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  1. @innfield not relevant to the boiler issue at all, but if when you write a reply you press control and right click inside the quotation boxes which I think may have taken up permanent residence in there, then you'll get a small drop down menu which gives you the option to lose the stuff you already said/quoted from other people and start afresh.
  2. That's good news, HEM - very glad she's OK and let's hope there are no long term effects.
  3. Brexit: The fallout

    If his wife and kids have been there the whole time then he has been resident and paying taxes here the whole time. Just working away. It is not so easy to leave the Finanzamt behind.
  4. Animals in roof/ceiling

    All good then - I won't get between him and his snacking 
  5. Animals in roof/ceiling

    @HEM Will he trash the house? I am happy for him to live his life and I think he's on the no-interference list anyway, but i don't want my windows to fall out because he's been chowing the walls. 
  6. Animals in roof/ceiling

    They seem to enjoy surfing down the roof possibly on a dislodged tile - never actually seen it, but heard and seen the resulting holes in the roof and smashed tiles below.   Imagine catching that on camera!   This happened in our old house, and kid#3 got a skin (ferret?) from the red cross shop and nailed it to the bike shed as a warning to the beasties     In this house we have some creature seemingly in the wall (these are not cavity walls) in the area of the window sill making chewing noises. Was one bedroom, now ours (way around the other side of the house) and it is much louder now. No scurrying/scuttling at all, so I think it's an insect, but there is no sign outside of a hole or any life.
  7. school holidays

     @meetirfan your mother-in-law is making an awful decision which is unfair on your whole family   - if it is important that you all get together, given that at least your nuclear family do not live in Pakistan - she needs to make the decision to wait until after the pandemic is at least not at its height, if not longer.   If there is a pressing reason that the wedding should go ahead, then she must realise that it will be a scaled down affair - even for those who live in Pakistan, even in the same location, they should not be gathering in large numbers. These big family gatherings are superspreaders - just because you are related does absolutely not mean that you are not spreading virus between you.   She is doing the wrong thing. Make that super clear and don't get involved. Being an idiot is thankfully not catching, unlike the virus. Sorry she is forcing this issue - no-one needs extra pressure like this at the moment.
  8. Where to buy FFP2 facemasks in Berlin?

     We bought Livinguard masks back in October and only the ones without the valve are now certified for use within the current laws (except Bavaria, they are still waiting/arguing that one). That's even though the valves can be closed. We bought the valveless ones anyway for the exact reason the CDC are now saying - that we don't want to accidentally spit our covid over people if we have it and are symptomless. I would recommend the ones we have - they are comfortable, easy care and last ages - but lots of TTers live in Bavaria and so they are going to be of limited use.
  9. How can I change my name on my passport

    Theoretically, lying on your application would render it null and void here, too, but clearly not in all cases.
  10. How can I change my name on my passport

      My name has a circumflex, which the passport office in the UK has never bothered to include.   When I became a German this issue of circumflex or not amounted to a whole new name in their eyes. It was becoming an issue of some difficulty, and then the specific Beamte in charge of my case asked me how I sign my name (with circumflex, obviously) and just issued my new Deutsch stuff with my correct circumflexed name. She was fine with that, although strictly speaking this was an unusual departure from he normal, which they don't like.    I think I was lucky and the particular Beamte just used her common sense. Having said that, I was an EU citizen at the time, have 4 kids one of whom was already eingedeutsched, and a nice fat trail of paperwork of who I am, and the difference in name was pretty minimal on the scale of things.   If your nickname has parts of your actual name, or is clearly a nick name and not a whole alternative, then you might be OK.   If engelchen's instincts are correct, which they often are, then there are some valid suggestions above, good luck!
  11. So do you think what the UK is doing is an OK plan, given that their Covid numbers are so high?   And also, while you are here, doesn't immunising people in a population where the target virus is present in high numbers encourage resistant strains to develop? 
  12.   I suppose in the case of medical personnel in an overstretched system that is inevitable.    The not giving a second dose does not sound like a cunning plan, but maybe they are right that one dose will give some people immunity, and you get to more people quicker with the one dose, and over all it will result in immunity in larger numbers of people quicker than doing it 'properly'.
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Possibly a bit mean, but kid#1 who got a first in her masters just discovered that she also won a prize for best in cognitive wotsits, all very marvellous and many congratulations due - she wins a tenner. Her brother spends half a day designing a Christmas card for his educational institution and wins 30 quid .
  14. I think she means that because there was a loosening of rules around Christmas it is therefore notable that there are many deaths happening now.   Thing is Christmas jollies, at least around here, were cancelled anyway.  
  15. Need some new inspiration...

    Oh fair point. The chair would be OK , the pond as I remember was easy to keep once we set it up - fish are horrific, so we didn't go there, water plants not so much, but there would be some faffing about involved.