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  1. Why are you happy today?

    The Weinberg snails have a sort of snail graveyard up in the foothills near where we are, by a quarry, and I have been and gathered their empty shells for all sorts of craft work. Brilliant things. I like that someone is worried about slugs. I feel they probably need friends. Not me, I grow veg and they like to eat it, which is not the plan, but I am glad you have an affinity with them. Those leopard ones are quite cool, to be fair.
  2.   Pretty sure he has only got one kid.  possibly even primary aged, still.     Some stuff I found: Shamima's Dad left before she was born and returned to Bangladesh.   She has a Mum and an older sister (and possibly more family, I don't know) who thought she was going somewhere absolutely average when she disappeared. When they discovered her whereabouts they hoped she had gone to bring back Sharmeena Begum (different girl, also 15, same school) who had gone after her mother's death (her Dad thought her behaviour had changed because of this death, and so didn't have other suspicions). When Sharmeena disappeared, 7 other girls (including Shamima and the two she left with) were questioned about her motives, possible radicalisation, and where she was, but the parents were not informed. After the next three disappeared, the remaining 4 were made wards of court to prevent their going as well. Why the parents of the 7 were not informed of the issue at the time is unknown. They feel if they had known there was a problem, they might have been able to prevent what happened.   Amira Abase's parents had no idea, saw no signs of radicalism, have been begging their daughter to return. (not a chance)    Kadiza Sultana stayed in touch with her family, was quickly disillusioned with Daesh and wanted to come home, but is believed to have been killed in a bombing in Raqqa.   Tower Hamlets Council has not and will not hold a serious case review, saying the case does not 'reach the threshold' for a review.   It is a cake and arse party. Probably the original case of Sharmeena was unavoidable, unfortunately for her father who has lost his wife and daughter in quick succession, but knowing she had links with the other girls, and not informing the families was not the safeguarding behaviour you would expect from the police, given the girls' extremely impressionable ages.    There was definitely grooming going on, whether through a women's group at a local mosque or through the internet.   And yet it does not justify a safeguarding review? The world has gone mad. Surely it is extremely important to know exactly what went on to turn these girls, one of whom was brilliant at school and hoping to become a doctor, into child brides for extremists. Bringing her back might shed some light onto what has been referred to as the worst case of grooming in the West.   Shamima's family lawyer likens the current situation to 'human fly tipping' and this seems an appropriate reaction. It is horrible to think that these teenagers became people who laughed at the deaths of others, and support (ed) extremism of a terrifying kind, but NIMBY is not the appropriate response. They should be brought back whenever possible to face justice and also to build a better picture of what is happening in Our Back Yard. It is terrifying.     
  3. This neverending lockdown has given me the blues...

      That's quite an understatement!   You're flipping marvellous!
  4. English inheritance law

    It all seems very irregular. ? I wonder whether another solicitor is in order, as DD suggests above. There is a house involved here, so in the UK there are hundreds of thousands involved, and a few hundred on a solicitor would be well spent. Or phone the one you are dealing with and ask for some straight answers. Everyone involved seems to be faffing about not really grasping the issues, which given that one is a solicitor is a poor show.   Do not sign it over to your sister, the good ship 'saving our sibling relationship' has already sailed. From here on in, in the nicest possible way, you are getting lawyered up and dealing with it properly. There will be a traceable trail of what she has put into her account from the estate, so all is not lost.  
  5.   If her place in the new school is assured, I really don't see how. She's not getting an Abschluss from here because she's not old enough, so a crappy Zeugnis which the other school won't look at is neither here nor there. German schools and teachers mostly leave the pushing for better things to kids and parents, so they probably will hardly notice and definitely not care. She'll have to turn up, though, else you have lost your schul-pflicht fulfillment and that would be an issue.
  6. What made you smile today?

      My SIL lost her car in a huge carpark in SA and was absolutely certain it had been stolen, even when it turned up in a different section of the same carpark.   Me, I have no issue with admitting that we 'lost' ours at least twice at the Metro Centre - that carpark was mahoosive. 
  7. She may feel freed up by the knowledge that all will be over soon - I know both as a child and an adult that my attitude and experience of a somewhat negative period were absolutely transformed by the knowledge that it would be over soon.     Especially if the marks don't matter.   Can she join her new school for some online activities? The great thing about German schools is most of it is over by lunchtime, or at least round here it is, under Covid.
  8. What made you laugh today?

    What has been making me laugh for the last half hour is kid#4, on an i-serve lesson (IT) - I can only hear his end (microphone off, I hope) where he is muttering 'Jan Schmidt is such a muppet', 'Herr ****'s a vegetable - the capital of Paris, what kind of question is that?' (I offered the Eiffel Tower as a possible solution...) 'Lucy can't join in. Her microphone won't work. He (the vegetable) is typing EVERYTHING including punctuation - who even DOES that?'   well, me, usually.    When real school is on, I will miss these glimpses...
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    You and your proof and facts.   I thought the dude was being facetious, but maybe not    I wonder whether the swift roll-out of the vaccine is an actual example of the UK's new found speed-boatiness. Either way, I have no doubt it will absolutely be used as one.    
  10. What are you cooking today?

    Oh yes, this, and also adverts for every item used in making the dish, several times over. Some of the pages are so junked up, it really is difficult to see the next relevant segment.
  11. Chocolate pudding recipe

      I wondered if she folded that in at the end so it cooked in the available heat and still stayed light, but she did say exactly what you've written, and  was exactly my reaction as well. Who would do that?
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Yes, I fear the clown will use it to white-wash everything else...   Not that I wish it was going badly, I'm glad for people there, including our 2 older kids, but it does feel frustrating that at the end of the day, by the time elections are held again, he will be reminding people of his awesome vaccination programme and deflecting them from the memory of the dead whose untimely end lies at his door.  
  13. Coping with mind games

      Are you in a position to check with the school, or is that not appropriate?   
  14. Conflict with the used car dealer - who is right?

    We had a second hand Ford where the timing chain 'went' as we were driving home from holiday. It essentially whipped around at speed inside the engine and blended a lot of big important metallic parts into smaller, less impressive bits. The garage did an engine transplant and we got the insides of an old police car, which was at least interesting if not actually very useful. It lasted another 2 years or so and then died.
  15. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    When kid#2 was ready for his first hair cut, we were staying with a friend who did it for him with his clippers. He vaguely showed me how, I bought clippers, and have done all 3 of the chaps ever since. The girls I do as just a straight trim, Paps does mine about every 10 years, and that's it. As they leave home, they find their own solutions. I guess that even though we are on the third pair of clippers in 20 years, we have saved muchly.