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  1. I can confirm that the birth and marriage certificate are issued with an European template where all fields are translated in all EU languages. This document is white stamped and signed. I have not had to notarize nor translate such documents issued in 2016 onwards 
  2. Mein Elster Anlage N, what happened to line 48?

    For me it happened exactly like that, didnt put anything and it comes on the Bescheid as "bereits getilgt "  For me it came only on the paper Formular by mail. Received an email with electronic Bescheid 2dqys early and this was still not mentioned
  3. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

     just to uupdate that I had a brain freeze while. ordering BipandGo and was selecting shipping to France and putting a German address (the error was not clear)   So now I have ordered one to try.i have checked some.reviews and it seems okay. I can try to write a review for it after i got it.   Thank you once again 
  4. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

    Thanks,I had found these   The first link asks for a UK mobile number to register The second link, when I choose Germany as the delivery and invoice country it says that is not compatible with the order (which is strange as the website is in German)   This Bip&Go was something I was looking for, one tag serving the 3 countries, so if anyone knows alternatives let me know
  5. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

    Yes I know I can even register the card at the border (but not for viaverde), was looking for something in advance and specially France 
  6. Hello,   I am planning to travel to Portugal through France Spain and of course Portugal o am trying to understand if there is any service that allows me from Germany to order the electronic devices to drive through the tolls without stop.   I have found some services online but don't allow or don't ship to Germany.    It would be great if there would be a "all in one"service for all three countries.   Has anyone tips on this?   Thank you!