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  1. I'm about to finish my Bachelor's degree in Biology at a German university and would like to do my Master's here, too, but at a different university. My student visa expires at the end of the semester, so I'm wondering what visa/permit I should get to allow me to stay in Germany until I enroll as a Master's student. The two options that make the most sense to me are the 18-month job-seeking permit and the 9-month applying-to-study permit. I have already received a job offer from the university where I'm writing my thesis as a (part-time) research assistant that would start immediately. I know that I wouldn't be allowed to work with the applying-to-study permit, but would I be allowed to take this job with the job-seeking permit? Would I be allowed to switch over from the job-seeking permit to another student visa? Or could I even apply for a research visa and switch over from that?