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  1. On 9.3.2023, 11:05:51, MadAxeMurderer said:

    Our grand old dame, wise women, and sardonic wit katheliz is no more.


    Her daughter Sarabyrd sent me the below which save me trying to be creative



    Sara was over with her for 3 weeks before katheliz finally went off to terrorise heaven, hell and everything in between.

    Another of her achievements is raising 5 feisty daughters.


    Thank you for sharing this information.

    My condolences to Sarabyrd. May Katheliz rest in peace. She will be missed.


  2. 1 hour ago, Gambatte said:

    This is exactly the problems we're having: she likes absolutely nothing.😭. I encouraged zillions of activities, sport, music, scout, dancing, art, everything.

    Even therapist told us: make her doing something that she likes. Problem there is nothing that she likes.

    During the 1yr that she, theoretically, played football, during training she was just sitting on the bench the whole time, chilling. When the coach asked her to enter a game, she simply refused and started crying.


    Maybe the holiday with "Oma" will do her good. :)


    It is never easy being a teenager. All those hormones going crazy in the body. My mum used to joke that she wished we were like Butterflies. Caterpillars turning into a cocoon so you skip puberty and just emerge as a butterfly (complete adult). Puberty sucks. Any time in someones life where the hormones are going crazy is difficult.


    I wish you and your family the best.


  3. On 16.3.2023, 13:28:00, Gambatte said:

    My Mum (resident in Italy) plans to take my 13yr old daugther (resident in Germany) with her to holiday, trip from Italy to Norway (via Germany) and back, during school sommerferien, Kreuzfahrt in Norway. We support this.

    They have different family names, and even visibly different ethnicity (my Mum caucasian, my daughter half asian).


    Question: should we expect challenges at the borders, like they fear the child is being kidnapped? Any suggestion?


    Hope they have a nice time. Very nice of your mum to take the kids on holiday.


    When my children travelled with their Oma, they had their passports, plus something the German's call "Muttizettel"

    (HH Sailor posted something similar above from the ADAC which contains excellent information)


    Below is another link with information (in German) for what you may need.



    Also what is useful is an insurance for Auslandskrankenversicherung. Normally it is quite reasonable. We pay about €30 per year for the whole family.


  4. On 28.2.2023, 20:36:14, said:

    Up until now, British citizens have lost their right to vote in general elections and nationwide referendums (such as the Brexit referendum in 2016) when they have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years. This has meant that many UK citizens living abroad have not had a say in decisions that have a direct impact on their lives here in Germany and elsewhere. The Elections Act 2022 has now removed this limit and given people back their vote.


    British in Europe is currently working to ensure that the changes in the law are implemented in a way that actually work for UK citizens living abroad, e.g. by highlighting any issues that would make it difficult to register to vote or to vote itself. To get a clear picture on the issues people might face, British in Europe is running a survey on voting rights, which closes on Saturday night (4th March 2023). If you are British, please take a few minutes to complete the survey:


    Please also share the survey with other Brits you know living outside the UK (not just in Europe but anywhere in the world!)


    Thanks for the information. :)



  5. 3 hours ago, Gambatte said:

    A 14yr old "friend" of my 13yr old daugther shoplifts.

    I'm fairly confident my own child was encouraged to do it too and, not sure how much, she probably took part in it. I learnt this indirectly (please don't ask).


    We believe we have been good parents. Our finances are ok. We are devastated.


    I think young people shoplifting are not particularly smart and the likelihood they get caught is high. In fact, I think this "friend" was caught already, Rossmann, which I'm very happy about.


    On the other hand, I also guess the values involved are too low to justify police doing anything about it. So if they're caught and not much happens, this would be very bad because it would reinforce the criminal behaviour, so maybe even worse than them NOT getting caught. At least I hope parents are called, I would make sure something appropriate does happen, though again maybe they don't even bother calling the parents.




    I would definitely sit down and talk to the child.


    If there is no reason for the shoplifting for example (starving and need food, lack of funds for a luxury product) then I would also think about a child/youth therapist to make sure it is not the start of kleptomania. Talking to a 3rd party such as a therapist can do wonders.


    I had a friend who had kleptomania. She stole the most ridculous items. She was caught so many times that they realised it was not stealing but kleptomania which was the problem. She was sent for therapy. Stealing is a crime and can ruin a young persons life. As said above, it is a slippery slope.


    I hope your friend finds a solution.


  6. On 2.3.2023, 11:27:16, Henribear said:

    Hi, a serious issue has come up, i don´t know where to find help so no wise cracks please.

    My son is attending Berlin university and shares a small flat with another student. Rooms are really hard to find and the frat house is full. My sons flat mate is a narcassistic bully and my son´s mental health is being seriously affected. The flat mate comes from a very wealthy family whereas my son earns his money. My son was in the flat before the other student. 

    Bullying includes bursting into my sons room, constantly having a go, kicking doors down, throwing tantrums when he can´t get his own way. 

    At the moment my son is taking refuge in the gym, with friends, anywhere but at his home. He is doing his masters degree and needs to study. He also needs to sleep without having his flat mate burst into his room.

    The flat mate spends most of his time playing computer games and constantly failing exams etc. Daddy pays all.

    My son was warned that this lad acts like a spoilt brat but gave him a chance because that is the way i brought him up. 

    Question. Is there anywhere my son can get any help?

    My son has tried talking to him and recieved verbal abuse. Writing a short letter but the flat mate replied that he was the victim because he was tired etc.

    My fear is that the next kick won´t be a door but my sons head,





    I'm sorry to hear your son is suffering so much.


    He needs to get out of that flat ASAP. My brother had a similar situation but the person owned the flat.


    Your son is spending alot of time at the gym to get away from the toxic situation in the flat. He should speak to the university and the professors. I am certain they will be able to support him and possibly help him. I wish you strength. What an awful situation to be in. Maybe mention the behaviour to the university too. The other student needs to be accessed. Your son needs to be removed from this situation.





    Lost- Linkin Park


    "Just a scar somewhere down inside of me
    Something I can not repair
    Even though it will always be
    I pretend it isn't there (this is how I feel)
    I'm trapped in yesterday (just stay out of my way)
    Where the pain is all I know (this is all I know)
    And I'll never break away (can't break free)
    'Cause when I'm alone
    I'm lost in these memories
    Living behind my own illusion
    Lost all my dignity
    Living inside my own confusion
    But I'm tired, I will always be afraid
    Of the damage I've received
    Broken promises they made
    And how blindly I believed (this is all I know)
    I will never break away (can't break free)
    'Cause when I'm alone
    I'm lost in these memories
    Living behind my own illusion
    Lost all my dignity
    Living inside my own confusion
    I try to keep this pain inside but I will never be alright
    I try to keep this pain inside but I will never be alright
    (I'm lost) I try to keep this pain inside but I will never be alright
    (I'm lost) I try to keep this pain inside but I will never be alright
    I'm lost in these memories
    Living behind my own illusion
    Lost all my dignity
    Living inside my own confusion"