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  1. It is still alive and climbing all over , shadowing my prune tree even until now.   Btw, anybody tried growing edible yam in germany or uk ? i love yam.. but buying is expensive. Btw, have you tried ginger growing in germany ? i tried several times, they just failed miserably. No idea if it is my way wrong or what. I did manage to grow tumeric this year.. it is right now in a big pot on window sill right now.. big leaves.. if it manage to over winter indoor, it will be a beautiful leafy ornamental plant and by next autumn i should have some harvest.. will see.  
  2. I thought i found thread on chayote here : But unfortunately the core does not look the same..   I have being trying to grow this for 4 years in germany, every time they just grow lust of vine and leaves.. But this year, my friend grew it as well and he manage to have a bumper harvest of it.. on sandy loam soil. .while mine is clayish soil.. but not all gone wasted.. i ate tons of lovely tender crunchy vine out of it..  I believe why mine didn't produce any chayote is because i planted it late.. (because my first chayote this year died while indoor, due to aphid), but my friend plant it in cold soil as early as march (under protection). I think Very few people know how to plant this in germany.. Anyway, this plant is a monster.. it "swallowed" my whole prune tree totally.  I should know better to grow it beside fruit tree.. this coming spring , will grow it to climb my garden house roof.. it is a waste space anyway.   If anybody know how to store the chayote for seed (without moldy and rotten) for next spring growth, please share with me.. i have got 4 (2 huge and 2 edible size) from the friend.. i am afraid they will sprout too early.. and will swallow my house before winter even over... I have searched youtube and google (tons of video available on how to grow it), but can't find any info on how to store it over winter for seed.. Thx
  3. type of potato to grow in germany

    How to ask if not start a thread ?
  4. Checked, bone dry carpet..  no leaking issue.. just humid cold weather here
  5. Anybody know what internet service provider in Neuss that is good and value for money ? I am using unity media for few years.. the speed was excellence , but every now and then the internet break down and sometime have to wait until the following working week to be tended.. so , basically, whole weekend no internet, but at least the service is acceptable. But lately, thing changed. Unity media was bought over by vodafone.. and the phone technical report service is totally not acceptable.. kicking soccer ball between vodafone and unity media.. no human being at the other end of the technical report hotline.. and it just cut you off after sometime .. I have called over 10 times during thursday till friday.. not even a single human being pickup the phone and give a reply.. all machine.. and NOTHING was arranged to fix the line. So, no internet from thursday till sunday.. maybe if lucky they might arrange someone to sort things out.. else, will have to wait longer.. sucks. I am determined to leave the company.. Hence wanted to know if any other service is available. Fiber glass internet is not an option here.    
  6. type of potato to grow in germany

    Sorry, i posted too many that ignore you and some other.. I was thinking this is what the public forum are for... when got question ask, and ppl who have experience will willingly share their experience in their free time.. Never thought too many question will ignore some people. for that i apology. and i will refrain myself from posting my thought and doubt. I do do google , in fact so much that i don't have time to check this forum.. only able to do it once a while..  google does not have all the trustworthy answer to my questions.. really, some even fake.. especially youtube. I did so much info search on youtube, 50% or more are just parroting what other ppl said.. all fake.. no real life experience, they just want to make more video (to earn pennies) , not bother to try out before parroting others... wasting a lot of time.. I like forum is because, quite a handful of ppl do have personal experience and do like to share in their own free time..   Once again i apology .. no worry, i won't take any into offend.    As for the above, it is the info i thought someone in this forum might be benefited, hence i happily shared (never thought this annoyed some one).. .because due to my years of experience (success or failure) lead me to believe this is the best perfect answer .. because a lot of webpage also parroting .. they didn't bother to explain in detail (most likely they themselves don't know the answer or never bother to know).  
  7. heirloom tomato suitable for germany

    Have you save the seed and plant it 2nd year ? is the produce of 2nd year true to the seed ? I like heirloom for that reason.
  8. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Can share the url to the thing you mentioned ?
  9. Yes, i have those.. in my car . I have specially paid attention to the effectiveness of it one wet cold morning. I noticed a small area around the windshield that the silica were located is clear of fog, the rest area were all covered in "fog",. so no doubt that work.. but the area it works is too small.. unless i can make a whole blanket of silica to somehow stick to the windshield.. this way it will surely work wonder.. lol.. maybe some one will have innovative to make it a product successful into market one day. lol.. cheer mate. :-)
  10. What does "frost frei garage" mean?

