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  1. Culture Shock and Studying in Germany

    Thanks for sharing, Knot...I think I misjudged the niche of people who'd be interested about Life in Germany. My viewers are 90% german, and 10% american. I think you are right that people don't think that much about life outside of the states. I just thought that since a lot of people kind of romanticize about Europe, that this could be an interesting niche on youtube to vlog about. Most of my friends stayed put as well.   I don't know either how these girls will get along with learning or the language, but I think they are at the top of their class, and I bet they will learn quickly on the fly.
  2. Culture Shock and Studying in Germany

    Yes, I think they are quite well spoken for being just 16. I bet it's going to be a fun experience for them!
  3. Hey guys, there is a whole swath of people doing exchanges, or studying in Germany as foreigners. I did the same, and point out the differences I noticed in my latest video.    For those of you who studied here, how did it compare to studying in your original country? I wonder if University in the UK is similar to the USA? For sure, it is way different in Germany.     Here is a girl from the USA, who is gaining quite a following with her VLOG, talking about a high school exchange:  
  4. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    UPDATE: we caved in and bought a 2 Zimmer Apartment, from a developer, who is building KfW55. It is obviously too small for us, but better than just having money in the bank. Should have done this 10 years ago.
  5. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Thanks for sharing, Kiplette! I think it is so cool, how various regions celebrate differently. I was flabbergasted when a dude at work told me sometimes they get bouncy castles and stuff for the party. They really go the whole 9 yards! I kind of thought the UK would celebrate a little closer to Germany, but it sounds more like the USA. Cheers! Tom
  6. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Haha, well what can I say? If Oma wants to buy the Schulranzen, then I let her do that. She is from the DDR, where the start of school was celebrated even much more than in Bavaria. And she is good at saving, so she likes to be generous with the kids, which I can appreciate. If I was buying it, I would spend more time doing research for other options, maybe buying one like you did on eBay or something. €250 is a lot of dough!
  7. Hey guys, it has been a little while since I posted here. Next week is Einschulung, and I made a video about it. Have any of you gotten anything special for your 1st day of school, like the german kids get? I know that I didn' was a pretty normal day. But I love what the germans do! Feel free to check out the video, and drop a comment if you like.    
  8. Becoming integrated in Germany as a foreigner

    Haha, I was at one time, but I switch to non-alcoholic. Simseer makes a wonderful dry hopped IPA that is non-alcoholic.
  9. Hey guys, this is my most recent video. I talk about the six phases for me of becoming integrated in Germany over the last 16 years.   Maybe some of you can relate. How was the integration process for you guys?   Wie dieser Ami sich in Deutschland Integriert hat! [german with english subtitles]
  10. How has Germany changed you?

    Hey, thanks for watching my other video(s). Well, I wanted to use the ADAC one, but I was afraid of copyright issues. I don't want to put hours of effort into the videos, for them to get taken down. I use, and pay for a membership. Those pics and videos are copyright free. You are right though, the above is a better example.   Bernau is nice! I just joined a fishing club in Übersee, and have started exploring that area. Chiemsee of course is nice in general!
  11. How has Germany changed you?

    What I forgot to mention is, I have also become friendlier. I noticed that Germans didn't take too well to me, and I realized that they were reflecting me. I hardly ever smiled (still have to remember to do it). But once I started making eye contact, smiling at people, and being the first to greet, people started treating me way better. So, in a nutshell, Germany has gotten me to come out of my shell more, and be a better person I think.   Also, it goes without saying that I didn't pay attention to the environment before. Now I do. I watch my water use especially, and aim for products with less or no packaging. I am definitely not a hippie, but these values have stuck, and I think they are good.
  12. Yes thank you! We were still hoping to buy something, but that just isn't in the cards for us. This house will work out very nice for us, is brand new, and the Vermieter is a nice older Bavarian farmer. I like him.
  13. How has Germany changed you?

      Oh, you betcha it changed you! One just doesn't notice it happening ;)
  14. How has Germany changed you?

    Hahaha, good one. I did too, but then I quit drinking altogether. Sure don't miss hangovers!
  15. How has Germany changed you?

    Hey guys, I mentioned in my last post, that I started making content of what it's like to be an expat in Germany. It has been fun making the videos.   Lots of people were commenting, that I sound like I have a German accent, even though I am American. I guess that just crept up on me without noticing. Well, that was the impetus for this video, 6 ways that Germany has changed me.   How has Germany changed you guys?