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  1. I use alditalk as mobile data service. No idea where the settings on the alditalk app to disable the auto monthly transfer. It drives me crazy by weird monthly auto withdrawal statement. . on 27th april , it said gonna withdraw 3.99 on may 2nd (and it did) on 9th may, it said "Wir ziehen Ihre Onlineaufladungsbeträge in Höhe von 5euro zum 12,05,22 ein. I just don't understand what on earth is that 5 euro for.. no where to ask. I also can't find anywhere i can disable auto withdrawal from my bank acc on alditalk app too. I am using Norisbank. Anybdoy know where on norisbank that i can disable alditalk auto withdrawal ??   Alditalk is so annoying.
  2. Requirements for travel by air from germany ->  armsterdam -> singapore -> kuala lumpur (malaysia) Hii, I need to take flight from germany to malaysia, which transit in armsterdam and singapore. Any body know what are the requirement to transit (3 hrs) in armsterdam ? Anybody know  what are the requirement to transit in singapore ? Thx
  3. Have anybody used a liquid fuel hand warmer before ? I have never used one before, i want to get one, but i don't know what to expect.. will the fuel leaks out of it and causing fire  or burn my skin  ? How to "turn off" the started fire if i don't need it anymore ?   Thanks   Peacock Hand Warmer
  4. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    I see.. bad business model
  5. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    Sorry, dont understand what you meant. .. Your msg is too "high level " for me.
  6. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    Ya, i hope it is due to some apk drawing tremendous amount of data that i hollowed up the the remaining 1.01 euro in no time..   because when i questioned aldi, they never reply me directly.. their reply is like has got nothing to do with your question. Most likely aldi deploy telephony and customer service service from India or some 3rd world country which they simply answer anyhow according to written script prepared by aldi..  cheap labour.
  7. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    Where in alditalk portal i can download the Rechnung ? i was in the  alditalk account.. i didn't see anywhere i can download the rechnung..   I only saw huge 0 euro in my account. ..
  8. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    Is there where consumer can file complain so that it escalate the issue so that they will have to explain to me where the bits of credit went to ? It is not that 1 euro is a big deal, but it consistently doing like this .. don't know how many people suffer the same thing without knowing what to do or where can do anything to such a big company, it is this that get me mad!!
  9. Problems with remaining balance with Alditalk

    That is same with aldi.. I used to have all remaining credit in alditalk account being drained until 0euro left. The problem is, alditalk purposely make it that you can only pay 5euro min.. while the internet account is 3.99euro ..  hence i always have remaining credit in the alditalk acc.. And when i have exceeded usage,  they will charge it by Mbyte.. hence usually when i realized (they sent sms when the account is emptied) .. usually is too late..   But now, i think alditalk throttle your surfing speed after exceed surfing volume.   This is a different story. What i experienced yesterday was, i just banked 5 euro into aldi talk and purchased 3,99 plan.. and when i look back into acc balance.. it is 0.00 euro straight away .. it is Impossible for me to finish 1 euro via surfing (just to do online 5 euro banking using alditalk app).  
  10. Just received sms from aldi talk saying not enough credit to continue to use. I recalled correctly i have over 1euro remain in aldtalk app since last purchase of internet flat rate plan. I thought the plan has expired. hence it auto deduct my the remaining money counting internet by Megabyte. Immediately  used alditalk app to top up (min allowable value ) 5euro.. I didn't get any sms of confirmation that alditalk have successfully received 5 euro from my bank (usually it always sms confimation) I purchased 3.99 internet flat rate 1G . I received the confirmation via sms that my internet flat rate is active, has got almost 1Gig left to use. When i check back my remaining value, it shows 0 euro remaining.. there suppose to be 1.01 euro remain (5 - 3.99= 1.01). Where did the 1 euro gone ? stolen by aldi talk ? This happened to me twice (at least twice i noticed it)..   Has anybody notice such thing from aldi talk ?  i suspect they just take away small money.. because nobody will bother to raise the issue because it is so troublesome for just so small money.. That's why they keep doing it.. I have no idea how alditalk works.. is it the workers that stolen the small money ?    There were a movie that i watched before.. a programmer for bank,  he wrote a small program that round up the remaining small pennies from all bank customer everytime they do transaction (because nobody care about pennies)  and send to his own dedicated account.. over the course of few years.. he became millionaire..   No idea if this movie reacted in alditalk. 
  11. Is there way to close this thread ? I am done with it . Thanks for info people.
  12. I will only go to toyota dealer if i need more specific part.. because they are super expensive.  Brake pad is a general stuff.. don't have to go to the dealer.
  13. abt firefox inspection tool (kind of technical)

    Can you tell me a bit more abt the 2 things you mentioned above ?  "how to look into the page being modal to remove the attribute".. any guide or video on it ?  By " higher z-index" you meant css z-index ? :-) I only know the div trick that overlay the page, i always manually the "useless" <div>. some of the webpage will auto generate once you removed it (just need to locate which portion that auto generate, should be javascript that do the regeneration of deleted <div> right ? )   Thx
  14. Is there a euro system that is equivalent to VAERS ?  Just wondering. Thx