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  1. 6 hours ago, balticus said:


    To acknowledge and evangelize while bragging about long haul flights is pretty comical.


    Shots fired!


    I'll consider giving my comment some thought while I lay sipping my frosty drink on the Caribbean beach in Turks and Caicos where I'm heading to right now for some much needed sun and R and R.   Please excuse me I'm at the airport, I have a Boeing 777 to catch leaving in 30 minutes. Buh Bye. 


    I'll leave you and jeremy2 with another one of my pics from Antarctica.   Little known fact, there's volcanoes on Antarctica. 








    On 12/25/2019, 1:32:30, fraufruit said:

    So the predictions about climate change that were made 20 years ago all came to pass and then some. Yet people still believe that the current predictions won't happen. Why is that?


    the rest


    Because to fully acknowledge this issue of existential threat  and social justice means there will need to be major changes to way of life and institutions spending BIG money.


    Engineer and Inventor Guy Callendar   81 years ago mentioned how CO2 emissions may contributes to climate change. 


    He wrote a research article entitled  The Artificial Production of Carbon Dioxide and Its Influence on Temperature.


    Here's the abstract from his article:




    By fuel combustion man has added about 150,000 million tons of carbon dioxide to the air during the past half century. The author estimates from the best available data that approximately three quarters of this has remained in the atmosphere.

    The radiation absorption coefficients of carbon dioxide and water vapour are used to show the effect of carbon dioxide on “sky radiation.” From this the increase in mean temperature, due to the artificial production of carbon dioxide, is estimated to be at the rate of 0.003°C. per year at the present time.

    The temperature observations a t zoo meteorological stations are used to show that world temperatures have actually increased at an average rate of 0.005°C. per year during the past half century.


  3. Sannerl, your recipe looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing it.


    Here's a Hong Kong style oxtail recipe I've made before and is really good. I still use her cooking method no matter what recipe I use for oxtails. In this recipe, she soaks them in cold h20 for an hour  then the the cook quickly boils the oxtails, pour the water off and I repeat the boil again and drain. This process actually helps clarify the stew/soup by removing blood and impurities. After I boil and rinse twice, I pat them dry with paper towel then Iightly braise the oxtails in oil to start the recipe.

    Heres the recipe:

    Oxtail Soup, Hong Kong Style Borscht






  4. What inspired you to invest in Companisto?


    Just wait, there will be someone from a Baltic country to soon come along with some suggestions on investments and businesses. Stay tuned. 


    How do we know you're not one of their competitors just trying to trash their business?


  5. This is a video  about a deadly twister, the widest that's ever been recorded in the U.S. It hit the state of Oklahoma leaving in it's wake destruction and grief.




    The deadly tornado that ripped through Oklahoma on Friday was the biggest twister in U.S. history, a record two-and-a-half miles wide, with winds up to 295 miles per hour. The tornado traveled 16 miles on the ground. At least 18 people were killed in the storm.




  6. I made oxtail stew to freeze for a surprise dinner for a special person that I won't have time to make later (since takes 6 hours) because I have plans and had a small portion to sample for dinner. It was delicious! For dessert, a couple pieces of Belgian chocolate that I gave myself for Christmas.


    Here's the recipe I used to adapt my version of oxtail stew.  I added a small amount of cubed white potatoes. No red wine, flour, or leeks were used and I cooked mine on the stovetop instead of oven.




  7. On 12/22/2019, 1:21:46, Rushrush said:

    No offence but 30 secs of googling would have shown you that J.K. Rowling tweeted nothing of the sort.




    When I first posted about this issue  of the backlash against J.K. Rowling's transphobic tweet you were a denier, now I see you would like to discuss it and have made several subsequent posts about this topic.   This is my last post on this issue.


    What I I hope will eventually happen is there's  an increased awareness and societal shift away from subjecting people who are LGBTQ to discrimination, bias, and marginalization in all areas of their lives because of their gender orientation. 

    Today in 30 States it's legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Check out the link to find out what States have not yet abolished  or adopted laws against discrimination. The States with the yellow dots have people relating their stories about discrimination. Beyond I Do is a media campaign supported by the Ad Council that focuses on awareness about the prevalence of discrimination of people who are LGBTQ.  This is not just happening in the States, this is a global issue that requires attention. 


    What I find especially unsettling in the States transgender adolescents are at a significantly higher risk  to engage in suicidal behaviors.There's lots of  societal work to be done against discrimination of LGBTQ people and to  prevent suicide and self-harm in transgendered adolescents.


    Quote from the American Academy of Pediatrics:  Source



    Our findings reveal the disparate burden of suicide-related behavior among gender-minority adolescents in the United States, particularly female to male and nonbinary transgender adolescents. Our findings also reveal the additive burden of identifying as nonheterosexual across gender identity groups with the exception of adolescents who identify as nonbinary.


    These results should be used to inform suicide prevention and intervention policy and programs that are aimed at reducing ongoing gender identity–related disparities in suicide behavior as well as ongoing research in which authors seek to better understand for whom and why suicide behavior risk exists.


    This is one of many videos from the Ad Council for their  "Beyond I Do" Campaign. 






  8. On drummer Ernst Bier's email list, today got this jazz event announcement from him.  Sharing it in case someone may be interested in some jazz over the holidays. 






    A-Trane Jazzclub


    Bleibtreustr./Ecke Pestalozzistr. 

    10625  Berlin-Charlottenburg



    Reservierung :


    030 / 313 2550



    A-Trane Christmas Special



    Die Konzerte am 24. Und 25. Dezember fangen erst um 

    22 Uhr an!


    The concerts on December 24thand 25th are starting 

    at 10pm!

    Little Shop of Jazz



    Der Little Shop of Jazz erfindet sich und seine Musik immer wieder neu. Das Konzept entspringt einer simplen Erkenntnis: Der Ton macht die Musik.

    Tal Arditi - guitar

    Yannik Thiemann - bass

    Ernst Bier – drums