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  1. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    great. for the few cents that will be enough then! less hassle.   Thank you for clarification! (and remember a 2year old post !)
  2. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    @PandaMunich I am sorry for the spam. I had forgotten about this.   Gains were less than 50€ but as I haven't filles for the " Freistellungsauftrag" I understand that a complete tax return is mandatory.   Question, what is the difference ? Is it because I would receive the few cents in taxes back (the bank too automatically) by doing a return? can I assume the loss, or this will have to be declared (mandatory?)   sorry, but I can't see why with Freistellungsauftrag  is not mandatory to do tax return, and without it it is.     Thank you
  3. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello,   I have opened a "depot" for my son (minor) last year and there was a few € (less than 100) gains in dividends, directly paid into his account.  I haven't filled the document to let the bank know the "free tax allowance" therefore the bank has already taken the tax comissions on these.   While filling the Tax return, I can add a Anlage KAP for me or my wife but not for our son. Do I need to fill a complete tax return for him, including the Anlage KAP just to declare the dividend gains? Can this be done under my Elster login the same?   Thank you  
  4. Sell old vehicle for parts?

    Regarding this part, as I mentioned the electrical and wiring for the windows was done but I am not sure about the works / parts used. Another point some intermittent on/off error about power-steering shows up and goes, other than that and apart for changing oil/brakes there was no further modifications to the vehicle under my ownership (I have a radio that I fitted but I will re-place it with the original before selling).    Hence, the already low priced vehicle, will have to be further discounted, although most of the parts are perfectly okay (engine runs very well, no oil or water leakages) - thus my question if it would make sense to sell it for parts.    Thank you once again    
  5. Sell old vehicle for parts?

    Thank you for your replies, my question was more to do with liability for the state of the vehicle, and as I said as the values will not be very high anyway if dismantle it for parts would be possible/doable       Thank you  
  6. Sell old vehicle for parts?

    Hello,  I currently have a Diesel EUR4 vehicle. With recent law changes I will not be able to drive it in several cities.    The vehicle has Tüv until November (and I think it would pass new one no problems apart for emissions EUR4) and generally runs without an issue, although I have been doing all the maintenance abroad.  I would like to know if I sell it, is there any document or is it clear that whoever buys it is responsible for it state? - I will not mind list whatever the issues may be (for example eletrics for the automatic windows had to be replaced)   Second option, and as it is a >10 old vehicle, would be any place where I could sell it just for parts? I tried to google it but could not find anything   Thank you