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  1. That's brilliant. What a great company.
  2. The einburgerungstest is fine - learn the answers, there's a handy app, and all will be well.   The B1 is also absolutely achievable. Deutsche Welle have a lot of material, Duolingo is great - there's lots of help out there - I think if I were to do it now I would have bought myself a book on writing for B1, there are many phrases etc. that you can just learn, as well as the way to lay out specific documents.
  3. Cholesterol values - question for the Doctors

    His experience with this lies at the end of the scale we would all rather avoid. Hence his suggestion of looking for a cause.
  4. The "why it is difficult to leave" thread

    Nor all that scenery and the tavernas. 
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. 
  6. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Also, I presume he is now an ex-royal photographer after giving that interview....  
  7. A gift to a doctor

    He's a psychiatrist. I can see that happening. People who feel as though he is the only person who understands them, that he has brought them out of darkness etc. And he quite possibly is that person, which is OK. I am a bit surprised that it is legal, but hey ho.
  8. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Most people's division of time alters drastically after marriage - not seeing a friend much at all is pretty normal. Military people in particular remain friends through long years of not seeing each other at all - 'breaking' friends seems quite primary school to me - usually one just drifts away from people, but if you were again thrown together with them, you'd probably just crack on as before.
  9. Einbürgerung in Berlin Mitte

    I have to say, given my own experiences with the Einbürgerungsstelle, quite possibly no-one, or maybe again yes, one or two - such is the lottery of Beamter - we have absolute arse-muppets and lovely helpful people who bend over backwards to help, working absolutely alongside each other. It must be awful to work there.
  10. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    The further they are from the throne the less important it is that they keep their private opinions to themselves.   The monarch needs to be impartial, it goes with the territory, to the extent that she cannot vote in elections. So Prince Charles being outspoken about a number of things is problematic, since there is every chance that he might get to be king for a half-hour or so    Harry and Meghan, not so much, and having opinions about the sorry state of our relationship with the environment is not a hugely controversial thing - I am completely certain they do not  although possibly against. They might look insincere if their lives continue to involve loads of flying across the Altantic for private purposes, though.
  11. Health insurance costs during early retirement

    dipole, reducing your wage to get into public health is only required temporarily - then you can go back to a higher wage and stay within public as a voluntary member.   How that affects you on retirement, I don't know. Panda and john will, and it may not help at all, so please don't get your hopes up until they answer!
  12. 2019, an espresso odyssey

      It's also a really cool design. It would make a good talking point.
  13. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

      That is just brilliant.  To whom will the woman be praying, I wonder?    Good on your niece. Hair is good insulation. It is only convention that decides that it is ugly or unclean.    
  14. 2019, an espresso odyssey

    Yes, I enjoy reading the journey, and had some fun looking up Lisa's new machine and what it can do, but I am a hand grinder, filter-insert-in-a-mug person, and if I remember to warm the milk in the microwave, then Nirvana is mine.
  15. Brexit: The fallout

      to be fair, I am fairly sure he wasn't meaning in terms of individuals and their intelligent and insightful posts, more that without you, we were essentially a bunch of on-balance-remainers grumbling in an echo chamber, and with your reappearance, the Brexiteer again has a personal face on TT.