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  1. A list here of a large number of former Party of the Regions members and journalists in Ukraine who have been "committing suicide" in strange ways in the past couple of months. Given the blanket coverage of the death of Nemtsov, I am sure that the free and fair press in the West have provided a lot of reporting of the mysterious death of so many opponents of the Kiev government.


    Democracy, Kiev style.



  2. I think that some of the bleeding hearts on this thread have not really experienced some of the tramps in Berlin and should spend a few minutes in the company of them before writing their scheinheilige comments.


    Long-term Berliners may remember that there was one particular guy who used to travel the trains begging, this was maybe in 2010. I encountered him a couple of times on the U8 and then on one hideous occasion on an extremely crowded S5 in mid-summer.


    He was maybe 30 to 35 and he walked around with a horrible leg wound that you could see was oozing and dripping whatever (you didn't want to look too closely) He could be smelt from a good carriage length on a train away. Around half of the people were dry retching when he walked past and despite this, I never saw anyone complain to him.


    I have been in massive chicken farms in mid summer where tens of thousands of birds are shitting, but this guy was far far worse, it is possible that he was essentially putrefying on his feet.


    The guy was a serious health hazard both to himself and other people, I would be astounded that if he had stayed on the streets that he still had his leg, and heaven knows what other things he might have been carrying. If he was walking down 15 trains an hour for say four hours, and each of these trains had say 100 people on, then that would be 6000 people a day who were being encountered by him and probably sickened to their stomachs.


    Anzu has already mentioned the Warmer Otto mission and there are also two Bahnhofsmissionen, one in the Hauptbahnhoff and one in



    PS I have no problem with the normal street "artistes" and magazine sellers that you find on the trains, it is just this one person who should have been sectioned/hospitalised

    (PPS suggesting that some degree of control should be put on this guy does mean I want to personally murder millions of people)


  3. I missed this at the time due to the Paris attacks, but here is Prime Minister Yatsenyuk of Ukraine on ARD last week implying that the Soviet Union attacked Nazi Germany in WW2. It's at about 70 seconds in and of course goes unchallenged by the presenter. He then goes on to say that nobody has the right to rewrite the results of the second world war. :ph34r: This is the kind of thing that a neo-nazi would say.




    Almost since the start of this thread, I have been warning about the possibility of this turning into a nuclear war. Here is Gorbachev saying the same thing.



    John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen, professor of Russian history at Princeton and New York Universities have been doing an outstanding podcast on the Ukraine crisis, here is the latest one. It is 40 minutes long, an excellent listen and in my opinion journalistically fair. It doesn't agree with the narrtive from the mainstream media so you can call him a conspiracy theorist and a putin appeaser.



    The leaders of the West are out of their fucking minds.


  4. Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 11



    Charlie's latest tweet was a cartoon of the Islamic State militant group leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The satirical weekly has courted controversy in the past with its irreverent take on news and current affairs. The magazine was fire-bombed in November 2011 a day after it carried a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad


    Move along now, nothing to be worried about here. Anyone who has even the slightest concern about this is waycist. Why the hate speech!1!


  5. The Defence/War minister sleeping with a 19 year old topless dancer who was also being serviced by a senior Soviet military officer at the very height of the first cold war would hardly be news?


    I assume that was meant ironically.



    Please send €18 every month for the rest of your life to my PayPal address:


    You won't get anything for your money, but if you don't pay then I'll send ever more threatening letters and come knocking on your door.


    I will cause you lots of stress, but it's not much money so it's easier for you to just pay me.


    :lol: What a very silly post!


    Someone has to pay for TV and society as a whole has decided that it shall be done this way. Why do you think society will let you get away with it?

    Edit: and answering within ten minutes with such a silly reply would suggest that you are very worried indeed.



    No i don't think so. Ask yourself why in summer when the Israelis blew Gazan children to bits about two thirds of Parliament voted in favour of it.


    Surely that is because Israel is a "friendly" government in the middle east and the enormous amount of oil that comes from there. The US-UK axis have started other illegal wars in Iraq and supported what became ISIS against the Russian-allied Assad government in Syria for the same reason. Control of resources is a far more likely argument than satanism?


    Back to the fountainhead, the Daily Mail.



    Here's today's bshullit of the day.


    Air Vice-Marshall Andrew Vallance, secretary of the current DA-notice committee, insisted it was 'inconceivable' that genuine D-notices would have been issued to cover up child abuse - or that they would have then been destroyed.


