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  1. Ordering from Amazon with Amazon Prime

    They are stopping the Pantry programme at the end of this month. As I understand it  Pantry products should be available on the regular site after that.
  2. A good substitute to eggs

    In addition to the above :   You can make a scrambled eggs equivalent using extra firm silken tofu (or just firm tofu if the silken is hard to come by). If you're aiming to make it seem vaguely authentic, colour with turmeric and give it an "eggy" flavour with kala namak (also called black salt - although it's pinkish in colour). I have even seen a recipe for fried egg: cut the egg shape out of firm silken tofu and make the "yolk" out of mashed potato mix - again coloured with turmeric and flavoured with black salt    Some mixtures - pancake batter for example - you can leave the egg out altogether and it won't make any difference.   Ground flax seeds are my favourite as a binder: 1 tablespoon ground seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons water replace one egg. The dark colour might affect the appearance of your mixture though.