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  1. Congratulations. Could you provide details about what you negotiated, so others may benefit. 
  2. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    As if there is no middle ground to be found between these extremes... Yes, it is a bad thing, if you want to police people so badly, join the police force. If you don’t: live and let live like Spidey says. 
  3. Accident of auto in parking place

    The way I read this table, is that in this “Malusklasse” you pay up to 280% of SF1. Since the poster was already in SF0, he was already paying up to 260% of SF1.    Looks like you’d be paying about 20% more, probably for about 3 years. That should allow you to calculate if it makes sense to pay out of pocket.    Lastly, my bumper once got hit and I had to replace, and I once damaged a bumper of another parked car, which also got replaced. Both cost ~1200EUR. I had an “accident forgiveness” on my insurance, didn’t have to pay more after. May make sense to switch insurance provider after this is all sorted, to see if you can get one that suits you better. 
  4. In this case, the correct translation of “Sammelheizung” is central heating, not collective heating. So, yes, you have central heating, i.e. “Sammelheizung”.
  5. Perhaps you should also apologize to the post office and ensure them you generally trust them to deliver mail, but that in this particular case you’d like to send it registered, please. 
  6. What are you cooking today?

      My favorite cookbook (The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez) often provides answers to such questions, as the author takes a "scientific" approach to trying things out (head to head comparison of various methods...). Luckily he also has a blog describing why baking powder works wonders on chicken wings:   https://www.seriouseats.com/2010/02/the-best-baked-buffalo-chicken-wings-in-oven-not-fried-appetizers.html   In there he also describes why baking soda (or the sodium bicarbonate from @HH_Sailor) does not work as well as baking powder (which includes a powdered acid, sometimes as an aluminum salt).  I love cookbooks and have several, but I usually end up with a recipe from the Food Lab as a basis... If you like watching Alton Brown, you will like this book. 
  7. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    Again non-sense information; of course the victims insurance will contact the insurance company of the culprit. 
  8. Bewohnerparkausweis online

    call them, mate. You are spending so much currently you may as well try to rent a garage!
  9. Bewohnerparkausweis online

    Bearbeitungszeit Etwa zwei Wochen. Sie bekommen den Parkausweis per Post, sobald Sie gezahlt haben.   So, about 2wks after you pay...
  10. Car Accident with Fahrerflucht

    What kind of non-sense advice is this? How long would you wait to see if they pay? How much are you going to let them pay you? Simply go to your repair shop, tell them the police have the details on what happened, and give the repair shop your insurance details. They'll sort it out. 
  11. Speeding fine - how to respond

    Like Leon G says, I don't think you'll get a ban, because of administrative mistakes in the new law. If you want to practice your German writing, go ahead, but I don't think anybody will read your plea, and in addition you state it isn't your first fine either, so they won't have much sympathy for you... 
  12. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    Cool story bro. Also useful for people that actually plan to stay in Germany. In case you run up a debt in your new country of residence, will you find another country to move to?
  13. Is tax free allowance deductable?

    Yes, it is true that 40 - 9 = 31    joking aside, yes, you’d have to pay income tax over 31k euros. 
  14. Save down payment vs pay off debt

    Are there still banks in these times that give mortgages for 100-120% of the purchase price? (In this case OP doesn’t even have own capital for extra costs such as brokerage fees, notary tax etc., so the mortgage would have to be for >100%). On top OP already has a debt of 30k... Wouldn’t want to have an account with a banker that gives out such mortgages...
  15. Save down payment vs pay off debt

    The total amount of mortgage you can get will be lowered by the amount of your loan. So, pay off and save some more...
  16. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    Did you keep the receipt of the bolt cutter?   That was easy, now you can go look for a nicer bike and make the bolt cutter investment really worthwhile 😉