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  1. I log onto social media around 9-10 am and send a message to someone, the reaction I get is:

    "Oh wow so you log into social media right after you wake up? Who does that?"

    Me: No I actually log onto social media four-five hours hours after I wake up... I am usually up by 5 am in the mornings.

    I log onto social media during lunch time and send a message to someone, the reaction I get is:

    "Oh so you are not working today I assume? You are messaging me at lunch time?"

    Me: No, I am actually at work but taking a lunch break now.

    I log onto social media during night time and send a message to someone, the reaction I get is:

    "Oh wow, I see you are online at night time, you must feel lonely?"

    Me: No, actually my bf is in the same room. I am just sharing stuff with my friends.






    The Turks have all but turned Hannover into "Istanbul #2." I can't speak for other German cities, but I have a feeling they've done that to other German cities as well . I realize that's no different than the Cubans turning Miami into "Havana #2," but 40-50% of the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish, so that language (unlike German) is not in any danger of dying out anytime soon.

    So, I literally hear more Turkish than German. If I wanted to "grab a bite to eat," I'd have to go to Döner Kebap because it's easier to find a German restaurant in rural Pennyslvania than in Hannover. Then I get to listen to Turkish television (without subtitles, of course). Once German dies out, Germany will be a Turkish-speaking country. But I don't necessarily blame the Turks. History is FULL of people who found a new land, liked it, and said, "I found this land, it's mine, I want it, and I'll get it no matter how much it affects the locals." Such was the case with the Spaniards and Portuguese in Central and South America, the English and French in North America, and now the Turks in Germany.


    I'm not trolling. I'm not trying to start a flame war. I'm writing this because I am TRULY concerned about the future of the German language. It makes me afraid for all the native German speakers. What do you all think? I don't know if any native Germans read these threads on Toytown, but I would really like to hear from native Germans as well: what do you think the fate of your language will be in the next few centuries?


    Awwwwww those terrible Turks!!! As a terrible Turk I am going to come over and munch on your ass. Better buy some ass protection!!! Muahahaha :lol:


  3. I don't understand why people looking to get employed should be "honest" to headhunters, when headhunters use every single trick and lie to manipulate potential employees. Screw you headhunters, I'll make sure my bf's brother will get a job without your lame help.


  4. I've been getting calls from a phone company called Yourphone.

    I have asked them where they have gotten my mobile number and they keep telling I have given it to some social network and that's where they got my number.

    When I keep telling them I am not interested in their offer, they keep asking me stupid questions and I keep hanging up on them.

    Is there a way to complain about these people to the authorities?

    Anyone else in the same boat?


  5. I am not what the hell it means when someone says "Well I am looking forward to meeting fellow white people".

    I was looking forward to meeting Chipmunks and Smurfs at the next Toytown event.



    Another one with no reading comprehension.


    "to some places in"


    Oh my not all people are nice to you. That probably never happens to germans. Ever.


    You poor thing.


    This is a forum for non-Germans living in Germany.

    If you don't like it here, you know can----------> leave the forum.



    @Lifeisabuffet: the OP has a solid job with family. This means you can't afford to do some tests like a 25-year-old graduate. This is my opinion.


    Great, I am entitled to my opinion as well. I did what the OP has been asking about on this thread: take a job in Switzerland and live there. So you see I am someone who has actually experienced this sort of move. Plus I've met other expats in Switzerland who have done the same. Just for the record not only 25 year old graduates do such "test rides". Lots of expats move to a country first and then bring their families over few months later. Or not.


  8. I made a similar move in 2007. What I can tell you is to test it out a couple of months. Have you tried flatshare?

    One thing I can confirm, yes Switzerland is super expensive and not as lively. Some people are ok with that, I was not ok with the not "lively" part.


  9. Is there an English speaking self group in Frankfurt for relatives of dementia patients?

    Someone told me about a group many moons ago, just wondering if one still exists.