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  1.   I have to say that after the initial euphoria, I started to refer to myself as 'Brexit-Deutsch', which says it all, really.
  2. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    I think it's a vehicle and not a trailer, as it were, just from reading the posts.   Such a pain when someone parks right outside your property.   We get it happening a lot, and although we have a great long fence line and really don't care, people insist on parking right near the gate, which we reverse into on the side of a hill at a weird angle, and that is just annoying and unnecessary. 
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

        Hahahaha    So, do not be a sheeple. Instead do exactly as I say.   Hmmm.    The difference is being someone who looks at the whole body of evidence/opinion, and goes with what the vast majority of people with training and knowledge of the subject recommend, or being someone who specifically looks at one outlying proposition and considers only that. And then has the gall to suggest that theirs is a more balanced opinion.   Actually, most people do not have either the time or the brain space to look at the whole body of evidence, and end up needing to rely on a source they trust. This is where the ability to make good choices is critical.    
  4. Torn between complete admiration for a difficulty overcome with aplomb, and horror at the total lack of responsibility on so many levels 
  5. Sadly, yes.   It is bonkers.
  6. German women and femininity

      Well I always thought that, but as mine fades slowly (quickly in some parts) silver, I think I'm just going to embrace my inner hag and go with it.
  7. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Hahaha    Nicely put. I imagine he had to think long and hard before making that decision    His wife, on the other hand, now that's a shame. That would've made a great fly-on-the-wall documentary 
  8. What's the issue with dual nationality?

    When we went for dual nationality kids#3 and #4 asked about serving in the armed forces of one country whilst having another national identity. Not a problem - the second country needs to give permission, which with UK and DE is not a problem.   Fast forward a couple of years, and kid#3 is happily Bundeswehr bound with no further mention of the UK having a say in the matter, which is kind of funny.   Her brother wants to go the other way. So in jeba's nightmare scenario, they will face each other across the battlefield. Which has been pretty normal throughout history, really. Borders and countries being the human constructs that they are.   (quite hard finding this not sung by you-know who)
  9. Why are you happy today?

    Oh yay!   That is totally fab. So glad for him - what a great start.
  10. Germans I know will say that those from the east have the reputation of being unfriendly, so maybe you would just be better in a town in the west?     This does seem relatively normal from threads I have read on TT. Socialising here in Germany is done through Vereine which are now opening again 'after' Corona (!). Pick an activity you like, find the relevant club and go there for friends.
  11. Bullying or harassment in the work place

      How disrespectful, that after years you end up being the one who has to prove your worth.   Not unusual, sadly.   Will he likely stay a long time, or will you probably have a limited time to survive until he goes on and up/across/out? 
  12. Bullying or harassment in the work place

      What did happen?   It's a horrible situation. 
  13. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

      Is there clarity on what 'fully vaccinated' means? 2 doses plus 2 weeks, but only NHS counts? List of approved jabs/countries? 
  14. German returning to BRD after 50 years in UK

    The moving, or the dual citizenship?   The moving, all good for the specific situation above.   The dual citizenship - has sailed, unfortunately.