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  1. anyhow, yea, great game. 


    on the original topic, DAZN now have the rights to show 6 nations Rugby in Germany , but they are only online. 

    Its actually not a bad service, with premier league live games, all games (I think) then in full but delayed, comprehensive highlights of every individual game, bundesliga highlights and heaps of other prominent sports for only a tenner a month. 


    of course theres ways and means to get BBC/ RTE / ITV etc, but for a legal service with no messing its damn good.


  2. bit late back on this


    yes, this is perfectly normal when booking a large group in Munich, especially if getting a separate function room.

    The alternative is to pay a fixed fee for the use of the room.

    when booking with a larger number you should always ask for a contract, and at the very least ask if theres minimum requirements. For example for our wedding reception we had to have water at the tables (at the normal, not cheap, price) which I think was some back door way of making back a room rent.

    No loss, the cost per person was still reasonable enough.



    MVV Congress Tickets can only be sold to event managers and their contractors, to then be passed on to the attendees. A minimum of 50 tickets must be purchased per event.


    Tickets only orderable from the offices of the MVG, and not to the public at machines or info points.


    I never heard of the ticket before, but theres a fairly good reason why the public has no reason to know of these tickets existance.


  4. I was at this twice in the past and whilst its not cheap, it's also not all that dear really. The 4 x 0.1L samplers are on paper little enough, but the breweries are more than generous in filling your glass.

    Add a fiver worth of tokens on top for another round and (thanks to generous brewers) you've nearly 2L of beer and a glass to keep from the event for the €25.


    The only pity about the event is that theres very little to buy and bring home from it.


  5. more stores now opened in the S-Bahn passage.

    At the steps up to the main hall, theres now a Rewe-to-go

    So basically a cheaper version of Yormas.


    Also an organic supermarket the other side towards Karstadt.


    The chaos at mc donalds has receeded somewhat, but theres still a shortage of seating.

    Seems to be less seats than before somehow.


  6. nope, theres no cricket on german tv, sky or otherwise and never has been and I'd wager never will be either (requires entire schedule to be abandoned in favour of one sport that one match takes all day over weeks, if not over a month, to complete). Eurosport 2 had the odd youth game, but that literally is the limit of it.

    Rugby is the same, abeit sport 1 takes fits and busts to show the world cup, but its not even clear if they'll bother this year.


  7. BBC etc are on a different satellite position so by default you won't get them.

    If you are splicing the signal from the 2 satellites/LNBs together - I havent a clue whether the german sky box can handle them.


  8. you can get sky sport for 25 a month on deal.

    It has "selected" premier league games, but a mix of what sky or bt sport would have in the uk so essentially the best of both for a fraction of the cost.


    Commentary is in german, but with a sky+ box you can easlily synchronise it with the online english commentary. Talksport has EVERY match commentary live online for free and without any need for messing with proxies.


    on top you also get every single champions league match live.


    to be honest, its not the worst value if you get a deal, especially as you get a load of english language channels in the entertainment package that you now need to take to add sport onto.


  9. once you are a resident you can get a resident parking permit to park on the street which is 30euro for the year. There'll be some streets reserved for residents only where you'll have a better chance of finding a space.


  10. tried it out this morning and the system simply doesnt work.

    I ordered the egg mc muffin off the touchscreen stand. Stood for half an age and then found out theres no egg in the first place so I needed to choose an alternative. (on the positive, I got the more expensive sausage option, and an extra coke thrown in for free as an apology)

    Another lad ordered a regular burger, which shouldnt have been available in the morning, and also had to wait to find out that the thing wasnt available and then get a tray full of mac toasts.


    I presume its just an issue of the staff getting used to how the system works, but it definitely isnt running smoothly at the moment.


  11. the outlets on the S-Bahn passage are now slowly being finished.

    Rischart is open, Hopfisterei almost there, and today McDonalds will open.

    Interestingly with ordering and collection at 2 separate counters, which is the first time I've seen this logical efficient way of operating being implemented in full in Germany


  12. you mustnt be a sports fan?

