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  1. Coronavirus

    It is mad. I asked kid#2 what he and his mates are doing - he said they are so used to masking that they do it anyway, when entering a shop, bus or pub. He only takes his off outside.   Relief. They will not do that forever, I guess. He has had one jab.  It is so rife - one housemate's boyfriend came over last night, sat outside and was there for a while in the full knowledge that one of his housemates has tested positive (this only came out afterwards) and the job kid#2 was off to do today fell through as Grandad is positive.  The situation of cashiers and presumably bus drivers is awful.  
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    @dstanners   We have sent stuff via a collection, but it is hard to know if that is helpful or just a massive hassle at your end.   Can we help you personally by überweisening donations so that you can BBQ/get petrol/pay your inflated bills? I was going to pm and ask, but thought that maybe others would feel the same.   If not, do you have a recommendation of a local organisation we can support?    I think you are a complete hero, and thank you for all you are doing. 
  3.   Fair point   Although it turns out he's also a bit hysterical...
  4.   His side effects lasted 10 days, and 2 weeks.   He has peripheral neuropathy and seems not to have obtained specialist advice before going for the jab.    Why is this newsworthy or even a thing? 
  5. Kita or Tagesmutter for two children

    Do you have space for someone to live in?    If so, you could think about a nanny or an aupair. There are various agencies available if you google, although I have no recommendations to make, maybe someone will come on with personal knowledge.   I suppose you want something flexible because an actual kiga place in a German speaking setting would be the ideal outcome, and when that comes you need to get the kids in quick.
  6. When you start a thread it gives you the option to add tags.    Why I have no idea, or what function they serve other than sitting on the dinky luggage labels under the title. Maybe they are linked to how google prioritizes content? 
  7. What part of Germany is not corrupt?

    Someone on our old street built a shed/garage/not sure what and got the Amt in to check it was OK within the rules, and while they were down our way they went round spying for illegal structures and loads of people were fined.   Oops. Not a happy neighbourhood.
  8. Advice regarding lying Vodafone technician

    We had the Vodaphone dude, and ended up with phone/internet, gas and leccy all from that one visit.   It has saved us about 7p probably, but hasn't been an actual problem, so in our case not a scam, but in Germany there are definitely door-to-door people selling the essential services.   Funnily enough, Telekom sent a dude around about 3 weeks ago. Same deal but backwards - how crap is your internet? We will fit fibrewotsit and it will be brilliant. Having switched to Vodaphone for no real benefit we can't be arsed to switch back and probably end up paying through the nose to have the fibery thing dug to our house. Luckily kid#4 listened most politely to the spiel at the door, explained that unfortunately being a kid he doesn't pay or decide on these things and regretfully wasn't in a position to help, and the dude retreated. 
  9.   Yup. This is true. There must be plenty of parents who really couldn't homeschool or get someone else in to do the job, and officially taking a kid out of school will at some point generate a burden of proof requirement from the parent that a suitable education is taking place. As you say, just keeping them off with no permission leads to grave consequences, because they do have a right to education.    I have a friend whose daughter's position in school became untenable (autism issues rather than covid) and the head was ok with unofficial homeschooling (much easier, just a continuation of the covid situation), but not every head will be so understanding, especially as the threat from covid is seen as declining, even if for an individual it is still significant.
  10.   Yes. School is not compulsory in the UK. There might be a raft of paperwork, but you can legally take over the responsibilty for providing an appropriate education for your child any time.   In fact numbers have risen recently as some people have worked out during homeschooling that children learn more quickly and thoroughly when they learn at their own pace and not in a horde of other possibly disinterested parties. 
  11. Coronavirus

    We had kid#3's Abientlassung at school last Fri - guests 2 per kid, sports hall instead of the Aula, marked spaces in pairs or singles 1.5 - 2m apart, rows 2 m apart. Kids on benches well in the middle in course groups, masks for anyone moving around for any reason, no shaking of hands or touching at all (remember all that fuss about the non-hand shakers )   We then had the Abiball on Saturday night at the very large restaurant/bar/ballroom all the schools use - limitless guests, 10 per table - negative test or double impf pass to get in, buffet, dancing, etc etc. No masks for guests, masks all the time for staff. Exhortation at the start to not 'build large groups' and 'create a crush' which most ignored. The only thing really was that the only outside access was a sort of smoking terrace out the back, whereas for kid#1 we were able to go out the front and side, which are much nicer. This was because we might have come in contact with locals, which obviously nullifies the -ve test requirement. I think also they've had a year of peace and quiet and don't want to return to endless weekend nights of noise, but I suppose that will become obvious in 2 years when we are there for kid#4.   So, same weekend, same crowd of people, different organisations running the event, massively different rules.   Not suprising, but I certainly found it interesting how the rules for gatherings in different contexts are so varied. No real sense to it.
  12.   My take on that is that you get to know people for themselves, and as you become part of a group it becomes easier to know/find out who is who etc. This is a long-ish term strategy - but then finding a life partner is a big investment. Definitely you can't just come out and say - I am looking for a partner. That is creepy, you are right.   The group you join does need to have the right makeup - my two activities - one is mixed age but there are fewer than 40 people so although we have singles of both sexes, if that's what you are looking for, choice is obviously restricted. The other activity is a large group, 150+, and although it is mostly older people, lots of married people, there are still enough for there to be various singles around of different ages. If I was looking specifically for a partner, I would maybe join two of those type of groups, to widen the options. Then I would need lots of free time, I suppose. It would be a gamble as to whether someone suitable is present in those groups. This is an activity I enjoy. That is important, because you are then spending time having fun regardless of the relationship outcome.   This is theoretical for me, but still meant sincerely. I agree people are increasingly dislocated, and that must be more so in a huge city. I hope you are able to find meaningful connections and hopefully find a life partner.
  13. school leaver health insurance

    Well, thank you richly, Panda.   TK were super helpful, signed her up, assured us that if the Vertrag is dated tomorrow, her cover will start then.   She is now the guardian of a hugely wertvoll blue bike with extraordinary attatchments to accomodate which is requiring some adjustment of hedges to get it and the car in the driveway!
  14. The end of private in-house caregiving

      Yup, the UK is not great either.   Did you see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?   That's my plan 
  15. school leaver health insurance

    OK, hopefully the last pathetic question for now - I have searched high and low for her Steuernummer letter which we got 9 years ago and have moved 4 times since. Can't find it.   Commerzbank lady seems to think that it will appear when she opens a Konto with them.   I think we have to  fill in a form as I have seen elsewhere on TT, having read multiple threads on all these themes in the last few days    Am I right that we do have to actively seek it and it will take as long as it takes, or is she right that kid#3 opens a bank account and magically it will appear on her bank paperwork?