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  1. 2-month rentals - where to check?

      The €41 place has gone now. I found this instead: Or this: As I mentioned, if the owner agrees to a long let you might be able to negotiate the price - because they will be spared the time and expense of all the changeovers they'd otherwise have to do in that period.
  2. 2-month rentals - where to check?

    Or try ordinary holiday-let booking sites like fewo-direkt or Some owners will let for a month or two & might even offer long-stay discounts. I found a little apartment on fewo-direkt for €41 a night (May/June).
  3. Only just seen this, so apologies if it's already been dealt with elsewhere. Why too late? We were told applications submitted before 29 March still qualify for dual citizenship. So there's still just about time if you qualify. I'm in Landkreis Karlsruhe (out in the sticks) but was given to understand that it applies to all of Germany..
  4.   Hope those suitcases float. You'd have to swim for it as the Hamburg- Harwich passenger ferry route was discontinued some 5 years ago