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  1. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    Thanks for the replies . I think i referenced that it was a loan in the bank transfer. i didn't specify a due date for repayment , but it's certainly not 10years or infinite.  I'll probably go down the mahnbescheid route. I simply don't want the bugger to get away with it without doing the best i can. i'm not rich or poor, it's not about the money, it's about not letting someone shaft me and think they can get away with it so easy, especially after i put myself out for him
  2. How to get a court payment order (Mahnbescheid)

    A guy i worked with before in muinich owes me 3000 euros which i loaned to him (bank transfer) to buy furniture for his apartment . I moved onto another city and emailed and rang hims several times to try and get my money back but no replies/anser. I don't know his current address but he probably lives in Augsburg. I'd say it'll be a major pain in the ass to get the money back off him but i want to try.  can anyone advise a good lawyer who will take this one and not cost too much . 10% of the 3000 for example sounds reasonable ? am probably dreaming . thanks