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  1.   Rest in peace Marie Fredriksson.   A truly amazing woman, her voice was amazing. This one song is my favourite. A true classic.      
  2. Nice person of the day award

    Amazing lady!
  3. Plant more trees now!!!!!!

  4. Climate change

    The oceans are running out of oxygen!!! (see link below)   Not only to plants and trees absorb pollution they also produce oxygen. Sunflowers are also wonderful amazing things. (see link below)   We all need to stop this concrete madness and start planting now!    
  5. What are you listening to right now?

      Me too. I love her song "Thank you" which I posted before on this thread. Eminem used a sample of it in his song "Stan", and she acted in the video.   Video had me in tears in the end!      
  6. Climate change

    The article below is an excellent way forward!   I know some cocktail bars use straws made out of pasta as well. Much better than plastic or paper!
  7. How to stay friends with a friend

    Staying in touch is really important. Nowadays it is really ironic, despite the technology and it being easier to keep in touch, people seem to be so busy they just don't have the time. It seems to be time that is needed to maintain a good friendship. Especially meeting up for a drink or a meal etc...
  8. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    I find this all very exciting. I hope they also consider creating a technical museum as well with information and updates on current advances in the technology. Also maybe a Tesla simulator etc...
  9.   Glad to hear it worked out ok in the end. We have also been very happy with Ikea's customer service.
  10. Do you like living in Germany?

    I like living in Germany, the only thing that gets me down is the cold dark winters. I would love to live somewhere with a warmer climate. On saying that though, Christmas is not the same unless it is cold.   What I really love is the christmas market. Also the peacefulness on Sundays. Although it is annoying not being able to pop down to the shops for something you may have forgotten to buy. It is nice having a quite day of rest. The medical system here is also very good. I also love the food very much.
  11. Scum of the Day

    WTF is wrong with people? Why? Those poor women. Horrific.
  12. Climate change

  13. Wisdom from pop music

    "We sleep together, close and warm We calm each other through the storm We set up home, but in a while We're tempted by another's smile When it's all played out If the truth were known You have to learn to live alone You fell in love but I did not But in the end you're all I've got When it's all played out When the truth is known You have to learn to live alone"   Cyndi Lauper- Learn to live alone
  14. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      Thanks!!!!! I will look out for that one  
  15. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign   Another interesting link. Seriously they could make a great film or series out of the Byron family.