    From 8.30 till 11 was champions league time.

    I ended up putting the ITV player on the iPad and the sky conference on the telly.


    Zattoo was my long term plan in ditching sky, but if these issues keep happening I might have to keep sky afer all.


  13. the various shops are opening slowly, theres now a new asian place and a Yormas looks like it'll be opened any day (hour) now.

    Aside from that theres a Vincenzmurr butchers with hot food counter, Calzeona (knicker shop), claires accessories, a bakery, Dunkin Donuts, a tobacco/ whiskey shop and some sort of perfume shop opened so far.


    Mc donalds looks to be getting a bigger plot than before and there'll be a McCafe in there too - but work there hasnt started in earnest just quite yet so it'll be a while before it opens you'd think.


  14. new news!

    Dunkin Donuts now opened downstairs in Hauptbahnhof in the S-Bahn area there (which was closed till last week for renovations), so above the sbahn platforms/ underneath Arnulfstrasse.


    its only a counter/ kiosk type effort so no seats / sofas to eat/ drink their wares unfortunately.






    This arrangement appears unique to the inner city, where I live. My colleagues who live in the outer suburbs report no such bundling requirement exists in their respective areas.


    Now, on the face of it, there doesn't seem like there's a whole lot I can do about this. I am curious though. Is this sort of skullduggery common in Germany? I know that in my home country, the competition authorities would likely frown upon this sort of thing.


    quite possibly your colleagues are paying for a cable connection through their bundled expenses so the extra charge wouldnt be payble by them seeing as they are paying it anyhow.


    a similar arrangement applies for digital tv customers directly from Kabeldeutchland.

    You need to have an analogue contract first which covers the basic provision of the line into the house (16euro a month or so I believe) and then you pay extra for the actual premium digital service.

    Same with sky, you need an Analogue Kabeldeutschland contract so THEN you can pay sky heaps of cash for their signal.


  16. there's highlights of the Liverpool v Man Utd game which was the final of the Guinness International Series at about 6 this evening on Servus tv.


    (I have it set to record to watch later when the kids are in bed so dont remember the exact time its on at)


  17. on reading the actual law rather than the summary, I amnt so sure any more - i.e. maybe you are indeed entitled, or at least you would be if the kid came early and or possibly also if the visa were to be valid for the duration of the childs first year/ 14 months when you'd be drawling down the money.

    Its hard to say.

    Your situation reminds me of my tax returns, so much changing of status over the year that only an expert really knows the subtlties of the law - or how to bend it in your favour.



    Ein nicht freizügigkeitsberechtigter Ausländer oder eine nicht freizügigkeitsberechtigte Ausländerin ist nur anspruchsberechtigt, wenn diese Person


    eine Niederlassungserlaubnis besitzt,


    eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis besitzt, die zur Ausübung einer Erwerbstätigkeit berechtigt oder berechtigt hat, es sei denn, die Aufenthaltserlaubnis wurde

    a) nach § 16 oder § 17 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes erteilt,

    nach § 18 Abs. 2 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes erteilt und die Zustimmung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit darf nach der Beschäftigungsverordnung nur für einen bestimmten Höchstzeitraum erteilt werden,

    c) nach § 23 Abs. 1 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes wegen eines Krieges in ihrem Heimatland oder nach den §§ 23a, 24, 25 Abs. 3 bis 5 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes erteilt,

    d) nach § 104a des Aufenthaltsgesetzes erteilt oder


    eine in Nummer 2 Buchstabe c genannte Aufenthaltserlaubnis besitzt und

    a) sich seit mindestens drei Jahren rechtmäßig, gestattet oder geduldet im Bundesgebiet aufhält und

    b)im Bundesgebiet berechtigt erwerbstätig ist, laufende Geldleistungen nach dem Dritten Buch Sozialgesetzbuch bezieht oder Elternzeit in Anspruch nimmt.


    (another government source for the exact text of the elterngeld law)


    my reading of it is that because you were had a paragraph 16visa which entitled you to work, then there is a qualification there for elterngeld BUT the whole changing from one visa to another, and your wife going from a working visa to non working visa just as the child is born, really means you need to go to the office and figure out with them what the story is.


