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  1. Betriebskosten issue

    Thank you very much for the help. I now understand how they calculate it. For the Grundkosten they use the gradtagstabelle and i am to pay 39% of yearly costs with the grundkosten being  30% of total costs. Because I moved in during winter this cost is going to be higher than the annual average. The flat was renovated before i moved in, so probably empty for several months. I am not sure when the last tenant left.   The verbrauchskosten is still an issue. It was calculated with the values in page 2 and there it says "estimated according to average consumption of property". The estimation is too high compared to my real consumption.  They never come to read the meters after i moved in. Can I arrange a date over the phone for them to do it or alternatively give them the reading over the phone or online? is this something you can do in Germany?  
  2. Betriebskosten issue

      They do deduct the pre payment in a different page that i did not upload. To be clear the total costs for 4 months are about 1000 euros (includes the 415.58 from Kalo). So, subtracting the 600 prepayment I still need to pay 400. While the other costs are reasonable, the 415,58 euros from KALO are just not a realistic amount for 4 months consumption. But from the answers above I now understand that since I moved in in the cold months I am just paying peak winter heizung and hot water. There was no yearly averaging with summer low consumption.
  3. Betriebskosten issue

      Well that sucks but i can live with it. But one of the lifts is in a closed room ( lift goes between basement and street) that only the tenant renting that part of the keller has access to. I will ask the mieterverein tomorrow If all tenants should pay for it.
  4. Betriebskosten issue

      Thanks for all the help. I will meet  with someone from the Mieterverein tomorrow after advice from German friends!
  5. Betriebskosten issue

    Hi Everyone, I am in need of some advice regarding the Betriebskostenabrechnung I just received from my landlord. I moved to this flat in September 2019 and pay monthly 150 euros nebenkosten (90 for Heizung and 60 for the rest). This is a 60m2  flat with just 1 person and i live in a small town ( 50 K) in a rural area. The Betriebsabrechnung I received for 2019 says I have to pay extra 400 euros ( note that this is just for 4 months).   The costs include: - expenses with 2 lifts that are not in my part of the building ( I cannot use them to get to my flat). One of them is behind a locked door that i have no key for. Can the landlord include this? - my rental contract says that "muellbeseitigung" and "Anlagen zur be- und Entlueftung"  are to be calculated by area, but the betriebskosten use nr of flats to calculate "wartung zu-u.Abluftanlagen", "muellabfuhr" and "bereitstellung mullbehalter". Are those equivalent? - the worst part is an estimated bill for heizung and wasser of 400 euros for the 4 months. I have a meter that they did not come to read ever and i checked my daily m3 consumed, per month it will be about 1 m3. But the estimation they sent is 20m3 for the 4 months. Can anyone explain how they estimate this (3 pages uploaded), specially the Ihre einheiten in page 1 and content in pages 2 and 3?     I have called the company managing the flat for the landlord and they were evasive and did not really answer my questions. What is the approach I should take, send them some sort of complain letter or go directly to a lawyer? I appreciate any advice   Additionally there are 3 unknown abbreviations for me in the Betriebskostenabrechnung:  NE, WE, Gew. What is the meaning of these?