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  1. Piers Morgan's opinion....   Why are man-shaming Gillette so proud to embrace the ghastly Chrissy Teigen who has been as mean to other women as the worst misogynist?   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6599957/PIERS-MORGAN-man-shaming-Gillette-proud-embrace-misogynist-Chrissy-Teigen.html    
  2. Du kannst ein Pferd zum Wasser führen, aber du kannst es nicht zwingen,  zu trinken.   You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink.
  3. Where is gaberlunzi?
  4. Business Card advice

    @colincostello, you definitely can print on both sides, with mixed effects i.e. one side gloss and the other matt etc.  It might be overall more cost effective to print separate cards for each business i.e. Are potential music clients likely to be interested in business English or vice versa? Maybe more eye catching to use one side of each card type with a business description and the reverse for your contact information.     Sometimes worth checking the prices on the UK website.  I've ordered from both the DE and .co.uk websites. No price difference for delivery at that time. You can use the same login for both...at least I could the last time I ordered.     Here's an emailed offer I just received, 50% off everything.  Same for UK and DE...https://www.vistaprint.de/?couponAutoload=1&expiredCouponCode=VP1512&GP=01%2f09%2f2019+05%3a12%3a23&GPS=5281782021&GNF=0   Good luck.
  5. Tips on buying a washing machine?

      Oh, @space, I think that so many of us would wish that we could share your amazing experiences...forget washing clothing altogether!  Take care and tell us more...  
  6. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    Apparently, it's surprising how many washing machine users are unaware that their machine isn't heating to the required temperature or at all.  Modern detergents do a great job of cleaning to optical standards at low/zero temperature. Items such as underwear and socks however, aren't hygienically washed under 60 degrees Celsius. Not washing at that minimum temperature can lead to urological problems, especially for women and, persistent foot fungal problems. 
  7. Neighbour made mess

    I agree with a more tactful approach...maybe ask the neighbour if they have a vacuum you can use as they have caused a dust layer.  If you don't want to be too direct, say yours isn't working just now etc.  I personally wouldn't really want to use my own vacuum for sawdust.  Also, ask them nicely if they might be kind enough to let you know of any future such activities so that you have opportunity to cover your own belongings.  And, mention that forewarning will help to organize your child's sleep around the noise, especially during normal 'quiet time'.  All can be said nicely without causing future stress with neighbours.   As for your mention of 'lunch sleep', it's perfectly obvious what you mean.  Some members are just more inclined to ridicule than others.  A poor reflection of them rather than your choice of words.
  8. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    No, the information wasn't 'ALL' there.  If it were, I wouldn't have posted. I have now gotten all the advice I need from 2 independent expert technical advisors whom we trust. Off to Saturn later today.
  9. Tips on buying a washing machine?

    Always a pleasure when you pounce on my questions with distain.  Never mind, I'd rather ask elsewhere. Our washing machine is the least of our concerns right now.
  10. I'm happy we've gathered our cats before dusk and all are safely indoors, cat flap locked.  All Rollladen shut and lots of music around the house.
  11. Movie recommendations

    Very interesting series on Netflix.  Morgan Freeman's quest to understand more about world faiths.  Thought provoking indeed.  The Story of God...      
  12. Business Card advice

    Forgot to mention...yes, vistaprint do send via post/courier. I've never paid extra for express delivery as standard delivery has always been very prompt.
  13. Business Card advice

    I second the vistaprint suggestion.  I've used them several times...good price, quality and quick delivery.  Their online design function is very good.  You can use one of their many designs and layouts or upload your own images.  I've always used the front of the card to describe business service and the reverse for contact details.    ETA....VP usually offer various discounts. Worth googling 'vistaprint Gutschein' for a code. And/or, register and don't order for a few days and you'll soon get an email offering you extra discount.
  14. Dementia care advice

    Great advice @French bean, thank you for sharing.  Just another thing that came to mind when an acquaintance suffering Alzheimer's was cared for at home by his wife, the doctor advised that lots of bright light around the home is helpful to reduce confusion.  Even my mother who has a light aversion, replaced most light bulbs at home with higher voltage. She thought it really did help.