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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

      The Pedant in the Kitchen by Julian Barnes ( - hilarious.   Back to the sad truth of the food banks etc. - for a (terrifying) glimpse of cooking with no knowledge or gear,  Kay's Cooking - YouTube - I fear this is how people are trying to manage - with a gas ring and a couple of pans, mostly cheap ingredients and no clue.    Certainly those suggesting courses for cooking and healthy nutrition are not wrong, but the basic causes of the current difficulties are the years of austerity that have literally cut the average life expectancy in the UK.  Marmot Review 10 Years On - IHE ( The marmoset dude's writing is no jolly read.   This is the background against which the insensitive comments are set. There is no doubt that lack of budgeting and culinary skills are central to many people finding themselves unable to manage on a low income, but there are plenty who just don't have sufficient income for even very modest needs and those who are earning a large wage and particularly those in a position to claim from public funds for their activities should not be throwing stones at unfortunates stuck in a situation the rich politicians have colluded in.
  2. The English Teacher's Corner

    Oh yes.   Constantly.   I looked at a Uni paper done by a kid during Covid and honestly at least 10% was literally multiple guess because none of the choices given were correct. Quite bizarre.
  3. Odd news

    Looking at that one, John, I think their mistake was in investing in him expecting a return.   Investing in your kids for their sake is one thing, but for your own sake is well dodgy...
  4. garden lawns are bad

    Using a well makes it more of a personal preference since water is not being wasted, and when your new garden is a few more seasons old, those shrubs and trees will give it much more wildlife appeal, but you have a built in advantage with the shrubbery over the fence.   I really like your wall - it's a thing of beauty and a great habitat.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Honestly. Dude. She's a nutter. Don't let her in your house!! 
  6. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    Yes. I only buy special offers from them, which can be amazing.
  7. Only in America

    There were hints of Critical Race Theory in them.   That's a concept from back in the 70s and 80s from when scholars were suggesting that racism remained endemic in institutions thereby maintaining white dominance regardless of civil rights legislation passed in the 60s.   It was a way of telling the story of what goes on. Honestly it doesn't seem controversial, but I'm not from the USA. It proper raises hackles and some people want to ban any reference to endemic racism.  Those who ban the books seemingly don't have to publish the why.   Presumably in the Maths books it's graphs and stats which make these people uncomfortable.   Bonkers. Really, how could reflecting on whether your systems are truly inclusive or not be a bad thing? No matter what age. No matter what kind of inclusivity.  
  8. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

    My local Reform shop had 3 kinds of PB today, massively reduced, Bio etc. but all had palm oil. Rats. 
  9. 3G in Restaurants?

    Nicely put.
  10. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

      We have a Ninja, recommended by the cleaner at work who swears by hers.   It cooks very fast and everything tastes brilliant. Kid#4's fresh potato chips (fries) were taking a long time to cook, so were probably horrifically expensive and he's made two Simnel cakes in it now which took a while, but our Easter lamb pressure cooked for 30 minutes and airfried for 10 instead of 6 hours in a low gas oven. The thing I like is that it does all the things. It lives on the oven which we no longer use. I'm going to make a wonderbag to fit the inner pot for free slow cooking, and that will just finish it nicely.   It will depend on space in your new kitchen. Kid#1 was hoping for one now she has moved out of her shared house (15! - got a bit much...) but the tiny miners cottage she is now in has mini everything and the Ninja is just too big. The other similar appliances will also be large, I guess.
  11. What kind of cooking oil do you use?

      Yes. We haven't deep fried in living memory, so a comparison is obviously a bit crap, but everyone has been keen on the airfried food, including the kids, and it uses very little oil generally. Kid#4 started making chips from fresh potatoes daily and that was a bit oil greedy (by my standards - 1l lasting over a year), but he's over that now  Food from the supermarket ready for oven baking or whatever just goes straight in and needs no addition. Mine is a multicooker. I have been really pleased with it.  @klingklang77 it does solve the oil problem, and everything tastes great. Expensive machines, though, so not a useful fix while budgeting.
  12. Death and child custody

      Indeed.   I have to admit to a certain feeling of relief when Kid#1 hit 18, and even more so now that Kid#4 has done so. Definitely worth making the best arrangements you can, but do be careful crossing the road - you are doubly precious now.
  13.    I think so, because the fridge is freed up for other stuff, and I think that unlike a freezer, filling a fridge does consume more energy than having it only part filled.  Presumably you mean, once they're cold, does it take much power to keep them cold, and I guess, like you said, the answer is not much.
  14. Yes, traditional in the UK was a haybox, same idea.
  15.   I would take the pot out of the bag before serving. Otherwise, it looks simple enough to use - open bag, put hot pot in, close bag?