    Just a quick experience to share with you. I have clayish soil, when potatoes in buried in the winter, some of them being eaten by slug, small portion by mouse.. My friend at uk have peat like soil, they have their potatoes still not harvested, in peaty soil even until november without any issue. only a small portion being eaten by mouse. Just info to share.
  11. Some one experience with potato growing in germany; please tell me what are these type of potato ? I always grow potato in march in neuss, because my potato seed sprouted in march and that's what was told blindly. After much reading (especially the 2nd url below), i know now the type of potato classified is depend on the duration it takes for the tubers to reach maturity. And usually, we want to produce potato for over winter food, hence we grow the thick skin type (longer shelf live) later, so it can store into deeper winter  (winter food! because there are so many other food to eat during summer). Heck, you can grow "first early potato in may and have it harvested in mid july - august if you want to. After reading all these and understood, I still got questions unanswered: When do the first early potato chitting ? When do so called "main crop" potato chitting ? My potato (i concluded they are " 2nd early potato" due to the foliage wilt after 4 months of growth), produces sputs after 3 months of storage (this year only). I want to know these chitting time, so that to know if this  variety is sustainable or not. I never want to purchase seed potato yearly.   Below are the 2 urls that i have done reading on. According to bbc garden website: First early potato The earliest to crop, in June. They take 10-12 weeks (2.5-3months) to mature. Plant: March (with frost protection) Harvest: June and July   Second early potatoes Second early potatoes take 14-16 weeks (3.5-4months) to mature.  Plant: March (with frost protection) Harvest: July and August Maincrop potatoes Maincrops take 16-22 weeks (4-5.5months) to mature. Plant: mid to late April Harvest: August to October Question: Why can't i also plant the maincrop potato in march (same as earlies potatoes) and have it to yield result earlier ? What is the point of planting it late ? (just so that  the potato can store longer through winter ? ) earlies are usually small and have thin skin. Consequently, they don’t store very long. Mid-season types are somewhere in between earlies and lates. Lates have thicker skin and are big (assuming you allow them to fully mature and don’t harvest early) and store for a good, long . But Not all tubers will fit these descriptions, though.       Late season types take about 120 days to reach maturity, though this can range between 110 and 160 days, depending on the cultivar. That means these tubers need a good, long time to mature. generally much better for storing than mid or early types. You’ll sometimes see these described as maincrops, and they can last for two or three months in storage. ‘German Butterball’ can be grown as a maincrop, but they’re fantastic if you harvest them early at about 85 days. ‘Kennebec’ is another late-season potato but it is fantastic when you harvest it early at just 80 days.   Mid Season These potatoes are ready to go in about 100 days, with a range between 95 and 110 days. This means they’re harvestable a bit sooner than late-season types. They’re sometimes labeled as second earlies. Stored properly, they’ll stay good for about a month.     Early Season Early season types (aka first earlies) are ready in under 95 days. The downside is that they don’t store super well, so you need to use them up within a few weeks after harvest. Earlies tend to have thinner skin and more tender flesh, though there are some that defy this standard. ‘Masquerade’ variety is ready in just two months.       When to Plant Potatoes are a bit tricky to figure out when to plant. They often need a long time to grow but it needs to be cool out. Most cultivars can’t handle much heat, and temperatures around 21°C are ideal. That means you need to figure out how to balance the length of time you need to allow the plants to mature with the type of weather you typically have in your region. If you typically have a sweltering summer and a short spring, plant early and mid-season tubers a month before the last projected frost date in your area. Late types should go in the ground around August for a fall harvest. If you have hot summers but a nice, long spring, put the tubers in the ground a month before the last projected frost date. If you have cool summers, place any type of tubers in the ground two weeks before the last projected frost.
  12. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Thats depend on how you put it. I have being start using Toytown quite some year back.. but then stop using it for a while. Everytime when i try to post pic on to so to let the community know what i am trying to explain; i always have problem doing that.. deterring me from doing photo on the forum
  13. What does "frost frei garage" mean?

    Potato even survive winter  when left in bed .. so, why should it need to be in "frost frei garage" ? Does that means just 1 feet below ground level (buried ) is always above 0c ? I buried potato in a crate of wood box with play sand in it.. does that count the micro environment is "above 0c"  even when a series of -15c out side  ?  I did store my potato and seed potato this way for years.. they are always alive in spring.
  14. how to attach picture in this forum ?

    Ok. How do you post photos from camera ? resize them before posting ? Sad that the forum server does not have photo resize feature built in.