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  1. i am writing my resignation letter, having headache writing in german language.   please correct for me if it is wrong.. ,the meaning of it is so hard to understand. May i also know the 2 dates are for what? how to write the 2 dates? for example, if i am resigning today 2nd april, under company regulation, the resignation after submitted, still have to work for the company for 2 weeks before one can leave the company for good. so, can you help me fill it up the date that required to be fill into the both date spaces? "ich möchte hiermit meinen mit ihnen geschlossenen Arbeitsvertrag vom 17.04.2014 fristlos kündigen. Ich stehe ihnen damit mit sofortiger Wirkung, ab dem 16.04.2014 nicht mehr zur Verfügung.   Ich bitte Sie mir ein entsprechendes Arbeitszeugnis für die geleistete Arbeit auszustellen und meine Arbeitsunterlagen, zuzusenden."   can you expert out there also translate this to germany for me? thanks. " period of notice of resignation (Kündigungsfristen) is actually 2 weeks, but due to the production line is currently suffer from insufficiency of machine operator (due to Rupert is undergoing operation), i am willing to prolong my stay of one week in Natsu until a suitable operator is found. I am regret not able to help much more than that, that's mean 24th of April will be my last day working in your company, hopefully by then you will have found a suitable candidate for replacing my post. However if you have found a suitable candidate much early than that, then just inform me, i will leave as stated in regulation, 2 weeks from the date of submission of my resignation letter. "   thank you very much you guys. ps: pls translate as close to my meaning as possible.   thanks again. truly andrew