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  1. Update for future other n00bs:   Yes, you are supposed to take the old registration plates with you when registering a a used car - at least when you're bringing it from another city.    Due to Corona, the process takes 2-3 days... so you'll have to leave the car parked somewhere, since it will not have any plates. The lady at the office gave me a piece of paper and said I should put it in the windshield and it should be okay * fingers crossed! *   Regarding the SEPA document, you can also fill it in there, as they have copies for you.   
  2. Update: I tried during the night without any luck and finally this morning I found a slot for tomorrow yaaaaay!!! (for all of those who are refreshing the page every minute, hang in there, you will find a spot - eventually!)    Question: besides all the documents of the car, insurance, my documents, money, do I need to bring anything else? On some sites I read I should also bring the old plates (and leave the car without any plates for a while? :/ ), while on others it's not mentioned. Also, some sites say something about a form I need to fill in - can I do that directly at the registration office?   Please excuse if this has already been answered, it's difficult to find updated information that is not contradictory.    Thank you and have a beautiful Sunday!    
  3. Thank you @LukeSkywalker ! I couldn't find this information when using the search function, sorry for asking again  I will try the midnight thing and hopefully it's at a decent hour! 
  4. Hello TTers,   Has anyone had luck with registering a car in Munich lately? On the website it says an appointment is needed, but the system doesn't show any available dates in July... :/   Any ideas what to do? Try to call or just go there?    Thank you!   Carmen