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  1. NRD? NordRheinWestfalen?   Why do you suggest this region specifically ?
  2. Greetings all,   Here is my specific situation. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities (Liberal Studies) and a GED.   I took all my lower division courses, 70 units at a community college and transferred to my University that I graduated from.   I did not get an Associates degree, though I am only a class or two away from being eligible to receive it.   I understand that Germany does NOT recognize the American GED as being equivalent to a high school diploma.   I want to apply to Grad School in Germany. I have read and been told contradicting things about how having a Bachelors degree trumps high school, even from my local DAAD advisor who said they (the German Uni) would want to see my GED and all my transcripts to decide?   So, would just finishing my Associates in Humanites help me before I start applying?   Also, would attending a Studienkollegen be a good option for my situation?