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  1. How to get into the Software World?

      Like these.   
  2. Senator Chuck Schumer was in the room with Nancy Pelosi when Trump had a meltdown.      
  3. Nancy Pelosi is saying to Trump "stop acting like a petulant child".  Look at the people on the side of the table of Trump either they are bowing their heads in shame or are asleep.   
  4. Watch Mike Mulvaney acting chief of staff live press conference. He's spinning on foreign political influence in elections for his boss, the Orange One.      
  5. What are you listening to right now?

  6.   Uh, oh, those are fighting words right there. Game on.
  7. How to react if black sports stars are abused by fans

      Johng, I just hope you remember to understand with your Anglo-Saxon white skin that you've been afforded in your life experiences an immense amount of opportunities and " white privilege"   that many downtrodden, poor,  and educated people of color around the world have not, simply because of the color of their skin.     Your story about your Spanish wife is not about racism, it's about misogyny and xenophobia. Please don't continue to conflate the two terms "racism" and "xenophobia" .    Educate yourself about  "white privilege" and racism as apparently from your three examples  you don't  actually know what "racism" actually is all about. How about you start by realizing you have benefitted directly from the privilege that racism and prejudice afforded you as racism has enable your life experiences to be what it is thus far.   Your "white privilege" has protected you and even convinced you some how that your position of wealth and other privileges you hold are because your skills are superior when in actuality, racist systems have been very carefully constructed, designed, and upheld to control the false narrative that other groups are inferior which further allows you to think you've  had a racist experience and that "crappy behavior is everywhere and not restricted to white anglo-saxon males with or without beer guts".      Your  examples of racism  you say you've experienced  are actually false examples that you've socially constructed as racism because you simply don't know exactly what racism and xenophobia is.   I will extend this further to even say it's  probably because you've never directly experienced  overt or institutionalized racism.    
  8. blood test in Munich?

      I'm not in Munich, but I've gone to labs in several different cities so I know you can walk in.   Google and then call, if nothing else, find a hausarzt call and ask them about the name of their lab. That's how I found the lab I go to now. 
  9. Don't really want to talk about Warren now as I don't think she's going to be the democratic presidential nominee. I would like to share some information about Native Americans and Trump.    According to Cultural Survival, the agency that advocates for indigenous people rights of self-determination, cultural and political  resiliency since 1972, they have quite a few issues  with Trump's policies toward Native Americans. They also don't appreciate Trump calling Warren "Pocahontas", among other issues which you can read about on the link, if you're interested.    I have a lot of respect for attorney Tara Houska, a Native American who is lobbying for political change for Native Americans, including issues with the pipeline and climate change how it affects Native American territory.    Native American voters will make a difference in the outcome of the 2020 election.    Just checked my emails and found this article:    Death by Civilization how Native Americans were forced to  attend boarding schools in Wisconsin designed to strip them of their cultural identities to make them more European like.         
  10.     Actually, forget to mention my husband plays guitar and he has 3 guitars, because one was not enough.    So between my piano and his guitars, we're covered for any noise we have to tolerate from a child.    I'm actually glad the child is here, I wouldn't have ever gotten the piano, if the child hadn't moved in really.          
  11.   4th apartment in 6 years, you're really on the move.  You can always see if there's a thread on TT about some things to consider when renting a flat.  I've been here almost 23 years and I have many stories to tell about dwellings here over the years.   Turned down my dream apartment because it was at the top of a building. The owner tried to convince me the slate tiles kept the heat out. Portable air conditioner are not that expensive, but I didn't want to chance it the owners lived there, that was a deal breaker too.   I never thought I'd be living with a young child as the child was not here when we moved in and that's why we took the flat. I actually asked the agent about who lived in the other flats and if he'd said a child I couldn't have taken the flat            
  12. blood test in Munich?

    What I found unusual about living here is you don't need a doctor's order for lab work to go into a lab and say I would like certain blood tests and they'll do them for you and bill you directly.   You can then take the lab and send them to who you want to see them.    I know most people go through their hausarzt for labs, but you can also do it yourself here. I've done it many times gone for my own labs. 
  13.   I actually never said I wasn't bothered by the noise, I really don't like it, especially the crying I can hear sometimes. The running is short-lived. We're very quiet people no television or  stereo, now I make some noise with my piano. I don't play it every day, or for long periods of time either.      I said I don't complain about the noise to them because it's a young child. Since I have to tolerate their noise I  bought the piano.   As a considerate neighbor, I've checked in about is my piano playing bothering them, they've said no it doesn't disturb them and it's helps their child go to sleep.