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  1. Baptism in Evangelical Church

          This still makes no sense. The non-denominational church you were going to before having the child presumably needs your cash - why on earth support the Lutheran Church if you are for example Freie Evangelische, or something.   If you have actually not been attending as an adult, and having the child baptised is a part of reviving your faith, then it is surely important to find a congregation in which you are comfortable, and get into the habit of attending, and become part of that community.   Obviously it needs to be one which welcomes small kids - there is one in a town near us which has a baby zone at the back with a big glass window and a speaker in the room so you can hear the service whilst not needing to keep the child quiet, for example.  
  2. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I think for people who couldn't vote because of the 15 yr rule, these online petitions are a good thing because they get the opportunity to state their view. It is important to have that chance.  Whether they make any difference whatsoever is kind of irrelevant.        an 'if' at the start of this would have prevented the spat - it looks like an assumption that every TTer was unable to vote, which is clearly not the intention.
  3. Hannover Hauptbahnhof

    There won't be trains stopping at the HBF during that time, apart from the Lehrte line, since the main rail bridge is being worked on.   You will catch a train/s-bahn to Lehrte as Vronchen says above, and then your train to Berlin.   If a huge bit of kit like a bridge needs worked on/replaced, they don't have much choice. That is pretty clear to all - particularly after the bridge failure in Genoa - massive infrastructure requires upkeep, and for your particular route, it is not that complicated.    Really, it will be fine, nothing to worry about. Allow yourself plenty of extra time if you can - you won't be doing it on your own, there will be loads of you doing the same thing.    Edit - sorry, my internet has been playing up and those two posts of yours above have appeared - glad you have a plan!
  4. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

      The one we were given is that if you get into trouble in GB, the Germans will not help you out, and vice-versa. She also said that given which countries we are now citizens of, it isn't a big deal.   Kid#1 cannot follow her PPE friends into the civil service with dual citizenship and I will not be able to teach in the one remaining British school up here for the same reason. These are things we knew and weighed up beforehand.
  5. Yes. The 'form' or 'shape' of different responses is a large part of what they are looking for here - that you know how to phrase a reply to a Beamter compared to your neighbour who has invited you for tea etc. and how different forms of writing (letter, email etc) look on the page and that info. is readily available. We had never written any appreciable German before preparing for the test and both did fine. We got to hang onto our listening/reading scripts during the writing part - I don't know if that is normal, but it did mean that in my written answer about renting a flat, I managed to copy several phrases out of the adverts in the reading section, which was cool.    I don't know that much about the marking - one of the Alexs on TT is an examiner and will know for sure, but my impression is that they mark to the requirements of the test, and so perfection is not required just 'good enough' for B1.    I wish I had bought a book specifically for preparing for the written portion, for the peace of mind, mostly.    Good luck!
  6. Yes, sorry, I was not meaning to suggest that you are a feckless wastrel, although I see it does rather read that way. It is rather more that I am extremely stingy. 
  7.   re. tile paint, does anyone have a recommendation for a good one here in DE?   We have the Oma tiles in the downstairs loo and the bathroom. I am not one to chuck out perfectly serviceable stuff, but it is ugly. Also the floor of the downstairs loo - that might require a different solution.   
  8. What are you cooking today?

      That is a great picture. I hope it continues to go well and that you are eventually pacing your house like an average sized tabby cat .
  9. Aha. That makes sense. Thank you for your gracious response. 
  10.   That seems kind of odd. Is the other bit planning supper, or what?   I am just a Mum and my kids catch me out every time if I am not 100% attending. If I were offering counselling, I think my clients would want all of the conscious 'me', not just the bit that's spare from my more interesting interior life.   I think I may have completely misunderstood. 
  11. Why are you happy today?

    That's Johnny English territory, isn't it? There used to be a Landshut meet up - haven't seen it posted in a while...   all the best for the move, Malty. 
  12. An odd experience in Chemnitz

    As usual, someone came on, upset by an experience which they lacked the cultural understanding to interpret, and instead of showing some understanding to this person you just told him to 'get over it' and it went downhill from there. That was definitely 'first blood' in this instance.   I absolutely realise that this is in your eyes an entirely appropriate response, and that you would no more see the need to be friendlier than the people in the shop.    Hence TT, for those who communicate in English and are not from Germany, to try to make sense of the mad world in which we find ourselves.   edit - john posted in between...
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Where is that from, snowing? I see a fledgling English lesson in that picture...
  14. Nice person of the day award

    That was a beautiful link, john. Well worth a read.   The guy does much more than save cats - he saved people from bombed out houses, took them to find medical care, has an orphanage and encourages children to spend time looking after the animals as part of the healing process from the traumas of war. What a great guy. May his endeavours bear much fruit.
  15. An odd experience in Chemnitz

      This is annoying and upsetting, but unfortunately it is also life here. Never expect an apology. Sometimes one comes, and it is a wonderful moment, but don't expect one. You will most likely be disappointed.   As to the rest of it, who knows if you were racially discriminated against? So hard to say. Definitely someone was suspicious of your bag, and if you are going shop-to-shop, always have a valid receipt.    I think you would have felt better if they had apologised fulsomely, and I for one think they should have, but that doesn't really help.