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  1. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Got our letters inviting us to the ceremonial handing out of Einbürgerungsurkunden at the end of January.    Yay! That's me and kids#3 and #4 sorted. Kid#1 was already done, and hopefully once Kid#2 has had 2 more pay slips from his new job he will also be in (rather by the skin of his teeth, but hey)   Timescale - paperwork handed in complete end August, so 5 months. I already had my Einburgerungstest and B1 certificates to hand and all translations etc. It was a massive stack of paper for all of us with all the required copies.   Good luck to all still in the process - one step at a time...    
  2. Church tax questionnaire

    Yes. I was a bit confused when my friend did her austritt since she was upset by the news of finding multiple bodies at one of the convent laundries in Ireland (I don't remember anyone suggesting foul play, but still) and she didn't want to pay the cash. Fair enough, and she had stopped going to Church after her kids were all through First Communion anyway. But then she was unhappy to discover she couldn't stand as Godparent any more.    Why would anyone want to in those circumstances? Didn't really get it. 
  3. If you read my post a bit more carefully, then all your concerns have been answered in it - who was the initial aggressor, how a bullying tone is not a good way to make a point etc. etc. I don't really get where you are going. Unless you think that first post with shouty capitals, exclamation marks, personal slight etc. was friendly, in which case I beg to differ.
  4. It is a joke thread he started.    Then you and j2 started an actual discussion, for which there are multiple threads, and he suggested, really very politely     which is where the lack of manners flew very directly in. In that short post, much rudeness is contained. There is no doubt as to where the aggression started.    You are of course not required to join in with the humour, and if you feel that DC is being wrongly dragged through the mire, then good on you for sticking up for him, but being deliberately and personally rude to another poster is not a very effective way of making the point.
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Pot, kettle, black.   All of those involved in the sniping need to give it a rest. It is seriously boring.  
  6. I wish I could answer that question usefully....   In regards to the blinker, a spotty 16 year old at the Peugeot garage just swopped it for me in about 4 seconds for free.    
  7. Raising children quadrilingually

      How are the other languages in terms of how easy they are to learn reading/writing?    German is phonetic. What you see is what you get, and reading/writing are easy to learn. English is not, and what you see and what you say/read varies wildly from word to word. It is a bugger to learn to read/write in English. Therefore ours (bar one) learned in German, and then transferred the skill to English pretty painlessly.   I would let them learn at school, and somewhere around the end of the second class look to see how they transfer the literacy skills into their other languages. You may be pleasantly surprised and find it is comparatively easy, or you may need to start grafting away, but I see no merit in putting them through the whole process in another language first, knowing they will need to learn it all in German at school anyway.   Friends of ours, also teachers like me, did teach all 4 of their kids in English first, and I can say from our shared further experiences that it was absolutely unnecessary.
  8. Why are you happy today?

      I think his kids might be the push on that - kids love igloos and making your own house is brilliant.  Lighting a candle in a snow house - what a great feeling.
  9. Why are you happy today?

      That would be mega cool. We made a big one at college with a plastic box as a brick mould, and it was completely awesome.    I have tried several times since with the kids, but somehow they are wonky and the roof never quite stays. That first one was built by an engineer, a mathematician, an anthropologist and 2 theologians, and I think me (the anthropologist) and the kids don't quite have the skillz.
  10. Ah. OK; crap. I'll go do that. Bugger. How annoying.   Thank you all.
  11. OK, SP you are quite right, that thing I showed you was the top white light (side light?). The yellow one is different.       The insidy bit is blue and has that one tiny wire I disconnected. Still no turning. I wonder if it is just more turning force required, but not wanting to break it. 
  12. pushed, pulled, tried it all. Will go and have another try before it gets dark.
  13. Raising children quadrilingually

    We have found that our kids have learned to read and write in German, and English has been a sort of 'freebie' extra with no effort at all. That said, like optimista, we have not been stressed about it, and their spelling and pronunciation of new words has been quite random, but these things improve over time and are extremely funny on occasion.
  14. Thanks very much. I will have another look. I have also had a recommendation that a squirt of WD40 might help the twisting....
  15. Inside and outside. Of course it started to snow, and I took a million pictures backwards (mostly up my nose) before realising I had pressed the switch-round button, and also it is hard to hold a torch inside a car engine whilst trying to take a photo, and lastly, all the tech-savvy teenagers are out at school. Hey ho.     I can see that it looks like that quarter turn thing should work easy, but it just doesn't shift.