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  1.   From the first post.
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    He means votes are secret so no-one knows who voted for what.    
  3. What is the hausmeister responsible for fixing?

    Well, Optimista had a very solid plan 
  4. Coronavirus

      We are a bit below and on the A/B week model, so only half the students in at a time.   Our understanding is that over 100 is similar, and only over 200 do we get no Presenzunterricht (not convinced by that spelling but you know what I mean ).   We may be wrong.
  5. And that's the key, isn't it - choosing specific countries/regions which have little chance of sourcing and paying for their own vaccine and who have a bad case of the Covids.   I do presume that the people in charge of the Covax campaign will do that. Maybe that's not true.
  6.   Only in the way that giving me 200€ for bog roll would have been 'generous' last April - I would still have been using a hamster-on-a-stick.   Rather, the UK and US have managed to make themselves look (and feel, probably, so thorough is our capacity for self-deception) fantastic whilst not actually getting vaccine into people's arms.    Like my bog roll example, once vaccine is freely available, Covax will be able to buy loads for its programme, but right now only a donation of actual vaccination (four pack of bog roll) is immediately helping.    It is back to look after your own first, or share at least some straight away. The analogy with putting your own oxygen mask on before helping your kid isn't a good fit - there is not an equal risk of Covid, or equal access to good healthcare if you catch it, over the world population. Some places are much worse off, Jonny's point above notwithstanding.  
  7. Gas Heizung Wartung

    We had a heating engineer come and work just over the hour and charge us 2 hours, which cost a fair bit - similar to your 200€ hit. He was also unpleasantly sarcastic.   Following year we called a different firm, and they charge by how long they are there, cost us around 100€ I think. Another time they came to check something out and it cost 30€. We asked them to come this last freeze on a Saturday and he was a bit upset about it being hugely expensive, but it was about 80€ or so.    Definitely worth getting other quotes. The variation is huge.
  8. What are you cooking today?

      Gosh. All of you are real lettuce pros. I buy it, dump it on the side, then when it is required, open the bag, pick off the nasty bits, chop it if needed, and Bob's your wotsit. Major re-think required. Am clearing out the fridge first....
  9. Coronavirus

      Nobody. Look at the graph in the thing you posted. There were a crappy couple of days in there, which were duly noted on here. 
  10. What are you cooking today?

    Well this paper towel thing is all news to me.   My bags of leaf salad become slime with a particularly gross stench after a very short time (especially since I'm big in the habit of buying reduced ) - tbf stuff doesn't need a long shelf life because we have teenagers, but I'm going to re-read the precise dessa instructions and my loose leaf life will be transformed    Every day is a school day! Thanks chaps.
  11. But we have better options for isolation than countries where vast numbers of people live in for example shanty towns.   The UK and US are very individualist. I do not see this as a plus.    The UK has given money most generously to the Covax campaign to buy jabs for countries which cannot buy their own, but when the vaccine is in short supply, it comes over as less philanthropic.        
  12.   Just that 2 other people I know have entered the UK and done that exact thing, so it is certainly not a special thing for the Royal family - he is even lower risk because the whole shebang will be happening within the family compound, which most of us couldn't claim.    Last summer when the red list suddenly affected those of us using the ferry, my other half phoned the home office helpline to ask if visiting his dying s-i-l would be OK, and they were fine with that. They also stated quite clearly that no matter how you got from here to there by car, the handing of your passport to a local on the continental side meant that you had to do quarantine. At the same time, the British Embassy in Paris gave direction that it was A OK to use the chunnel if you stayed in the car and didn't use the whizzers on board.   So there is no really clear direction on much of this stuff anyway. Certainly Harry's case is not really interestingly edgy. 
  13. What made you smile today?

      Yup, agree on the grey ones, but really here we are so lucky to be treated to the red ones.   I am happy to feed the birds, but am frankly ecstatic to feed the squirrels, they are fantabulous - we had a hazel tree which we had to allow the neighbour to remove and since then visits are sadly rare.    @dessa_dangerous if your chap becomes a regular, you could do an assault course, you could film it, it would be a real 'thing' - mapleleafdude used to post videos of his baby rabbits which were adorable,  but your squirrel would be even more awesome....
  14.   that gives you the specifics for this family, but we know 2 people who have been back in the UK in the last months for funerals, and it has worked exactly as the BBC reports.    The rules have changed for the better funeral-wise I think - SP's situation was awful. If at all possible people should be able to gather for a funeral - we do them for good reasons.