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  1. UK tax payable on German dividends (?)

    The above query has been settled following a telephone call to the bank. M
  2. UK tax payable on German dividends (?)

    My wife is a German citizen but a longtime UK resident (with settled status) and fiscally resident. She is in receipt of a small income from some inherited shares and this needs to be declared to HMRC in the UK.   The German bank sends an 'Ertragsausschüttung' once a year that shows the dividends that have been paid and credited to her German 'Girokonto'.    The 'Girokonto' statements show dividend payments at various times during the year; however, the annual total of these payments is in excess of the figure shown on the 'Ertragsausschüttung'. This is something of a puzzle to us.   Should she declare the figure on the 'Ertragsausschüttung'? Or should she go through all the statements of the 'Girokonto' and total up all the various dividend payments?   Comments and advice greatly appreciated.   P