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  1.   No idea what physical spying is about at all these days.   Just go on War Thunder and wait a week or so and whatever military 'secret' you are hoping to find out will be posted in gory detail by some casual breaker of their country's Official Secrets Act, especially if you goad another player into needing to prove they are right in some spurious argument about how far the turret of a tank spins or where the gym is in relation to the armoury by posting an inaccurate comment and getting in return eg. a map of the installation/technical specs of the machine in question.  
  2. Have all admins abandoned Toytown?

      This. Of course TT isn't the best place for meetups, but it is still a banger of a place to find stuff out.
  3. Gary Glitter found guilty, three-year sentence

    Why are paeodophiles 'routinely' released after serving half their time?   Also he was in a low security joint. Bit gob smacking.
  4. Making a UK will from Germany

      Yes, this, emkay. Very much.
  5. Electric Meter Number Scam

    Well thank you all for your ideas.   I'll have a look at check24 for sure. 
  6. Retake b1 German telc dtz

    telc - Find examination centre   try this link
  7. Making a UK will from Germany

    I would want the original to be with me, I think.    I suppose the key is to look at the rules for enacting a will on or somewhere and see what your executors would be expected to do in the event of enacting the will, and work out where it's best for the thing to be.   Why you can't have more than one copy is beyond me. That's how we had it - unless my Dad's was just a copy copy, as it were, but I am nearly sure not. Unless, and this might be the thing - he made a will himself, and lodged a copy with the solicitor before he left the UK (or during a visit) and had another himself.   That's not what you want to do, so it looks like you are going to be stuck with one. Bonkers.
  8. Making a UK will from Germany

    My Dad's was both with the solicitor and in his own papers. I would want it myself, I think. 
  9. Electric Meter Number Scam

      'The first chap' was the cold caller. I fell for his nonsense (they make it sound like they have been officially charged with calling all Stadtwerke customers), came to my senses before agreeing to anything and asked for an email which I could read at my leisure rather than a text requiring an instant response which was his preferred option. He rang back the next day as agreed and my other half said 'thanks but no thanks' and that was fine. Friendly man, crap offer, we refused it, all good, except that cold calling is irritating. It did force me to have a good look at the contracts we have and decide if we should do anything about it all, so on balance I was kind of glad he'd rung.   Then this week the pushy woman rang and wanted to know why we had refused and was rude and pushy, talked about her rubbish new co-worker and how he'd not done his job properly and that was for me a step too far - I was busy doing nothing and her intrusion into my happy day was unwanted and very jarring. So I put the phone down.   'They keep calling' is possibly an overstatement. I was miffed when I wrote that. At least I can just say bugger off with your cold calling next time, so thank you.   Does anyone know of a good comparison website for this stuff? There are so many companies out there offering power, and so many companies acting as brokers, it's a bit of a jungle.
  10. Only the short route, not the longer, which looks awesome.   We had snow and incredible wind and were advised by the dude at the top to carry our smallest children and not let go, which was kind of worrying, but tbf a grand time was had by all and no-one blew away, so all good 
  11. Electric Meter Number Scam

    OK we keep getting called by a company wanting to offer us better rates, thing being the first chap's rates are worse than the Stadwerke currently offer, so we said thanks but no thanks, and then today a woman rang to find out why we refused, and was quite strident and pushy, so I just put the phone down.   It's not Betrug - the first one sent an email because I asked him to so I could check the rates he was offering, and Nowenergy is a real firm, and the offer was directly from them, it's just really annoying.   Is cold calling from a broker allowed? I thought cold calling was not OK in Germany?    Anyway, if they are alllowed the least they could say is - we think we can offer you great rates on your energy, is now a good time or can we call at a more convenient time? 
  12. The War in Ukraine

    Only 10 percent of Wagner's troops survive | Switzerland Times   There's an article from the Swiss Times with some info but not much to add to the above and not necessarily solid.
  13. Closure of UK bank accounts to EU residents

    We won 50,000 15 years ago or so, which allowed us to buy our original house here when I stayed with the kids for school while Paps went back to the UK for 2 years or so (with other funds, tbf, but that was the bulk - property is cheaper here than your big cities ).   We do relatively regularly win 25 or 50 but the 'income' is normally judged to be below the rate you would get on savings at the bank.   The thing being that big win has made them completely worth having for us.   My Dad won 10,000 6 years or so before our win. So it really does happen.    Kid#1 who did Economics at Oxford thinks they are a complete waste of time, but then she happily faffs about with financial things for fun. Her boyfriend has Premium Bonds  and I am about to suggest to kid#2, awaiting his first paycheck next Wednesday (yay!) that he buys some too.
  14. Odd news

    Utterly bonkers.
  15. I think he has an arrangement - he lives close by and visits daily.   One of kid#4's friends goes to his uncle's house weekly for insurance reasons - uncle is Bundeswehr irgendwo.   It is indeed a thing. Someone else was away for 6 weeks over the summer and had insurance hassles when he got broken into.