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  1. Zollamt Problem

    You know the reason for the price difference between what you got and the "widely available on eBay" comes from the fact that people had to pay import tax and probably go through this very same process with Zollamt,don't you?    I read forums were a very well known German sports clothing manufacturer is suing all purchases from this website...    Being offensive to the fact that authorities want to protect the free market and obey by the rules won't help your case in any way... 
  2. 3rd party liability once again - Yes, you need it

    thanks for taking the time to explain this @Starshollow
  3. 3rd party liability once again - Yes, you need it

    Thanks for the input @Starshollowwhat are the keywords to look for in German for negligence in such cases? I have 3rd party liability insurance, but I am not sure how good it is.    In the case you reported, is it necessary to have something about "house liability" ? or simple negligence be enough?   Thanks
  4. renewing a long expired German passport

    from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_nationality_law#Descent_from_a_German_parent     I believe you will still have German citizenship if the above information is correct
  5. Private Health Insurance

      I am not the right person to tell you exactly, but I think as a German resident you will have to pay income tax here, or you don't widthraw any salary from your business?   Maybe @PandaMunichfinds sometime and let you know for sure
  6. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    Just one thing, according to what was written before it is 10years rather than 3.   What I don't understand is if the 3years are from the "act" itself or if the process is started then it expires only after 10years.   As I am not familiar with the with the German law maybe someone else can give the correct information 
  7. Hello,    I hope here is the correct place to ask rather open a new thread.    we are filling the Elterngeld Antrag and I have doubt about the   Formular 4 Arbeitgeber-Bescheinigung   Shall we give this to the Employer and only after this is filled sent everything to L-Bank ? Or shall we send the other ones to L-Bank and this to Employer?   Thank you
  8. Using a soundtrack in a home video

    I just wanted to launch another point of view, the video isn't commercial but could it not be argued that the video will make money through adsense (YouTube, fb...) therefore creating revenue?    Another point, is the complete song included or only parts of it? 
  9. Working for American Co. - Paying German Tax

    I don't have the full answer but knowing what type of visa /permit you have might be helpful for other to give better answer. For example do you have unlimited permit? (niederlassungserlaubniss)?    As far as I know in other to get unemployment benefits you must have been contributing for the German system for the last 12months or 24months in another EU-country.  Not sure how the cooperation with the USA is.    In my point of view if you don't pay into the pension scheme, health insurance, long term care (Pflege) then I don't see how you are entitled to them, but let's see what some more knowledgeable users have to say...      As always don't quote me on any of the above, it is only my understanding and nothing I write shall be taken as valid
  10. Tax Refund for 2016

    Hello @Rauf Agayevyou will find most of the answers in the big thread from @PandaMunichabout how to fill tax return    Just to avoid misunderstanding you know that you are not "refunded" right? What happens is that expenses may be deductible to your income and hence you pay less taxes.    I guess that if you've been paying tax class I taxes you might get some money back but not the complete amount.    Regarding your buss ticket there is a field in the Formular where you put the kilometres between home-work and the calculation is made automatically (0.3€/km)   So search around and if @PandaMunichfinds some time she'll answer everything with extreme detail 
  11. Is it mandatory to inform landlord of newborn?

    Thanks for the replies, I'll inform him yes, think it's only safer to do so.  @fraufruitthanks for the wishes, just trying to get some sleep nowadays ;) 
  12. Hello,    We have just increased family size with our first son!    I was just thinking if I am obliged to inform the landlord about this and what should I expect for consequences (Nebenkosten increase for example)    Also our apartment is small but we are planning to live here for 2017 while baby still needs not so much space because location (doctors hospital and so on) is very convenient.    Just wondering if rental contract can specify such cases and what should I search for, I couldn't find anything relevant to my eyes    Thank you 
  13. Postbank closed my account early

    As I said, this is probably a safety mechanism automatically triggered no bank has a worker specifically looking for you account...    It can happen on next bank as well... 
  14. Postbank closed my account early

    You are not the first, a friend of mine got similar letter 3 years ago informing the account was going to be closed and they have the right to not specify the reason. At least you know that it had something to do with your address change.      Banks have all sorts of protection mechanisms and we don't know all of them, it is a pity but it is like that. Just open an account with other bank and start communicatingall your direct debits to that account...    being upset about it won't bring your account / time back
  15. Taking care of a parent with Alzheimer

    Issue is that you will probably not realise that you're being a burden like you say...    It's unfortunately not the only one... All neurological diseases (parkingson etc) plus stuff like multiple sclerosis, cancer... Humans are capable of many amazing things but we are quite far dealing with our own.    One can only hope that future generations can live a more dignified life.    To. Rephrase your thought I would say that I would trade 10years of life expectation knowing that I would be able to appreciate all the journey