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  1. Speeding fine - how to respond

    Like Leon G says, I don't think you'll get a ban, because of administrative mistakes in the new law. If you want to practice your German writing, go ahead, but I don't think anybody will read your plea, and in addition you state it isn't your first fine either, so they won't have much sympathy for you... 
  2. How to respond to Mahnbescheid

    Cool story bro. Also useful for people that actually plan to stay in Germany. In case you run up a debt in your new country of residence, will you find another country to move to?
  3. Is tax free allowance deductable?

    Yes, it is true that 40 - 9 = 31    joking aside, yes, you’d have to pay income tax over 31k euros. 
  4. Save down payment vs pay off debt

    Are there still banks in these times that give mortgages for 100-120% of the purchase price? (In this case OP doesn’t even have own capital for extra costs such as brokerage fees, notary tax etc., so the mortgage would have to be for >100%). On top OP already has a debt of 30k... Wouldn’t want to have an account with a banker that gives out such mortgages...
  5. Save down payment vs pay off debt

    The total amount of mortgage you can get will be lowered by the amount of your loan. So, pay off and save some more...
  6. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    Did you keep the receipt of the bolt cutter?   That was easy, now you can go look for a nicer bike and make the bolt cutter investment really worthwhile 😉
  7. Finding a house in Mannheim

      How are you responding to the advertisements? I highly recommend you do so in German and add a (German) telephone number you can be reached at. If a telephone number is listed with the advertisement, call them, preferentially in German. In case you submit an actual application to the apartment, approach it like you would a job application. 
  8. Working in Switzerland living in Germany

    I shall clarify this: the employer is responsible to make the correct social security contribution. In the case of >25% home office in Germany, they’d have to pay German social security (but not Swiss). So the employer won’t allow it. 
  9. Working in Switzerland living in Germany

      This adds complications. An employee on a G-permit that does home office >25%, will have to pay social securities in the home country, and  has potential insurance liabilities. Additionally she would have to pay some double tax for the days worked from home.