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  1.   President messed with John Legend and John's wife Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. Chrissy clapped back with an epic smack down calling the Prez  a "Pussy Ass Bitch" that trended on Twitter with the hashtag #President Pussy Ass Bitch  (PAB)   NSFW   True to form in pop culture it was remixed and put on YouTube:         Stephen Colbert explains the salient details of their Twitter feud.    
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Bill Maher says fat shaming is the first step in reforming the problem with obesity in the States. Shaming or bullying is not the solution to changing the  epidemic of 40% of Americans being obese. There are many other considerations such as the pervasiveness of  corn sweetener in foods, synthetic (processed) foods on the market, lack of nutrition education in schools, including medical schools,  a disease driven health care model, instead of a wellness model,  big pharma clout,  food deserts in impoverished communities, food advertisement marketed to children etc. etc.   The current  USDA's  food pyramid recommendations are not based on sound evidence-based nutrition science either (see video below with Nina Teicholz).       Here's Jame Corden's response:            
  3. Business compliance: gifts from suppliers

      Is this your ego talking?     Everyone is expendable, including you. God forbid you'd drop dead tomorrow, they'd probably have you replaced faster than your body gets cold.  Keep on believing you're not expendable if that feeds your ego.    If I were you, I'd follow the company's ethic rules they have set forth for employees, unless they specifically in writing said you're for whatever reason exempt of these rules. Since you say you're such an asset to your company you  really don't want to see them loose you over a dinner or an expensive or inexpensive gift that you can afford to buy yourself.    Furthermore, since you're such an asset to your company, surely they probably wouldn't mind  if their favorite son inquires what are the parameters of these rules.  In this case, just don't get why you would rather ask people on the internet than ask your company, especially since you're more familiar with the nuances, personnel affairs, management style, company politics etc of this company better than anyone else on this forum.          
  4. Suggestions please for warm November getaway

    Azores may be interesting, it's warm, but it's 6 hours away from Dublin.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    The incomparable and underrated Marla Glen                    
  6. Politics Gen XYZ

    Trump's cozy relationship with his propaganda machine Fox News may be in trouble.    
  7. This immature, loose lipped princess Madeline Westerhout, the 28 year old Director of Oval Office Operations a $145,000/year job was fired after she disclosed disparaging information about Trump's family and other details to reporters. Good riddance.    
  8.   This IS NOT Joe Biden visiting a school. This is fake, a lie and not from Joe Biden's Snap Chat.   The screaming child in jeremy2 twitter repost is actually  a child afraid of the Easter Bunny that came to her daycare class. Here's the video where the mother is speaking out about her child in distress being used for others' amusement.       
  9. Has the internet made us dumber and nastier?

      Jeremy2 with his interest in African culture and with his prayers,  he's probably a pacifist under god's request like Georgina and devilish too.   NSFW    
  10. Scum of the Day

    Woman drowns  stranded in her SUV in flood waters and the asshole 911 operator response was unsympathetic and callous.     
  11. What are you listening to right now?

  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Found this essay in the Prospect Magazine interesting:  Britain's Reichstag Fire Moment: Weimar warns us about what happens when politicians give up on their parliaments
  13. Has the internet made us dumber and nastier?

    Grant me the serenity to know the earth is filled with assholes and fuckery that I cannot change, the courage to not be a part of the assholery or fuckery,  and the wisdom to know I'm the shit, without shitting on others on the internet.