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  1. You can take the concrete block out to go up the stairs and pad it with something like a duvet instead, and then put the concrete back in afterwards. Just be careful not to shake it around.
  2. Kicking the bucket, are you prepared?

    We have random crap everywhere and nothing organised at all. It would be awful. I must do some of this stuff like a real grown up.
  3. I separate washing religiously. Recently we have had an attack of the fleas and I washed kid#3's bedroom stuff at 60 all together, and her blue throw has made her sheet and blanket grey - which luckily is her absolute favourite colour, so it is a happy accident .   I remember when kid#1 was a baby and money was very tight. Someone gave her a gorgeous red corduroy dress which ran in the wash every time and made everything pink  - in the end I gave it away...
  4. Brexit: The fallout

      This, oh this...
  5.   ...and now they call it 'resistant materials' - my father would be spinning in his grave (30+ years as woodwork, metalwork, technical drawing teacher)
  6.   No. None at all. You are legally here with your German wife. There may be paperwork. It might be worth asking. Most probably they will not be interested until March, anyway, given that at the moment all there is is uncertainty.
  7.   Thanks Bramble. The address was on a sticker already on the envelope, so that bit was not my problem. All should be well, then. Thank you.
  8. OK, I have searched this, and I think I am OK, but just checking - I filled in a reference for a kid wanting to do a year abroad, and stuffed it in the post this morning. About a millisecond after letting go, I realised I forgot to put a return address on the back.    Will it still get delivered, or go to some kind of mismanaged mail purgatory?   (It has to be in Lüneburg by Wednesday)
  9. I love living in Germany, but...

    Yes, I like to think most of us do work for better opportunities for our children.
  10. I love living in Germany, but...

    Also - we are paying for this. It is not offered for free, it is a paid for 'luxury' which probably was on offer in most of the places we grew up, not necessarily in a music school concept, but certainly in a private tuition one. Whether our parents saw it as worth paying for is another thing.    The UK had a marvellous music offering for a while, free for all, but I think it was rather short lived. The small remainder for the Service schools here is probably its last gasp.
  11. I love living in Germany, but...

    Music school can be both group and pair/individual lessons.   Ours only allows cancellation once a year, others have two Termine - usually Christmas and summer.   Ours is quite flexible, in that if one kid wants to stop, then if the other kid/kids in the group are happy to carry on and pay the higher tariff for a smaller group, then that's OK. This seems fair to me.   There was quite a short probezeit, as I remember it, and I agree that if desdemona's daughter didn't like playing oboe, and there is a waiting list, then it is better to transfer the lesson to the next kid on the list than for desdemona to continue paying for 8 months, while her kid doesn't go, and nor does the next kid waiting. Ours probably would avoid this if possible, but I know other music schools are just not that customer friendly. I do have a friend whose son was hospitalized for months, and despite letters from the doctors, and despite it being clearly in the rules that this is an acceptable exception, I think she continued paying throughout. I fear that if a kid was squashed by a bus the parents would still be paying for the violin lessons until the year's end...
  12. Jokes

      ....and you lost me right there!    
  13. How to raise my tenants rent

    Haus und Grund is an organisation for house owners - landlords. They should be able to give you advice about your rental situation. You join it and pay an annual fee, a bit like tenants joining the tenants association.
  14. Permanent Residence - can I be unemployed?

      Yup, been there. Thankfully in my case, the next visit randomly had me being seen by a lovely lady I already knew, and all was sorted out. Most I know are not this lucky.   lupa, I do hope it all comes right soon.
  15. Scum of the Day

      Gotcha. Pointless. Funny too, sometimes. Particularly a helpful suggestion to someone who was stuck for an answer 8 years ago.