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  1. Next Badminton is 22.10.2019 19:30-21:30   The closing time for reservations is Midnight on SATURDAY. Booking: Please sign up below. Please note that all names down at the deadline are committed bookings! Please ALWAYS specify the times you wish to play e.g. 19:30-20:30 Important: Please do check back here on the Monday evening after 23:00 for updates before turning up! We may have to adjust your preferred times if too many sign up for the courts we have available! Please copy this post and add your booking.     1. Colin 20:00-21:30 2. Shay 730- 3. Ben 20:00-21:30 4. Leni 20:00-21:30 5. AdamL 8.30-9.30pm 6. Sonja 20:00-21:30 (will play from 7:30 if need to make up numbers for doubles - but not singles as I would die) 7. Ganesh 20:30-21:30