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  1. Do you like living in Germany?

    Oh that's awful. How people live with themselves....   Hopefully she and her children have plenty and this isn't actually hurting them, but his dentist's training must have cost a pretty penny.
  2. Do you like living in Germany?

    Oh crikey  - that's horrible. The son whose debt it was just let his mother and siblings pick up the tab? What a prince. 
  3. BAföG - Student loans/grants in Germany

    emkay, how well does she think it has gone?   Don't forget things like the Studienstiftung des Deutsches Volkes and other similar organisations. They are worth looking into. It probably depends on grades.
  4. Do you like living in Germany?

      Well, there's generous 
  5. Do you like living in Germany?

    I had a grant as well, until that loan - and for my PCGE I was paid I think 1000 quid because I did science. Now you'd be looking at mega thousands for a physicist I imagine.   I think the debt system we have is essentially a graduate tax being hidden as student debt. I have no real problem with it, except if low income families are scared off by it. Then it becomes a very real issue, because the opportunity for the most appropriate learning/training should be available to all.
  6. Do you like living in Germany?

    Crikey, what a system. I can see why escaping is a thing.   Student loans in the UK are like a dirty word, but actually I think it's OK. You borrow the cost of the tuition through the Student Loan company, and you can take an extra sum for living expenses depending on how much your parents earn, and when you have a job earning above a particular threshold, you start to pay it back. They can never take more than 10% of your money and when you get to 50 it is written off.   Mine was about 500 quid - I think I may have been the first year of the system (there weren't tuition fees), and as a new teacher earned below the threshold. My husband got bored of the annual proof of income charade and paid it off after about 10 years. A friend of ours was going to sell her house to avoid her son having to take out a Student Loan but thankfully kid#1 persuaded her that in the UK, losing your house is not necessarily a recoverable situation whereas a student loan really is.   The downside is that the interest rates are not fixed by law, and are higher than they should be at the moment, and that could get worse.   It was free for so long - my Dad lived in a lovely hall, free board and lodgings, and pocket money every month when he did his teacher training - Shoreditch college, aeons ago, and it is not culturally acceptable in the UK that higher education is not free, but the money has to come from somewhere.    That American system is out of control.
  7. I like that better, anyway. The minefield one doesn't work so well.
  8. no, because now they are all acquainted, they are one household 
  9. Vodafone exasperation post

    Oh for goodness sake, it's as though they have exceptions lined up ready to exclude people from their good offers.   The renewing contract thing still does my head in.
  10. Vodafone exasperation post

    I had a surprisingly fun chat with a dude from mobilcom because I was keen to kundige a spare contract which had happened accidentally  - he ended up cancelling that one, having ascertained it was unwanted, and cutting my other one, which I do want, down to 9,99 a month for the stuff he can see I actually use. So come November/December, I will have a nice lean phone thing. Win/win - that was the Kundigung dude, who, as Malty says, has The Power. We were moving house and taking our Telekom number with us. In the shop, she laid out costs for various options of contracts etc, and I pointed to an offer on the wall, way better than anything she was offering, and she explained that only new customers were entitled to that one - at which point I did say that long standing customers should get recognition, which to be fair to her, she completely understood and was a bit embarrassed about - it does seem very obvious when you move from anywhere where customers are not just an inconvenience, but hey. The thing you have had is even worse because it's sly, as Dessa says.
  11. I took my first trip into our city Real today, in search of a couple of things - it's under the shopping centre, so everybody goes down an escalator. Red arrows marked where we had to turn across the bottom of the 'up' escalator and follow a marked path taking us directly across the path of people leaving the shop, twice, in less than 10 feet. Stupidy stupid. Mine tape stops you doing anything remotely sensible. Not going there again.
  12. Lose vs. loose

      Hello?   Coronaquarantine bored, presumably. Any port in a storm, and lose/loose is a solid old chestnut.   HF what's your fridge like? There used to be a fridge porn thread which was a blast.
  13. Coronavirus

    would you mind checking stuff really carefully before posting it so that we are not all subjected to the endless drivel?
  14. Our Spermüll collections are on as always, which I find dodgy from the perspective of the bin men, if useful for the townsfolk.
  15. Coronavirus

    Presumably he will refuse vaccination as he knows 'better', which is a self-solving problem