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  1. thank you, was just clarifying!    
  2. Thank you @El Jeffo shall I make a reference to some law about this "Sonderkündigunsrecht" ?    
  3. Hello,    today I got a letter saying that from the 01.03 the price of my service is going to increase - same contract and same Laufzeit according to the letter.    my question is if this is a valid reason for cancel my contract. I have been wanting to do this for a while now.    Thank you     
  4. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    Once again thanks,    I am not sure about this "dispo" will check it as soon as possible.   Like you say I am frustrated, mainly when I have colleagues who just landed here and get a CC and so on. I just want to understand where did I screw up because ultimately it may be my own fault   Thanks
  5. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    Hey @Smaug thanks for your tips,    I do not move since 2013 previously only other address in Germany. I had only other bank account but since 2015 I have a joint account with my wife and a phone contract   Your last point makes sense and I didn't realize this. Around 2014/2015 I made a couple of attempts to open DKB account and at the time DAB (now Consors) and an attempt with Postbank to get a CC. They were all rejected without any specific reason, but after some research I assumed it was my Score and that Visa/Mastercard were rejecting the application.   All these "attempts" have expired in Schufa and I am working with a Prepaid-card, which is fine, but sometimes unconvenient while on business trips and whatnot.    I am just clueless on why this is the case, it is not a huge problem so far, but I plan to take a loan for a house and so on, and then the higher the score the better   Thanks again for your inputs
  6. Schufa - the German credit rating system

    Does anyone had the score "unchanged" for a year? My score is currently under 97% for the past year (I get quartly updates) and I can't understand why. VISA won't give me a credit card cause score is low (I suspect) therefore I can't "build" credit history.    Will Schufa give me any further information on why or if there is something I am missing for my score not being increased? or does everything lies under the "secret formula" for calculating this?   Thank you      
  7. Good news overall, hope it is not so they increase 0.5% next year. I had the idea that many Insurances were complaining that premiums were not enough to pay the coverage. seems this news say the opposite.
  8. A discount is always good news I would say. half a pint per year as it may.. @john g. were there any reasons given on the why this is made ? 
  9. Investing long term for child

    Thanks @jeba those values would be very nice but won't happen for now at least. anyway it is good to have the knowledge about this. Now just the investment plan and where to put the money in are the questions   Thanks once again
  10. Investing long term for child

    As always, thank you @PandaMunich I was travelling and had only the time to green your post. I will continue to dig this, but the values mentioned seem well within our budget   Nevertheless If I start this it will be in 2018 so hopefully I will have all year before filling 2018 tax return.   I still don't get my head around about investments, so I will rather postpone this.   Thank you once again
  11. Investing long term for child

    Hello,    I would like to know if it makes sense and what the legal implications of opening a "Depot" account in name of my son  The idea would be to invest long terrm, and as he will need the money hopefully only in a couple of decades, a little bit more risk and swings can be taken.   Now, if I do this, what are the taxes implication? do I have to fill a separate Tax-return on his name? Can this affect his "kindergeld" because he gets his own "wealth" ? Also, if it makes a profit and I have to cash it out, is there implications on what amount he can transfer back to his parents?    I know there are a few investment advisors here, which I highly appreciate, but I would like to know if it could be an option where a financial advisor depicts a strategy and investment plan for a fee but I do the transactions myself or I open the accounts myself - which type of fee would be reasonable to think? (a lump sum or percentage?)  Mainly through my searches I fail to comprehend the differences of investing xamount per month or save this amount and do one transaction per year (which one would be easier on costst) ?     sorry if this is a bit confusing, but that is how I feel at the moment  happy holidays  
  12. Difference between due tax and Grundtabelle

    hello @PandaMunichsorry if this is too. obvious but that is then the blue line (been trying to ask this for ages now)   Thank you 
  13. Insurance coverage after TÜV due date

    Hello,  My TÜV is due this month, I would like to go with my car to my home country during Christmas period and proceed to repair it there as it will be much cheaper and I normally service it on same mechanic since a while.    Is there any acceptable period when insurance and fines are still ok after the exact time of the TÜV?    I have heard that insurance coverage could be voided if the TÜV is not done on time. In this case would be two months.   Of course if this is at all not possible I will have to make sure it is done before my trip.  
  14. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams

    We are with O2 as well.  I Googled the number but nothing came up other than being from Guinea. 
  15. Calls from Strange Numbers - Telephone Scams

    Hello  This week me and my wife got misscalls from a number that has country code of Guinea. Strange that both our numbers got called only the last two digits of the phone number were different.    We haven't answered or returned but wonder if anyone has similar calls.