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  1. I guess up to 6weeks nobody will assume they need to do anything else.    Just wait a couple more weeks to check the status
  2. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    ah @PandaMunich you'll collect all the bonus points   @sos-the-rope you are asking questions answered to you freely on an open internet forum! "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
  3. PKW Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I/II

    Thank you both for quick and clear responses... Many thumbs up! 
  4. PKW Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I/II

    Hello,    I have just noticed that Teil I / II of my Zulassungsbecheinigung from my car have different addresses, I recall I went to change it in my Burgerbüro when I moved, but as I keep the big one (Teil II) at home never really noticed until now. The Teil I - the smaller one that is always inside the vehicle, has the correct and updated address on it   Question, shouldn't have the burgerbüro have changed both of them or at least point me what to do next? What is valid, is there a necessity to update it? Where shall I go for it?   Even if there is not a necessity to change it, I would like to have my current address on the document, can I ask (i.e pay) a new one at the Zullassung center?   I have got a fine and it was addressed to my correct address but now wonder if there are any issues that might come from it     Thank you WhyNot    
  5. Checklist after marriage

    Hi, Just went to BurgerBüro where they change the system to married, with the marriage certificate in Hand,  Then I filled the tax class change and sento to Finanzamt, as this happened before step one, they answered they can do it only after you are in the system as married (so this shall be done after) After this, employers are automatically notified, but I also received confirmation from Finanzamt that is to be shared with employer   Then I informed my Insurance, as it it public I could have been family insured, but as my wife works it changes nothing.  Finally just change the Hafpflichtversicherung to family as well     I don't have official checklist, and all depends on case by case, but these were the hoops I gone through
  6. I'm confused about "Pension/Direktversicherung"

    Once again thank you a lot for the extensive explanations, @Starshollow   I have been tied up at work but I will try to contact this person again,  as you say I am not sure he is a broker or he works directly to the company where the bAV is, will check his e-mail address again.    I was really in the impression that I could take the investment out, even paying income tax (because I am putting it before tax so it will be income if it comes to it) but now I will try to push again, otherwise I will cancel the contract   will try to comeback with further updates
  7. I'm confused about "Pension/Direktversicherung"

    @Starshollow I tried to ask the broker/intermediary about the conditions to cash out my investment even if I moved into another EU country.   - I asked by saying that <have been ready on the internet>. He just said that my company has a lot of foreign employees and they had to do this several times without an issue. He forwarded me a form where it is highlighted the bank account I want to transfer my investment to. He didn't specify which law or to what shall I look into in more detail   The form is a simple Abmeldungformular and one of the reasons is "Kündigung des Arbeitsvertrag"    Now, what shall I really ask to obtain a more detailed answer?    He also informed me that I will get a detailed information about my investment soon (yearly)      Thank you again
  8. I'm confused about "Pension/Direktversicherung"

    I will also be in touch with the broker / intermediate to clarify the points raised by @Starshollow, I really just started the plan because of the information that I could retrieve the investment in case of leaving Germany.    @Starshollowis it possible that I miss explained? I was not mentioning the money that my employer contributed nor the "growth" I meant the money that I paid, can't I get that back also?    I'll get back to you 
  9. I'm confused about "Pension/Direktversicherung"

    Hello @Starshollowand thanks for the comprehensive explanation.  My company also offer bAV but unfortunately they have an agreement with specific brokers. What the broker told me was that I could take the money out even if I moved back into another EU country. is this information wrong?   Also, shall I be able to access any type of online or paperwise form to see the evolution of the investments?    Thank you
  10. Hello,    I am not the best person to answer, but as far I understand you will be taxed when and if you "cash out" your funds/stocks/etc...  Then you will be taxed on the gains with capital earning tax.    If you are in Germany while cashing this out, you will be taxed as resident and that will count as income (the profit) there is also a yearly allowance "tax-free" of around 800€   My understanding is that as long you keep the pension and don't earn any profit/dividens/etc then there will be no taxes until then   as always, don't take my word for it and this information is based only on my limited understanding of the system, you should consult with some professional to obtain reliable information      
  11. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    The biggest threat to EU are the people living with neighborhood mentality and thinking that my corner is stronger alone than the next corner.    If EU collapses there is no point in pointing fingers, we have none to blame than ourselves
  12. no probzeit in my contract

    means you can ask your union, (Betriebsrat)
  13. Freelancer without an insurance

    I believe you mean between Finland and Berlin, but it is understandable...    Just allow me the off-topic: With the amount of topics created by the very same reason, I can't understand why EU doesn't work on a simplified system. I mean people and goods can travel freely but then all this shit hits the fan... 
  14. Zollamt Problem

    You know the reason for the price difference between what you got and the "widely available on eBay" comes from the fact that people had to pay import tax and probably go through this very same process with Zollamt,don't you?    I read forums were a very well known German sports clothing manufacturer is suing all purchases from this website...    Being offensive to the fact that authorities want to protect the free market and obey by the rules won't help your case in any way... 
  15. 3rd party liability once again - Yes, you need it

    thanks for taking the time to explain this @Starshollow