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  1. Received a favourable tax estimate

    What do you expect as answer? Internet support is not legally binding so you can't go to FA saying "I did so because somone on internet told me to"   You must take care that you provided all correct information to the FA so they can calculate the correct tax burden. Then you have to pay the owed taxes on the specified time, otherwise you will gt Mahnung ("gently reminders") and incurr in late payment interests    
  2. vorauszahlungen

    I don't understand "for last two years"  FA deducts the advanced payments of your tax bill. So what you paid previous year is deducted of this year's bill.    It was like that for me and that's why I paid vorauszaung and got a bigger refund next year.    The advanced payments are automatically if your tax bill is higher than a specific amount (around 401€)and if you are employed, different rules for freelancers
  3. Dijon Mustard taste set

    Hello, a bit of a random question,   Normally I travel through France by car and used to stop at some service station with local products from Burgundy / Dijon region. There there are some  "taste set" with several small bottles of  different flavored mustard (a l'ancienne / honig / original).   I couldn't stop there this year and I can't seem to find it either on amazon or with random searches.   by some random chance, does anyone know what I am talking  about? and if yes where could I get it ?   Thanks