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  1. If that’s how they do business (ignoring e-mail, poor communication), you can be glad you don’t work there... I’d try one more time by calling and e-mailing, but would probably forget about it after that...
  2. Congratulations. Could you provide details about what you negotiated, so others may benefit. 
  3. Corona hearing in fine proceedings.

    As if there is no middle ground to be found between these extremes... Yes, it is a bad thing, if you want to police people so badly, join the police force. If you don’t: live and let live like Spidey says. 
  4. Accident of auto in parking place

    The way I read this table, is that in this “Malusklasse” you pay up to 280% of SF1. Since the poster was already in SF0, he was already paying up to 260% of SF1.    Looks like you’d be paying about 20% more, probably for about 3 years. That should allow you to calculate if it makes sense to pay out of pocket.    Lastly, my bumper once got hit and I had to replace, and I once damaged a bumper of another parked car, which also got replaced. Both cost ~1200EUR. I had an “accident forgiveness” on my insurance, didn’t have to pay more after. May make sense to switch insurance provider after this is all sorted, to see if you can get one that suits you better. 
  5. In this case, the correct translation of “Sammelheizung” is central heating, not collective heating. So, yes, you have central heating, i.e. “Sammelheizung”.
  6. Perhaps you should also apologize to the post office and ensure them you generally trust them to deliver mail, but that in this particular case you’d like to send it registered, please.