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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. Has the internet made us dumber and nastier?   No. People have always been dumb and nasty. With the internet they can just broadcast it faster and further over the whole world via the world wide web.
  3. Climate change discussion    
  4. Vegan coming for dinner

      It is just another day for us in paradise as Phil Collins once sung.   Like horses with blinkers, we in the "first world" walk. Those who see are the truly strong.   No idea why but this thread reminded me of this song.      
  5. "Untranslatable" German words

    Weiberfastnacht   and   Egal..    
  6. I would call up the finanzamt, or even better go there with the letter and make sure it is real.   Also talk to the mietverein. Do you have rechtschutz? I would also talk to a lawyer. Whatever you do, speak to a professional first. It sounds really dodgy to me.
  7. Vegan coming for dinner

      I tried the one with crickets in it the other day. (see link below)   Dark chocolate, figs and cricket powder. It was very crunchy, and tasted ok. Just not as sweet as I normally prefer.
  8. after-school childcare options

      We registered our kids in the local "Betreunde Grundschule". They opened at 7.00am and closed at 17.00. They provided lunch and helped the kids with their homework. They also provided childcare during the school holidays and they had activities such as swimming etc... which was fun for the kids. We had to provide an "Arbeitsbescheinigung" from our employer to get a place there. Normally they have a waiting list, but if both parents are working full time and have the paper work they normally get priority as long as they have an "Arbeitsbecheinigung". Normally they are in close proximity to the school, or sometimes even in the school itself. You should ask the school directly about it, or the kindergarten as they will know for sure. In the meantime it looks like you may have to get a Tagesmutter. We did the paperwork before the kids started school as we could just not afford the cost of a Tagesmutter.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    From the 1980s! Sinitta! Somehow it always makes me smile          
  10. Vegan coming for dinner

      Well, people will have to in the end. Chopping down rainforests for food production, whether it be for beef, rice etc etc... It has a massive effect. We cannot blindly continue going the way we are. Putting blinkers on and calling it "bullshit" is not going to make it go away.
  11. Vegan coming for dinner

      I agree with you 100% on this one.
  12. Vegan coming for dinner

      Exactly, we are trying to cut our meat down because of the environment and also because of the way the animals are treated.   I watched a film/documentary called "Dominion (2018)."   It was very eye opening as is this report below.   Both me and my partner want to cut down on our meat consumption. Seems logical in every way.    
  13. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

      Personal taste I guess   I prefer English bacon. Cooked well but not crispy.   Sadly very very hard to buy in Germany!   Chipolatas. I miss them, but yes Nürnburgers are a good substitute. Fried tomatoes, fried eggs... Think I will have a fry up Saturday. not forgetting the mushrooms!   Anyone remember this:-   ?