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  1. Americans and Germany

    Always look on the bright side of life...
  2. The entire hospitality industry has been decimated, especially here in California.   Maybe target those workers?    Still bewildering how the stock market is flying high and one entire swath of society is jobless scraping to get by.    Oh oh wait this America.    Rich get richer, poor get screwed.   “It’s deja  vu, all over again“   -Yogi Berra
  3. The $1.9 Trillion looks to make it through Congress by the end of the month so the $1400 they are talking about is due about mid-March, just when the last relief is scheduled to end. If everything goes smoothly...
  4. As there are many American Expats in Germany, part-time or full-time, I’m wondering how the CARES Act affects you.   Specifically with regard to the $1200 relief checks and the forthcoming payments Congress is working on extending as the first wave has been depleted.