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  1. Open wires in bathroom - little question

    Thanks again everyone! Pretty sure this is gonna work now. I also figured that all I need in my case is a "surface-mounted socket". Easy peasy.
  2. Open wires in bathroom - little question

    Thanks everyone for all the tips, good stuff. Actually it looks like my question is answered. If those wires that you see in the picture often serve to connect lights and pharmacy cabinets with sockets, then I can't see why it wouldn't work.   @CincyInDE That seems pretty great. So did you just have the same wires that I have? And no issues with say, a hair dryer?
  3. Hi! So I live in a flat, and lots of them have those open wires in the bathroom, above the sink, where you'd install a pharmacy with lights (from what I've heard). I'd like to do something with it. Since there's no electrical outlet in my bathroom (super old building), I was wondering if I could connect them to one, that could be screwed into the wall right above (where you see the Raufasertapete), or something like that, but not integrated in the wall as that's not really allowed I guess. As far as I know, the connections are the same, but I'm wondering how it would be from a safety POV, mainly regarding the strength of the current. Like, I don't want it to explode if I plug in a hairdryer. I've asked around on Reddit but no one's in Germany, so no one knows how those things are wired. I feel like it should be fine since a lot of the light-up pharmacies I've seen have integrated outlets too. What do you all think? Thanks!
  4. Hi there!   I haven't found an answer to my questions yet, but I know it's a very simple issue...   Can I deposit the Canadian dollars I still have with me into my Deutsche Bank account? And what if I have to withdraw some of it right afterwards? Are there any huge fees for that? And what's the amount I have to input when I make this deposit at an ATM? Considering it's 250$ Canadian.   Thanks a lot!