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  1. Seemingly, there are 6 plots of land leased by the farmer.  My husband's plots are in the middle ...not much, just around 3000sqm his, around 20000sqm total.  The farmer apparently does nothing with any of the land yet still pays the low annual lease.  The Gemeinde  told me that  getting anything at all for leased Ackerland is a bonus and that there's no official price scale.  The selling price scale is 2-5€ per sqm.   When I asked what we could use the land for privately....no Schrebergarten, no shed, no garden house.  I asked if we could plant trees and make a small nature reserve....the chap was   somewhat flummoxed and said that that was possibly likely.    I also asked if any kind of 'Zwang' verkauf could happen...he sounded most shocked at the suggestion and vehemently denied that any kind of 'Zwang' could ever happen. Slightly suspicious of his reaction.   Thanks for the official quote, I'll ask my husband to read and digest properly. 
  2. My husband inherited some arable land from his father a few years ago.  The land had been in the family for a few generations and leased by a farmer. Payment used to be a tractor trailer load of potatoes per year.  The farmer has quit growing since his retirement and now pays 20€ cash per year.   The land is directly adjacent to a motorway close to Frankfurt and adjoins a recently built major courier distribution center. The Gemeinde told me that there are plans to convert arable land in this area for commercial use though couldn't be specific as to which plots exactly.  The area in question includes about 6 plots, my husband owns 2 plots in the middle.   I was told that my husband wouldn't be allowed to use the land for personal use even if the farmer stops paying the minimal lease...no growing, no shed, garden house etc.     What really happens when land is converted for commercial use? We've heard a few stories that the Gemeinde force the owners to sell to them and then they sell on to the end buyers for considerably higher prices. Is it possible to convert arable lease to commercial lease for a plot in the middle of others?  Any advice would be very much appreciated. 
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Love this...the chap in middle can sing to me any day...swoon      
  4. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    There aren't many British royals who haven't been subject to media trashing. Meghan's family certainly added lots of fuel to the fire. Just curious, do other European royals face the same treatment by their country's media?
  5. What made you laugh today?

    I remember those days...    
  6. What made you smile today?

    So true.. 
  7. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    The media has certainly been revolting towards the couple with utterly vile public comments left unmoderated. Not to mention the Markle father and half sister media debacle.  Not really surprising that they weren't invited to the wedding.   Harry's life has been scarred by his mother's treatment by the media...her death has been blamed on it too. He's been open about mental health issues so now, since the birth of their child, it's not surprising that they wish to remove themselves from the British royal spotlight.    I'm sure that even with ex-royal status, they will successfully contribute towards various charitable causes.
  8. As others have already mentioned, it's extremely unlikely that you need to remove the toilet in order to replace the seat and lid. Just google the make and model for installation instuctions or, phone Ideal Standard for advice.  We had to replace a seat and lid...my husband was convinced there was no possible way to remove the seat until he phoned the manufacturer...it was very easy even though not obvious.   Although this didn't help us, Google 'wc Sitz kompatibel'...There are a few Websites offering lower priced compatible WC seats.  Good luck.
  9. What made you laugh today?

    My daughter is sent some Brit chocolate at times...Crunchies, Aeros, Chocolate Orange, Finger of Fudge etc... after she and her friends devoured the lot some years ago, the deal now is that I have at least one or two before they are all gone!
  10. Is this your friend...?      
  11. Pointless plastics..

    Plastic cleaning liquid spray bottles...apparently, the spray head isn't recyclable.  Many manufacturers produce these bottles so that they can't be easily reusable i.e. Sagrotan.  I've saved a few bottles and refill them with diluted cleaning liquid. Of course the refill is plastic too though far less overall....cheaper too.
  12. Pointless plastics..

    I just linked this series trailer on the climate thread...   https://www.netflix.com/de-en/title/81002391   The big message is that we just don't know what the real cost is of the items we buy.  The episode relating to plastics states that only 9% of plastics that we submit for recycling is actually recycled. Lots of food packaging is sorted and disposed of....cling film, plastic bags,  soft fruit packaging, polystyrene meat trays, crisp packets  etc.  Walkers crisps in the UK had a big problem when consumers discovered that the packs aren't recyclable.  Many people posted empty packs back to them. The recycling sorters call the majority of items 'wish cycling'.   
  13. Climate change

    Interesting and disturbing series on Netflix 'Broken'.    'This investigative docuseries shows how negligence and deceit in the production and marketing of popular consumer items can result in dire outcomes'.    Includes an episode on the world plastic recycling inadequacy.   The trailer is in English  https://www.netflix.com/de-en/title/81002391  
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Cringe!  Latest Conservative campaign ad...