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  1. I once had an apartment in a house that was built in the 50's and I could hear my neighbor coughing. It was a terrible place to live. Then I moved to a place built in the 20's or 30's and it was great. I didn't hear my neighbors at all, except one time when there was a party. 
  2. Inheritance of a joint account

      I can understand where BethAnnBitt is coming from. Quite a few years ago when my mom was grieving (my dad died of cancer)  she made some purchases when she shouldn't have and didn't do some things she should have in the first year after his death. She (and family) thought she was in her right mind, but she wasn't. She even said this a few years later-not that the OP would have the same problem, but I'd also suggest checking out all the angles, information, etc., which it appears the OP is doing, and just do what is absolutely necessary right now.
  3. Do you like living in Germany?

      Wow! A million? That's new to me. Of course, I don't go around asking people how much they have for retirement, but I know my parents and my mom's parents never had even a million to retire on, let alone extra for medical problems.   Anyway to try to stay on topic, I really loved living in Germany. I even started to like Berlin after a couple of years and I didn't use to be a fan of big cities. I hope to get back to Germany, but we'll see how that works.
  4. Things to ponder

      Speaking of collards- I wonder if they are to be found anywhere in Germany. I never could find them in my 6 years there.
  5. Letter of separation

    So maybe you mean a spousal separation? I don't know anything about that, but maybe someone else does.
  6. Letter of separation

    What do you mean by a "letter of separation?" The Abmeldung? 
  7. Tell me about yourself

    Yeah, I'd agree with you dessa that there doesn't seem to be a "modern" feel. Yes, there are distinct neighborhoods, though I haven't been in all of them. 
  8. Tell me about yourself

    I, too, first went to Germany on a school exchange when I was 16. Later I spent time in Germany again. I'd love to go back-perhaps when I have teaching certification. If I can swing it to get a job before I turn 55, I'd like to move back. My first choice would be Berlin. I hated it when I moved there, but was sad when I had to leave.
  9. Even after all these years, I still...

    Even after over three years I still find it strange here in the U.S. when people walk in front of me or lightly brush me when walking past and say sorry. I guess I'm still too German and maybe also living in Berlin has made me think it is so weird that people would say sorry when it's not necessary. 
  10. As far as advice about intercultural relationships, I suppose it would be to get to know the other culture as much as possible to try to understand your mate. Each culture and each person is different. 
  11. Worries: Freelancing and Tax Returns

      Yes, I, too, definitely recommend PandaMunich. She really knows her stuff.
  12. Trick-or-Treating in Potsdam?

    Several years ago, when I lived in Lichterfelde West I saw a couple of groups of kids with adults out on the streets. If they were trick-or-treating, they must have gone to only designated houses, as I never had any of them ring my bell. I wouldn't have had any candy to give anyway. If I remember correctly it sounded as though they were speaking English, so I believe that they were Americans.   
  13. Are you talking about kindergartens and Kinderkrippen? Are you aware that children go to kindergarten starting at age 3 usually? I am sure that someone more knowledgeable will respond. However, do you know about Tagesmütter (Daytime mothers)? I suppose that (Tagesmütter) would be like a private very small daycare, which, I believe, has some kind of regulations. 
  14. The English Teacher's Corner

      I came back to the U.S. about 3 years ago. I've never heard the "+1." I guess I'm running in the wrong crowds to have heard it. 
  15. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      My experience with the foreigner's office in Erfurt (so Eastern Germany) was opposite of yours. They were very nice to me. The foreigners' office in Berlin wasn't nice, but it was no big deal to me. I knew what I needed and went in with those documents and was willing to "fight" for what I needed. Being fluent in German helped, too.    Living in Berlin, I noticed that employees in stores in the eastern sections of Berlin were generally nicer than employees in the west parts of Berlin. Maybe others have had different experiences, but that's what my experiences have been.