    To which I say, it would seem extremely likely that genuine D-notices would have been issued to cover up child abuse. This has very obviously been a decades long massive cover-up from the very top of the government and involving the police and security services.


  8. The world is indeed very different from what we are told, I don't really know what to think any more. I saw another one the other day, that the monster energy drink company is run by satanists, that the logo is 666 in Hebrew, and that turning it upside down when drinking it is a satanic act.


    What a load of utter paranoid gibberish I thought, until I googled the hebrew numeric system and then the monster logo. (Have a quick google of it everyone). Now of course it could be complete chance, or merely a very clever advertising campaign, but it made me think.


    Am I becoming a tin foil hatter?


    Edit: further googling shows this to have been hypothesised by the crazier edge of the internet for years. Who TF knows what to think anymore.


  9. Seems like only me and you are interested in this Jezzers. If anyone else is still following.


    NIKITDMB (now I know it's the daily mail but)


    Victim of VIP abuse scandal 'saw Tory MP throttle 12-year-old to death' as police launch probe into THREE deaths linked to depraved sex ring



    There are still lots of questions to be asked:


    How can we be sure that this is not still going on now? There should be an investigation into all children's homes opened immediately.

    After decades of cover ups, how can anyone trust The British Establishment to investigate The British Establishment? We need a foreign investigation team in now.

    The police and security services had to have known about this, anyone who gets remotely near power is thoroughly investigated to eliminate the possbility of them being blackmailed. Why was nothing done, and indeed were they using the situation to their advantage?

    When Cameron lectures the Russian and Chinese about human rights, do they laugh openly in his face? How can anyone consider Britain to be a corrrectly functioning democracy anymore?


  10. Police are investigating "possible homicide" linked to what has been described as a paedophile ring involving powerful people in the 1970s and 1980s.

    The group is alleged to have included senior figures in public life, the military, politics and law enforcement.



    You could certainly include former prime ministers as being powerful people in public life, the military, politics and law enforcement.


    Is it possible to think that this is the reason that Saville got away with it all, because he was supplying children from care homes to be abused and murdered by powerful people?



    I'd not be so optimistic. MikeMelga got it right: labor productivity increased dramatically, all factories produce more (and export worldwide) but employ 10 times less workers. Maybe it's too pessimistic to assume that everyone will be on welfare. I think we can just reduce working week. Introducing Friday as free day can increase demand for workforce. But this of course will not happen unless salaries in China increase to the standards of the Western World.


    The quality of machine translation increases, so in future you'll not translate everything manually, you'll just proof read/edit machine translated texts. This will drastically increase your productivity, you'll be able to do more work, this will cause less demand for human translators. Most of them will loose their job, minority will stay.


    Yes, I agree with all of this. As a translator, I am certainly expecting pay rates for translators to fall and for the job of a human translator to be almost totally obsolete within the next five to ten years. There will still be a lower paid job of machine translation proofreader and some literary and maybe marketing translators may survive.

    Anyone doubting this merely has to look at google translate. 5 years ago it turned out barely comprehensible gibberish, now it is not so far removed from the level of a human translator. They can even spell "lose" and "loose" correctly.


    In the context of this week's strikes, I hope that driverless trains will be more widespread in ten years time.



    No, as you can see from the Metro link up there, even the YES campaign stated that there was nothing to worry about. they just put them there BEFORE sorting them.


    Yes fair enough, have to admit that I posted before checking the other links provided. Don't panic, democracy is saved!


    I would humbly suggest to the organisers that in future they don't put the little paper signs for yes and no on the tables until after they are cleared of uncounted votes.



    conspiracy theorist eh?

    given snowdon et al. revelations, could the spooks influence/adjust the returns to make the decision go the "proper" way.


    Hmmm, looks like I spoke too soon. Is this clear evidence that the election was partially rigged?




    Edit: Stop the above video at 1.21 mins. That is very clearly a yes vote on the no table. Then at 1.24, both of the ballot papers in view also look to be yes, but it is somewhat less clear. That is not in itself prove of rigging, they could have been merely being held on the table before being counted, or indeed the videos could have been altered, but it should be looked at very seriously. I wonder if Salmond will run with this?



    conspiracy theorist eh?

    given snowdon et al. revelations, could the spooks influence/adjust the returns to make the decision go the "proper" way.


    ?? I don't think that anyone has been suggesting that, the result was very similar to what the polls had been suggesting. Now certainly the coverage from the British Propaganda Broadcasting Channel has been vastly unfair. I don't think Nick Robinson should be booking any holidays in Scotland in the future.


