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  1. OP here. Thanks, everyone, for the help.    As an update on our situation: Uncertain about the legal requirements, my wife decided to report the incident to the police the next day, just to be safe. Once she reported the incident, she was told that she was indeed considered to have "left the scene" of a crime and might have to appear in court to defend herself. (This. mind you, in a situation where she had left a note on the car in questions, reported the incident the next day, and where the owner of the damaged car has not yet made any complaint or attempt to contact us). So, the lesson learned, I suppose, is: always report any incident to police if you want to be in the clear in this generally-great-but-peculiarly-righteous-and-pedantic country that we've collectively chosen to inhabit. 
  2. Hi all,   My 10 year old son crashed his bike into a parked car, damaging the door and side-view mirror. I have two questions for the knowledgeable:   1. Haftpflichtversicherung should cover this, right? (I had a moment of pause thinking it would not be covered since it involves vehicles in motion) 2. I was not present when this happened. My wife was, and left a note on the car with her contact information. Is this ok, or should she have contacted the police immediately. (She didn't because she had two tired children in tow, but is now worried about it).   Thanks.