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  1. double health insurance

    He is absolutely certain that he is not legally resident, and that this has mainly to do with health insurance (or that is how his posts look), hence the question to those two specifically. He may be wrong, and hopefully they will know.
  2. Gebäudeversicherung validity issue

    There's a thread somewhere about the trouble they have had with damage to doors and the heating, if I remember rightly, and the buildings insurance wouldn't cover it and neither would the household, so they are left in a somewhat ridiculous mess.   Although I am glad for her sake that the insurance allowed a change of name, as a general principle it seems rather awful that the neighbour with whom you are feuding can simply remove you from a policy.   Hey ho, hopefully it all works out and in this particular case, the people who need professional help get it, otherwise there will be repeat offences down the line. Now insured against, so that is better I suppose.
  3. double health insurance

    @john g. or @Starshollow , does the OP need to have the form 104 to get German health insurance? Can he not be paying NI in the UK and also join health insurance here? What can he do to alter his situation before December, so that he is included in the WA?
  4. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    My friend in the UK had a different one recently purporting to tell her that she owed a (large) sum of tax and unless she could pay it immediately, a policeman would come round and arrest her and take her to jail.   She has a toddler son, so her unexpected reply was, 'Great! Will he be here soon, how long can I stay in jail?'  
  5. Coronavirus

    Is doing better than the countries who did worst even worth mentioning?   It is certainly a trick kids try to make themselves feel better when they don't do very well at school, but I don't think that in the real world it is actually a measure of success.      
  6. Stay in Germany.     This is still only going to be temporary, so your original plan is still a good one. We were going to move away for two years and come back, and instead my husband went and I stayed with the kids. It was hard, but I think it was better for them to stay in one school system with one language. Like you, we can't support their language at home.  
  7. Herbstdeko - suggestions

    Zhaitan, do you knit or sew?    If you knit, then the great free Ravelry website includes patterns for Frankie's knitted stuff, which is brilliant. eg.   If you sew, then I visit the local Red Cross charity store to find things which can be made into other things, sheets and covers are huge and a great supply of cheap fabric - there are so many ideas of things to make for a small child - I think you could have a lot of fun.   If you neither knit nor sew, then just colours and glue will get you a long way, but you could also learn the skills - these things are so much more possible now with you-tube tutorials - you don't need to know a lovely old granny to teach you the stuff, you can borrow an expert online, for free, which is amazing. I am trying to learn crochet this way.     
  8. interpretation needed

    Yup, German cars have a higher/different spec sometimes than their EU versions, and some Germans only want the 'proper' version.   An EU version, exported to another EU country and re-imported for people who want a new car but are happy to save a few bucks, might not have all the same bells and whistles.   Someone will come on who knows the exact differences, but it really has no effect on what you can do with it as the end-user, so don't worry.
  9. Coronavirus

     Hence the distance? 
  10. Coronavirus

      - they may also not have been a couple, just friends enjoying an afternoon at the beach and one giving the other a lift home, I guess - you are right, we really don't know their circumstances.   I find myself increasingly irritated by both extremes at the moment, which I suppose is a form of Corona fatigue in itself - the friend who constantly washes her hands now, even during her normal day at home, which is now damaging her skin, and on the other hand the Garden friend who last week refused to wear a mask and kept invading our personal space - whilst commenting how simplistic people are being about the rules. Gaah. I had hoped my days of backing off from Germans with their ignorance of personal space were over.
  11. Coronavirus

    The thing being, why sit 2m apart, then go and get in the same car and go home together? Pointless.   The schoolkids get much whinging in town for being in groups, but they are squished into classrooms absolutely as pre-corona times, so what's the point in then carefully spacing when they are off the school property? I can see where they're coming from.   Mine are a bit more paranoid, for which I am grateful, but schools and especially the buses to get them there are a real weak point. 
  12. Barclaycard writes to expat cardholders

    Ah, just came on to ask if this is true or a scam. You beat me to it.   Drat - I assume it's true, then.
  13. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    They have an interesting elasticity in their attitude to time. 
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Well, at this point, being very worried is a bit pointless.   I think we have reached the 'drink for tomorrow we die' stage. It is really unbelievable.  
  15. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    There is a TTer, name I sadly can't remember, who went to an interview for a job looking after animals, and got mixed up with his German and referred to vergewaltigen instead of, I don't remember, what could it have been? As I remember the story, it didn't go so well for him, and the job was not forthcoming.   Haha! 1 for the search function - I didn't remember the story terribly accurately, and here is the actual thread.