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  1. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Hey guys, it is now nearly 5 years since I started this thread.   We still haven't bought a house, but we have come close a couple of times. We nearly got one for 525k in 2017. Then, we almost got a EFH in 2018 for 660k, but that was also too much. Now we are looking at prices around 750k.   The house prices have gone way over our heads, and continue to pass us by. I don't know why we still have hope that something affordable and decent will come on the market. If this trend continues, in just a few years we will be about 1 Mil for a DHH or REH.   On the other hand, if the Leitzins is eventually raised, and house prices stagnate, it will still be just as expensive or more, due to the interest.    I would say we should have bought something in 2015 for 450k, but the banks wouldn't give us a loan back then. They wanted 28% down.   What do you all think? Will the prices ever come down to where a normal family might be able to buy one, like 400k?
  2. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    I've been watching the real estate market here around Rosenheim the last three years, entertaining the idea of buying a home. With ultra low interest rates and fear of inflation and currency reform, many people want to transfer their savings into Betongold. As a result, an ordinary single family home in our village of 6000 people costs half a million euros, whether old our built new. The housing prices have been rising at 5-10% per year.   I wonder how long the real estate market can keep this high? I feel that if interest rates can no longer be artificially suppressed that enough people will have to default, vacating possibly enough homes to bring the local market back somewhat to realistic rates.   Would anyone with more experience in this arena like to weigh in? Should I force buying a house now, or cross my fingers for a more favorable buyers market in the distant future?