    The one interesting thing is that it also uses the past tense "einer Erwerbstätigkeit... berechtigt hat" which means that if you had previously a working status that you qualify.

    All very interesting, so report back on what officialdom has to say.


  18. the info says that youve a right to Elterngeld if you have a permanent residence permit, or work permit that is effectively the same.

    And in combination with that you have to have the right to work in Germany normally.


    From the sounds of it your visa is time limited so would not qualify. (paragraph 26 says that its a max of 3 years)

    Your previous visa was exclusively for study, so also doesnt qualify, which you know.

    Your wife is in Germany till July 31 on a limited term visa and from then is in Germany under paragraph 30 which is a residence not a work visa (and is by definition also time limited as its tied to yours), so she would also be not entitled from August 1st to elterngeld



    BTW, elterngeld is not money for free. Its a compensation for having to take time off work and is a percentage of your previous salary

    (that has indeed morphed into now being offered to unemployed, but nevertheless its a different concept than for the kindergeld)


    And from the looks of it Kindergeld is no different, you require full working rights and a visa of unlimited length.



    but anyhow, they recommend going to the Familienkasse office and asking them for advice on each individual situation if you arent a clear cut case like say a german or from the EU.


  19. +1


    if buying an online ticket you are using a credit card or some other card to buy the thing, so they rightly presume that this would be a fairly logical way of cross-validating the printout when presented to the conductor.


    And if youre buying something "for a friend" then you can just get it sent by post like what happened in the old days when getting tickets from SNCF


    Actually, that brings the question as to why the OP just doesnt buy the tickets for Munich - Paris from the french rail company as they have a different validation system for e tickets.



    This was another reason I gave a poor review to the VideoWeb running Zattoo. In this day and age you want full multi channel EPG available everywhere. It's one of the reasons I really like Zattoo's Android app + Chromecast. The "remote" is your phone which also has the EPG built in.


    using an ipad and airplay to apple tv is the same.


    I was actually watching the golf on a 55 or 60 inch screen (big yoke anyhow) on BBC via Zattoo and it was stunning and no visible difference to what you'd expect on satelite.

    And a further plus on the ipad + apple tv + zattoo is that the zattoo app runs in the background so you can go and surf/ read emails/ post cr@p on facebook on the ipad whilst still having the tv on running in the background.


  21. How are you doing it?

    driving, flying with through ticket, or 2 singles, by ship and train, by air and train, by ship and air, by air and bus, by bus (via a ship), by bus and air, cycling (with a ship or plane involved somewhere), by train the whole way via the tunnel (but why via Amsterdam), or train to AMS and then fly?

    I may have missed a combination there somewhere of how one might get to munich via amsterdam from Glasgow.


  22. a little late to be finding out (as there was coverage last week too), but Servus TV is showing a load of friendlies from the USA over the next week.



    Übertragungen bei ServusTV & auf ServusTV.com:


    Mittwoch, 30. Juli, 1.25 Uhr

    Live aus Washington: Inter Mailand - Manchester United


    Mittwoch, 30. Juli, 3.25 Uhr

    Live aus Dallas: AS Rom - Real Madrid


    Donnerstag, 31. Juli, 0.55 Uhr

    Live aus New York: Manchester City - FC Liverpool


    Samstag, 2. August, 22.05 Uhr

    Live aus Michigan: Real Madrid - Manchester United


    Sonntag, 3. August, 0.35 Uhr

    Live aus Charlotte: FC Liverpool - AC Mailand


    Dienstag, 5. August, 1.55 Uhr

    Live aus Miami: Finale (Begegnung noch offen)




    Übertragungen exklusiv auf ServusTV.com:


    Samstag, 2. August, 19.00

    Live aus Philadelphia: AS Rom - Inter Mailand


    Samstag, 2. August, 21.10 Uhr

    Live aus Minneapolis: Manchester City - Olympiakos Piräus