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    I personally think it's all about variety. I love getting different sorts of beers and trying new things. I do enjoy beers from many different countries and must admit that I love it. I love some German beer, I love some belgian beer, I love some british ales, I love some american beer, not so much canadian beer outside of unibroue...


    This is the thing that's driving me crazy about the beer situation: I like Kölsch, a lot, but I miss the ability to try lots of other beers, easily.


    When I take a 3-hour train ride to another region, and try their local beer type, only to find out I don't really like it, it makes me really miss the variety I could get just down the street in Houston.


    I LOVE Unibroue- and miss it SO much. :(


  2. I'm also looking for an English-speaking doctor in Cologne.


    The search didn't turn up anything for me, but I found the US Embassy list of English-speaking doctors for NRW, dated September 2010, here:



  3. DIY Ginger Ale


    I make this constantly, and have come to like the taste so much, I couldn't go back to Canada Dry even if it were available!


    I use screw-top plastic bottles, anything from water bottles to (plastic) Coke bottles will work. I've included ingredient amounts for 1.5l and 1l bottles; adjust to taste.


    For a 1.5l bottle:

    1/8 tsp yeast

    1 cup sugar with 2 tbsp removed

    4" piece of ginger

    juice of 1 lemon


    For a 1l bottle:

    pinch of yeast

    3/4 cup sugar with 1-2 tbsp removed

    3" piece of ginger

    juice of 1 lemon


    Using a funnel, pour yeast, sugar, and lemon juice into bottle. Add just enough water to make an emulsion, then put lid on and shake until all sugar and yeast are dissolved. Peel and cut ginger into small chunks (I usually do 1/8" x 1/2" shards), add to bottle. Fill bottle with water, leaving 1"-2" of the bottle unfilled. This is necessary, because the mixture is self-carbonating, and will explode (yes, explode!) if you don't leave some space for the gases to expand.


    Screw the cap on, tightly, and allow to sit at room temperature for a day, two days *maximum.* Refrigerate. The carbonation will continue to increase if the bottle isn't refrigerated.


    When you are ready to drink, open the cap EXTREMELY slowly. These suckers get quite a lot of pressure built up in them- which is why I use plastic now, instead of glass. (I used a glass flip-top bottle for my very first batch, and when I opened it, the top inch of the bottle blew off! THAT was a close one. :blink: )


    Pour through a strainer into a glass, and enjoy!


    If you want to make it into a Dark n' Stormy, add your favorite dark rum. YUM.