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  1.   And, in case you didn't know, sign it and put "for deposit only" under your name and then your account number. That's what I would do.
  2.   That's true. They are just traditionally called that, at least from what I know. It is most likely misinterpretation of Deutsch. That's why they are sometimes referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch-so not Dutch at all. 
  3. I understand Stuttgarter Schwäbisch fairly well, as I lived there a few years and had relatives that couldn't speak standard German. I love listening to the different German dialects, but I doubt I'd understand Platt (I assume that is Low German) much. I lived near the Amish in Pennsylvania (PA) and had one opportunity to listen to them talk, but understood nothing, although it sounded like German. It didn't sound like Swabian to me, but maybe there are different PA Dutch accents. Anyway, I'd better not get started on languages or I'll completely derail this translation thread. 
  4.   I am assuming that this was copied/typed up in the 1970's, as the date of the typed document is 1978, but the info is probably from the late 1800's, as there isn't info on where my great-grandfather went to in the U.S. So I will go with née. It just seemed strange to be, since on the other areas in the documents geb. is used.  Thanks for the info. on this. Now if I could just go back in time briefly. I'd love to hear their Swabian accents and compare them to today!
  5. I have a genealogy document from the place my great-grandfather came from. The information is from a Kirchenregister. I have one question. Under "Eltern der Hausmutter" for the mother it says: Sibylle Doroth. Kathar. n.Luithlen.   I am trying to figure out if the "n." before the name Luithlen means anything. I had asked one of my German friends, but she didn't know. Would any of you Toytowners know?   
  6. Moving to München from Italy

    Well, Majiivo posted in Life in Munich said, "I already have a roof on my head when I get there." 
  7. Advice on moving out and getting an abmeldung

    You should just be able to do it online, either accessing the documents, printing them out and mailing them or doing it electronically.
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

      That reminds me of a lady I worked for ca. 1990 and she looked at the workers working on the street again and commented: Deutschland, die ewige Baustelle. (Germany, the everlasting building site.) That comment still rings true today.
  9. Moving to Munich from USA

      I wonder what beds you experienced in Germany. I never had any beds in Germany that had springs, nor did I sleep on any that had springs. They all had slats and were never noisy. Maybe I was just lucky.
  10. The Vent - No Chat!

    Sorry about your mum, SpiderPig.  Wishing you and family lots of strength and peace during this time.
  11. Coronavirus

        Well, not much going on in my area of the U.S. (Northwest). I've heard of a few that have the virus, but only one friend and she's healthy again.
  12. What is money?

    Looks like Sally Field to me-not sure why she'd be important. I do like some of her movies and shows, though.
  13. Happy Easter to all in Germany

    Thanks Tor! You have a beautiful voice!  He is risen! Amen! Happy Easter to you all. Staying safe here in the western U.S. 
  14. My Stupidness in Germany

      That reminds me of the time I heard the two grandfathers of my oldest nanny kids talk about the war. The one who was captured by the Americans and said they were good to him, said he never wanted war again (Nie wieder Krieg!). I figure if he had been speaking English, he would have said just what you said. 
  15. What made you cry today?

    Thanks, Acton. I will put in my two bits, or at least an idea. Manly, you had mentioned that your wife could be easily taken advantage of. If you or your wife aren't against finding a good church with Christian people, I'm sure it would help her to have some contact there. In general these people are helpful. My grandfather had nothing to do with church most of his life, but he always wanted to do business with Christian people, as he said that they were honest.  I do hope the best for you and your wife.