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  1. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    [offtopic]The summary of "The Big Short" --- In the end all looks like common sense and 4th grade math, but greed sees no means[/offtopic]  
  2. choosing bank account

    Well I got the same problem because Portugal decided to "simplify" so much that our ID card does not have an "issue date" only expiration date. The guy in Deutsche post said that without Passport would be a no go, (which happened to be extra painful because my passport was at the moment @embassy for visa purposes, but in the end I repeated the process)    
  3. How do I get out of paying Church Tax?

    Here is where I don't understand, if one does not use any of the services provided by church (hospitals, kindergartens, and so on) which type of costs are being "shouldered" by anyone else in this case?    I agree that if anyone participates in any way or form in the German franchise of the Roman empire, ofc should be liable for past and future taxes, but if not, I miss to see the point on your sentence @zwiebelfisch
  4. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    Thanks, will get that clarified this week, I am sure I am missing something.  I found some internet sites with this "per diem allowance" will try to get some more information about this   Thank you for your patience @PandaMunich, 
  5. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    maybe it is not pauschal then.  I get some money depending on the city/region I travel, then if company pays hotel/breakfast/lunch/dinner I have to declare so and I get that money reduced by a fixed amount.  I got the impression that this is the norm as other colleagues from other companies say they use the same system. I believe I am the one not understanding this. the company has quite a big payroll department, I guess they know what they are doing
  6. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    thank you, ofc I am questioning because I would like it to be correct. just texted a work colleague that told me to leave it as it is all handled by payroll from our company. but I got confused.    Also just checked some of the gehaltsabrechnung from last year and some say "Vergütung Reisezeit" so this money is included in my Brutto and not "Steuerfreie" For the expenses I have to declare them to the company that then makes their own claim of this   Thank you for the ever detailed information
  7. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    uhmm, ok, I have no paper with each trip... so guess I need a couple more work to finish this.  The trips involved in and ausland, so it gets tricky, I thought the advantages of getting money this way would be less hassle for us during the tax returns...   Will this change anything in the tax calculation?     Thank you for the prompt answer as always     EDIT: I have nothing in line 20 of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigung. 
  8. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    Hello @PandaMunich just finalizing my Tax return for 2016 one quick question.  During 2016 I have done several business trips where I got reimbursed via the "Pauschal method", does this have to be reported seperately in the tax returns or is it included in my Lohnsteuerbescheinigung in the "brutto summe" ?    thanks
  9. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Thanks a lot, just found out that TK paid first 6weeks of Muttershaftsgeld in November last year and the rest only in 2017.    Does the money from November has a place in the Steuererklärung?     Thanks
  10. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello @PandaMunich it is that time of the year again.    I would like to ask if you could please guide me through.     - We became parents middle of December 2016, shall I fill Anlage Kind in this steuererklärung? - Are the doctor expenses not covered by TK during pregnancy deductible (ultrasounds and blood tests for example) -> if yes where would they go?   As always thank you for your continuous patience and support
  11. I guess up to 6weeks nobody will assume they need to do anything else.    Just wait a couple more weeks to check the status
  12. Tax return 2016 - easy questions

    ah @PandaMunich you'll collect all the bonus points   @sos-the-rope you are asking questions answered to you freely on an open internet forum! "Never look a gift horse in the mouth"
  13. PKW Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I/II

    Thank you both for quick and clear responses... Many thumbs up! 
  14. PKW Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I/II

    Hello,    I have just noticed that Teil I / II of my Zulassungsbecheinigung from my car have different addresses, I recall I went to change it in my Burgerbüro when I moved, but as I keep the big one (Teil II) at home never really noticed until now. The Teil I - the smaller one that is always inside the vehicle, has the correct and updated address on it   Question, shouldn't have the burgerbüro have changed both of them or at least point me what to do next? What is valid, is there a necessity to update it? Where shall I go for it?   Even if there is not a necessity to change it, I would like to have my current address on the document, can I ask (i.e pay) a new one at the Zullassung center?   I have got a fine and it was addressed to my correct address but now wonder if there are any issues that might come from it     Thank you WhyNot    
  15. Checklist after marriage

    Hi, Just went to BurgerBüro where they change the system to married, with the marriage certificate in Hand,  Then I filled the tax class change and sento to Finanzamt, as this happened before step one, they answered they can do it only after you are in the system as married (so this shall be done after) After this, employers are automatically notified, but I also received confirmation from Finanzamt that is to be shared with employer   Then I informed my Insurance, as it it public I could have been family insured, but as my wife works it changes nothing.  Finally just change the Hafpflichtversicherung to family as well     I don't have official checklist, and all depends on case by case, but these were the hoops I gone through