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  1. have a browse on , redpill seems popular
  2.  #integrity #reputation . Whistleblowers need much more power and protection as well as reward. Make it much harder to get away with this. Too many people inside and outside boeing knew this was a big risk/flaw . interesting video summary anyway
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    my prediction yesterday wasn't too far off    "I'm expecting musk to slow dance with a robot to the song 'careless whisper' "
  4. "Right before left" traffic priority

    i think this rechts vor links rule is the cause of so many accidents for several main reasons.  Imagine there was no rule on this , a driver would need to try to ensure there was no danger when turning or crossing an intersection . For an accident to happen the other party involved would also have had to have not seen the other driver or not been careful enough. too often the rechts vor links rule is used as an excuse to put all responsibility for safety on someone else , therefore accident rates are much higher (don't ask me for stats cause i don't have any , going on reason here) .  My main problem with some type of people and a cluture like germany is they use rules to abosolve them of thinking for themselves and then enforcing it agressively on anybody who isn't beheaving the same way in general as them.