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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    To add to the above, Paps, who was a cub-scout (very knotty people) and a Sea Cadet (even knottier) had also never heard of this and is now tying his Postie boots according to option 2, thank you @PandaMunich and is very happy indeed 
  2. Well, we'll put ours in now before the next price rise then, thanks chaps.   Brennholz - Bayerische Forstwirtschaft (   energy related, but different question. I am trying to compare on this BF website specifically the 40cm 3 Ster pallet. The Ster is new to me, but using the info on that page it looks like about 2 RM of wood, which is stupid cheap for 109€ even by last year's prices. The rest of the page is not bad value for this year, shocking for last. So I assume I'm being dim. Anyone bored/interested in calculations or firewood enough to take a squizz? Apparently delivery is free. Too good to be true? The website is crashy, so maybe the advert has popped up all over and people like me are trying to do the maths 
  3. It would work if we had just had winter.   Or if you put in inflated figures now, so essentially buying in advance the gas you'll use over the next few weeks.    Ah - the Mail is talking about avoiding having all the gas you used charged later at the higher price. I don't think that happens here. 
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Mine was sub-par. I learned this right now 
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Just learned from a friend that when you tie your shoes in a double bow and then can't undo them because it rained and they got wet and went all tight, you just pull one of the strings and it all comes apart.   It's true. One tightens, the other loosens.   How did I not know this? 
  6. How integrated are you?

    Good start, but REWE is only beginner level till shovelling, until you can keep up with Aldi on Saturday afternoon you're not quite there 
  7. Can a German be rude when speaking English?

      Shocking .   Off for a lie down to recover .
  8. Jules Verne Campus bilingual school in Munich

      This is an important disclaimer - he has one kid who went to a private (not state) kiga which was catastrophic, and now attends an international school which they are very happy with. Whilst being glad they found a solution to their issues, it does mean his experience is extremely limited and the international/private schools have an anti-state school bias which becomes an echo chamber.   Assuming you are a kiwi, my kiwi mate in Paderborn trained as a British schoolteacher and now works in a Gesamtschule, his son is in German school, and although there have been ups and downs, he doesn't regret it (kid is now 16). Sometimes where you come from makes a huge difference, and so that seemed worth a mention - maybe some kiwis on here will be able to give you some comparison.   I have 4 kids, the last of which is in his final year of Gymnasium. We used 6 kindergartens, 2 primary schools, 3 Gymnasiums and a Hauptschule in various places as we moved about and kids made different choices. There was variety, and one of those kigas was crap and I regret using it, but overall, generally things were good, and the main take-home I have for you at the Grundschule end is that which teacher the kids have as class teacher is very important. They are more like Kings/Queens of their empires than professional colleagues working in a team environment, and so the reputation of the school itself is not as important as the reputation of the specific teacher your kid will be with. One of our Grundschulen had possibly the best teacher I have ever met, and a really poor one working just down the corridor, with only very limited attempts being made to share expertise.   Germany is a great place to have kids and be a family. I hope it works out for you.    
  9. Queen Elizabeth

    So well deserved. What a dude.
  10. How integrated are you?

      Well yes, that would be ridiculous.   We bought our first house here because we lost our Diensthaus, and to keep the kids in their schools, we had to move in a hurry. Here at that time, renting was approx twice the monthly cost of a mortgage.   So we bought. Actually outright in the end, which tells you even more about house prices here at the time  but at the beginning of the buy/rent decision, it was mortgage or rent we were working off.   There are multiple factors involved and those look different for each constellation of geographical region and personal circumstance.   I liked renting. It was easy and we had loads of free time.
  11. How integrated are you?

      Oh absolutely.   I remember my F-in-L waffling on about how we shouldn't get a mortgage for a house because he just saved up and got one and that's the better thing to do.   Actually he was invalided out of the Foreign Office in Hong Kong with honours and a payout, with which he bought his cottage in Devon about 100 years ago. So not too similar to today's conditions, really, and he was indeed lucky with his big payout - not everyone is ever in that position.  
  12. Should we/How to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood

      This.   We have mostly lived in British enclaves in the past, and there it is normal to greet the newbies with a potted plant or something.   In German neighbourhoods this is not a thing. Apparently (probably read it on here back in the day) it's opposite here. Certainly, in the 3 German neighbourhoods we have lived, that's been the case.   In the same way as birthdays are backwards - here the birthday person gives the cake/whatever, there the group treats the birthday person. And going round to someone's house - we would generally be invited round to someone, here they would invite themselves.    So why not? It is unlikely to go wrong, and quite likely to be at least neutral and possibly make a real difference. 
  13.   well, I no longer feel bad about the stories kid#3 comes home with from her entirely tax-funded existence 
  14.   So the initial problem is just until the end of October. After that you could start by finding work in the mornings only. Not perfect at all, but a start.   Have you asked the Kiga in the next village about just until the end of October?    The press are not going to help - approaching them is not 'a thing you can do' because it's not a thing - your case, although really very difficult, is not news-worthy, it is in fact unfortunately common.    This is a local issue - something unexpected has happened to the staffing in that Kiga, and they informed you when they knew. This was far too late for your purposes.   I agree you should get one of the places in the next village until the end of October, for your Weiterbildung. That is the thing to pursue, politely. The press can't help with that.    If you piss everyone off, you won't get the fulltime place in Feb. if it comes up. When your son starts school, is it full day, or is there a Hort or do you need to get him down on a Tagesmutter waiting list right now? Just thinking forward here, otherwise this problem isn't going to end for years.  
  15. How integrated are you?

    That is truly an achievement.