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  1. Elternzeit vater 1month

    Hello,   Recently we got our second child and I had applied for 1 month Elternzeit as father (mother will take 18months). After back and forth with HR because delivery date was a bit delayed I got confirmation I am now on Elternzeit for 1 month.   After receiving the Geburtsurkunde from Standesamt I moved into researching about Elterngeld as for 1st child I haven't taken any of this (only mother) so this is quite new to me. I am surprised to learn that minimum amount of time for father must be 2 months! so now I would like to ask   - If I keep the 1 month, will I be completely out of salary and state support for this period? What happens with Health insurance and other social contributions for this period? - Do I have to explain this to my Health insurance ? - If my employer forced to accept extension of 1 month if I decide so or this should have been requested witht the 7weeks notice?   I couldn't find the exact answers for these questions, I am sending some email to HR later on as they requested the birth certificate copy as well, but it would be good to know your opinion on the matter   Thank you
  2. Help! Kindergarten Change

    Hello,    thank you for all the replies and the discussions - I had never heard about Kindergarten Gutschein either. In the end my wife confronted the Kindergarten A asking for the rule/law about this and that Kindergarten B is willing take us straight away.    In the end (I was not present) it seems Kindergarten A was trying to sell us "Oh you misunderstood, if B is okay with it, then there is no problem you will however have to honor your payments during notice period - (which we always said we would)"   So from what I've learned - If they are public kindergartens, the Jugendamt keeps an updated database of the assignment for the Kid and he would be moved from one to other keeping the number of vacancies clear - For others the Jugendamt doesn't really seem to keep track on this (only that the kid has a place at a time)   Not sure if this is absolutely correct, but it was our experience.  we will start with next one from Monday.   Regards WhyNot
  3. Help! Kindergarten Change

    Thank you for your replies,  we are still trying to clarify further with Jugendamt / Kindergarten B - I was a bit taken back by this statement and not sure what could Kindergarten A do / which consequences from that.   If anyone has any further comments, please share
  4. Help! Kindergarten Change

    Thank you for the answer   Thinking about the issue could it be that they are "afraid" that I return there during the 3months period (which we will be paying)?? That would justify the fact of blocking 2 places justification    Is there a way to give my right of place but confirm I would maintain the 3months compensation? 
  5. Help! Kindergarten Change

    Hello,    I tried to search for a similar topic but couldn't so sorry if it is repeated.   Our son is currently in a Kindergarten (A) My wife found an available Kindergarten (B)   B - Has provided us with contract and we can start next week (14.01) We have informed A this week that we would Kündigen, A has 3 months Kündigunsfrist which we are willing to pay (it is stated in contract and unless there is a way out of it, we must)   Now today A told us that "You are not allowed to register your child in another kindergarten within the 3 months"    My wife called Jugendamt that was adamant about it and told us there was no such rule My wife asked B kindergarten and they told us that there is no such rule, but they will confirm   After going back to A, and explaining that we are not trying to get out of the 3 months payment, they still insisted that we would be blocking 2 places for the time being, therefore not allowed!   So, can anyone help by pointing where can I find a clear information about this? Which terms should I search, and if I should go to a lawyer which specialization shall I look for?      Thank you WhyNot