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  1. The English Teacher's Corner

      I came back to the U.S. about 3 years ago. I've never heard the "+1." I guess I'm running in the wrong crowds to have heard it. 
  2. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      My experience with the foreigner's office in Erfurt (so Eastern Germany) was opposite of yours. They were very nice to me. The foreigners' office in Berlin wasn't nice, but it was no big deal to me. I knew what I needed and went in with those documents and was willing to "fight" for what I needed. Being fluent in German helped, too.    Living in Berlin, I noticed that employees in stores in the eastern sections of Berlin were generally nicer than employees in the west parts of Berlin. Maybe others have had different experiences, but that's what my experiences have been.
  3.   I saw The Bank Lady. That was an interesting movie to watch.
  4. Why are you happy today?

    On Saturday I was surprised that one of my "nanny children" could still understand me when I spoke English with him. His dad had said his English had become worse. Well, even if it has, he could still communicate quite well for a 9 yr. old. That made me happy! 
  5.   Slightly off topic, but - Dogs of Berlin- I thought that sounded familiar. It's nice to know that the general population knows about it. I'll have to let the producers know. 
  6. What are you listening to right now?

      I agree.  I loved my homemade cassette tape of Reinhard Mey from my friend in Jena. I still have the tape, thought not sure if I have a cassette recorder that works to play it again.
  7. Looking for tandem-partner in Berlin

    I actually got a tandem partner (English/Russian) through Toytown and 3 or 4 years later I got contact through skype with my friends in Russia. They said my Russian had improved. No, it's not as fast as taking lessons, but I also got a friendship out of the situation, too. I am an English teacher and I tried at the beginning to "teach" my tandem partner, but she just really wanted conversation, so a tandem can be just the right thing for some people.   Hope the OP finds a good tandem partner.
  8. How NOT to begin a new job

    What I heard recently from an acquaintance would actually come under how not to even get hired at a place. This guy told me he went again to a place to see if they had work for him. They didn't and he told me he told them that their policy was a bad one.  So... don't criticize a potential employer on their policy if you want a job there!  
  9. I never took the foreign tax credit, but, from what I've seen on this IRS page, insurance contributions are not taxes.    https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/what-foreign-taxes-qualify-for-the-foreign-tax-credit   Hope this helps.
  10. I'm not in the medical field, but I'd definitely go see a cardiologist if I were you. 
  11. All this talk about cheese makes me realize that I really miss a good, strong-smelling and -tasting havarti cheese! I'll have to check the local Whole Foods store for that cheese. 
  12. "Untranslatable" German words

     Oh, that's right. Thanks for the reminder. 
  13. "Untranslatable" German words

      Actually I've had what I'd call a cabinet over the sink in the U.S. and in Germany. 
  14. 3 room Apartment/house wanted

    From what I understand you won't find what you want for that price in those areas of Berlin, but maybe someone else knows of something. Good luck!
  15. I haven't heard that in a while..

    What about "I reckon?" I can't recall of using it, but my parents and grandparents probably did. I use suppose.