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  1. How to date without tinder

    You've gotten some really good advice here.    So what to do in the meantime, consider working on yourself. What are positive attributes you can bring to a relationship. Consider  the kind of person you're interested in attracting, what's non-negotiable for you, what kind of relationship you may want to have with someone special. What are some things about yourself that may be difficult or an issue in dating or in a relationship, What are some things you may want to self-improve.   Relationships don't just happen in a vacuum, no matter how much you may be longing to have one. No matter how lonely you may feel or how desperate you are to have a relationship.   Relationships are complex that require openness, trust, honesty, introspection, emotional support, thoughtfulness, respect, compromise, good listening skills, time... etc. etc.   Hope this list doesn't scare you, but it takes effort to make a relationship thrive once you meet someone.     
  2.   I don't appreciate your inane assumption about what my motivation was for sharing that info about reparations. For your information, I WASN'T  "simply trying to score political points".  My motivation for  posting that had NOTHING to with the 2020 election either.    When Katheliz mentioned about the inhumanity of slavery, I shared an event that I was aware of that happened last week. The congressional hearing on reparations for slavery and what Mitch McConnell said about reparations and those links for more information about the racist history of slavery in Kentucky, Mitch's State.    
  3.   My husband said to me just the other day to beat the heat we should sit in the car with air co. I prefer to sit with Air co and some fresh air in my car (a window(s) half way down)  because I don't like straight air co in a car while I'm driving.    I started renting a garage space in March.  I didn't fully appreciate the justification of paying 125 Euros per month for this space, until I got in my car  today, on the lowest level of this building, and my car was cooler than the other side of the pillow.   My car wasn't sitting out on the street with the sun beaming down on the roof with bird shit baking and getting in the car feels like a sauna.    
  5. This onslaught of fuming heat this early in the season is what's said that makes this heat wave potentially more dangerous and even lethal, as later in the summer season our bodies have had more time to acclimate to heat.   Like others, I have plans, things to do, and some of it involves being outside, I'm starting to already plan in my head on my journey how I can mitigate some of the intense heat exposure. 
  6. What are you cooking today?

       So you're a self-proclaimed "pastafarian", the irony of your post about how to properly cook pasta is Gianluca Mancini's profile says he's Italian and lives in Italy.
  7.   Chief of Household Management Operations    Or Executive in Charge of Household Management
  8.   And what ever you do, don't use the word "servant"!
  9. Gastric bypass surgery

    This video is an inspiration of how a body building forum community rallied together to help a morbidly obese member shed pounds and improve his quality of life.      
  10. Gastric bypass surgery

      High Fructose Corn Syrup can cause significant weight gain. I avoid HFCS like it's the plague, I'm hypervigilant about reading food labels to avoid this nasty ingredient.  
  11. Gastric bypass surgery

        Reminds me of Ron Finley who is a  gangsta' gardener in the ghetto of South Los Angeles. He says "food is the problem, and food is the solution to combat obese". He has witnessed gardening become a tool for the education and a tool for the transformation of his community. He says to change the community you have to  change the composite of the soil and people are the soil. You'd be surprised how children are affected by gardening. Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do.           
  12. Something in meat that is not available from other food

        Carnivore actually means "lousy gardener". 
  13. Random lines of poetry

    Suicide Note by Langston Hughes The calm cool face of the river asked me for a kiss.  
  14. Something in meat that is not available from other food

    Reading this thread made me dizzy, is there something in this thread that I can't find on other social media platforms?  Haven't been on other social media platforms in a month.   I must go lay down now.