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  1. The entire hospitality industry has been decimated, especially here in California.


    Maybe target those workers? 


    Still bewildering how the stock market is flying high and one entire swath of society is jobless scraping to get by. 


    Oh oh wait this America. 


    Rich get richer, poor get screwed.


    “It’s deja  vu, all over again“


    -Yogi Berra


  2. He already has a lot on information about what needs doing.

    I’m asking the forum if anyone has experience having accomplished this endeavor.


    This useful insight I can then pass along to him.


    thanks for chiming in CatJones :)




  3. A chef friend of mine has the idea to operate a food truck in Berlin given the current and future plight of the restaurant industry, not to mention the Tesla factory opening up.


    Which business permit/registration is required? This being Germany id imagine a stack of papers needed.


    FYI, he has already built the Food Truck, I’d imagine there must be an inspection permit required for that as well.


    Thanks in advance!


  4. Söder and Reiter didn’t specifically say it, but by canceling the Wiesn that also included all the other beer/folk festivals, Bergkirchweih, Annafest, etc.

    The billion Euro loss is just the beginning. The ripple effect through the rest of Bayern will be huge. Has anyone heard about the Stuttgart Cannstadter Festival?


  5. @spacecowboy


    Exactly what I’m wondering. If the IRS has your American bank account direct deposit information, you should get it, as did I.


    If not, the last physical American address they have on file for you is where the paper check lands?


    i have an American friend that’s been living in Berlin the last 20 Years. He’s looking into it from his end and I am trying to find out what I can from here in California.


    We are getting reports the IRS is sending checks to dead people...