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  1. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    Maybe your oldest can be in kindergarten for 2 years, if necessary. A German guy I know started school when he was 7. He then went on to successfully complete university and has a job and family. It's not uncommon for children to be different ages in the same grade (class). I'm sure others have mentioned this on Toytown.
  2. Moving to Hamburg with young children

    I noticed that your profile says you are Italian. Do your children speak English and Italian? If so, then the children learning a third language could be even easier for them than someone who is monolingual. I would see that as an advantage.   There are other threads on having a Tagesmutter (daycare in a private home), if you can't get placement in April. I am sure there are other options, too. 
  3. Our cat cured himself of drinking out of the toilet when he was little. He fell in! We don't have any problems with him drinking toilet water now.  
  4. Non-EU student tax declaration with internship in USA

    I knew the TT had recommended another one, but I couldn't remember what it was. Thanks for that info.
  5. Non-EU student tax declaration with internship in USA

    You could just run the German through Google translate. It gives you a basic translation, so you can understand it.
  6. Trash cans not provided by Landlord

      Join the Mietverein. You never know what kind of problems you can have-even with nice owners.
  7. General criteria for wohngeld

    Have you tried this website?  https://www.pfaffenhofen-wuertt.de/buergerservice?action=vb&objectid=6755  If you don't speak German, maybe you could run it through an online translator.
  8. Anmeldung appointment hog-tied

      Did you check all of the 40 Bürgerämter? This website  https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/120686/ says you can do this at any of the 40 city halls. 
  9. Dinner meat at age 41

    I can't say anything about churches in Wales (or Britain), but my church in the U.S. is not having communion, there is definition social distancing and singing only with a mask on. My church in Berlin only allows 15 of the normal 40-50 people to come. I am quite sure they are all social distancing. There haven't been any problems with COVID in my Berlin church.
  10. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    I can't help either, but from what you wrote about his mom being a carer for him, maybe he should start there (with that office) and call them to ask about him getting the money transferred to himself.
  11. The English Teacher's Corner

      I haven't actually taught any of these to English learners, but is this your complete lesson or did you brainstorm first what kinds of things a person could say? Did you ask students to explain what a simile and what a metaphor is to make sure they know? Did they have examples from an English text-article, newspaper, website, etc.? Why do they need to know these? Have you thought of that? If they only need to recognize them, then coming up with them cold turkey may not be necessary.    Maybe someone else has actually taught these things and can help, but these are just some questions that I would think about.
  12. Tax Return on BU Possible?

    Have you used the search on the upper right to check the threads? It seems there are quite a few on Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung.  Try that first, if you haven't.  If you can't find the info, there is probably someone who can help you. I've never heard of getting back payments for insurance, but I'm not a good source to really help you out with your questions.
  13. Returning and renewing Aufenthaltstitel

    I don't think you can renew an Aufenthaltstitel. At least, I, as a single person, can't. I will have to start over again, and I was so close the last time to being able to apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis! Of course, this might be different for you, if your wife is German or there may be other reasons, too. I don't know how that works, so maybe someone else will be able to help or give a TT link where this is mentioned.
  14. Help choosing Health Insurance

    It seems like there are a lot of threads on health insurance. You can use the search box to look up that info on Toytown. 
  15.   And, in case you didn't know, sign it and put "for deposit only" under your name and then your account number. That's what I would do.