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  1. First World Problems

    I have read over and over again folks on TT saying issues, problems, or questions that come up on TT are "First World Problems (FWP)". First World Problems, according to the Urban Dictionary are problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third world people would probably roll their eyes at.   If you're suffering from experiencing a hardship from a first world problem (FWP) or have a FWP you like to share or if you just like to place a quote from a thread that someone said is a FWP or even a meme than here's your thread. If you're not so sure if your issues is an FWP, here's some really good examples on this blog and this twitter feed.   My mundane FWP today is should we walk back from our local cafe 3 km as my husband insisted because he likes to walk or take a taxi. I opted to take a taxi because I have a low tolerance to cold weather.