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  1. Tonight, we will be meeting at Bombay Tandoori at 19:30 - Rosenheimerstr. 75


    Please add your name to the list before 17:00 tomorrow if you are coming.


    As it stands, we have a reservation for 10 people which can be changed.


    Everyone is welcome!


    1) fraufruit

    2) bunt +1

    4) Axolotl

    5) enview + 2



    (Now you see how to sign up. Just copy, paste and add your names)


    Pre-Curry drinkies at the Haciende!


  2. Sign up for Wed. Oct. 21 @ Dhaba II, Herzogstr. 1B corner of Leopoldstr. (Mü. Freiheit) @ 19:30

    (Please copy and paste)


    1) fraufruit

    2) Dbg +1

    4) Jai24 (tentatively)

    6) enview + 1

    7) JimmyB  (sense a certain Karma or is that Korma this week as staying at No 9 Herzogstr  :-)  )


    Location name corrected :) in both the thread and title, so hopefully no confusion now.


  3. Good evening TT Curry Night goers!


    As you may/may not have noticed, I have stopped organising curry nights. This is not a whim, but a silent protest. Yes, I have contacted Ed Bob and complained about the loss of the sign up sheet, unfortunately I did not get a response.


    I would have continued doing this task, but I was some what upset l when a: nobody stepped up to organise curry nights in my absence (which I did advertise), b: hijacks on this thread and c: due to the lack of a sign up sheet, and my lack of privileges to edit the topic title to say where we would be eating.


    We now have lisajk sitting on her own some lonesome because somebody with edit rights put the date down as 7.10.15 to meet up., and now asking all to reconfirm for a different location. This reminds me of a CN disorganisation where lisajk went to the (at the end) wrong restaurant!


    I would quite gladly continue organising, but not on this thread due to the above mentioned restrictions, and yes I admit to being old fashioned, I use a Windows Phone, and this site is not really windows phone usable, also I am not allowed to use the Internet from work.


    Your comments please!


  4. Well, thanks to this new design, I see that signing up to write on a thread has been moved, so I initially missed (did not find) how to sign up. This new look just is so shitty. Start page looks like old Toytown, but there is not sign up on the home page, TTCN sign up sheet is broken :( 

    Anyway, we are at Rama Ismaning this week usual start time of 7:30.

    Sign up on the thread please

    1. Enview

    2. Cat-san + 1



    Just copy paste the sign up and add your name please