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  1. Why are you happy today?

    Yup. '33 life sentences and he must serve at least 30 years in jail' is most baffling. I thought my maths was a bit crap but that does take the biscuit.   I don't know that there's much point suggesting eventual freedom for psychopaths, if that's what they are. Can actual psychopaths be rehabilitated? Can empathy be learned?
  2. Climate change

    Some places (India?) have got rid of single use plastics including bin liners. That's one I've been thinking about - whether we should stop using plastic bags to contain our rubbish. I guess you would only replace them if you really needed to contain the waste. A lot of household rubbish could just go in the wheely bin. We have just abgeschaffed the kitchen bin where the inner bucket had a socking great big hole in the bottom, so now is the time for us, I suppose. The bin liner was all that was holding the crap off the floor with the old one.     
  3. Climate change

    - there would be jobs created in the recycling industry, but there would need to be a re-think about why we work, what the point is and what we are aiming for - it's that thing about 'want' and 'need' which people seem not to be able to distinguish between.
  4. This is one of the things the Danes have been trying to work on -   I have no idea about the background of this source in particular, but the Aarhus model is what you would google if you don't like it.   The basic idea being that lots of things on that list from zwiebelfisch are about exclusion, either real or perceived, and that therefore social intervention is a solid preventative tool.  
  5. Climate change

      Well, as individuals we have the power to decide, as piggy says, to consume less. Buy second hand as much as possible, etc. etc. We are not powerless - lots of individuals make up a pressure group. Loads of us make a majority.   Can an economic system move away from growth and consumption in a non-cataclysmic way?
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

    My in-laws were social alcoholics and I did find it hard, that there would be a sherry before lunch, wine with it, and as you say, what to do for the rest of the afternoon until 'the sun was over the yard arm'? As soon as we had kid#1 I unilaterally decided that we were not lunchtime drinkers any more.    It is very sad that lives just go wasted as a result of alcohol, the description of the woman in the salon is very sad.    
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Oh this one.   Yes, they really are so unaware of the rest of humanity that we are a mere backdrop for their, like, super intense lives.    In fact they are cats who have been born into the wrong bodies.    There are a lot of them around. If anyone in my household starts doing this, I will be offering cat food for dinner. Seems fair.
  8. What I said about the Berufsschule is not entirely accurate, my apologies. The one we have does also do the Allgemeine Abitur. In order to take that at the Berufsschule, you needed an Erweitetesrealschulabschluss. From memory this includes 2 higher level courses and 2 foreign languages.    Nouni, apart from the one really important thing of getting your German up to B2/C1 ASAP, I think you need to research the schools on offer here really carefully. The Berufsschule or the Gesamtschule may be the better options but you need to know exactly what they offer, what the precise entry requirements for the courses are, and how much of that your iGCSEs cover. It may be that there are very specific requirements that IGCSE simply didn't do, and there is little legal way round that at your age, or you may find that you easily qualify, and once your German is excellent, the world is your oyster. Either way, really research those schools (as well as the Gymnasium) and courses and make the best choice you can.
  9.   This is a great plan - first get your German up a bit past B2, then see if you can do this for the rest of this school year, and then the appropriate place should become obvious.    The headmaster has assessed you as an average incoming student with poor German. If you get your German really good and go back, the likelihood is they will put you in the most appropriate class. There is huge flexibility in this system. What emkay said about the E phase and the Q phase may be a legal limiting factor, though, and coming with qualifications from another country may not count.    The thing with the Gesamtschule is that it might be giving you an extra year for your Abitur - Klasse 11, 12 and 13 - if so, that is a definite plan - just make sure it is the Allgemeine Abitur which is the one for any and every further study. The Berufsschule will be doing a Fachabitur, or the Fachhochschulreife, which is great but afterwards you are more limited in the subjects you can continue to study, and not every place of higher education will take you.            
  10. blitzed in a right hand drive car?

    Yup, I was blitzed in our old RHD car with a giant stuffed gorilla in the passenger seat, and somehow I got the ticket and not him 
  11. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    Good for you, kapok.   Did you show her a picture of that first cell phone?!   My husband makes our lot laugh their heads off with descriptions of his early electronic gear, of which he was most proud. The mobile phone was frankly not especially mobile...   Your point above about them being addictive is the essential thing, really. We have friends who seem always to be irritated with their kids constantly being on their handy. It is kind of sad when the people on the machine are more present than the ones in the room.
  12. Even after all these years, I still...

      My mate who is a dentist had to present a piece of needlework at her interview for a place at Guy's dental school to show her manual dexterity. It sounds as though someone needs to reinstate a similar requirement.   edit to say - really? Prof. Kneebone? 
  13. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    Well, kid#4 has now had his for about a week. I don't feel any differently about his safety now than before. We do live in a small town where nothing much happens.   If I had felt it was necessary he'd have had one. For school trips he used a family one which we kept for the purpose, because on unfamiliar territory I thought it was a useful tool and potentially lifesaving.   For those who think that not having the same as everyone else is disadvantaging the youngster, said kid#4 is Klassensprecher and perfectly happy. There has been jubilation from the rest of the class that he has a handy now, but he is personally pretty underwhelmed.    edit - I do like the starting school story. 
  14. Children. Smartphone. What age?

    We have friends in NRW and their kids all needed the same expensive laptop.   Our school has a list of requirements for the laptop your kid will need and they are quite clear that just so long as it works and does all the stuff they want, it is all the same to them if you spend mega bucks on a brilliant one or peanuts on a secondhand one. I think that is a much more inclusive policy.  
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?   I thought all this lot was already in place all over the UK, with fast food being banned near schools, but apparently only teilweise, which makes the head's actions more understandable.