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  1. Hi   Had a search on here but nothing quite covers this... I've been learning German for a couple of years and have got to the point where I can read simple books and understand a lot of what I hear around me. I've enjoyed reading the Hueber Deutsch als Fremdsprache Leichte Literatur books but there's hardly any of them. My German level is somewhere around B1/2.   So I'm after recommendations for simple but worthwhile books (even German kid's books), TV, films or podcasts that are for whatever reason as simple as possible to follow, or maybe even radio stations that have slow speaking presenters or something! Basically any media that people have come across that they've found entertaining but also understandable as a relative beginner.   Oh yeah, and I don't own a TV so ideally stuff I can download, stream or rent, plus any books of course.   Thanks!