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    Or just talk to each other as you are sharing an IP address.


    Written from my office PC. Don't know if all our IP addresses are the same, but there was noone else in my office! Wortland is on my company's recommended list so chances are good we work at the same place, along with 3000 others.


  2. Thanks the.frollein – I don’t think I made it clear. I am very well aware the landlady is the owner of the flat and all agreements are with her etc etc. My question was, if the neighbour is moving in to the apartment at the end of my lease, as in – she too has signed a contract with the landlady to move in on October 1 – and the neighbour and I agree she wants to move in one month before my lease “officially” ends, can the landlady stop that. I guess you have also answered the question, because it’s technically subletting and can only take place if the landlady agrees. Even if the next person already has a contract for that exact apartment and just wants to hurry things up a bit.


  3. Further to the above, if I have an agreement with my neighbour that she will take over my lease one month before the end of my notice period, does the landlady have the right to veto that? Can she force me to keep paying until the end of the notice period, and only then let the new tenant take over?


  4. Reviving an old thread just to ask for some advice on my upcoming übergabe. I've been living in a 100+ year old apartment, and have recently moved out. My neighbours had been told by our landlady that whenever I moved out, they could immediately take over my lease (they want 2 apartments beside each other). So I found a new place, resigned from the old one, and then the landlady decided she had changed her mind and they couldn't have the apartment, she wanted me to pay double rent till the end of the contract (another 2 months) and then she'd "see" if they could have it. OK, annoying, but whatever, its her prerogative to change her mind.


    I thoroughly scrubbed the place down and called for a handover appointment. No answer. The landlady and her boyfriend entered the apartment without my permission (cannot prove it) and have decided that the mold on the bathroom window sill is so bad, that I will have to replace the sill, or lose bond/kaution money. This has been relayed to me by the neighbours, who spoke to them. Now, the place is over 100 years old, it's not properly ventilated.They already had to replace part of the kitchen due to a mold issue. After every shower, no matter what season, I stood the window open to air it out. I also cleaned the sill semi-regularly. It is a little black right in the very corners, but has been that way since I moved in. I've scrubbed at it with a toothbrush and cleaning products, but the paint has also flaked away over time. Assuming the landlady ever calls me back for a handover appointment, does she have the right to withhold money for a mold situation that has come about simply because the apartment is so old?


    Thanks for any advice. I'm going back again this week to give it another scrub and take pictures, and I will have a (German) witness with me assuming the handover ever comes about.


  5. Another positive review for Patrick from ilovephone. He fixed my iphone 4 cracked screen yesterday and did a great job in a short time. Looks like the day I bought it. Responded to my emails straight away. He even replaced the little grate thing at the top for free.

    Thanks Patrick!


  6. Thanks aries6! I have been in Germany around 2 years. I don't really need the score for anything, but was just curious about it and then a little annoyed when it was lower than expected.

    Good to know that apparently living in an office building hasn't harmed it.


  7. Reviving a long-dead thread just to ask a question about Schufa. I just checked mine online, and they have 3 addresses for me, the first of which is my company address. I never lived there (obviously), but had my post sent there when I first arrived in Germany and didn't have an apartment. It therefore looks as though I've moved 3 times in under 2 years...and to not particularly glamorous parts of town. Does anyone know if that address will affect my Schufa score? My score isn't bad, its just lower than I thought it would be considering i've never not paid a bill!


  8. Maybe it was a template and was populated with the last person's details? I'm not sure. But apparently some of the wording in last week's letter implies that while a mistake seems to have been made, and I need to immediately pay the 146eu, they will continue to investigate the rest of the matter. I kind of took that as a "sleep with one eye open", but I hope its the last I've heard!


  9. So I thought I would give everyone an update as I got a lot of good advice on here. I had a friend look over everything again, and he was pretty sure that the Finanzamt had made a mistake in one of their calculations. They had my income (even taking into account what I earned in Australia), listed as MUCH higher than it was in one of their tables. One page showed the correct amount, but another page didn't. He wrote a letter in my name asking them to explain the difference.


    On Thursday last week I got a letter from the finanzamt agreeing that yes, they had made a mistake and put the incorrect figure into their calculation table. I still owe, but only to the tune of 146eu, which I have happily paid.


    So! It pays to double check. Thanks again everyone, for the advice. Especially PandaMunich.


  10. Ouch. I struggled enough with a mutual breakup after 4 years, so I cannot imagine what you're going through. I don't know you, but that Aldi thing has made you a new hero of mine.


    I usually cope with hurtful times by drinking, listening to Ryan Adams, watching Crazy Heart and eating shit food.


    My only advice is maybe don't do any of those 4 things.


  11. @Hutcho, the tax year in Australia runs from July 1 - June 30. So when I arrived here last July I'd already done a full tax year there. I paid my tax for that full year, and then I left. Case closed in Australia.


    I did claim flights, makler fees, moving costs etc - every write-off I could here.


    I never expected I'd be placed in a higher tax bracket, but I realise it's my own fault for not educating myself before the return was filed. I feel like the higher bracket doesn't take into account things like the higher cost of living in Sydney etc etc. It just looks at that money and taxes me as though I'd earned it here. In my mind, I'm being taxed twice on the same money, even though I understand the explanations of how it works.


    Anyway, I just have to live with it now - lesson learned.


    I'm trying the retraction thing @PandaMunich has suggested, and then if that doesn't work I've been told I can at least split the debt over several months.


  12. @PandaMunich - i know what you're explaining, but to me that sounds like being taxed again on my Australian money. I paid the right amount of tax for the money I earned here, and anything else I earned elsewhere is surely none of their business? Especially if I already paid my taxes on it. I realise I might as well argue with the wind as the German taxation department, and if that's how it is I just have to accept it. But it just really bothers me.


    @punkinside - I did take a really large pay decrease. Almost 40%. I was really keen to live and work here. Although today...


    They've given me until the 3rd of September to pay. So a month, give or take. Does anyone know if there's a possibility to spread that out over several payments, or get an extension?


    If not...who wants to drive the getaway car?


    Edit: @punkinside - yes, I did let them know about the tax I already paid on it.


  13. I worked in Germany last year from July to December - half the tax year. The first half of the year was spent working in Australia. When I submitted my taxes, the Finanzamt asked for a record of what I'd earned in Australia. They have now factored that into my income, EVEN THOUGH I have already paid tax on that money in Australia.

    I've been lumped with a 1500euro bill, and less than a month to pay it.


    Has anyone been in this situation before? Have any advice?


  14. Great! Thank you.


    Ruhpolding runaround: sign-up list


    Meeting point: 8.30 a.m., Sunday 15 January, Munich Hauptbahnhof in front of Platform 9


    Please see post #1 for information on what to wear and what to bring.


    1. Small Town Boy

    2. Editor Bob

    3. CandyQuackenbush

    4. Sian









  15. Hats sound incredibly advanced to me!


    I can knit anything as long as it's rectangular and plain. Now that you've pointed out the updated address to me, it's all I can see and I can't believe I missed it! Will definitely join in again next year (o/s for 2 weeks). :)