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  1. I’ve made a pretty neutral post in answer to your original post, and you answer in a passive aggressive way, to other posters you’ve simply been a dick. To top it off you post:   “...what I have noticed is that when I tell someone that I am American, people here are so prejudice that they instantly judge you. Instead of trying to meet "me" they have this "me" already created based off of their own delusional prejudices.”   it is exactly what you do (did). Good luck. 
  2. It is nice to read that you already realize that you have quite a bit to be grateful for: you got into a good university, were able to secure various paid research assistant jobs, got to move around to various towns/cities, you have good and affordable health care...   Now imagine how hard it would be for a foreigner to achieve something similar in the US... It is do-able, but very difficult to secure a position, visa etc. In addition they make you take silly GRE exams, give you "homework" even as part of a Ph.D.-program (talk about being back in sixth grade...)   Point being, navigating the system as a foreigner is difficult, because you view things from a different perspective. This may be part of the reward once you succeed, but while you are struggling with the differences it simply sucks. Keep in mind though that those "unfriendly, arrogant, passive aggressive, racist, prejudice and grumpy" Germans are the same ones that enrolled you in University, offered you research assistant jobs, pay tax to keep things affordable for students etc.   My advice: count your blessings, keep an optimistic open view, and press on; two years can fly by with the right attitude.
  3. Speeding tickets and fines

    I understand this to mean that you have the right to prove that the rental agency didn’t have any damages/costs (or substantially less costs as the fee). Don’t know how you would prove that...
  4. About the employment situation in the city

    Some guy in Berlin asks a question about getting a job at McD and all of a sudden we have a pissing contest between some ITers... 
  5. Probezeit with illness problems

    You didn’t work, so you didn’t loose pay... You’re trying to trick the system by being sick excessively often. If you need the cash so bad, you could... work?
  6. Difference when you dress up and down

      Some of your posts in this thread are far from positive, so please keep working on it...
  7. Difference when you dress up and down

    Maybe there is a Tall-GerMan forum out there where some men are wondering why girls only smile back at them in Summer, but not Winter...
  8. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    I am happy it got sorted out for you, but you were the one suggesting that fraud is their business model and that they will "always find a way to outsmart you"... Clearly that is not their way of working, and in both above cases Sixt handled it well, didn't they? I still have to see a case were Sixt successfully claimed damages despite the renter having full coverage, or the renter having noted down pre-existing damage correctly...
  9. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    So was it a new scratch (i.e. one you hadn’t seen before), or one of the ones you had added to the accident report? I didn’t get it. If you had added it to the report, what is the current claim?
  10. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    Bottom line first: I don’t think you have a leg to stand on (read other responses), but you can try. In any case start saving to pay up.    Depending on when and where you bring back the rental, you can leave it in good faith all the time. There is no need for the renter to be present, and sometimes you can even drop the car after the office is closed. Of course if you don’t have insurance, you should make sure to check out together with a Sixt employee, or take tons of pictures that the car is OK.    I have rented with Sixt 20-30x in the course of 1.5 yrs, sometimes even without excess insurance (I know, not a smart way to save a penny), and never had any issues.    Last tip: if you want to rely on the insurance of your credit card, that does not apply for all vehicle classes, and certainly not for small trucks. 
  11. Getting a job from abroad

    Of course they want to meet you in person, it is the quickest and easiest way to interact with somebody in the working environment. If all it takes you is some time and flexibility, why even consider refusing that offer, for you it is also a great opportunity to see where you would work and meet more future potential colleagues in person. It’s a no brainer and you should be grateful for the opportunity. 
  12. Wallpaper vs paint

    They will paint
  13. Wallpaper vs paint

    You may double check with a native German speaker, but roughly:   Option 1 = treating the ceiling as I said before; smooth out wall and put ingrain wallpaper.    Option 2 = treating walls & ceiling as I said before.    So so if the price difference is minimal, option 2 would be what I’d go for, and the work suggested is certainly beyond my DIY skills...   BTW, from the quote I understand that you still have to buy the paint for the final layer, but I may be wrong, best to clarify that, including how many layers you would need. 
  14. Wallpaper vs paint

    Also not an expert, but what you quoted in German is significantly more than just putting up wallpaper... First of all they include the ceiling. Then they will spackle it, smooth it out, prime it, and paint it. Sounds like you currently have a basic construction wall and I would say they are very right you can’t just paint over it. Probably you would need a lot of paint to make it look nice...
  15. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Search for a “Waschanlage” or “Autowashanlage” with “selbstbedienung”. https://www.sb-waschanlagen.com/muenchen/