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  1. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

      "Outside, gets inside Through her skin I've been out before But this time it's much safer in..."
  2. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

      Amazon Prime- The Expanse We loved it,was really great. (sci-fi) The Exorcist series- Also pretty awesome (supernatural horror) Hannibal series- Losely based on the films, gut wrenching stuff (horror) Picard- We really enjoyed this series. (sci-fi)   Netflix-   Santa Clarita Diet- This was a brilliant series, had us in stitches! (zombie) Black Summer (zombie) Daybreak (zombie)   Sky- The Watchmen- This series was pretty awesome. A parallel universe...(sci-fi)            
  3. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    We just finished watching   "We are the Millers" (Wir sind die Millers) on Netflix!   It was brilliant. Never laughed so much in my whole life!      
  4. Coronavirus

      Ivermectin is normally given orally or intravenously, it is nothing like head lice treatment. It is a great medicine as it attacks anything parasitic no matter where it is on the body. This is good especially if the parasite is not inside the intestinal system of the host.   Viruses behave like parasites reproducing in their hosts cells...   Ivermectin for example is given orally or intravenously for the treatment of Baylisascaris. A rather vile parasitic roundworm that you can catch from Racoons. It infects your brain.   Yes Ivermectin does kill head lice too, but most use topical treatments which can be effected to the area (hair). Ivermectin is reserved only for parasites which cannot be removed easily as they effect parts such as the brain, liver etc...   Maybe it really good be our saviour after all.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    This song is great! Good vibes!      
  6. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    On Sky we have been watching the following:   "The Good Doctor"  really great series.   Also "West World" started up again last Monday, the series is amazing.   "The Outsider" is also good. Always loved Stephen King, and this series has been pretty good so far.   We just finished watching Picard on Amazon Prime. It was a really good series   Netflix we watched the mini series "Unorthodox" which was also really good. I also watched YOU on Netflix, my partner didn't like it at all, but I found it to be very interesting, also a bit disturbing.   Other great series on Netflix I can recommend are   Black Mirror Peaky Blinders Derry Girls End of the F**** World Dracula Safe The Stranger The Witcher Altered Carbon 100 Humans (Menschen/Leute in German)
  7. Coronavirus

      I read about this the other day. I also had the BCG vaccine. I also read that some GP's were handing antibiotics out to people who they suspected of having the coronavirus. (which is odd if you think it is a virus- Normally antibiotics do not help against a virus).   Getting a test done is still not that easy.   I have a feeling that there is something they are not telling us about the coronavirus. It spreads like a virus but damages like Tuberculosis, goes straight for the lungs. Also it is interesting about the BCG vaccine, the information that is coming to light about a correlation between BCG and mortality rates of COVID 19.   Here is an interesting video about BCG and Covid 19      
  8. What are you watching right now?

    Great mini series on Netflix called "Unorthodox". We also watched the "Making of Unorthodox" which was very interesting! I love how if you can speak German and English, you can also understand some words in Yiddish.   I loved this mini series. Well worth watching. The costumes are amazing!      
  9. Our local DM allow 20 customers in the shop at a time with a shopping trolley so they can keep the distance between the customers.   They blocked the entrance and there is a massive sign saying "one customer comes out, one customer goes in- Maximum 20 customers and entry only with a shopping trolley"   I was there a few days ago shopping, and every 5 minutes I heard the poor cashier shouting at people because they entered the shop without a trolley. What is wrong with people? We have these rules at the moment and it is written clear enough before you enter the shop!
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Brooke Candy!      
  11. I love Brooke Candy, she is fantastic!

    This song is really great!




  12. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

      " A brave new world has dawned upon the human race, Where words are meaning less, and everything's surreal. Gonna have to reach my friends to find out how I feel. Does anybody really listen when I speak, Or will I have to say it all again next week? Hello, hello, turn your radio on; "
  13. Playlist for the Corona Apocalypse

    This is my favourite song from "Corona"...     "Won't you teach me how to love and learn There'll be nothing left for me to yearn Think of me, burn, and let me hold your hand I don't wanna face the world in tears Please think again, I'm on my knees Sing that song to me, no reason to repent I know you wanna say it This is the rhythm of the night"