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[b]Dear Abi I love you very much

loc. somewhere in California USA


Allright Veronica this one is for the Ladies Club. Just a rough copy to play with. I come before you as the author of 32 books on the same subject. In other words I have one of the most limited minds in the world. That is bad enough but to limit myself to writing about murder seems to ….

Veronica dear you still here?

Just windig up I will be right in. Oh. Galleys ready Abigail? This much anyway.

Good. I should have sent you home hours ago. Oh !

Something wrong?

Don’t you hear it?


I think it is a nightingale. We have not had any for years.

I do not hear anything. I will be sure these get off in the morning.

Just one small thing. Would you call Edmund for me? Ask him to stop by tomorrow.

Phone your nephew.

Well he is not my nephew. He was merely married to my niece. That is an entirely different thing my dear. Perhaps he would like to take me for a walk on the beach. 2:30 would be nice.

Ok. Wait a minute. I do hear something.


A nightingale.

What a clever girl you are.

Good night Abby.

… manage an escape from my own particular pathology. I have heaven help me made attempts at humor, romance a children’s novel and one perfectly detestable Essay on the deterioration of the British Royal family since the American Revolution.


As for the broad Pacific I find that rather an effeminate body of water.

Only but you could put down a whole ocean.

Oh. Down on the Cape when I was a girl I watched the Atlantic day and night. How it churned and boiled and roared. Did it roar the night Phyllis was drowned?

Abby please don’t.

I loved my niece. With all my heart. With all the love that I could ever give anyone. You loved her too didn’t you, Edmund?

She was my wife.

And you loved her?

Yes I loved her.

It must have been terrible for you. Alone in a sailboat coming up from the cabin and Phyllis gone. Disappeared in the darkness and we never had even the comfort of finding the body of knowing she was safely buried.

The Coast Guard tried.

And you tried. I know what you did. Everything you did. She was only 5 when I gave her the rights to the play Birthday Present. I would have left her


everything. Now there is no one but you. We are all that is left of her. So when I die I intend to make you my principal heir.

Abby I can not.

Do not comment. I detest being edited.

I am not gonna stand here and discuss your death.

Just accept the fact you will inherit a great deal of money. Don’t pretend that dosen’t please you. There. Life is short life is fleeting. I am glad you are not going to protest because you see Edmund I really have made up my mind about you and about me.


Annie my bags are ready.

Anything in this document to the contrary…..notwithstanding being of sound mind…..

Oh Miss Mitchell your nephew finished with his dinner.

Edmund? Did he eat well?

Oh very well Madam.

Isn’t that nice? I always like to hear a young man has a good appetite.


Edmund how nice you look. Oh. Dressed for the occasion.

I didn’t realize teere was an occasion.

I want to sign my neu will in your presence. Give you a lovely sense of security.

Abby, I want you to understand. I hope you live forever. I do not want anything from you.

It is not a question of what you want. It is what I want. And I do not intend to live forever. If I did I wouldn’t go flying around in airplanes. I would not sleep a wink if I do not settle all this business before we take off. Murder of the Year closes you know tomorrow night I wanna be there for the last performance.

After 19 years you have had a pretty good run.

Well tue rights belonged to Phyllis you know. And to you now since the accident. I understand they will be doing it in Warsaw. Oh Edmund would you bring me my jewel case. It is in the safe.


Large leather box rather flossy looking. You will find it. Martin is coming with me. He speaks very sternly to my publishers.

Abby the light dosen’t work.

Oh. It has not worked for months. I will have to speak to Veronica about it. Now this comes….well that goes with me. Oh I will need some cash. Those metal boxes third one from the top.

There you are.

My God Abby.

Somebody’s God I suppose. Back it goss.


All right Abby. Edmund.

Nice to see you again Sir.

Thank you. Could we gather here please? Abby this is your new will. Your signiture is here. Edmund this is your will.



I took the liberty of asking Martin to draw up your will too. You are my heir I will be your heir. If you should predecease me a most unlikely event then the rights to Murder of the Year would come back to where they started. Is it all right?