    Edit: Now the BBC can get back to its real job of supporting the government in trying to start wars all over the place again.


  15. Disappointing but not unexpected, the polls, the bookies and the financial markets seem to have been predicting the result for weaks.



    Chocky is an infallible genius and everyone who doesn't agree with him is a blathering fool


    It's true :lol: If only he could rule the world.

    He normally calls me a paranoid conspiracy theorist.


  16. Thought for the day. If lots of elderly white men flew to Thailand to abuse children as they expected not to be punished for it, is it also possible that South Asian men flew to Britain to abuse children, because they expected not to be punsihed for it?


    I was watching this the other day.




    Made by the quite brilliant comedian Chris Morris, it satirised what at the time was thought to be a crazed witch hunt led by the thickest in the oountry as well as the general moral panic and media idiocy. It watches a bit different nowadays.

    The paedophile disguised as a school still gets a giggle from me.



    Free press? What a joke.


    Quite right. The free press has been dead for a decade or so, destroyed by the Hutton Report, D notices and superinjunctions.


  17. Hello everybody,

    I have been playing beach volleyball for the past couple of years so would be interested in playing indoors as autumn is approaching.

    I completed a C2.2 German course a few years ago and work as a translator so could possibly help if you wanted to go the official route, but I would struggle if really difficult legalese German was needed.


  18. There are a lot in Berlin, I encounter them maybe every 45 minutes when out in public. There used to be a tremendous number in Alexanderplatz and so I warned my parents about them when they were here earlier this year. In the end, there were none to be seen at all so evidently the police had been in action recently.


    Do any of the long haul Berliners remember the wounded leg guy? In around 2010 or 2011, he was somewhat of a fixture on the U8 and the central S3/S5 lines. He would walk up and down the trains with a most hideous festering leg wound and could be smelt, and this is no exaggeration, from at least a couple of train carriages away. Now I am a country lad and have been in chicken coups with thousands of chickens shitting but wounded leg guy was far worse, you could see a lot of the other passengers retching when he went past. Fortunately his approaching cloud of putrifaction normally gave you enough time to get to the end of the train and get off in time, so long as you knew what was going on.


    A tragedy, and a health hazard not just to himself but also to the general public.



    We make a point to buy a copy of "Trott-war" when offered,


    Assuming this to be a nickname, I was quite interested in the idea of homeless radical leftist literature. Imagine my disappointment when I googled to see what it was.


  19. Britain really is an astoundingly fckued up country. It' the people who go around shouting "that's racist" that allowed this to enable to go on for so long, the council and police were afraid to do anything about the problem for fear of being called racist. The same thing also happened in Rochdale.



    From the Oxford article


    "As in the strikingly similar Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford prosecutions, the gang members were all of Muslim backgrounds, and the girls were white. This led to renewed national discussion of whether the crimes were racially motivated and whether the early failure to investigate them was linked to the authorities' fear of being accused of racism."



    I don't think so, and I don't really understand why you are picking a fight with me.


    Hey Chockster. I don't want to start a fight but I think that people like you who go around proclaiming everything that they don't agree with to be a paranoid conspiracy theory are exactly the kind of people that allow the Establishment to act this way in the first place. And I have seen lots of topics be removed from boards because of the fear of legal action.


  20. I couldn't possibly recommend trying to learn an L2 language in L1. One of, it not the hardest parts of learning a language, is the listening comprehension of which one would get absolutely no practice at all. Indeed, if the students were given permission by the teacher to speak in English, I would expect there to be all but no German spoken in the lesson, as the members would get to something they couldn't explain and then imediately switch back to English. Hopeless. This even happened in C1 courses of mine. Sure, one may learn to be able to order a beer but one wouldn't be able to understand anything said back to you.

    As for spending 80 euros an hour on a private tutor, crazy.



    I don't agree from personal experience (children spend 10/12 years building independence in 1 language)


    ?? I have known personally children (of about 8 and 10) who have lived abroad for a year and have come back with near native level language of that country. I would bet a pound to a penny that the average three year old can speak their language much better than the average adult with three years in a foreign country can speak that countries language.


  21. Well this is interesting, the New Straits Times, a Malaysian newspaper is reporting:


    US analysts conclude MH17 downed by aircraft





    Americans are sick of war and we certainly don't trust our current administration to lead us into one.



    I hope you're right Esham.



    Someone has to bring the iron fist to stop the chaos in the world. I'm banking it won't be the US. Who's next?


    It could be argued that with their continual illegal invasions, bombing, funding of terrorists and coups they are the ones contributing most to it.