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  1. Buying property in Germany

    I had to use my phone light first time I entered my old apartment after the previous tenant left.  no bulbs   I was surprised, when I moved I left some cheaper bulbs there at least  
  2. new employee contracts from August 1st

    Mind blowing that is possible to get more for less... 
  3. new employee contracts from August 1st

    I've just started a new job, company has several thousand employees so just wondering how will the major employers handle all of these changes for the hundreds of thousands of employees. Surely they will probably find some nice templates to standardise this.  I don't envy people having to rework all these details 😂
  4. new employee contracts from August 1st

    Does this apply to all previous contracts retrospectively? Will companies have to issue individual contracts to their thousands of employees? 
  5. How to provide Zahlungsnachweise to Finanzamt?

    Identifikationsnummer is your personal tax number (not Steuernummer) that doesn't change.   Bezeichnung is description of the content   Name is surname (namezusatzt is only if you have other names)  Geburtsdatum is your birthday    But you could translate these.  Normally I post my Nachweise per post but this should be enough   
  6. Capital Gains Tax in Tax Return

    well, I got a few pennies and paid some euros in withhold taxes... so to be fair I will write it off as stupid tax and won't bother then! Hopefully in a few years I will get enough to make it worth it   Thanks for the update!
  7. Capital Gains Tax in Tax Return

    how trustworthy is the source? is this confirmed?  means that you do not need to fill an Anlage-KAP if you have German brokerage accounts?
  8. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    thank you as always @PandaMunich searched for it and it says they send it during the first quarter, so I will wait until end of the month for it
  9. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    hello, first time filling the Anlage-KAP, I have only the below summary from my depot   I haven't sold any investments but these went up in value so the "Gesamertrag Ihres Depots vor individuellen Steuern" shows a positive number, but I haven't made a "profit" on it yet.  I cannot understand where are the already taxes on dividends I paid already.   My question is, shall I ask for a different, more detailed, summary to my bank or is all the information I need here?    thank you for your replies
  10. bAV - Have I got the right end of the stick?

    Hello, I would like to understand what are my options/steps for transferring/restarting a Bav by job change:   I have a Bav since 2016 with current company, and my company pays a little amount and I pay an even less ammount, I didn't want to really commit a big investment on this at the time but wanted to take opportunity of the company's added payement (the company pays on top of salary)   I am in process of changing jobs, and also the new company offers some added contribuition to Bav, my questions are: is it more advantageous to transfer the same Bav to the new emplyoer? I tried to change the amount I put in in the past and was told that only by open a new contract which I didnt like. but are there any rules by transferring the account? meaning the values could change under same contract? Can I "cancel" and do a transfer to a new contract without losses? (not cashing the money but transferring it to a new contract) where the new company pays more into it? Put this one "asleep" and start a brand new contract ? Anyone can give some insights? I know that without details is a bit difficult but even myself get confused with all these cases, as at beginning I took this lightly (due to very low ammounts involved) and with the new company paying a % on top this can mean a bit more investments going into it     Thank you
  11. Resign

    Hello,  I am waiting for a formal contract from a new company I interviewed with, the offer was made and accepted by me, now they have to get all the legal paperwork and approval of someone else inside (I had department leader and HR interviews)   Regarding my current situation, I would like to know (since I found contradicting stories online) If I get sick leave during my notice period, would that extend the amount of time I have to work? - I ask as I am waiting for some medical exams results as well and am not sure if doctor will recommend some time off for treatment.  To be relieved earlier from work is an "Aufhebungsvertrag" always needed? Is there any other formal way where I waive my pay and company releases me early? I doubt this will be accepted anyway, but just to be sure. In my contract as I understand it I have less notice period when I quit (resign) than if the company wants to let me go. If both situations would happen which one takes priority? (hypothetically)   I found some threads about resigning here but were mostly on how to compute the notice period.