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  1. Three-word story

    with plenty of
  2. Three-word story

    with clag nuts...
  3. Three-word story

    with crusty skidmarks
  4. What part of Germany is not corrupt?

    Think this thread needs to be renamed, what part of the world is not corrupt? Wherever humans are, there are always those who want more than others, who are willing to bend over backwards to get more, and who will refuse to share.
  5. Create a new conspiracy theory

    Here is a good fake one.   All the bees/wasps/Hornets have been replaced with nano cyber technology bugs. They look like bees/wasps/Hornets, they behave the same they pollenate like  bees/wasps/Hornets but inside them is the latest cyber nano technology to keep an eye on all citizens. The world is "bugged"
  6.   I know that feeling. I think one beer or one glass of wine is ok, just not good to overindulge!
  7. Favourite quotes

    "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"   "You can lead a human to knowledge, but you can't make them think"
  8. 2 days after the vaccination no alcohol or sport... Argh...
  9. Coronavirus

    I had a friend who died from the coronavirus. It was terrible. She had underlying health conditions, plus a terminal illness. The suffering she went through was just horrid. It made me angry that when the virus first broke out that they had not stopped flights from China, that they had not encouraged people to wear masks.   Many industries are suffering because of the lockdowns, it has caused much devastation and pain this virus, plus the consequences of what has happened, like a domino effect.   Praise be for the internet, imagine all this without the internet? Especially for the younger generations!   My faith lies with science. They have quickly developed a vaccine and they are still developing it. It will probably be like the flu shot, that once a year there will have to be a booster to protect against the variants. Vaccines manage to eradicate smallpox, and prevent horrible childhood diseases like polio and diptheria.   We all saw what happened when the Anti-Vax people waged war upon the MMR vaccine with devastating consequences. The research was then found to be fraudelent (see link)   What all this has shown me is that people are still the same, you can control them with propaganda and fear. That the very things that make us human are still sorely lacking, such as compassion and empathy.
  10. How has Germany changed you?

    I really enjoy food and drink alot more since I moved here. I also smile alot more than I did before. I also am very careful about the rubbish presort and recycling. I have also become more direct and assertive since I moved here.I think Germany has definitely changed me for the better.
  11. The process is very slow though. I am on 4 waiting lists and have been waiting over 4 weeks. Still no appointment yet