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  1. Thanks to all for the explanation of Sondertilgung. One additional clarification...if we must agree to Sondertilgung in advance, do we also have to agree to the amount of the Sondertilgung? I.e. Can we agree to a  Sondertilgung to be paid once a year, but the amount paid is dependent on how much additional we were able to set aside?   For me, it is less about expecting additional money in the form of a windfall, and more about making reserved conservative estimates. I.e. if a person expects they could afford (just as an example to make the math easy) €2000 a month payment, a cautious course of action is to set up payments at €1500 - and then, if indeed the extra €500 is there, then that €500 goes in as  Sondertilgun. But, if something causes the €500 to be used elsewhere, then no additional payment is made.    Perhaps it's because I'm an American, where having sudden, unexpected, expenses is commonplace and can be cataclysmic  
  2. We're looking to buy a home in the next couple of years. One question I haven't been able to get securely answered is whether additional, unscheduled payments can be made to the principle of a mortgage here in Germany. I'm not talking about the 1-10% additional anfängliche Tilgung that's already scheduled into the loan.    For example, a sound repayment option for mortgages in the U.S. is to take out a standard annuity amortization (where the interest is paid first, and the principle second, on a diminishing schedule.) BUT, if you decide you have extra money during the month/year, you can pay this extra against the principle (ONLY) of the mortgage (in addition to the regularly scheduled amortized payment.) This payment can be spontaneous, and the lender cannot refuse to put the payment against the principle (versus against the interest.) Doing so is both a great way to buffer flexible income (I.e. take out a larger loan, longer term, with smaller payments - but pay extra every month when you can to reduce the larger expense of the interest.)    Is this possible with mortgages in Germany?
  3. Purchase precision rotary lathe spindles/shafts in Germany

    That is exactly right! Thank you. They only go to H9 tolerances, however. Do you know if any of the other companies go to H6 or better?   Also, I don't know the German tolerance for straightness, which is critical in this case. I.e. This would be a rotary shaft, meaning it needs a straightness tolerance of 0.3mm per 300mm length.  
  4. Purchase precision rotary lathe spindles/shafts in Germany

    Exactly :D
  5. Hello All!   I'm looking for a McMaster-Carr type of company here in Germany that sells directly to the consumer. In this specific case, I'm looking for highly precision made rotary shafts that will be used in a lathe. I need a shaft that is 156mm long, 15mm diameter, with at least a .03mm straightness tolerance. Similar to these at McMaster-Carr.   Unfortunately, McMaster-Carr no longer ships to Germany thanks to Trump's trade wars.    Can anyone direct me to such a company?   Many thanks!