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  1. Sympathetic? It isn't meant to be a US comic-style film with caracatures as leading roles - its trying to be a biography of the final days of an evil regime. As with a lot of evil regimes, when you have a very evil man at the top, (some of) the people under him tend to look comparatively less evil...


    Continued in the forum...


  2. Kids are just stupid.


    Even I (avid nazi hater), when made to draw the face of God in Religious Education at the age of 11-12, drew hitler's head. Don't ask me why. The teacher flipped, as you can imagine.


    I then joined a church choir...


    ... cos I fancied one of the girls in it.


    I am evil.


  3. Those that are jealous: At least a 3rd of that 75k will be taxed at 45% (highest tax bracket).


    So, she ain't earning loads more than you (after tax)... whatever you may think. However, she may be rather good at what she does, and hence may be worth the money. Now there's a thought!


    Still, I know a guy that just started with Boston Consulting. E 100k + car + all expenses. 27 years old, speaks not-so-good german (writes it well, however). It is his first job. He has a PhD in Engineering, but is just a normal business consultant at Boston. Writes most of his reports in English anyway...


    Right! I'm off to win the lottery.


  4. OK. Maisflocke was right in some respects, but, like me, he didn't read it properly either, like the bit where it explains where the extra costs come into play...


    For Mobile numbers in the UK and "special" numbers (weird ones that cost DT a ton more to connect to, maybe like Pay-to-call numbers?? Am clueless here) Deutsche Telekom DO add this 23 ct per minute (RIPOFF!!!). But not (supposedly) to "normal" telephone UK / Ireland etc numbers.


    I was assured by the helpful chappie at DT that "normal" landline destination numbers are not charged at more than the advertised 3.4 Ct. Will see it on my bill to believe it, however...


    So. Bottom line:


    - DON'T use it to call UK/Ireland/US MOBILE phones (can you always know what type of line you're calling? Luckily I do, but there will be some of you that don't.)


    This is not a plug for DT - its a rip-off shop (I only work indirectly for DT), and I wouldn't use them if I didn't (almost) have to - but I get a clear line when I use DT to the UK, and I don't have to try 10x to get through - both used to fk me off bigtime.


    Anyone else I'd recommend Skyper or whatever - supposed to have an even clearer line than DT! However you have to use your computer... which ain't as lazy as I'd like it. Bit geeky even, to save that 1ct... and I also can't be fkt to load an account with money before I can phone using it... whatamI? Bone idle!!


    OK, I'll let you all know if this sh*t works. I'm just as mistrusting as the rest of you...


  5. For those poor fools (me as I work for DT) using Deutsche Telekom and can't be hassled with Call-By-Call or preselection, you can get 3,4 Ct a minute to the UK (instead of standard 12,3ct) or 3,7 Ct to the US (standard 12,7) just by:

    - going to the website,

    - search for Country Select (or CountrySelect, not sure which)

    and select one of the links

    - fill out the online form

    - enjoy 3,4 Ct 2 days later onwards


    Why Deutsche Telekom?

    - because you're too lazy to use preselection

    - you like a clearer line than most call-by-call or cheap operators


    This is not a "I get cheaper that DT" thread, or "I have XXL" thread ok? Its for the lazy people...


  6. Germans don't generally tip at the bar. Only if they fancy the bartender...

    If there is table service then it is frowned upon if you go to the bar.


    Tab? Germans wouldn't understand it. Credit Card? Most Germans have them at home safely tucked away in a drawer.


    Marking a beermat? Two thumbs up.


    I think tipping has been discussed a thousand times on this forum...


  7. Lovely food. but I'd warn people not to stuff their faces with the nibbles first (despite the fantastic sauces) and then think they can polish off two rolly things (burrittos???). Was TOTALLY stuffed after 1.5 of them. had to leave some of my beer!!! No space!!


    Had the worst farts in the world this morning. Didn't dare go to the Wiesn...


    And you were right: Go at 18:30 and eat straight away - the volume of the music later on is not condusive to relaxed eating. I know - it IS Oktoberfest week. Seems like the Bondi was getting a fair few customers this week!


  8. Was at Neusiedlersee (5.5 hrs drive from Munich) in Austria to windsurf for 5 days. Best location on earth for windsurfing or kitesurfing due to the constant breeze, size 10km by 30km (I think) and depth: it only ever gets as deep as you're shoulders!!!! There were loads (200+) of expert windsurfers and kitesurfers lapping up the force 3 to 6 (but not blustery) winds. Bit strong for me though, being a relative beginner.


    If you're thinking of learning how to Kitesurf, then have a base there, camping site etc...




  9. A lot of Germans I know brush their teeth once a week with a floride concentrate Elmex Gel (v. small tube - not the normal toothpaste size). After I'd been here for a few years my teeth had almost fallen apart as they were missing the flouride in the UK water. My bill for the tooth work done 4 years ago was 2500 dm. I'd never had a filling in the UK :( (my 36 year old brother still doesn't have any) Now I use this elmex stuff my teeth seem much more resilient (methinks). One of my ex girlfriends was also given floride tablets as a kid - which produced fantasically white teeth - you can see a bright white line in her enamel depicting the time that she took these tablets.


