulanz’ . Now just have to collect the bet from my husband 
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    @john g. If it was an adult rat, it probably went over the wall.  An interested yet hungry cat might realise that the full bowl of food is far more worthy of its attention than an escaping rat! I know you don’t like rats though feeding feral cats will attract other hungry creatures.  Best to feed further away from your house and just know that others hungry beasties may feast there too.
  4. Just to mention, back to my husband and health advice....during his doc appointment recently, he told his doc that he often only eats once a day and that often includes unhealthy food. The doc just told him that that is fine and therefore don’t worry about being overweight! Even my husband realised that that can’t be right hence his search for better advice.  
  5. I agree with the principle that healthy nutrition should be taught within the family.  But, this just doesn’t necessarily happen.  Parents themselves may have little idea. Modern life often causes financial and time pressure.  There’s a lot more to nutrition than simply telling a child do this and don’t do that. Understanding how the body functions in relation to what we consume is key.  I don’t see it being out of the realms of reality for sport and science teaching to include nutrition in the curriculum.    My cousin is a drama teacher at a secondary school. When she saw how many pupils were regularly off school sick, constantly tired, suffered headaches and behavioural problems, she introduced nutrition education into her curriculum. She asked each pupil to write an honest food and drink diary for a week and to add when meals were shared with the rest of the family.  She also asked about sleep and exercise. No big surprise that most pupils had a very poor diet mostly relying on convenience food, hardly ate with the family and often slept less than 6 hours per night and hardly exercised.  She did a lot to help change the bad habits including outings to fresh produce markets, supermarkets etc.  The pupils enjoyed the education with very positive results.
  6. Thanks for your best wishes.  Regarding what you said about elaborate diet plans...that reminds me of when a friend used to sell Herbalife.  As MLM products, it is expensive. When I asked her how she felt about selling often to people that could ill afford the products, her simple answer was that if it weren’t expensive, they wouldn’t adhere to the strict regime. Indeed, most of her customers achieved great success. I’m not sure how sustainable the weight loss was though.   One of my biggest gripes is that little to no nutrition education is included in children’s education.  Bring back cooking classes too!  Apparently equally little during the many years of doctor’s medical training.  Food manufacturers still get away with including cheap and unhealthy bulking ingredients in their products. As adults, it can be very hard to break old bad habits.  I think most of us are aware of the relatively simple health equation you mentioned earlier.  Putting it into practice is harder for some than for others.  
  7. Husband and I ...very different! I do pretty much always eat healthily and exercise regularly. Getting close to being vegan. My husband just buys the bad things himself. He likes books and it’s presented very simply...that helps!
  8. Looks like there are still plenty of UK insurers that will offer insurance to no UK residents.  Price is much higher though. Of the ones I’ve spoken to, they say they have gotten a lot more business from ex Barclays customers.  And, they don’t understand why Brexit should mean that financial products and services should exclude all but UK residents.
  9. Just in case this might help someone else...we found a very good NDR series called Die Ernährungs Docs. The principle being that correct nutrition can cure all manner of chronic illnesses and also aids any desired weight loss or gain. There are several books too that cover individual illnesses.  My husband has preordered the heart health book. There are also lots of episodes on YouTube. https://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/die-ernaehrungsdocs/index.html    
  10. My property has been insured by Barclays for many years. Latterly, this includes landlord insurance. Barclays have now told me they won’t renew as I’m not a UK resident. Googling shows all sorts though I’d really appreciate a recommendation.  Many thanks in advance.   
  11. Advice regarding lying Vodafone technician

    My mum fell for an awful Vodafone seniors deal from a chap that came to the door. She ended up paying a lot  more than before. My husband was also prone to making new agreements when Vodafone call him.  Always bad and need to be undone within the 14 days or so from agreement.  Part of one of my jobs in the UK was to analyse phone and other utility tariffs and terms.  Only very few were genuine with clear pricing and terms. Claims of sustainability and environmental friendliness are usually anything other than that.     Now, if we are offered any supposed better deals, I contact our current supplier and always get a better deal than that we were offered elsewhere.  
  12. Approaching his late fifties and after several heart attacks, my husband is looking for health and nutrition resources that can help him.  Any recommended German books, websites or online courses would be much appreciated.     He acquired many bad eating habits during his childhood, his time in the army and during his body building phase.  He’s been to nutrition advisors as recommended by his Hausarzt but they really weren’t helpful.  The approach of...well, just don’t eat this or that was about as helpful as when my daughter was considered underweight and she was advised to eat pizza and drink hot chocolate.   He would appreciate anything that shows clear structured plans without appearing to be torturous.  Also, any that include exercise recommendations would be great.  Many thanks in anticipation.  
  13. A very big thank you to you @anne k. The library database link was great!  Copies are winging their way to us via inter library loans.  Maybe we’ll find a copy to buy one day though the loan for our hoped for surprise is great!    Many thanks again 
  14. Thanks so much.  I think the publisher would be good...I hadn’t figured which company had taken over so thanks for that. I’ve tried ZVAB...not sure if it’s the same as your link. I’ll have a look.   I got in touch with the chap in Austria last week.  He was very nice and checked his collection over the weekend.  He emailed me today....other 1983 editions, just not the one I’m looking for!     Thanks again.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. No luck there unfortunately.   The young lady on the front cover is a family member and she’d be thrilled if an original magazine could be found as her copy was lost.  It would mean so much to her. Or, if anyone owns the magazine in a collection though doesn’t want to sell it, then an a high resolution photo file of the cover would be great.    There are lots for sale online though just not this one...yet. I’ve written to lots of sellers and some photography clubs to no avail. Looks like I’m searching for a nearly 40 year old needle in a haystack!     Any tips would be greatly appreciated.