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  1. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

     just to uupdate that I had a brain freeze while. ordering BipandGo and was selecting shipping to France and putting a German address (the error was not clear)   So now I have ordered one to try.i have checked some.reviews and it seems okay. I can try to write a review for it after i got it.   Thank you once again 
  2. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

    Thanks,I had found these   The first link asks for a UK mobile number to register The second link, when I choose Germany as the delivery and invoice country it says that is not compatible with the order (which is strange as the website is in German)   This Bip&Go was something I was looking for, one tag serving the 3 countries, so if anyone knows alternatives let me know
  3. French Spain Portugal electronic toll

    Yes I know I can even register the card at the border (but not for viaverde), was looking for something in advance and specially France 
  4. Hello,   I am planning to travel to Portugal through France Spain and of course Portugal o am trying to understand if there is any service that allows me from Germany to order the electronic devices to drive through the tolls without stop.   I have found some services online but don't allow or don't ship to Germany.    It would be great if there would be a "all in one"service for all three countries.   Has anyone tips on this?   Thank you!
  5. How to fix SCHUFA 

    <deleted fail attempt at funny post>
  6. How to fix SCHUFA 

    If you register with meineschufa.de you can find whatever is still in your record and refute or ask why is this on record.   Actually, it didn't fix my issues as I had initially a low score for lack of history in the country (and applied for a credit card which was refused) - but since a while score is according to what I would expect actually. so a matter of time in the end
  7. Getting back my Kaution

    I have registered in local Mietverein, I just would like to get a direction of what can they and what can't they do. The kaution is around 50% higher than last Nebenkosten so I do not see a reason for them to keep 100% of it.  But I do not want to start complaining if there is some law on their side.   I will post updates if the Mietverein supports this
  8. Getting back my Kaution

    Hello   I have a similar issue, I have the übernahmenprotokoll signed and at the moment of signing, there was information that 20% of Kaution would be kept as a security for the betreibskosten of 2020 (as the calculation will come just later this year)   Now after the 6weeks waiting period that I was informed it could take, I requested an update and got information back that they will keep 100% of Kaution as a safety deposit due to previous history of high betriebskosten   Is this legal? Remark: Betriebskosten were high, however we paid always on time, what is their reasoning for keeping a safety deposit ?    
  9. Car accident choose repair

    because it is Friday...     So Gutachter sent his estimation and it comes to 3k€ - he even took pictures to tire (which got sracthed) and now computing two new tires, I even't had seen it. will check if the other guy insurance has a problem with it, hopefully not and will be the end of it.    
  10. Car accident choose repair

    I think the same, and I owe some nice Kuchen to my neighboor because with this attitude I start to believe that the guy would have left the scene had she not stopped him and called the police although this is only my supposition.   Update: Today the Car dealder sent a "Gutachter" from TüV to check the vehicle, he will do a report to the dealder and the insurance, so I hope it will be the end of it. This guy was also a character trying to sell me on his "Bekannter Anwalt"... so far I do not see the need for laywer up, until the other guy insurance doesn't accept the evaluation...   I guess it is some drama during the boring days of home-office...
  11. Car accident choose repair

    Thank you, that was what was making sense in my mind...  The way the guy spoke is like I am a complete illiterate that don't understand the Regeln but yes, I will contact his insurance again and explain I do not want to deal with the guy anymore, they can sort the stuff with themselves     Thank you, I will report how this sitcom ends    
  12. Car accident choose repair

    Hello Apologies but I couldn't find a similar thread during search although I remember reading similar post.   On Saturday here was someone hit my car. I was parked correctly and he miss judged the angle and scratched front bumper quite badly (I see a parking sensor from outside...)   Now luckily a neighbour watched the scene took pictures and called police. I got surprised by he police knocking on my door for my details... Got he unfallkarte from police and everything... The "offender" had gone and left a paper notice on windshield once he knew police was coming...   Police advised us to call him for his insurance details and now the soap opera starts...   On Saturday evening he says we don't need his insurance details that it was a minor thing and to send him the Rechnung... And hung up. We found strange but on Sunday morning called our insurance and they said hey can take note and on Monday to try again otherwise they could do a search for his insurance..   Monday morning we get contacted by an Allianz broker saying the "offender" had thought better and to send some pictures of the damage and the expected costs... We mentioned we want to go to an official brand dealer as the car is 3years old he said no problem and even said if I needed a substitute vehicle to tell the total costs, they will pay. Due to covid situation I am still waiting for the appointment with the dealer to get the car checked     Now today evening the "offender" called me (literally 20min ago) and saying that he knows a very good garage and I have to cancel the appointment with the dealer as he wants to pay himself and he was really "pushy" even when I said I need to check who had the right to choose the garage... He gave me the number of the shop but I said I want to go to official dealer he kept saying "nein ich sagen sie ab... Ich werde es zahlen und kann werkstatt wählen... Ich will nicht doppelt zahlen" Or something like that...   I said I will first clarify who has the right to this and that his insurance (who has pictures of the damage) can also make their evaluation although they told us they are fine with going to the official dealer...     I don't want to deal with the guy again (although he lives quite near) so tomorrow I plan to contact his insurance clarify that they need to align with their customer... But am I entitled to choose the car to be repaired in official dealer or not?
  13. Demotion / degradierung

      Well it can be that employee wants to reevaluate career path. maybe because of Peter's principle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_principle   I was wondering exactly because this is the first question it comes to mind, and even now it might be seen as a failure. I've heard this happen in other countries (employer enforced demotion) but would/could the work atmosphere be kept healthy?  
  14. Demotion / degradierung

    Hi,   Was just wondering if anyone has experience or views on the long term consequences of a demotion at work in Germany. Do you have any experiences to share or know of close cases?   I am wondering particularly on your views if he demotion comes from he employee's side