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  1. Car registration without Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I

    For whomever may interest. The procedure seems possible only if re-registering the vehicle on same city/area. What I've been explained is that otherwise some paperwork has to be filled for transfer of document between offices. The easiest is to have the document rw issued by same office of the lest registration
  2. Car registration without Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil I

    Thanks @vivanco I have given the contract where it states my name and address. I have read this as well, I am a bit confused if this is valid only if I had lost it or is the same if the dealer lost it. (well maybe I should have just said I lost it then)
  3. Car loan from Smava needs original registration

    I am no expert (see my other thread on registration) however this document is possession by the owner of the vehicle. I understand that if you have a credit, they are the effective owner of the vehicle until you repaid them (by when they should return the document to you). I am not sure if there is any other protection on this.   but again, I may be completely wrong
  4. So as it seems nothing is easy.   Long story short, I have bought (or in process of buying) a car. The seller gave me all documents (TÜV, Contrar, Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II) except Teil I. He assured me that it is no issue for the Zulassung in Stuttgart (the vehicle is in another city). He provided a Verlusterklärung where he signed that HE lost it.   Now, because of the pandemic I can't reach Zulassungstelle in Stuttgart (no termin and phone line completely busy) so went to use an agency that deals with the hassle (I think they book all the available apoitments in advance). They now tell me that it is not possible to make the registration without the original Teil I. When I called the dealer he tells me there is no issue and even the Landesratamt of origin confirms this.   Is there anywhere I can confirm that the Verlusterklärung is enough? I understand that if it was the Teil II it would be a bigger issue.    
  5. Are you already paying using your phone?

    I would find this very useful in google pay, hopefully will be migrated soon.   Has anyone else had problems recently with Paypal account linked to google pay? it was working few months ago, but I retried last week and it got denied 2 times - so I switched back to Credit Card method (from paypal I had set-up Girokonto as default method)
  6. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello, funny to see this thread on 3rd page of this forum,   This year to keep tradition there is a new item to be filled and I would like to ask if anyone can confirm that:   1 - Riester-Rente contribuitions go to Anlage AV ? 2- The pre-paid taxes that were imposed by the previous tax return were paid in 2019/20, is there anywhere I can indicate tihs in Elster?   Thank you in advance
  7. Elternzeit vater 1month

    Hello,   Recently we got our second child and I had applied for 1 month Elternzeit as father (mother will take 18months). After back and forth with HR because delivery date was a bit delayed I got confirmation I am now on Elternzeit for 1 month.   After receiving the Geburtsurkunde from Standesamt I moved into researching about Elterngeld as for 1st child I haven't taken any of this (only mother) so this is quite new to me. I am surprised to learn that minimum amount of time for father must be 2 months! so now I would like to ask   - If I keep the 1 month, will I be completely out of salary and state support for this period? What happens with Health insurance and other social contributions for this period? - Do I have to explain this to my Health insurance ? - If my employer forced to accept extension of 1 month if I decide so or this should have been requested witht the 7weeks notice?   I couldn't find the exact answers for these questions, I am sending some email to HR later on as they requested the birth certificate copy as well, but it would be good to know your opinion on the matter   Thank you