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  1. British Cheese in Germany

    Hi All,   Been here a few years now and been getting thoroughly annoyed by how bad German cheese is, also been getting sick of soft French cheese or Dutch rubber cheese which quite simply lacks "taste".   Anyhow, found this company only on wednesday: British Cheese Emporium -   Theyre in Leverkusen...   So i ordered a selection for Christmas, and what can i say!!! the cheese arrived within 24 hours of delivery, the cheese was packed in refrigeration packaging with chiller packs to keep the cheese cool, and i admit to being in awe about how good the packaging and shipping was.   I'm just eating some of the cheese now, and already deciding what my next order will be.   So, can i recommend this place?? yep, and then some. The customer service is awesome, the prices are affordable, the taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD.   N
  2. Hi All,   anyone used British Corner shop online?   or does anyone on here regularly ship cheese and chilled products over here to Germany???   Regards   Neil