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  1. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

    At the Christmas market in town there's all sorts of flavors of popcorn still after having Garretts I'm disappointed in the quality of Gourmet popcorn in Germany. 
  2. Apartment contract cancelled

    ...and taking his balls with him.     
  3. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

      Is a taxi or public transportation an option?
  4. What's got you flummoxed today?

        Physics and Astronomy are two fields of science in the U.S. that  is under represented by African-American women and other minorities scholars and intellectuals Dr. Chandra Prescod-Weinstein who wrote this article is one of few African-American astrophysicist. In the U.S. there's 83 African American women who's received a PHD in Physics in the history of the U.S. as of 2017.   In 39 years Physic Doctorates went to 66 black women and 22000 white men.      We Know Physics is a largely white and male how striking white and male is it?   Meet Dr. Chandra Prescod-Weinstein      
  5. Nonresident German citizen health insurance

      If you consider your hausarzt as "very inept" as you say, since he's self-paying you may want to consider finding a more competent doctor to assess and treat his health condition. 
  6. Where can I find some Gourmet popcorn?

      Garrett Popcorn is by far the best gourmet popcorn I've ever tasted in the States. You can have Garrett express ship it directly to you in the States and since it's in a sealed tin express ship it to your daughter's address in Leverkusen Germany.    Garrett Popcorn Facebook talks about shipping their products.    Their official website IP is blocked here in Germany, but you can google for their shipping info to have it sent to you in the State and then you ship to Germany.   In my opinion, gourmet German popcorn is not good at all. 
  7. Favourite picture of yourself?

  8. Favourite picture of yourself?

    Sorry didn't dress up more, scarf is covering my butt though.   
  9. Random pointless comments

    Me too, funny ha ha and funny bizarre.     You're probably not the only one getting wrong notifications, there's never only one incident of anything on TT that's the way of the TT enterprise which is an epitome of random pointless comments.   
  10. Random pointless comments

       So apparently there's a bug or glitch in the system, because I've been greening Anna66 post in what are you listening too.  I enjoy her music selection.   Yeah I greened Anna post about 10 minutes ago and how are seeing it does it come under your notification, but the post in her name. Strange, but stranger things have happened on TT. I'll report this post so they'll see and try to fix it.
  11. Random pointless comments

      Huh?  Don't understand the meaning of this. 
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    I Love You Keeping Me Alive Ocean          
  13. Wisdom from pop music

    "There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection"   band Manchester Orchestra song The Silence
  14. Climate change

        @editor bob, I'm glad you're talking about climate change.     It's a turbulent  blizzard of non-related comments to climate change on this thread with strong winds, murky waters, and numbing temperatures.