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  1. hello,   i'd be very grateful for any advice on how to deal with my landlord...   i've been living in a wohngemeinschaft with 5 other people (2 friends, 3 others) for the last year. the 3 of us are moving out on tuesday, and have been trying to get information off our landlord regarding the return of our deposits. our landlord has told us that it will take 6-12 months for him to check everything out and return the deposit...however we're all students and can't afford to let that amount of money go. is it normal for german landlords to take that long, or does he just want to keep our money sitting in a high interest bank account for a bit longer? (he's the tightest cheapskate i've ever met)   the other problem is that he won't be coming to the flat before we leave, so we can't discuss any problems with him face to face. or in any other way for that matter. we've tried contacting him by email, but he ignores them. we've tried ringing, but have been hung up on as soon as he hears something which he doesn't want to. how should we find out exactly what we are expected to do before we leave? for example, the only problem in my room is that one of the white walls is pretty dirty. it was like that when i moved in, yes, its a palace, but i have a feeling that when we leave, the landlord will try and (over)charge me for the painting of the walls. if he's going to do that, i'd rather paint the wall myself with a tin of cheap whitewash but he won't come round to look at the rooms, let alone talk to us.   can anyone help??   thankyou!