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  1. The English Teacher's Corner

    - one of the conversation exercises I did, other end of the scale, retired folk hovering around A1-2, involved slight imagination - giving them a set of small ads from the papers, a budget, and asking them to see how well they could furnish a bed-sit/flat/room (in an old folks home  perhaps) with it. Most of them joined in with gusto - they are after all oldies who are learning a new language just for the hell of it, but one just said - but I don't need to get anything, why would I want to imagine I do, this is pointless. She's usually really wilco, but there have been another couple of 'fictional' exercises which she has balked at - creativity and imagination - is it scary for some people, or too much effort?   Strange. They do love a good simile/metaphor comparison, especially involving wildlife, so if and when I ever get to spend time in a classroom with them again, I'll try your exercise, and report back.   
  2.   Tempting, but then they'd be taking up a hospital bed that a nice person might need... 
  3. Coronavirus

     It is a bit scary really, that over 700 of the employees are infected, and that's not counting whoever of the currently quarantined 7000 will have it, and how many are not quarantined because they didn't think they were involved etc etc.  And how many will have horrible symptoms. If all of that number are infected but not ill, then that would be a whole new story, but Bethel in Bielefeld has tightened its visiting policy again, which suggests that there are already additional patients.
  4. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Not that their own choice is laughable, and I know both, but that these are viable choices for people who can't afford their rent. And I know you didn't mention squatting - that's the whole point.    Sigh.
  5. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    I think he might have forgotten to add 'viable' to alternatives. I mean, sure, we could squat or live in caravans as well, but these are laughable as well.   It surprises and saddens me that there are people who remain steadfastly clueless about how huge numbers of other people live, with incomes which only barely cover their outgoings and there is no wiggle room for options, and often after a lengthy period of this, people lose the confidence to be imaginative about solutions as well.  
  6. Coronavirus

    This outbreak is not an opening up thing, the meat processing factory is part of the human food chain so has been open and was supposed to be following some very strict guidelines. Whether they have messed up on that will become clear as investigations take place, but there are problems worldwide with covid and meat processing places - some of the links in posts above will give you info on the current thoughts about that.    Having said that, you are right that the opening of other facilities will have spread it way beyond the meat factory. Our Corona buddy family live near there and they teach in local schools, so we may re-think our planned meeting for Sunday...
  7. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

      Wow. I don't think 'should' is true at all. Different people have different needs in life, and circumstances. We have done both, and renting was for us wonderfully stress free and gave us lots of spare time when the kids were small. In our particular situation now, renting would be much too expensive, and we own, but I look back on our renting days as pretty brilliant. A fair few people on TT own, rent out, and live in a rental. Makes sense to me.
  8. Bullying in Public

    RF said it was in the shared Hof, not in the school. We had a similar problem when kid#1 was that age. I didn't find a good solution, but then we moved away, so the problem was gone.  Hopefully the parents will care.
  9. Germans don't know how to queue

    Yup. So rude. So so rude. Like you, I can't get used to it.
  10. Many of our shops have had non-masked staff from as soon as the rule came in - Lidl for example. Staff behind screens at the till, shelf stackers, the dude who wanders around prodding the veg - no masks at all. Rewe - masks even behind the till screens. Pet food store - plexiglass visor things, which I think for all day working is a better and more practical solution than a nose-mouth mask.
  11. Surrogacy law in Germany

    Yup, the adoption of babies is not easy in many countries - there are any number of children waiting for adoption, often in heart rending circumstances, but not so much babies. Adopting them from elsewhere is more viable, but then you hear of horrible stories of how some of those babies are sourced, and frankly, how would you ever know? Not an easy situation and I hope you find a way of becoming parents.
  12. President Donald J. Trump

      I don't think he necessarily wants actual Christians either - they might be seeking justice for all or something tricky like that.
  13. Why are you happy today?

    She did great - what a feeling for all of you. Well done all round.
  14. How loud is too loud on a Sunday evening?

      Well, thank goodness.   When we occasionally visited Paps in his 4th floor flat in a block with no children 13 years ago, our 4 were between 4yo and 11, and I did everything I could to stop them moving around - we had a rug and all the playmo dino sets to encourage them to sit and play. Kid#3 who was 5, it turns out only moved by jumping, which I hadn't realised in our usual detached house setting, and we spent a lot of time outdoors with her.   Whilst living somewhere permanently is different to visiting, still a thoughtful person is not going to make literally as much noise as they possibly can when other people live beneath them. Rights/responsibilities - he is overstating his rights, and way underestimating his responsibilities.
  15. What are you cooking today?

    I have started doing the same when grilling, but for aubergine dip, and it has been super tasty. The moussaka idea is fab. Next time!   I also put a couple of banana bread loaves in right at the end, since that is how I pay the household slaves these days....