    I advise using this stuff to compensate for the lack of floride. I do not think that brushing the teeth wth normal toothpaste is enough. Proof of this is the state of decay of many germans' teeth. The seem to be much "softer" that british teeth. Yeah - they're straighter than Brit teeth (what nationality doesn't have straighter teeth?) but of crap quality.


    Oh - and drink milk. use floss, tongue scrubber etc etc. (floss and tongue scrubber = no smelly morning breath!!)


    Mark my words. End of lecture.


  10. I pity you. Friend of mine went there last night. she thanks god she had a seat: the show went on from 18:00 to 23:00 with 2 or 3 breaks!!! 5 hours!!! My (skinny) legs would die horribly.


    She did however say it was v good and quite theatrical (trumpets being played from every location in the auditorium etc).


  11. Will also be rolling up for a swift pint at 7pm on the dot (ish), so hopefully I won't make much difference to the reservation numbers (if you reserve there...). Hope I recognise someone!




  12. Anyone up for a beer at 8 or earlier tonight (28.04) ?


    Will check this space at about 6pm - and if noone wants to join me (what a surprise), then I'll go and stuff my head in a bucket (of cold water).


    Please save me from my (inevitable) fate...


    and here's some more brackets for good measure: (())()()()(()()((()(()


  13. hahaha i turned up uninvited yet again. I am the devil himself, turning up only to prey on groups of 9 happy curry eaters and increase their numbers by 3. Such audacity deserves to be rewarded - however it wasn't and I just served to delay the food a while - later I atoned for my sins and lay belly-up until about 1:30am before I digested any of it.


    By the by: The Tandori Tikka Masala was excellent last night: just right. Yum.


    I vote we turn up at 20:30 next time. Its not as if we can't order for Aquantic ahead of him getting there. What about a list with advance orders for those arriving late??? French bloke normally orders the worst thing on the menu (NEVER order the same thing he orders) - so he would also be easy to order for...


    So waddayasay? 20:30 + Vindaloo (Aquatic)+ tasteless brown muck (for FrenchBloke)+ 2 chilli naans + 2x helles. Sorted.




  14. Keydeck, why do you assume that wasn't a compliment??? :)


    Anyway: Can the posters here please tell me why you like this band?


    Please don't take that as a personal affront - obviously I don't like them - just describe the positive aspects of their music for me. I'd also like to know if the music of the videos on the website is representative (I watched all of them), as I couldn't seem to find any demo mp3s anywhere on their site...


    Apologies for my outburst. Must be one of those bands that polarises listeners into the love 'em or hate 'em groupings.


  15. Never seen fight in a pub in Krautland in the 7 (o shit, nearly 8 years) years I've been here.


    Lived in Newcastle just before coming here. Loadsa fights :) Atmosphere was sort of electric, you never knew when the first fist would fly, even in the posh pubs!!! Quite miss it really. Strange what you miss, even if you hated it then.


    Don't forget the old (Viz) british saying:


    "A pint and a fight makes a good british night"


    And Viz is written in Newcastle ;) Home of Biffa Bacon, The Fat Slags and Sid the Sexist.


    Any Geordies out there???


  16. When replacing something as pathetically easy as lights you'd be paying through the nose for "BMW" service. With brakes, suspension etc I'd probably go to BMW, if I had a BMW. Depends how old the thing is.


    If you must go to BMW, try phoning a BMW werkstatt outside of munich (i.e. Freising, Erding), as the costs may be _substantially_ cheaper.


    For example (not BMW I admit), I wanted an oil change (+filter + oil) a few months ago. In my nearest Opel Dealer in Munich they wanted over 90 euros for the whole thing (with full synthetic oil). In Freising the price was just 46 euros (also fully synthetic).


    Go figure. Munich = ripoff


  17. What this little ditty doesn't mention is that papi Franz Josef Strauss, whilst possibly being loved in Bavaria, was a well dubious character in some respects, feathering the nests of friends and family to an almost incalcuable extent during his stint as chancellor. His only saving (possibly overriding all else) grace was his great skill as a politician, which is exactly what germany needed at the time.


  18. Right, so lets assume the evaporation theory.


    Problem number one:

    I live underneathe the roof (Dachgeschoss) and its gets much warmer in my flat over summer as in the other flats. So in theory, these silly tubes will evaporate more in my flat over summer than in the others (even if the heating was turned off over summer). However, I assume that the temperature in the room is irrrelevant: the liquid should not evaporate at 40 degrees, but only at the high temperatures you find directly next to the radiators. So the fact that my room is warm is irrelevant.


    Can anyone confirm my "does not evaporate at 40 degrees, only higher" theory??? Otherwise I'm fcuked. Or I have to call out the guy to measure the things just after they turn off the heating at the start of summer and again at the end of summer. We only have one boiler...