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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Brilliant john_b, welcome to the club.  
  2. Hello to all the online lurkers!

    Oh, don't knock the house, barn, mud posts. Those are great.   Not so much the rest, but SP has been known to bring many a crisis to a happy conclusion for his fellow TTers, so I guess some don't reflect themselves so well in print.
  3. Waldkita Experience?

    Again, no direct experience, but the headmaster of the British school we had here sent his son to one, and he and his wife were thrilled. There was a strong community and opportunities for involvement should one wish.
  4. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

    We have 3 here, one is 'sport' and one is 'music' but that's it, really, which I don't think really addresses the issue of providing for strengths and weaknesses in different subjects.   It is good that schools with different profiles exist in some places, but I don't think that is the essential issue - there is a lack of willingness in general to grapple with individual needs. Overall I find the schooling available here offers good opportunities, but this is one area which I think is weak. There are obviously always exceptions, and we have had some truly world class teachers. They comment that there is an emphasis during training on subject matter and theory rather than the requirements of learners, which is no real surprise.  
  5. Germany secondary school final exam (math)

      This I struggle with in Germany. The different levels of schooling only really differentiate between kids who are academically inclined, those who are more of a do-type than a book-learn type, and those who find learning hard for whatever reason, and need less in their curriculum if they are to be successful.   The system does not distinguish between arty types and stem types, and of course you can be absolutely brilliant at writing whilst being utterly crap at maths. And possibly even more so in the other direction.    Streaming allows for this, and that's not rocket science. It can make for complicated timetabling, if you literally separate the abilities,  but it is not impossible. Gymnasium teachers earn well here. My former colleagues who have successfully segued into the German system literally cannot believe how easy teaching is here and how little is required, and the lack of a concept of differentiation in the classroom would  be one of the 'unbelievables' - we are used to providing for at least 3 levels of attainment in any one class. That's the whole point. Otherwise you are a lecturer and not a teacher.  
  6. Best options for new central heating system

    We heat primarily with wood, wasserführender ofen, also with an oven section. It is pretty good, heats the radiators well, cooks our food, but the big downer is, as you say, not being there to shove the logs in.   I would probably go pellet, but would worry that if the price rises, then you are stuck. At least we could start burning sperrmull, cats, kids, whatever is lying about with less than 20% water in it...   edit - we do have perfectly good gas heating, I am just tight.
  7. Neighbour boundary issues

      a lot of rainwater is commonly known as a flood. This could be a really massive issue.
  8. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    I ticked 'nein' and wrote 'EU' in the box. Not wanting to run my pen out 
  9. Which past members do you miss the most?

    So he did go for the steel pipes in the chimney plan. Panda will be happy.    Next time you visit will you take a picture of the sauna and hot tub? I bought a second hand blow-up one on kleinanzeigen last year, and we love it and Paps really wants to keep it. It is in the Diensthaus at the moment though, which has greatly reduced power bills, and I can't see us continuing to use it in our own house. A wood fired one, though, that I can see as sustainable.   I am glad you are in touch. 
  10. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Oh good. How is their house project? That was brilliant to watch in progress. Bit like Piggy's barn - amazing transformation.
  11. why are school trips so expensive in germany?

    Our schools do their own. Sometimes the teachers share info from year to year, but not always. A last class trip for fun is organised by the students, if there is one.   The costs are kept down that way, I suppose.   At kid#1's posh Gymnasium (if only we had known, there were two others to choose from...) there was a requirement to spend 2000 € on a 2/3 week trip to America if you wanted to have English as your thesis subject (not thesis, there was another word, forgotten it) which I refused. All 6 of us could have had the holiday of a lifetime for that. I think that kind of thing is entirely unreasonable in a state school - I could have claimed poverty and asked for help, but that was not really the point. I just found it an inappropriate use of resources and not an OK thing to make pflicht. Not cricket. No need for that kind of profligacy, appalling for the environment, blah, blah.
  12. What do we need Car Friday for anyways?

    Maundy Thursday/Gründonnerstag is remembering the Last Supper, or Passover, where lamb and unleavened bread was eaten.   The names are either giving to the poor (maundy purses) related or foot washing related (mandate- latin-commandment) or Grün - food related as Tap mentions- there having been specific fasting requirements for Holy week, or to do with the 'Greinen' of the excommunicated who were allowed back into Church on that evening.   This is according to my assorted oldies - the origins of these words in both languages remains a source of endless fascination year on year. Looking at Wikipedia, there are several more explanations to peruse. Interesting.   My personal favourite for Karfreitag from the options above is Kehrfreitag. Silently, of course .
  13. German English Exchange

      All is well, then.   I thought I explained myself perfectly well - no judgement whatsoever of you, but that the advert was not conducive to many replies, either in its placing, or in its format.    I am an English teacher. Perhaps this is then a sensitive area for me, and if I came over as overly savage, for that I do apologise.  
  14. S1 Health Insurance and Brexit Questions

    I think it does, remembering a friend who used to use one. Not sure, though.
  15. German English Exchange

    Of course the OP didn't break any guidelines. Surely it is better that the OP knows this isn't likely to be a very fruitful hunting ground? He would be much better off in a German speaking forum and with B2 is easily able to post.   As to his English, also better to have some warning that at that level, a partner would probably want good grammar and sentence construction. No doubt this is well within his grasp, but if your ad doesn't display your wares to their best advantage, this is not a good thing.