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  1. Fidelity in Germany or USA?

    Hey guys, I wanted to start some mutual funds for myself and our children, who are minors. Starting an American Fidelity account from abroad has been difficult (I think maybe it is not allowed, and geotracking is employed to stop this). Has anyone successfully started a Fidelity account in the USA? I think that as Americans, we need to have our accounts there for tax reasons, right? Or, are we allowed to have investment accounts here in Germany?
  2. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

      @wien4ever: I am glad it worked out for you. We have looked at a few RMH. The last one was a POS in our village with a starting bid of 525k, which needed a full renovation and was also very small. I would have placed the value closer to 300k. I think it ended up going for around 600k. Add the renovation, and you are talking about 700-800k. That is just too much for the piece of crap it was. Might I ask where you found your REH?   About the bait and's more like they don't include the cost of the building lot in their quotes, which runs another 300-500k. 
  3. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

    I think that it is total BS, that rich people can buy up properties, and let them sit vacant 95% of the year! Meanwhile, families are looking for places to live. I have heard of foreign investors doing the same thing in Munich...buying apartments, and letting them sit. Total BS, that this is allowed.   Anyway, I have given up on owning a house, the prices jump €100-200k each year, so that is out of the question. Luckily, we did find a nice place to rent.
  4. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

    Yes French bean, I agree that that would seem logical. But England is a closed market, unto itself, while Germany is part of the EU and the interest is governed in Brussels. So I think the market is therefore different, and maybe less volatile. I am no banker, so maybe I am wrong. Even so, I have been waiting 10 years for the bubble to burst, and it never has. I have given up waiting, as now the prices are twice what we could realistically afford, and I do not see them ever coming down. If they did, it would be coupled with higher interest, making the mortgage payments out of reach anyway. But, we shall see...
  5. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

    Hey, I know I made a grammatical mistake. I talk to so many germans, that sometimes their errors make it into my vernacular. It sucks.   I am surprised to hear that Würzburg hasn't risen in appreciation as much. Oberbayern is just plain bananas.   And sure, municipalities benefit from the auctions, but they also get a portion of the income taxes of the denizens living in their communities. So I am earning a high wage, paying high taxes, benefitting the municipality, yet will never have the chance to own a house.
  6. Hey guys, a while back I started a thread about the real estate bubble in Bavaria. That thread has a ton of entries, so it's a popular subject.   Anywho...I made an impromptu YouTube video about the current state of affairs in 2021 with the housing market. It seems the appreciation is only getting steeper, boxing even well earning people out of the market. Communities are jumping on the bandwagon, and auctioning off their lots, rather than using the "einheimischen modell." Foreign investors are buying up properties. Rich farmers are building rental properties, whilst common folk must remain in rent.    Maybe some of you would like to check it out and give your "Senf dazu."  
  7. Culture Shock and Studying in Germany

    Thanks for sharing, Knot...I think I misjudged the niche of people who'd be interested about Life in Germany. My viewers are 90% german, and 10% american. I think you are right that people don't think that much about life outside of the states. I just thought that since a lot of people kind of romanticize about Europe, that this could be an interesting niche on youtube to vlog about. Most of my friends stayed put as well.   I don't know either how these girls will get along with learning or the language, but I think they are at the top of their class, and I bet they will learn quickly on the fly.
  8. Culture Shock and Studying in Germany

    Yes, I think they are quite well spoken for being just 16. I bet it's going to be a fun experience for them!
  9. Hey guys, there is a whole swath of people doing exchanges, or studying in Germany as foreigners. I did the same, and point out the differences I noticed in my latest video.    For those of you who studied here, how did it compare to studying in your original country? I wonder if University in the UK is similar to the USA? For sure, it is way different in Germany.     Here is a girl from the USA, who is gaining quite a following with her VLOG, talking about a high school exchange:  
  10. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    UPDATE: we caved in and bought a 2 Zimmer Apartment, from a developer, who is building KfW55. It is obviously too small for us, but better than just having money in the bank. Should have done this 10 years ago.
  11. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Thanks for sharing, Kiplette! I think it is so cool, how various regions celebrate differently. I was flabbergasted when a dude at work told me sometimes they get bouncy castles and stuff for the party. They really go the whole 9 yards! I kind of thought the UK would celebrate a little closer to Germany, but it sounds more like the USA. Cheers! Tom
  12. German Einschulung vs. American 1st day of school

    Haha, well what can I say? If Oma wants to buy the Schulranzen, then I let her do that. She is from the DDR, where the start of school was celebrated even much more than in Bavaria. And she is good at saving, so she likes to be generous with the kids, which I can appreciate. If I was buying it, I would spend more time doing research for other options, maybe buying one like you did on eBay or something. €250 is a lot of dough!
  13. Hey guys, it has been a little while since I posted here. Next week is Einschulung, and I made a video about it. Have any of you gotten anything special for your 1st day of school, like the german kids get? I know that I didn' was a pretty normal day. But I love what the germans do! Feel free to check out the video, and drop a comment if you like.    
  14. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    I've been watching the real estate market here around Rosenheim the last three years, entertaining the idea of buying a home. With ultra low interest rates and fear of inflation and currency reform, many people want to transfer their savings into Betongold. As a result, an ordinary single family home in our village of 6000 people costs half a million euros, whether old our built new. The housing prices have been rising at 5-10% per year.   I wonder how long the real estate market can keep this high? I feel that if interest rates can no longer be artificially suppressed that enough people will have to default, vacating possibly enough homes to bring the local market back somewhat to realistic rates.   Would anyone with more experience in this arena like to weigh in? Should I force buying a house now, or cross my fingers for a more favorable buyers market in the distant future?