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  1. From my reading of the initial post, I think she had paid for 5 months, and having still not got a sim card, cancelled the payment, and then came this bill for 19.98.    
  2. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    I was the one being grumped at a few weeks ago in Lidl, when a new checkout opened, and we were quite far along the queue of the one next to it, but not yet unloaded onto the belt. I proper flew to the new one, beating a lad followed by his Mum and a very loaded trolley from way far back in another queue. We had only a few items between us, and had been queuing far longer, but he was properly cross - cue my teenagers snorting with laughter as he passed a few choice words more suited to a middle aged man.  Being British, I did feel embarrassed, but I think Right was on my side...
  3.   Oh, I have a shelf full. Zillions. They were on offer at Tesco some years back and we ate much Gu-ness, and then I moved the little pot things back because they are just so brilliant and 'one day they'll come in handy', as your wife says. I am about to move them again, and still remain certain that they will one day come into their own. They may be demoted into a box in the cellar this time around.
  4. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    Thanks Bramble. Have been a bit wifi-free and only just caught up with your response.
  5. Maybe your 9 yr old certificate pre-dates the ALTE system, so although it is TELC, it is not within the framework now in place. Which is basically splitting hairs, given that you have lived here ages and hold down a job which requires communication with the natives....   Having said that, my impression from reading endless threads is that the individual you see has you over a barrel.
  6. Health Insurance Contract Cancellation

    My son is leaving Germany in September to study in the UK. He will be with the NHS. He is currently working and insured through the TKK. Presumably he is best just cancelling his TKK policy - he has no idea whether he will return to Germany or not after his 4 years of study. I have read of people remaining in just in case they want to return, and paying a lower amount for the time they are away, but that seems overkill for his situation.   Thoughts?
  7. What are you cooking today?

    slammer, your fridge sounds a lot like ours...   cleaned mine yesterday, and it thankfully no longer smells like pond slime with a lacing of carrion - the last thing needing scoffed before it wanders off of its own accord is a pork fillet, which I think I might slice, squish and make into a version of that veal thing with stuff pinned on with cocktail sticks.    That is going to be fun to google for a recipe... 
  8. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

    There is a kind of foil with baking paper stuck on one side which presumably solves the health issues of grilling in foil.   I used it inside a cake tin to save greasing which was not greatly successful since the two sides react differently to heat and the thing squiggled around in the pan and the cake was seriously wonky.
  9. Farmhouse renovations..

      Presumably this would have been the material used back when it was built. I would be very tempted by it. What have you used for the 'grundierung'? Is that breathable?    There is a new magazine from the hugely successful 'Landlust' stable, which concentrates on traditional methods. I find it interesting, but I am pretty clueless. You may not find anything new or special in them at all.    My in-laws lived in a Devon cottage with the oldest part being a study made of a several-hundred year old essentially straw and dung animal house. It makes me laugh when the nay-sayers come on being rude about those building materials. Properly done, they are long lasting and much less damaging to the world around us.
  10. What was your first car?

    My brother first had a Fiat 500, like the tiny child of a Beetle. We overtook one the other day and it brought back some memories...
  11. What made you smile today?

    Oh, she is the cutest. What a smile...
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Zwiebelfisch is not wrong, it's just that it is usually character assassination, rather than body-part shaming/bragging.    edit : wot Leon said. We agreed early on in our relationship that our shared sex life was not a topic for conversation with others. 
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Nope.   Definitely not all.   Not an interesting topic of conversation.
  15. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Brilliant john_b, welcome to the club.