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  1.   Yes, just need to photoshop Arnold in  bathrobe and pajamas while replacing the machine gun to a DSLR camera with a large zoom lens
  2.   Thanks so much for the tip! There will be another Hausverwaltung in a few months. I’ll make some flyers about the problem and send them to the fellow neighbors a couple weeks before the Hausverwaltung, so we can discuss the issue as a group. This give me some hope, thank you 😊 
  3.   My partner and I bought the apartment about 8 years ago, so we’re kinda stuck with it for now. Once the construction of Gerling Quarters began on the Hildeboldplatz side, the place turned for the worst during the night. 
  4. So for the past 3 years, there has been a reoccurring problem in the Gereonshof. It is often that there is loud music and noises playing 1 to 3 o'clock in the early mornings out in the Gereonshof alley, as well as loud arguments, physical fighting and screaming. Doorbells have been pushed often in the middle of the night, disturbing numerous neighbors in the late hours. It is not common to find urine puddles and broken vodka bottles in the front entrances to the residential buildings and there has been a few incidents of finding human droppings in the Gereonhof alley. Police have been contacted before but seems like nothing happened since this problem keep repeating itself. This morning I found a used cigarillo in my mailbox, with some of my mail burnt on the corner. This is getting out of hand and I want to see what actions I can take to stop this reoccurring issue