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  1. Murder of student Meredith Kercher in Italy

      That is so bad it’s good. 
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I just had a checkup relatively recently, but if it keeps up, I will get it checked out.    Thank you for your suggestions. 
  3. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I have been really tired lately for no apparent reason.  I struggle not to fall asleep at work, yet here I lie in my bed unable to sleep.    I’m flummoxed a to why I can’t sleep when I would actually be able to. 
  4. Buying first car up to 7000€

      Other than the smell of that little old lady from pasadena?    It depends on how it was driven. Similar to the way you will be driving it or has it been sitting for a while?   Typical things to look for are dry, cracked belts. The brakes and the fluids should all be replaced, if it was sitting for any longer periods. The battery may also need to be replaced.    PS: as FF suggested, getting it inspected is always a good idea. 
  5. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      That is talk typical of a momma’s boy who would run home crying if someone actually took you up on your offer.    “Alfa” male my ass.   
  6. Things to ponder

  7. Things to ponder

      44 is not “fourty four” 
  8. Why are you happy today?

    I had a much needed day off work today.    I got none of the things done that I had planned on doing and watched netflix programs all day.    I needed that. 
  9. schimmel in der Wohnung

    Not doing anything about it when it started was the wrong reaction.    Wrong for the wall and wrong for your own health.    https://www.cityrenovations.net/home-repairs/how-dangerous-is-the-mold-in-your-bathroom/
  10. Notre Dame is on fire

      That’s the best assumption to make unless we hear otherwise. 
  11. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      Tattooing in general is unregulated. There is no Ausbildung for it and anyone can do it.    The guy who did my most recent tattoo said most artists regulate themselves to keep the government out. As soon as the government feels the need to step in, it won’t be affordable for many who would otherwise get a tattoo.   
  12. They could do it like prince did.    The airline formerly known as Boeing. 
  13. Notre Dame is on fire

    Just watching the news now.    How absolutely horrible!
  14. Interesting spam e-mails received

    My colleague got the same spam email. At her work email address. It claimed to have used her webcam to spy on her.    Our work computers don’t have webcams. She ignored the email and never heard anything from them again.