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  1. Well I rugged up, packed my yarn and set off - but I couldn't find it! I found Oberanger 26, Hirsch Restaurant and a Treeman's sign...and there the trail went cold. Even a girl living at 28 had never heard of it. Did you guys knit a hole in the space/time continuum or am I completely incompetent with directions?


  2. Not sure how active this thread still is, but I didn't want to start a new one and incur the wrath of the TT gods. :)


    I'm looking for a recommendation for an outdoor shrub type thing. My entire balcony wall is a planter box, its about 4 metres long and maybe 50cm wide. Everyone else's has nice pretty flowering plants, but because I'm on street level I want something like a small shrub to help with a bit of privacy.


    Anyone got a recommendation?


  3. For next week:

    1-10 Ian, Pas, Boba, Siskebap, Allershausen, sarabyrd, Ginga, walmerroad, Jaquied, Zefix

    11-20 AquaticMeringue,Franz, bettina, Penelope Pitstop, Penelope Pitstop Jr., likemusicplaying, emacintyre & bf, Minitat, Dooblie

    21-30 simplyirenic, sweetafton+1, mennarcia+1, Skittles, Kleinke+3

    31-40 Charisma, the_eagle, surikate, sweetpet, fairy godmother, Jonahcat+2, DandL +1

    41-50 Lian +1, Kinsey5Me +1, camlough, ravenswood, solene31+1, Micka007, tw.morgan,

    51-60 crisillo, Siân


  4. I went to the Finanzamt this morning, having pre-completed thisform. I pressed the Lohnsteuerabzug button in the waiting room, got a ticket with a number on it, waited until the number was called and then went in. The lady spoke English, and gave me a printed Lohnsteuerkarte (even though I had heard they didn't exist anymore) for me to give to payroll.