I should have enough thought of that myself. As you said Abby we have nobody but euch Otter now. May I have a per please?

Aren’t you going to read it?

Why? Don’t you think I trust her?

Now Martin would you ask Veronica to witness these?

Yeah. Abby that plane is not going to wait for us.

They might if ask them.

It might at that.

There. The deed is done. Edmund there is just one more thing.

Only 3 people know the combination. My attorney, Veronica and myself. Now I want you to have it too.

Abby I would rather I didn’t.

Well Martin would also rather you didn’t. But this is my safe. We will sneak around Martin and do as I wish. I want you to drive away then come back the service road. Wait for me by the side door and I will see Martin does not disturb us for a few minutes.

Whatever you say Abby.


Have a fine Trip Abby. Mr. Hammond.

We will dear.

Abby we are cutting it awfully close.

I will just get my coat. Martin I have to show you something.

Not now Abby.



I will say goodbye now ma’am.

Goodbye Annie.

Abigail you are the most exasperating woman I have ever met.

I accept all superlatives.

It’s the switch. It hisses. And the lamps don’t go on. There could be a fire.

For Pete’s sake, Abby.

You are so clever with these things. I will not sleep a wink if you don’t fix it.

With what?


Anything Abby anything to get us out of here.

Oh I love you.


This is the alarm. It has to be off as it is now.



Now the combination. Write it down dear. You have to turn it to the right 3 times then start it in this Position on the 12.

Right. No trick at all.

Now you must memorize it. We have forgotten the wills. These have to go in the safe.

Where do they go?

Those metal boxes on the top.


Edmund you murdered my Phyllis. Do you really think I did not know? (Edmund suffocates in the closed safe).


Madam your switch is fixed.

Of course it is. Thank you Martin. Don’t dawdle Martin. Remember we do have a plane to catch.

The nett time Abby let’s take the day flight.

Days are for work. Nights are for play. Stewardess may I have another Scotch?


I still can not believe it Abby. I opened the safe this morning and he was there. Edmund’s Body. You have to come back right away please Abby.

Stewardess may I have another Scotch please?

Abby are you allright?

Yes absolutely.

I am so sorry I had to call you like this but……

I am Abigail Mitchell.

I heard nothing at all strange that night. And I am a very light sleeper.

Miss Mitchell? I am Sergeant Wilson. You know about the body in there ma’am?


We will have the safe right open.

6,5,4,3,2,1, bingo.

Did you hear anything?



Excuse me ma’am. You are Abigail Mitchell, “the best in murder.” I just want to say, ma’am that it is a very great honor to met a famous author. I just wish we were meeting under happier circumstances.

Thank you young man. You are very kind.

My name is Lieutenant Kendal ma’am. Homicide. Mr. Galvin the deceased I unterstand he was your nephew.

No blood relation. He was married to my niece.

Yes your secretary told us how your niece died in a boating accident 4 months ago.

They loved each other so. It is inconceivable that another accident could take Edmund’s life.

Excuse me ma’am. What accident was that?

My safe his death.

Oh I doubt that was an accident ma’am. I doubt that so much. Now he did have --5-

the combination to your safe.

I gave it to him last nicht.

And we found it in his pocket. But could you just take a look over here ma’am?

All done Lieutenant. Anything else?

Out back Sergeant. You know what we are looking for.

Yes Sir.

This is your burglar alarm ma’am. When your secretary came in this morning to open the safe she found the switch on like this. Now the question is how did your nephew get into the safe all by himself when the alarm was on tue whole time?

I can’t imagine. I am so confused.

Oh I can’t really imagine you confused Miss Mitchell. Not someone who can plan a murder like you. I mean all your mysteries ma’am. But me I don’t mind attending that I am confused and I am because we didn’t just find your nephew’s body in the safe. Now all this was spread out on the floor of the safe just the way you see it.

That is one of my manuscripts. The night I was murdered.

Well it was pulled apart ma’am.