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  1. Difference between due tax and Grundtabelle

    hello @PandaMunichsorry if this is too. obvious but that is then the blue line (been trying to ask this for ages now)   Thank you 
  2. Insurance coverage after TÜV due date

    Hello,  My TÜV is due this month, I would like to go with my car to my home country during Christmas period and proceed to repair it there as it will be much cheaper and I normally service it on same mechanic since a while.    Is there any acceptable period when insurance and fines are still ok after the exact time of the TÜV?    I have heard that insurance coverage could be voided if the TÜV is not done on time. In this case would be two months.   Of course if this is at all not possible I will have to make sure it is done before my trip.  
  3. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams

    We are with O2 as well.  I Googled the number but nothing came up other than being from Guinea. 
  4. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams

    Hello  This week me and my wife got misscalls from a number that has country code of Guinea. Strange that both our numbers got called only the last two digits of the phone number were different.    We haven't answered or returned but wonder if anyone has similar calls. 
  5. Question on how to pay yearly vehicle tax

    most likely yes, like I said I have to keep track of these things, but every year it is like a surprise for me  mea culpa!
  6. Question on how to pay yearly vehicle tax

    Yes and without warning they pull couple of hundred euros from bank account!  I know I should follow this but they could send a reminder saying "your tax is due next couple of weeks so be ready..." 
  7. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Welcome back @PandaMunich glad to hear from you again! I am owing tax so I am just waiting for the payment order  as last year this took around 6weeks and this time is already going in almost 10, I was wondering if something was wrong (this was my first year to submit via certificate).    Thanks a lot
  8. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    @PandaMunichI have a question   In my Elster I have "Übermittelte Formulare" with status "Erfolgreich bearbeitet"   But I haven't received any letter to pay the due amount (I am owing Tax). I have transferred using my " Personal certificate" which is valid up to 2019.  Is there any further step I am missing? I would just like to be current with this.     Thanks