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  1. Ooh, true - we have only done it for personal injury.   Our Integrationshelfer once suggested we got the school to cover damages to kid#2's bike which happened in the Fahrradkäfig, but we didn't pursue that, so I have no idea if that would have worked.
  2. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Well, in the same way as we are free to comment how we choose, she is free to react to those comments and ask for specific behaviour if she chooses. We are then at liberty to learn a lesson in how to behave with mercy towards someone in difficulty or just ignore and continue beating up the weaker kid.    I think her situation is horrible, not of her personal making, and beating up on her is cruel.
  3. Well, the school Versicherung - we have done that multiple times for stuff which happened at/on the way to school.
  4. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

      Franklan is a Germ, not a Brit.
  5. Vegan coming for dinner

    Ah, that's where I recognise that sentence construction from. Gave me a happy giggle.
  6. Hamburg Cruise Days warning

    It's brilliant. A great fake which should get people talking.   
  7. Experience with kids learning German

      This will make a difference and when he is ready, and needs to start speaking, he will.   He still has the time to gain confidence before his ability to join in, the 'Mündliche' part of his marks, becomes really important.   Just don't turn it into a battle or an issue, I suppose. Perhaps he could become your official speaker whilst out and about? If he is willing? My kids did it for years, and it made them think a bit more about their German. I fully expected them to help with explaining information leaflets etc. to me, and it gave them value within the household which I think they felt good about. 
  8. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

        This one I hear too, and it makes me laugh out loud.   Recently, due to the drawdown of troops up here in the old British Sector, the English schools have all closed bar one tiny one, and certainly there is no more secondary schooling to be had, so some of the teachers who were keen to stay have taken their chances with the German school system.   Without exception they cannot believe how few hours constitute a 'full time job', how little planning/marking is required, how little anyone needs to take home, how you can turn up 3 seconds before the bell and that's OK, how there is no concept of health and safety evaluation for activities, hardly any policy documentation....   Those have gone into Gymnasiums, mostly in Sek1, one in Sek2. The others are finding classroom behaviour tough, and I don't know anyone who has become a Grundschule teacher.   Systems are hard to compare successfully, but the 'sky god' mentality of Gymnasium teachers here does have me rolling my eyes - they have no idea.    In contrast I always found the Hauptschule teachers friendly and helpful.  
  9. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

      Well, we are a completely English speaking household and so our kids have only learned German out of the house.They have all acquired German sufficient for a successful education and social life. The oldest and most academic got a 1,1 Abitur and a degree from Oxford, so has been successful in both the German system and the English. Kid#2 has serious learning difficulties and has gone through what most people are horrified by - the Hauptschule - and then went on to Berufsschule and got a Fachabitur. Also great success.   Who knows with the last two - you get out what you put in which would currently be a 'grudging attendance' certificate, but we will see. Their German is good enough, for certain. They have been in the German system from the start of Kindy. The youngest has always been in extra German, but that's because he gets crap marks because he doesn't speak in class if he can help it, not because his German is not fit for purpose in itself.   Your Kindy sounds ideal, and as though your kid stands every chance of picking up the language. I still would do extra activities just in case.
  10. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

    I think the issue with the assumption that Kindy will be enough is that this is only really true if both the caregivers and a critical number of kids are fluent German speakers. This was true for most Kindys until relatively recently. Nowadays not so much.   Depending on which Kindy in Köln the OP is going to take the kid to, more effort may be required. .
  11. Language acquisition for 5/6 year old

      All of this. We also used song cds in the car, with classic German kid songs, and also fairytales.   Our local library took part in a thing called 'lesen macht spaß' where older people read books to age-sorted groups of kids. It was a great activity, replicating what you would have done at home if you could. I think in these days of smart phones which make recordings easily, that it would not be hard to get a German to record reading books for a kid, and then you can indeed sit together, pointing to the words whilst listening to the recording.    The kiga also had a programme for the kids in their last year before school, where they had 45 minutes German with a teacher 4 days a week, which was a brilliant thing. All kids with a foreign parent had to join in. Mine got on very well with it. Yours may have something similar.
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    We use Sanabelle kidney for for our old man,  and we just put a little bit with the usual food, well mixed, and changed the proportions each day a little bit more and within 2 weeks the change had been made.   We have wondered about a fountain for water - apparently it does help them drink more.
  13. Recommendations for a 3-6 month stay in Germany

      Oh brilliant    We used to be here until Paps did his Masters thesis based on aspects of it, after which the magic was somewhat dulled.
  14. Recommendations for a 3-6 month stay in Germany

    Oh, our Panda. You ain't seen nothing yet. Look at her tax advice threads (not all of them, that would take a while...)   She is an actual super-hero.
  15. Vegan coming for dinner

      Wow. Did they mistreat their stock, keep their animals in horrible conditions, or have you misunderstood what animal welfare is about when it comes to animals for consumption?